the spoonyone

kelevra22  asked:

Any thoughts on the Spoonyone as of late?

Still a big fan. I don’t really get the whole “You OWE your fans an explanation for your absence!!1!” argument making the rounds on the YouTubes. Dude makes free videos on the internet, calm the fuck down. 

“B-but PATREON—!”

–is a voluntary service that you can stop donating to at any time. Cool your jets and have a poop, thunderspaz. Spoony wants to take a break after damn near a decade of doing this shit? He can take a break. 

I’ll be watching if and when he comes back. 


spoonyone  asked:

I've got a costume from after a live twice but they haven't shown up when I try to change costumes before a live. How does this work? :(

The outfits are character-specific! (It says their name on the info thingy.) Unfortunately, I don’t think there is a function to view all the dresses you have at the moment. (I’m sure they’re working on it, because that’d be really dumb to not have one. >__>;;)

magicalgirlpenny  asked:

in my pathfinder game i decided to turn the orc village nearby into a democratic and orderly society where elections are held and they worry about their impact on nature and things like that. really threw off some of the party members who were ready to go in weapons drawn, it was so much fun

I’ve had a character that i started creating after bingeing on The Spoonyone’s Counter Monkey series where she was raised by Orcs before going off to find her fortune as a sort of rogue or something… and then what would be cool is at some point later in her story being confronted with how people treat the Orcs and I would have a ball with that (assuming I was with a good group that understood the flexibility of alignment ^_^; )