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Just Go With It || Klaroline

Kol had never had a friend like Caroline, a purely platonic soulmate. Their easy relationship is misconstrued by his family when they’re caught in a horribly compromising situation. That doesn’t stop Klaus from setting his sights on Caroline.

Shutting off the water, Caroline stepped out of the shower. It had been a long day of unpacking, and she needed to relax a bit before going out to explore her new home.

New Orleans was a big risk for the small-town girl, but Kol had talked her into moving with him back to his hometown. They had been inseparable since the Laundry Room Incident in their freshman year, when only Kol’s quick thinking convinced the dorm supervisor it was a faulty machine and not a tipsy Caroline that started a foam party in the basement. A girl didn’t make a best friend like that every day, and she couldn’t bear the thought of them drifting apart after college. So, the night after graduation, they packed her car and drove down to the Big Easy.

As much as she loved him, though, Caroline had reservations about living with Kol. He had zero boundaries, even with his “platonic soulmate” as he once drunkenly dubbed her. Case in point, she left the bathroom wearing only a towel and found him lying on her bed, playing with the clean underwear she had set out. “Kol!”

“Granny panties, darling?” He shook his head in disappointment. “I expected better from you on our first night about town. Who knows who you might meet?”

“A better roommate?” she asked hopefully, attempting to snatch the underwear from his hands.

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