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I hate that post going round that’s like “haha you wouldn’t tell a disabled guy he’s using his crutch as a crutch” ecause that very thing literally happens to people that use mobility aids.

I can’t count how many time people (including physiotherapists who’re supposed to be understanding and help me) have said “you need to stop relying on your crutches” and the like.

I literally had a physiotherapist remove my crutches from under me without my consent and tell me to walk.

And it’s not even a rare thing.

Wheelchair users get told they need to stop relying on their wheelchairs, cane users get told they shouldn’t rely on their canes etc.

I’m just so bored with the depression-centric ableism rhetoric, erasing the ableism people with physical and visable disabilities experience

kelevra22  asked:

Any thoughts on the Spoonyone as of late?

Still a big fan. I don’t really get the whole “You OWE your fans an explanation for your absence!!1!” argument making the rounds on the YouTubes. Dude makes free videos on the internet, calm the fuck down. 

“B-but PATREON—!”

–is a voluntary service that you can stop donating to at any time. Cool your jets and have a poop, thunderspaz. Spoony wants to take a break after damn near a decade of doing this shit? He can take a break. 

I’ll be watching if and when he comes back. 



This is the mental image that I get whenever Spoony talks about how superior Pineko is compared to all other Pokémon. And he does remind us quite often. (I’m so close to sewing a Pineco plush for him! xD)

I think Spoony (& his team of six deadly Pineco) would be quite the memorable gym leader. If not that, then at least a very scary unexpected forest battle.


♪ In my thoughts and in my dreams
They’re always in my mind
These songs of hobbits, dwarves and men
And elves
Come close your eyes
You can see them too ♫

I wanted to draw something for Spoony’s “Counter Monkey” Dungeons & Dragons vlogs, aside from the banners that I illustrated ages ago (which you can still see on the channel itself). Today was finally the day. :P

You can check out “Counter Monkey” here!

i’ve said it before and i’ll say it again– i like the idea of rudy and courtney kinda being friendly with each other

like, not friends necessarily but friendly

they see each other in the hospital sometimes and kinda smile at each other or wave

rudy uses his hall monitor status to make sure that whenever courtney has a holter monitor people don’t jostle her in the halls because those things are itchy enough, thank you very much, and he doesn’t want her readings to get messed up by somebody knocking into her and messing with the wires

courtney makes sure subs know that no, ma’am, rudy needs his backback with him at all times, i swear it’s in his iep if you’d just look at your sub plans for a minute, he has his inhalers in there, even tho they aren’t in the same class

rudy and courtney sitting out of gym together when rudy gets too wheezey or courtney gets too lightheaded

courtney reminding the lunch lady that no, rudy can’t have mac and cheese, he can’t eat pasta or dairy he in’t being difficult do you want him to get killed??? he said he just wants a bowl of sauce he will pay the same amount as everyone else stop being so difficult

rudy never really confronting anyone, because he’s too nice for that, but giving people dirty looks when people make fun of courtney for sucking on her necklace, because she needs a comfort item and it’s a stim and honestly who the hell cares if she sucks on a necklace? if you were contantly afraid your heart might stop then you might have a comfort item too

they exchange different techniques to distract themselve when they’re getting blood drawn or ivs

courtney and rudy laughing about how awful hospital food is and can you believe they gave me a grilled cheese crustable without even grilling it??? what kind of place is this???

courtney and rudy never exactly being friends in the same way that rudy is with louise or courtney is with her posse of girls, but looking out for each other, because if spoonies don’t look out for other spoonies, then who the hell will?

so i am making a discord server for general reviewer stuff… and i know the main focus will be on AT4W, The Spoony Experiment, Nostalgia Critic and the Cinema Snob (because i know my friends). But I was struggling for a few hours to find a fitting logo. 

until my brain reminded me. 

the one thing that always brought the fandom together.

the one thing my brain always goes to when I think of the original TGWTG/Channel Awesome fandom of 2012-