the squid

Better Than You: End

You’re on something soft. A gentle beeping is coming from somewhere to your left. Your right ankle is being held up by some sort of strap and it’s strange but you can’t really feel it.
You force your heavy eyelids open and relief courses through you. You’re in a hospital room. There’s movement from your right side and you let out a startled gasp as you look over.
“It’s okay Squid. It’s me.” Gibbs’ soft voice says and you reach your hand toward his voice. He slides his fingers between yours and you hum happily as his face comes into view.
“What happened?” You ask your voice hoarse.
“Marines. Abby found us.”
“Thank god for Abby. Is everyone okay?”
“Tony was dehydrated and Ziva had been hit a few times and needed stitches but everyone is fine.” He gives your hand a gentle squeeze, “You had me worried Squid.”
“What did they do?”
“The doctors.”
“They had to operate on your ankle, it was pretty busted up from Asad making you walk on it.”
“Is he-?”
“Dead.” Gibbs confirms and you let out a breath of relief you didn’t know you’d know you’d been holding.
“I’m glad you’re okay too Gibbs.” You tell him.
“Me? You were the one. That we were worried about.”
“I may not be a Marine but I’m still pretty tough.”
“Don’t I know it.” Gibbs agrees before rubbing his face. That’s when you realize that he’s still in the same clothes from when you’d been taken.
“Gibbs, did you go home?” He doesn’t have to answer you, his blue eyes betray him. “Gibbs.” You sigh chastising him softly.
“I didn’t want to leave you.”
“Gibbs.” You sigh again and he chuckles softly. “You need to take care of yourself. I can’t be worrying about you.” He stands then presses a kiss to your lips.
“You. Are incredible.” He whispers and you stare up at him. He leans toward you again but before his lips touch yours there’s a knock on the door. You groan softly and he laughs softly. “Don’t worry Squid. We’ve got plenty of time.”