the spring sprite


Dear god…

Bonus, bride Lucius because I rolled him the next time.


The Duchess likes to go on adventures just like her mom does 🌲🍄🌲🍄🌲🍄

(Backstory: I adopted a 12 year old cat from a rescue shelter who was considered unlikely to ever get adopted because of her age and her attitude. As soon as I saw her sleeping in her litter box, I knew she was the one. Like, how metal is that. Wild. Anyway, I decided that I am going to give her 12 years worth of adventures and experiences, and take her to all the beautiful places I can think of. She’s been to the river, the pier, a spring, and a park with a little stream and she looks so happy and content with her new life. It really warms my heart. I’ve never been happier to adopt an old rescue cat).

tl;dr: adopt old cats


Hot Spring Scramble Robin and Lucina! I heavily modified the male and female Diviner sprites and turned them into yukatas! Lucina’s yukata was easier to design because there’s an official reference obviously, but I had to get a little creative with a yukata for Robin because we don’t see him in a unique one. To explain my reasoning behind the outfit, the yukata he’s wearing is a very pale color, similar to his undershirt and pants, and the dark stripe that runs along the bottom of the yukata is supposed to be like the stripe that runs down his pant legs. The belt/obi is a purple color to go with the purple highlights on his coat, and the black yukata coat with gold trim is obviously a reference to his tactician coat. Hope you like them!

Magical Disney Girls as Benders

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So Moana has some kind of connection to the ocean.

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And Elsa, of course, has the ice thing going on.
So we’ve got two canonical water benders.

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Pocahontas is practically an airbender, spiritual nature and all.

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And Rapunzel’s sun-generated powers are the closest an animated Disney Princess movie will get to a heroic firebender, I think.

Unless, since her powers also come from a flower, she’s more an earthbender?

If we don’t count that, I’m surprised none of the Disney Heroines has ever had influence over the earth. I mean, so many were close to animals, but none to plants?

Thoughts, anyone? Just for fun.



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This is the Spring Sprite from the Fantasia 2000 Firebird Suite sequence! 

She’s admittedly not very well known, but I’m counting it. She’s female, she’s animated, she’s magical, and she’s definitely connected to the earth.

Short: A Case of Spring Fever

MST3K featured a number of movies, such as The Starfighters and last week’s Squirm, that were simply not memorable.  They also did a number of movies and shorts that were deeply memorable, but for all the wrongest possible reasons.  Mr. B Natural was one of those, and A Case of Spring Fever is another.  Both were intended to be whimsical and each, in its own way, ended up being fucking terrifying instead.

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