the spoon made an art

@taagnusweek Day 4: Cuddling

I am ride-or-die that these two started out as cuddle buddies to deal with nightmares and loneliness.  You get really dependent on that warmth and closeness real quick.  I had a friend that used to do this for me when I had anxiety attacks when we were traveling, and it is fucking INTIMATE even when you don’t have feelings for the person.


Made some frit spoons last night.

25 bucks for the ones without the marble, 40 for the one with the marble.

Kik zzvspecial or message to purchase. Read that line again. And again. Im sure someone is still going to ask me how to buy one.

Preferred payment method is PayPal.

Captions = artists getting credit. Please respect that.

Buy Handmade Upcycled Pieces!

Are you not so handy when it comes to DIY projects? That is why etsy was created! Here are a few handmade upcycled, unique pieces for sale on etsy:

Lightbulb Vases | $19.00

Set of two, made with wooden stands. You can place dried flowers in the vase, or fresh flowers with water!

Unscented Vegan, Soy Wax Candles | $10.00

Comes in a set of 12, these candles are made from liquor bottle caps and are vegan and organic. Cute to have sitting around the house, or even on the picnic table outside. 

Sleepy Fox Softie | $47.50

A plush toy named Mr. Fox is perfect for any kid! He is completely made out of upcycled materials and would complete any kid’s collection of toys.

Silver Spoon Fish Wind Chime | $27.95

This piece of art is adorable. Basically made from silver spoons and fish wire, this simple wind chime is a perfect, happy addition to any home. Hang outside on your porch or from a tree!