the spring standard


2017 Corvette Grand Sport Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

The Corvette Grand Sport is the official pace car for the 2017 Indianapolis 500 and will lead drivers to the green flag on May 28 for the 101st running of the legendary race in Indianapolis, Indiana, U.S.A.

It marks the 14th time a Corvette has served as the official pace car, starting in 1978, and the 28th time a Chevrolet has led the field, dating back to 1948. No other vehicle has served as the pace car more than the Corvette.

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  • Snow: You called me down?
  • Principal: Yes, have a seat. I just have a few concerns about your lesson plans...particularly about why all of them seem to involve birds.
  • Snow: Isn't it great? They're getting the best bird-based education in the country.
  • Principal: How could you possibly know that?
  • Snow: By the time they graduate, they'll be fluent in 12 dialects of sparrow.
  • Principal: How about a language actually in the curriculum like Spanish or French?
  • Snow: Sparrow is very useful!
  • Principal: If you're a princess turned bandit on the run from an evil queen. We're trying to prepare these kids for--
  • Snow: Were you about to say "the real world"?
  • Principal: I'll see myself out.
And I realized—I realized how badly I’d been treated before, if my standards had become so low. If the freedom I’d been granted felt like a privilege and not an inherent right.
—  A Court Of Mist And Fury (Sarah J Maas)

a shy love.

Hitoka likes stars, she likes the way they look on Yamaguchi’s face, and she likes Yamaguchi.

Inspired by the story Raise your prayer to a shout by Veto_power_over_clocks.

1. Bells and Whistle // Spring Standard 2. Everything is Embarrassing // Sky Ferreira 3. Is This Sound Okay // Coconut Records 4. An Encounter // The 1975 5. Always For You // The Album Leaf 6. I Would Do Anything For You // Foster The People 7. Folding Chair // Regina Specktor 8. Birdhouse In Your Soul // They Might Be Giant 9. Little Bit // Lykke Li 10. Slow Dance // STRFKR 11. Cherry Blossom Girl // Hope Sandoval 12. I Believe // Basic Vacation 13. Gotta Have You // The Weepies 14. Hazy // Rosi Golan

L i s t e n  H e r e 

anonymous asked:

Do you have a really long fanfic about Zayn and Liam? More like top Liam and bottom zayn? I just want something fluffy, angsty, and long to read. Not feeling really happy these days so something along those lines would be great. Thank you!

i got you! all over 30k btw, i hope they make you smile a bit<3

hello kisses sweet as wine

Slow and High Tempo


You Know How I Feel

through the summertime, winter, spring, and fall

Double Standards

I See You Babe, But We Are Both Blind

Face to Face

Your Lips On Mine

Of Wolves and Ravens


One night. In that one night, I remembered a lot of things. Let’s see, I remember how the dim orange lights of the industrial bar embraced you, every lift and slope of your face, how the moon loved the upturn of your lips. There were also your eyes, narrow and cold. Your eyelashes too, how they fanned out against your skin. There were your hands, long and cold, bony. But, you had nails. I still have the trailing marks running down my back.

And there was your voice, god, your voice. How could I leave you after hearing it in my ear?

SOUNDTRACK » one. lovit, marian hill; two. do you wanna, the kooks; three. gooey, glass animals; four. nice and slow, max frost; five. sweet emotion, the kooks; six. knee socks, arctic monkeys; seven. from nowhere, dan croll; eight. i always knew, the vaccines; nine. i wanna be yours, arctic monkeys; ten. if you wanna stay, the griswolds; eleven. withdrawal, max frost; twelve. fall back 2u, chromeo; thirteen. work it out, knox hamilton; fourteen. here we go, the spring standards /listen

A/N » (Or a krtsk au where they’re older and meet at a bar where they originally planned to be just one night stands. Kuroo falls hard, and Tsukki eventually succumbs. The lyrics are key to mapping out their story. It mostly follows Kuroo’s pov, but Tsukki’s is there too.)


Nozawa steam - 5 by Bernard Languillier
Via Flickr:
Nozawa onsen is a famous ski resort in Nagano prefecture in Japan that is also know for its many free (and boiling hot even by Japanese standards) hot springs accross town.