the splinter world

Free Fall

Meeting her is a mistake.

A glitch of fate that Draco doesn’t fathom he could ever forgive, much less forget. Some cataclysmic careening of fate lines, fault lines; a mess of teeth marks and lipstick prints. Something that never should have happened.

Because Draco doesn’t frequent the Leaky Cauldron on gritty, late weekend nights. Doesn’t wipe bloody knuckles on his trousers and act as though he hadn’t just shattered a mirror in a fit of anger, bitterness, revenge on the world for putting his father in Azkaban and utterly wrecking the life that had been so carefully delineated for him, before.

Its seven years bad luck.

He really should have known then.

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Okay, one tiny moment that caught my attention in the episode End Times: Why did Splinter and Ho Chan seem to recognize each other as if they had fought before? They had never met in canon before this point and yet their interaction right off the bat was essentially
“Stop messing with my kids Ho Chan” 
“Goddamit not this asshole again”

Did they battle on the spirit plane? Does Splinter regularly pick fights with malicious ghosts in order to protect people? Is “Warrior Ghost Splinter of the Spirit World” a thing?

The Taken Queen...

It was a strange experience that he’d taken a front seat to, watching someone else’s world fall with no idea if it would shatter or be whole…. No idea if they would catch it in time.

Fitzgerald had more than once watched worlds fall to with just the barest brush of fingertips as evidence of hard and heartfelt attempt to stop it. He’d watched them shatter upon marble floors and crunched on the shards with nothing more than amused sneered. More often than not, he was the one lifting those sweet baubles of stability from their roost and smashing them in front of the very eyes of others with assurances that they’d been far too open with what they cared about and should’ve kept it close to their center where he could not pilfer it so easily.

This however…

Cold blue watched the back of Osamu Dazai, the trickster… the Fool. Much more foolish now from the naivety that he was vastly untouchable in his schemes and games. Fyodor was one who knew how to take things from others. Take the things that made people strong… the things that in turn made people weak. It wasn’t that Fyodor needed to win, he simply succeeded the moment he got Chuuya away from his home… away from safety… away from someone who loved him.  

White King took Queen… now Black King stood unguarded.

Oh yes, there were many pieces on the board and they very well may outmaneuver, outperform, there was risk. Risk that was often made null by Chuuya’s presence and maneuverability, but with him being the captured piece, Dazai was vulnerable in a way that was much harder to come back from…

Here from his seat, Fitgerald observed with a great knowledge of what it was like to have the Rat King take that which is the foundation of an opposing King’s defense. He sighed and picked up his tea, sipping it as he watched the other man give orders as best he could, whispers to himself about what could be done, and explore all possibilities of success… as well as failure. Dazai is not a leader. He is wanting in a place of such authority. Dazai the cloaked schemer suddenly bared as Dazai the war general. An interesting thing to watch indeed… but still so strange.

However, the splinters left by shattered worlds become pain…

Fitzgerald had to contemplate why he was here. Why he was lending his resources – scarcely rebuilt as they were – to the Fool and his pursuit of his beloved Queen. That was just it wasn’t it. The Queen. Chuuya Nakahara was ally, asset, and acquaintance… friend? Yes. Fitzgerald had very few and Chuuya was indeed one of them in the vein of being a very challenging and very hostile sparring partner with cleverness and words. It helped that the other was quite attractive and so easily flustered by his charisma and charms. However, what was most important about Chuuya – like most of these people whom he’d come to so heavily associate with… much like his Ryunosuke – was that he was genuine in every single act and thing that he did. Every step he’d taken was by his loyalty to follow orders, loyalty to his friends, loyalty to his lover… to his King. Chuuya was a relic of a bygone era where money, treachery, and games of power were not the sum of glory. He was an intriguing strike of red on the stained glass that did not fit with the soft, cool colors Fitzgerald had come to associate with things he enjoyed. Knowing he was gone… knowing that Fyodor had him, the bastard who’d shaped Fitzgerald’s aloofness more than anyone had, made the tang of blood on his tongue from biting on the fury that much more unbearable.

Now, he got to see the results from the outside, placed upon those whom he’d come to consider… more than assets. The daring of the Rat King was a unique and utterly sinister audacity that urged Fitzgerald to take over, not only for Dazai’s and Chuuya’s sakes but just to get back at the god-complexed fuck…

Fitzgerald breathed in deep.

Yet, he stayed his opinion until asked. Because this wasn’t about winning seeing as the Rat had won through Dazai’s haggard form, Akutagawa’s gritted teeth, Atsushi’s clenched fist, and Kyouka’s trembling shoulders. This was one of the things Fyodor excelled so decadently at… leaving a trail of discourse for others to suffer.

Fitzgerald rested his cheek on his fist and hummed out a sigh.

“Funny how trouble won’t fade away,” he murmured melodically. “What’s in your veins stays in your veins…”

He was simply reminded now…

They weren’t allowed to be happy in their place… because they were sowers of troubles themselves.

Fitzgerald watched a precariously balanced world, fall in slow motion and idly wondered what sound it would make when it hit the floor.  

Windows Between Worlds

May the Fourth Special Fic


This one is set in @eirianerisdar‘s Syzygy verse, it was actually entirely her idea mentioned in an ask, but don’t consider this canon to the verse. I have her permission to write this, but it’s pretty much fanon for a fanfic XD. I hope you enjoy!! It’s been far too long since I sat and wrote some angsty stuff.

The middle of a war is the last place one would expect a miracle. Of course, one hardly expects miracles at all…not anymore.

Neither does Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jedi Master and General in the Clone Wars, aboard a star destroyer speeding through the galaxy in the arms of hyperspace.

Aching and weary, he slumps on the standard-issue bunk, robes caked with dust and blood that is a sickening mixture of his own and that of his troops, blinking eyes raw from grit. The battle was won…but at a high cost. Always a cost.

His mind stirs with the sensation of pain heavy in the Force, and Obi-Wan winces. He can’t meditate. Not now.

But he desperately needs a distraction, something to occupy his burdened mind. Obi-Wan brushes a hand across his stinging eyes, but pulls it back at the sight of the brilliant red and browning streaks crisscrossing the pitted white surface of his bracers, marring the Open Circle Fleet symbol he had painted himself.

“Well, that won’t do,” the Jedi murmurs, pretending his voice isn’t hoarse or trembling, trying for some small semblance of normalcy.

Bruises and back protest as he bends to reach the small pack at the foot of the bunk, carefully extricating a rag, a bowl, and a canteen of water. There are more efficient ways to clean armour, but the simplicity of the task holds a familiar comfort. So he carefully pours some water in the dish and dampens the cloth, swiping it over the red and yellow symbol on his right bracer in slow, deliberate strokes. The water in the bowl quickly turns crimson, and Obi-Wan closes his eyes, slowly exhaling through his nose. He will not think about it. Not now.

It won’t help anything if he breaks his heart any further.

A soft hiss-snap reverberates through the small quarters; not in terms of sound – the ripples in the Force wash over Obi-Wan, almost enthusiastically. Like a small child urging a sibling to Come, come and see!

He raises his head, blue eyes sweeping across the bare space. Obi-Wan’s gaze lands on the opposite wall, where the door should be, and he freezes, dumbstruck. Some sort of…hole? Portal? Has manifested across the narrow wall, obscuring the grey durasteel. Beyond lies what looks like living quarters – proper ones. A bit of a couch shows at the edge, and a window with a cluster of potted plants. Rain pounds silently against the windowpanes.

Minutes – or is it seconds? – pass, and still Obi-Wan doesn’t move. The Force seems to chuckle, as if it knows something to come.

When it happens, Obi-Wan lurches to his feet so abruptly the red-clouded water spills across the deckplates. In the anomaly, a man has just appeared – a man with a long mane of brown hair, and cerulean eyes in a kind face he knows far too well. A man who died in his arms over ten years ago.


He can’t breathe. There’s a weight on his chest, pushing down until he feels he might crack and all his emotions and memories come flooding out in one great wave.

Is this real?

In the room, Qui-Gon’s lips are moving, but no sound penetrates the barrier between places. He’s dressed in non-Jedi garb, looking…younger. Comfortable.


He turns, extending a hand, and says something else, head cocked playfully, eyes dancing with amusement.

And then she’s there too – Tahl. Tahl. Earthen hair loose down her back, she walks into view, taking his hand and pecking Qui-Gon on the lips.

Obi-Wan can’t remember moving, but now he’s standing before the opening, mouth agape, tears burning in his strained and blurred eyes. He raises a hand, afraid to touch it lest everything fall away, or he wake from a dream.

The surface of the window – for that’s what it is, a window – is smooth and somehow charged, shooting tingles up his fingers to his elbow and shoulder.

But it’s solid. Impenetrable.

He watches as the closest he ever had to a father and mother dance to a silent song, unheard notes, smiling – so close and yet so very far away.

A tear wells over and slides down his cheek.

Qui-Gon. Tahl.

And then the door slides open of its own accord, splintering the window between worlds into a thousand pieces that snap neatly out of existence, leaving Obi-Wan to fall to his knees, uncertain and hollow…

…but somehow reassured.


Very Mild Updates

Your girl is back in London after a whirlwind summer trip to Spain and Portugal (too hot), a whirlwind literary-festival trip to Hay-on-Wye (lovely place, met a curly-haired author who apparently wrote a book that’s now a critically-acclaimed TV series called American Gods, but festival far too white and posh), a whirlwind pretentious-English-major trip to Tintern Abbey (feeling sublime now), and a whirlwind beautiful-scenery-almost-slid-off-a-cliff trip to the Welsh coast (soiled my jeans—with mud, you idiots).

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Do you know any fics where Steve falls off the train after Bucky?

Welcome to hell enjoy your stay


Steve lets go and falls after Bucky. He’ll do anything to keep Bucky alive at the bottom of the gorge.

I Don’t Want To Be Your Hero

“Regardless of his strength or size, Steve had always been in front. He had always set the world aflame, rushing ahead, leaving Bucky to catch up. He was the trailblazer, the adventurer, the captain. With or without his mighty shield, Steve Rogers had never done anything but lead. And Bucky had never done anything but follow. Until now.”

Steve never could have caught Bucky on that train. But… what if when Bucky fell, Steve fell with him

This Slumber That Creeps

We’ll lay here for years or for hours, thrown here or found, to freeze or to thaw; or: the world splinters when Bucky falls.

Kingdom Hearts Series Memorial Ultimania [translations], Part I


People live in this realm, filled with light. Although everything was connected long ago, stability decayed and everything split into smaller realms (worlds). Every world is covered by an invisible wall, making travel between them impossible without special means. Furthermore, prancing about between the worlds is forbidden, as it may mess with the natural order of each one.

Each world holds its own “World Heart“ within, and if the door that leads to it is opened, the walls will shatter due to the power of darkness. Wall fragments shimmer down as a meteor shower, forming the ingredients for a ship that can sail through the stars, called a ”Gummi Ship.

  • So as not to disturb the world order, Donald and Goofy changed out of their royal garbs from Disney Castle so they wouldn’t stick out on their journey.

Data Realm (データ世界)

A realm that evolved within cyberspace, constructed with data as a base. In [KH coded], the King made a world by duplicating the data within one of Jiminy’s Journals, and in [KHII], a Twilight Town was prepared by DiZ for Roxas to spend a false summer vacation within.

  • The data realm within the computer that contained Roxas’s Twilight Town was connected to the pod that Sora slept in.

Realm Shut by Sleep (眠りに閉ざされた世界)

In [KHI], many of the worlds swallowed by darkness were revived when Sora defeated Ansem, while some others went to sleep within the darkness. This “realm shut by sleep“ becomes the stage for [KH 3D]. A realm shut by sleep can be woken up by opening a “Sleeping Keyhole,” leading it on the path to recovery.

Inter-world travel (ワールド間の移動方法)

Every world in the realm of light floats in a space known as the “star ocean” or the “Ocean Between.” Sora and friends travel between worlds by using the Gummi Ship and by opening special corridors.

Gummi Ship (グミシップ)

Developed by Disney Castle, a ship used to traverse the star ocean. The star shards (Gummies) that splinter off from the world-walls are its components, and it runs off of the crew’s smiling faces.

  • It has the appearance of a toy, but it possesses the ability to fight on equal terms with the writhing Heartless fleets in the star ocean.

Star Shard (星のカケラ)

A meteor made from splintered world-wall. The King in [KH BbS] traveled about by using the power of the Star Shard he borrowed from The Mysterious Tower.

Lanes Between / Corridors of Darkness (異空の回廊 / 闇の回廊)

The paths used to come and go between worlds are the “Lanes Between,” which can be opened by Keyblade-bearers using the power of their Keyblades. Meanwhile, beings of darkness can open up corridors with the power of their darkness, which are in turn classified as “Corridors of Darkness.” Traveling down these corridors causes the darkness to eat away at your heart and body, so it’s dangerous for even beings of darkness to use them frequently.

  • Terra’s group had the gates to the Lanes Between opened in advance by their teacher, and traveled through them by transforming their Keyblades.
  • Organization XIII’s black coats, DiZ’s red mantle, and Terra’s group’s armors all play the role of protective clothing while moving through the corridors.



A parallel realm located on what one might call the other side of the realm of light. There’s basically no humans, and it is teaming with the monsters of darkness known as Heartless.

The door that connects the realms of light and darkness comes in two types, the “Door to Darkness” and the “Door to Light.” The Door to Darkness is only for residents of darkness, and only residents of the realm of light can pass through the Door to Light.

  • When Riku’s body was hijacked by Ansem, his heart was expelled to the realm of darkness, which became his prison after he gained his body back.



A realm that exists between light and darkness. Compared to the realm of light, the amount of worlds is scarce. Though, because it is spatially unstable, openings to corridors of darkness are prone to suddenly appear.

Positional Relations Between Realms (世界同士の位置関係)

  1. REALM OF LIGHT: Radiant Garden (Hollow Bastion) / Destiny Islands / Disney Castle
  2. THE REALM BETWEEN: [close to light] The Mysterious Tower -> Twilight Town -> Castle Oblivion (Land of Departure) -> The World That Never Was [close to darkness]
  3. REALM OF DARKNESS: Dark Margin



Any world that dots the realm of light holds its own “World Heart”. A World Heart is a collection of all the hearts that compose that world, hidden away within that world’s Keyhole.

The World Heart’s Keyhole is connected to the realm of darkness.  While the Keyholes are usually shut to protect the worlds from darkness, this also shuts off the paths to the outside world. When a Keyhole is opened, the walls that cover the world shatter, allowing travel to the outside world, but also putting that world in danger due to the influx of the power of darkness. At the start of [KHI], the Keyholes of the World Hearts were starting to open, and Sora’s group had to venture forth to close them.

  • The World Heart’s Keyhole is usually hidden, but it shows up when a Keyblade is brought near.
  • As a child, Riku had recieved the Keyblade Bequeathing, allowing him to see the Keyholes that others couldn’t.

Opening and Closing Keyholes on the Adventures (冒険のさいに開閉する鍵穴)

Aside from the World Heart Keyholes, the realm contains a number of other types of Keyholes. Aside from [KHI], the Keyblade has opened Keyholes besides the World Heart Keyholes on its travels around the realms.

How the Heroes React to the Keyholes (鍵穴をめぐる主人公の行動)

  1. Sora (KHI) : Traveling in the Gummi Ship to hold back the invading darkness, closing any opened World Heart Keyhole.
  2. Sora (KHII) : To help fix the realm, opening the Gate Keyholes that the worlds prepared, while traveling in the Gummi Ship.
  3. Data-Sora (coded) : Opening the Data Realm Keyholes and removing the invading Bugs, to repair the data in Jiminy’s Journal.
  4. Terra/Ventus/Aqua (BbS) : Opening the Keyholes to the Lanes Between which Eraqus had prepared, and traversing the realm. (the goal differs between the 3)
  5. Sora/Riku (3D) : Crossing the realm within the worlds’ dreams for the Mark of Mastery Exam, and opening the Sleeping Keyholes.
  • Aside from [KHI], you usually go around opening closed Keyholes.


"KINGDOM HEARTS” (“キングダムハーツ”)

The collective heart of the World. Also called the “Dominion of Hearts“ and the ”Center of the Realm,“ it is a vast source of power and repository of knowledge.

People once considered Kingdom Hearts to be a “vast heart of light,” and started a war in their search for it, destroying the realm. Because of that, the current Kingdom Hearts is now securely locked away, out of easy reach. Now Sora’s group fights to prevent the forces of darkness, such as Master Xehanort, from using their sinister schemes to reach Kingdom Hearts.

“Kingdom Hearts of Worlds” (“世界の心のキングダムハーツ”)

A Kingdom Hearts made from the collective hearts of the worlds. You need to use the “Keyblade of People’s Hearts“ made from the hearts of the Seven Princesses in order to reach the Keyhole that leads to it. In [KHI], Maleficent and Ansem tried to acquire a Kingdom Hearts of Worlds by using the Heartless to steal the hearts from various worlds.

"Kingdom Hearts of People” (“人の心のキングダムハーツ”)

A Kingdom Hearts made from the collective hearts of people. Organization XIII, who had come to believe that they could become complete beings again by uniting with it, made their own Kingdom Hearts of People by gathering the hearts released from Heartless. However, the goal of the Organization’s superior, Xemnas, was to use the Kingdom Hearts of People as a medium to plant Xehanort’s heart within the members, making “13 Darknesses.

  • Floating right in the middle of the Kingdom Hearts of People lies Organization XIII’s sky fortress.

True “Kingdom Hearts” (真の”キングダムハーツ”)

Unlike the two man-made creations mentioned above, this Kingdom Hearts has existed since the start of the World. In ancient times, it was consumed by darkness from being fought over in the Keyblade War, but it is said that its counterpart, the “χ-blade”, can bring it back.

  • Master Xehanort’s plan is to use the χ-blade to open the door to the True Kingdom Hearts and start up a second Keyblade War.

Door to Darkness and Door to Light (闇の扉と光の扉)

The door that leads to “Kingdom Hearts“ is the ”Door to Darkness”, which also leads to the realm of darkness. Only the dark are allowed through the Door to Darkness, and if you wish to seal it away, you need a Keyblade from the realm of light and a Keyblade from the realm of darkness, with each owner facing each other on their respective sides and joining their powers together.

But the Door to Darkness makes a pair with the “Door to Light.” This door is said to exist within the hearts of people, and if one’s heart envisions it, it will act as the ticket home for any resident of light that has been trapped in the realm of darkness.

  • The King with the realm of darkness Keyblade in hand, cooperating with Sora in the realm of light, was able to close the Door to Darkness.
  • Forsaken in the realm of darkness, Sora and Riku read Kairi’s letter and were embraced with hope as they discovered the Door to Light.



Seven women who have “hearts of pure light“ that act as the foundation of the realm of light simply by being alive. Because they can lead the way to Kingdom Hearts, the forces of darkness have set their sights on them.

  1. Belle
  2. Snow White
  3. Aurora
  4. Alice
  5. Jasmine
  6. Cinderella
  7. Kairi
  • The Princesses all lived in different worlds, but they were gathered by the Villains to be used to create the Keyblade of People’s Hearts.


KEYBLADE (キーブレード)

A key-shaped weapon that contains the power to perform a multitude of functions. Defeating the darkness, it can free the captured hearts within the monsters of darkness known as Heartless. It can also be used as a literal “key” to open and close any keyhole, including a Keyhole to a “World Heart,” which can lead to the vast source of power: “Kingdom Hearts.

Originally, the Keyblade was made as a tool to fight over Kingdom Hearts, causing the “Keyblade War.” Reflecting upon that, current Keyblade-wielders generally move to act as guardians of the realm of light, referred to as “heroes of light.

  • A single Keyblade can generally do one thing, but it can change its shape and abilities by attaching a keychain.
  • Terra’s group Keyblade’s can turn into vehicles, which allow their wielders to cross the Lanes Between.

How to use the Keyblade (キーブレードが使える仕組み)

The Keyblade, after being Bequeathed, decides on its own who will be able to use it. The Bequeathing grants a new wielder a Keyblade distinct from their Master’s, and is performed by coming into contact with a Keyblade Master through their Keyblade. The Keyblade chooses its user based on how strong the subject’s heart is, regardless of whether they’re bad or good.

The Keyblade is a symbol of the heart’s power, and only a number of hearts alive can wield it. Sora holds two hearts, so he is exceptionally capable of dual-wielding. Also, Sora’s is a rare case in that he can wield the Keyblade without having the Bequeathing performed on him.

  • Riku had the Bequeathing performed on him by Terra as a kid, while Kairi also met the conditions of the ritual by unexpectedly coming into contact with Aqua’s Keyblade.

Realm of Light Keyblade / Realm of Darkness Keyblade (光の世界のキーブレード / 闇の世界のキーブレード)

There are Keyblades that belong to the realm of light, and some that belong to the realm of darkness. They only play the roles of being the internal and external keys for Kingdom Hearts’ door, so it’s not as if “something from the realm of darkness uses dark powers.”

  • The King had a realm of light Keyblade in the days of [KH BbS], but could use one from the realm of darkness after [KHI].

Keyblade of People’s Hearts (人の心のキーブレード)

A special Keyblade made with the seven Princesses’ hearts. In addition to its power to make the Keyhole that leads to the “Kingdom Hearts of Worlds” appear, it can also unlock people’s hearts, plunging enemies into the darkness. Although Ansem tried to make one in [KHI], his lacked Kairi’s heart and was rendered incomplete.

Keyblade Master (キーブレードマスター)

Among Keyblade-wielders, the exceptionally great can be deemed Masters by their teachers. Performing the Bequeathing, and shifting hearts between bodies, are things that only Keyblade Masters (or those of a comparable power) can do.

  1. Master Eraqus
  2. Master Xehanort
  3. The King
  4. Aqua
  5. Riku
  • By the end of [KH BbS], Aqua and the King are both in their early stages, while at the end of [KH 3D], Riku is recognized as a Keyblade Master.
  • For generations, Keyblade Masters, including Master Eraqus, choose just one to be considered the true successor to guard the Land of Departure.


KEYBLADE WAR (キーブレード戦争)

Long ago, Keyblade-wielders instigated a war over Kingdom Hearts. Because of it, the realm of light was swallowed by darkness and disappeared completely, only to be revived as separate smaller worlds thanks to the light in the hearts of children. This fact has thus been passed down through the light and dark as a fairy tale.

  • Master Xehanort schemes to start a second Keyblade War due to his ideal of wanting to balance the light and the darkness, since the light is overly-dominant in the current realm.


χ-BLADE (χブレード)

The key that leads to the True Kingdom Hearts. It is read as “keyblade“ and has existed along with the True Kingdom Hearts since the beginning of the realm, but since it serves as the model for all other Keyblades, that makes those Keyblades mere forgeries. Because of the Keyblade War, it was broken and scattered into 7 lights and 13 darknesses, unable to come back unless one evenly unites the power of hearts of pure light with hearts of pure darkness.

Master Xehanort has been scheming for over 10 years to complete the χ-blade. During [KH 3D], him and his clones, the “13 darknesses,” tried to advance their plan to forge the Keyblade by colliding with the “7 lights.

  • Ventus’s heart of light and Vanitas’s heart of darkness fused to forge the χ-blade. It resembled 2 Keyblades crossing and making a shape like the letter X.
  • Melding the 13 darknesses and 7 lights to produce the χ-blade… That is the plan that Master Xehanort is currently aiming to advance.



A “heartless person” reborn in the darkness because of their darkness. Those which are the heart’s darkness made real, they’re born when a person falls and loses their heart to darkness. Lacking intelligence and purpose, they go after “World Hearts” in their instinctive desire for vast darkness, and they increase their ranks by stealing the hearts of others.

There’s a great variety of Heartless apart from the naturally occuring “Purebloods”, as about 10 years before [KHI], Xehanort (Ansem, the Seeker of Darkness) spawned a great amount of “Emblems“ during his experiments. There was a massive increase of Heartless in the realm of light because of Ansem, which settled down a bit after his defeat in [KHI]. But as long as people have darkness in their hearts, the Heartless won’t go away.

  • The people who showed hostility towards Sora’s group implemented the Heartless and the powers of darkness, but most of them were swallowed by the darkness or were overtaken by the Heartless.

Purebloods (ピュアブラッド)

Naturally occuring Heartless. When felled by the Keyblade, a heart gets released. A great many of these Heartless exist in the realm.

  • The realm of darkness is overflowing with Pureblood-type Heartless.

Emblems (エンブレム)

Artificial Heartless made by Ansem the Wise’s apprentices, lead by Xehanort, in their experiments to draw out the heart’s darkness. Somewhere on their bodies, they bear a crest (emblem) that’s combined with Xehanort’s recusant symbol, the “X”.


NOBODIES (ノーバディ)

The opposite of Heartless, monsters of the darkness referred to as, “the non-beings.” They’re born when the owner of a strong heart becomes a Heartless. Most of them have bodies like white ghosts, but if the owner of an especially strong heart became a Nobody, they’d keep their form as a human.

While a Heartless’s true state is a “heart“ that’s regressed to darkness, a Nobody is the ”body and soul“ that’s been separated from their heart. They use memory and intelligence in place of emotions, and can act as a group, but due to their non-existences, their fate is to eventually fade into darkness.

If the heart from a Heartless is released when a Nobody is extinguished, they may be recompleted as a human.

  • Organization XIII is a group of Nobody’s that maintained their human forms, so they direct and control the standard Nobodies.


UNVERSED (アンヴァース)

Born from the anger and hatred of people, monsters of the dark nicknamed, “those that aren’t well-versed in life.” Manifesting in the days of [KH BbS], they terrorized the people of the realm of light. They’re truly the negative emotions of Vanitas made physical, and are now extinct due to Ventus’s defeat of Vanitas.


DREAM EATERS (ドリームエーター)

Monsters that eat dreams, who haunt the “realm shut by sleep.“ Every one is either a ”Nightmare”, which induces bad dreams, or a “Spirit”, which eats those nightmares, the latter of which lent their powers to Sora and Riku.



A group of Nobodies with power so great they maintined their human forms. Composed of 13 members, their names are anagrams of their human names with a recusant sigil, “X”, inserted within it.

Nobodies are aware of their incomplete existences, and therefore aimed to unite with the “Kingdom Hearts of People’s Hearts“ in a wish to become complete, but Sora destroyed them. However, with the nearing completion of the ”13 dark replacements“ scheme, the rebirth of the ”True Organization XIII“ is nigh.

  1. I = Xemnas
  2. II = Xigbar
  3. III = Xaldin
  4. IV = Vexen
  5. V = Lexaeus
  6. VI = Zexion
  7. VII = Saïx
  8. VIII = Axel
  9. IX = Demyx
  10. X = Luxord
  11. XI = Marluxia
  12. XII = Larxene
  13. XIII = Roxas
  14. i = Xion
  • No. I through VI were all apprentices of Ansem the Wise. And finally, Xion’s entrance as a member isn’t legitimate, as her number i represents being imaginary.



It consists of Xehanort and his clones: the “13 Seekers of Darkness.” Considering themselves the “13 darknesses”, they’re trying to clash with the “7 lights” and make the χ-blade. They had 12 members at the time of [KH 3D], 6 of whom are known to be Master Xehanort, Ansem, Xemnas, Xigbar, Saix, and Young Xehanort.


VILLAINS (ヴィランズ)

The general bad guys that have appeared in Disney works, such as Maleficent and Pete. They did evil deeds by using the Heartless and the power of darkness, to get in the way of Sora’s group during their adventures.

  • The Villains of [KHI] schemed to target “Kingdom Hearts,” with Maleficent at their core.

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This might be a doozy, but do you guys have a best guess for what century/age of the real world standard fantasy RPG's take place in? (I'm thinking DnD 3.5, Pathfinder, etc.)

As a general rule, D&D is extremely anachronistic. It’s also not one setting. Third Edition and 3.5 both default to Greyhawk, (which, Ironically isn’t a setting I’m incredibly familiar with), which offers technology ranging from the 9th century up through the 18th, depending on what best fits the feel they’re going for. This results in situations where you have sailing vessels designed for broadsiding in a setting without gunpowder, and armor that never existed in the real world.

As a result, you can’t really tie D&D down, and this is before you start looking at the other campaign settings. Forgotten Realms is the one most people probably think of as the default D&D setting (it’s not, but that doesn’t really matter.) There’s Dark Sun, where magic drains life from the world, and the resulting environment is a barren wasteland. There’s Dragonlance, where, unsurprisingly, Dragons are the biggest threat (usually), and the world outside of fortress settlements is barely civilized as a result (incidentally, this is another setting, I’m not that familiar with). There’s Ravenloft, where the entire world is splintered across various horror themed mini-planes. There’s Eberron (one of the newer settings), which has a magitech/steampunk aesthetic going on. There’s Birthright, which is explicitly pulling from 13th century knights, and fairytale chivalry (though, I honestly can’t remember much about this setting beyond that.) There’s Spelljammer, where people fly magical sailing ships between worlds (including, potentially any of the ones I’ve listed here.) There’s Planescape, where characters wander between universes, including any of the ones I listed above.

If you want a D&D setting I can pin down to a specific moment in history, the only ones that come to mind off hand are Urban Arcana, Dark Matter and Shadowchasers, but those are both from D20 Modern, and by default they’re set around 2002 (give or take a year.) (Strictly speaking, there’s some Dark Matter supplements from back in the 90s, so that setting is a little older, but it’s tenure as a D&D setting starts in 2002.)

And, honestly, that’s okay. Fantasy is rarely designed to mimic specific moments in history. As a genre, it owes a lot to both J. R. R. Tolkien and Robert E. Howard.

With Lord of the Rings, Tolkien was specifically pulling inspiration from the literary epics like Beowulf. He envisioned a forgotten version of Europe that existed in some forgotten dark age long before recorded history. The technology is an incoherent mix of different eras because, the idea goes, that much of this was lost, and then later rediscovered.

The result is: Middle Earth is usually read as a self contained world, with no relation to the real one. It’s treated as fantasy world, segregated from reality, rather than a piece of fiction that takes place in “the real world,” but this wasn’t Tolkien’s intent. Ironically, this actually sets Tolkien into a fairly small subgenre of fantasy, with series like Terry Brooks’ Shanara Chronicles, or Jack Vance’s Dying Earth (which became the basis for D&D’s spell casting system.)

Robert E. Howard just loved history. Really loved it. Apparently, to the point that he couldn’t pick a single favorite element, and simply grabbed pieces of whatever wasn’t nailed down. If you’ve never read the Conan stories from Howard, you really do owe it to yourself to take a look. More than Tolkien, Howard set the tone for modern Sword and Sorcery as a genre. So, while D&D inherits a lot of its ideas, like elves and dwarves from Tolkien, it looks to Howard, when the time comes to pick from a moment in history.

So the end result is a massive collection of anachronisms, and usually that’s acceptable. You have a fantasy setting, where different concerns gave rise to different technological priorities, and some of the things you take for granted in your daily lives just never happened.

It (sort of) makes sense that Forgotten Realms and Greyhawk don’t have firearms. Magic is very prevalent, to the point that convenient ranged weapons exist. Additionally, because of how gunpowder works, a single wizard or sorcerer could (theoretically) ignite your batteries with a stray fireball, which makes the entire idea of stockpiling powder a lot less appealing.

Of course, it’s also entirely possible you would have gunpowder in your setting. Warhammer pulls heavily from the 15th century Europe. Primitive firearms and all. Even with the danger of a Bright Wizard being able to detonate handgunner’s powder on a whim (or on accident).

The only times you’ll see serious criticism of D&D’s historical elements are when you try to do one of two things. Putting one of the campaign settings together into a coherent whole while accounting for the game’s rules and asking, “does this make sense?” No, the actual rules (particularly in 3rd and 4th edition) are designed to facilitate play for the party, and characters accelerate to godlike status (or outright godhood) with horrifying speed.

Or, when someone looks at individual technologies in a campaign setting and finds one that is dependent on a technology that never happened. For example: Forgotten Realms’ sailing ships, which are based on 17th century designs, which were heavily influenced by cannon fire.

When it comes to Pathfinder, I don’t know. What I’ve seen suggests it mixes 14th and 17th century technology together with gleeful abandon. I don’t know how fair that is, because I’ve never purchased or read a Pathfinder book or game.


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