the spook that sat by the door

The Spook Who Sat by the Door (1973) 

The Spook Who Sat by the Door, the original blueprint for black revolutionary action, is a 1973 film based on the novel of the same name by Sam Greenlee. It is both a satire of the civil rights struggle in the United States of the late 1960s and a serious attempt to focus on the issue of black militancy.

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To Know One Another/Amber&Jade Rp


(recap/all of our previous posts from old acc)

Jade:It was a early morning, the sun was shining, birds chirping, and door knocking..? The villager sat up, raising an eyebrow, thinking it was her imagination, but heard the utterly loud knocking once again. Who could be at her house this early in the morning. “Open in the name of His Majesty, King Roland the second of Enchancia!” The voice boomed. Spooked, she got out of bed, and changed into her day dress. She ran downstairs, opening the door. Shocked, she swallowed hard, looking right in the face of two royal guards.

Amber:The two royal guards would stand cold as statues as they waited for the door to creak open. Upon confirming that she was the villager known as Jade, they both would give a slight nod to each other before unrolling a scroll. “Miss.Jade, you have been royally summoned to the Palace grounds for an afternoon and evening of grand activities by an heir of the great and mighty King Roland!” They would explain turning to gesture towards the plum shaded carriage. ”you will have ten minutes until we depart to arrange your circumstances to accompany the wishes of that who summoned you!.” The other guard added tailing behind the first one as he made his way to the carriage.

Jade: Jade gasped, shocked that she had been summoned, running upstairs, and grabbing whatever she needed for a night at the castle. Her nightgown, slippers, teddy bear,. That should do it. Running downstairs, almost tripping, she smiled nervously and waved. “I’m ready to go!” She cried out. Holding her bag in her arms, before running to the coach.

Amber: A coachman would bow before opening the door to the carriage. One guard would be riding on a small ledge of the back and the other would ride on the bench with the driver. Meanwhile, back at the palace Amber and James would be rehearsing a dance or rather as Amber saw it she was trying to teach a monkey how to ballroom dance. James, as usual not taking her or their lessons very seriously. Chasing off after a frog he noticed by the garden fountain.Sighing, she readjusted her tiara and hitched up the ends of her gown of lush golden silk to head towards the palace steps. Opening one of her latest lockets that contained a small ticking clock, she scrunched her nose wondering what was taking “them” soooo long.

Jade: After a while, the coach drove through the palace’s large gates, making the girl gasp in awe. “Wow.. every time I come here it’s like the castle get’s even bigger!” She cried out as the coach came to a halt at the front steps of the palace. A servant opened the door, and Jade stepped out, holding her small bag and giggling. Her giggling soon stopped when she saw the blonde princess, fright filling her almost automatically. She dropped her bag, curtsying to the princess,her curtsy more of a bow. “Your majesty! Did you summon me? The guards wouldn’t tell me which one of you did..”

Amber: A little uncertain about her own plans, hearing the clopping of the carriage pulled up, she gripped her fan before thrusting it open to fan herself with her left hand. Trying to think how Sofia would greet someone, amber would raise her hand almost shyly as she waved at the girl before her. “I–uhh–why yes I did summon you…and those guards sure did take long enough..hmph perhaps next time I shall ask Baileywick to fetch you as it seems he’s the only servant around here who can do things in a timely manner.” she replied trying to not ponder if the girl really did not have any more bags, or how she managed to fit everything for one night in one bag. Giving her a reassuring smile to ensure she was joking she then used her fan to wave Jade to follow her as she headed to the main doors of the palace. “Follow me..we have plenty of things to do today. That I’m sure you ll love, because I mean I personally sat down and arranged them all myself down to the second!”

Jade walked into the palace with princess, looking around, holding her bag tight to her chest. Sure, the castle was beautiful, and she was always excited to be able to go. It wasn’t everyday a village girl got to hang out with one of the princesses. “So… what kind of things do you have planned, Amber?” Jade said with a soft smile, not using the girl’s regal title. She remembered the first sleepover she had with Amber. But there were other girls there. This time, Ruby nor Sofia would be there to comfort her.

Amber: It was odd hearing anyone other than James, Sofia, or her parents call her just plain “Amber” but she was looking forward to making friends with this girl. Sofia went on for days sharing the memories of her friends and what amazing things they did together, how they laughed and had something Amber truly felt she was perhaps missing. True, it couldn’t be helped when she attended a Royal Prep school, and most of her friends lived out of reach or their parents were having grown up political issues with one another. Often times leaving Amber to rely on the company and friendship of her siblings, but she just didn’t feel that was enough. Recalling the “sleepover” she had taken into consideration that Jade probably didn’t like princess twirling to the piano, playing “how would you manage?” which was a game that was based on if you were a ruler how would you address a certain political decision, nor was she certain the girl wanted to listen to her ramble on about her tiara collection. Clearing her throat as she realized she had been lost deep in thought she answered. “From noon til 1:30 we shall explore a bit of the palace…from 1:31 till a quarter till 2:00 we will clean up for lunch, then right at 2:00 we will have a lovely lunch out on the east balcony or with James we might as well say at 2:07 we shall have lunch…After lunch, I was thinking we could maybe play Dazzleball?? and umm try to not sweat too much but if we do I thought perhaps some spa time could be fun…I really like to paint nails!!” she shared absent mindedly hitting her chin with now closed fan. Amber, clearly having something in mind but yet not very sure of her own plans, as entertaining nonroyal girls who didnt mind sitting around gossiping about Princesses, and cute princes, was not exact her full cup of tea.

Jade walked down the hall with the princess, smiling as she explained the schedule to her. “Wow..! That’s a very tight plan!” The girl said with a bit of worry in her voice. “Should I go drop off my stuff in your room? I was guessing that’s where we’re sleeping tonight. I brought everything I needed. My night gown, slippers, my favorite teddy bear, her name is Princess by the way, and my toothbrush!” She said with a giggle. “And you know how to play Dazzleball? Last I remember, you were the coach for the Royal Red hawks at last year’s King’s Cup?” “But, I bet you have so many fancy gowns and tiara’s! And met so many cute princes! I wanna meet cute princes, and wear fancy gowns and tiara’s!” She squealed just thinking about the life of a princess.

“ohhh yeaa….” Amber did a facepalm. “I’m sorry, yes lets go drop off your things. Sorry, that Baileywick isn’t available to take your things for you. He’s busy with Daddy.” She shared extending her hand back to grab Jade’s to ensure that she would follow up the side staircase.”And Princess?” Amber giggled. “That’s very adorable…I use to have a lot of bears and things but when Sofia came Daddy suggested I give a lot of them up so Sofia could feel much more at home.” she replied before the topic of Dazzleball came back up. She then sighed. “I can only yell at James for soooo long without having to figure out how to do it myself.” she explained. “thus I could probably now win every Dazzleball trophy Enchancia has to offer.” she said proudly. Waving her fan back open with a giggle. “Perhaps the next tea gathering or the next ryal prep dance we have, you should come with me and meet all those cute princes…and would you like to ummmm maybe go to my closet and play dress up in some of my gowns.”

Jade smiled as they walked towards the princess’s room, gasping at how much fancier the room was, making Jade feel a bit jealous. She saw the beautiful canopy bed with white sheets, and a whole shelf full of beautiful tiara’s. “This room is so pretty, Princess Amber! I would do anything to have a room like this back in the village!” She hugged her bear tight. “So.. where am I gonna sleep? I’m not thinking we’re gonna share a bed!” She said with a laugh, before sitting on the window seat, and holding her bear tight in her arms.

She flashed a pearly smile, ruffling her locks back. “I do have a rather nice room! Don’t I?” she stated proudly, admiring the gold and white and emerald furnishings. Amber, scanned her room as she had not thought of where Jade would sleep. Looking to her bed, she then looked to the window seat where Jade sat and sighed. Telling herself she could manage to spare her space for just one night.  “You’ll be staying in the bed with me.” she declared opening the double doors that lead to her huge walk in closet. Extending up on her tiptoes to flick on the switch.

Jade ran over to the closet, after getting a good look at the princess’s bed, and gasped, seeing all of the beautiful gowns, and night gowns and outfit’s for any occasion. “Your closet is as big as as my house!” She cried out. “Look at the dress! It looks like a million sparkling diamonds!” Blue is my bost favorite color in the whole world!” She said with a giggle. “I’ve seen Sofia’s room plenty of times, but never your room!” “I wanna see what you get to do during the day. A day in the life of a princess!”

“No way my closet can’t be really that bi—” Amber looked around at the closet that spiraled higher and higher. When she mentioned her favorite color was blue. a smile twitched upon her face. “I have whole section of gowns that are blue!!” There on the third tier!!! and you can try on and wear any of them that you wish.” Amber encouraged wanting Jade to feel as welcomed to her things as Hildegard or Clio. “and I’m sure I really don’t do anything that interesting…I just have harp lessons, ballet, tea time with Daddy, speech rehearsal…” Amber rolled her eyes. “I guess I do lead a some what interesting life..though I will admit my favorite times are playing with Sofia or James, they come up with the craziest things like Sofia and I just the other night went fairy hunting and James is teaching me to sword fight…I’m not very good but its a good laugh.” She giggled. “but im sure you do all sorts of fun things without having all your time scheduled out for you.”

Jade squealed, running over and grabbing multiple gowns off their hangars. “That lif sounds so much fun! Much better than living in the boring village.” She said with a role of her eyes. “If I could, I would love to live one day in the life as a princess. Wear a fancy gown, and a beautiful tiara..” “Speaking of tiara’s, do they ever hurt your head? And are they heavy?” She replied with a raise of her eyebrow. “I have so many questions about being a princess!”

Amber giggled changing into her royal blue gown, fading quickly behind a changing screen of pearl and cream. “Consider me the reigning holder of Princessy wisdom….and if they aren’t fitted right, yes they can hurt your head after a long while…but” Amber paused to remove her current tiara Tucking it carefully under her arm as she pointed to the top of her head. “The secret to wearing one of these gorgeous circlets is teasing your hair provides a cushion that’s just enough that you barely notice the crown’s combs.” Amber shared flipping the crown over to show the combs.Looking to Jade she extended the crown out towards her. “You know I can do your hair for you!” she shared

Jade gasped looking at the combs on the tiara. “I’ve never seen the combs on those before!” She said looking down. “I couldn’t possibly wear your tiara. Only princesses can wear tiaras. Everybody knows that.” The girl said with a sigh, beginning to doubt herself, going behind the changing shield and taking one of the gowns and slipping it over her head.

Amber bit into the bottom of her lip as she took a moment to think of how to make the girl feel it was really okay. Slipping, out of the closet, she quickly ran towards the cabinet that held her crowns. Opening the cabinet  her amber orbs scanned the shelves until she let out an “ah-ha”, pulling out a delicate circlet made of blue and white flowers and streamers of greens, and blues and golds. Bursting back into the closet. She placed it softly upon Jade’s head. “If you don’t feel heavier tiaras are quite your cup of tea then flowers most certainly are fitting for someone whose soo sweet.”