the spooky bros

"Describe this podcast in 2 words"

Wtnv- “gay science”

Tbtp- “spooky demons”

Tanis- “Nic why”

Wolf 359- “Eiffel NO”

Limetown- “damn government”

The Bright Sessions- “SUPER POWERS”

Wooden Overcoats- “death business”

Ars Paradoxica- “freaky time”

Lore- “scary PBS”

Astonishing Legends- “spooky bros”

Sword And Scale- “depressingly true”

Thrilling Adventure Hour- “comedy plays”

Alice Isn’t Dead- “mysterious roads”

EOS 10- “space hospital”

Myths And Legends- “original version”

Serial- “journalistic goals”

Dumb spooky scary AU headcanon time. Ray and Mark are werewolf buds that go out on runs together and are major pup dorks okeybye

bro make me wanna make an automaton oc but im still not overly sure what i wanna do with him cause i was originally gonna make him navy related but then the place is landlocked so im not sure anymore BUT he still ends up in the water some how and dies underwater and a little while a dhelmise creeped into the good old automaton body and tred to take it over but it jsut kinda brought his consciousness back so now hes gotta deal with fighting it for control of his body or at least not let it run wild with his body :la