the splinter world

  • [while trapped in a horror movie situation]
  • Leo: Well, is any one of us safe?
  • Mikey: Yeah, virgins, virgins never die.
  • Donnie: [to April] Alright, thanks for saving me.
  • [April gives Donnie a dirty look]
  • Karai: [smiles] I'm dead.
  • Shinigami: [shrugs] I'm dead.
  • Casey: [shyly] Well, I'll get as sick as you can get without actually dying.
Free Fall

Meeting her is a mistake.

A glitch of fate that Draco doesn’t fathom he could ever forgive, much less forget. Some cataclysmic careening of fate lines, fault lines; a mess of teeth marks and lipstick prints. Something that never should have happened.

Because Draco doesn’t frequent the Leaky Cauldron on gritty, late weekend nights. Doesn’t wipe bloody knuckles on his trousers and act as though he hadn’t just shattered a mirror in a fit of anger, bitterness, revenge on the world for putting his father in Azkaban and utterly wrecking the life that had been so carefully delineated for him, before.

Its seven years bad luck.

He really should have known then.

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all roads lead home to you

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Voltron Legendary Defender
PAIRING: Shiro x Keith
RATING: M (mature themes)
TAGS: content warning for Keith’s Kamikaze attempt; heavy S4 spoilers; canon-divergent AU


The first time Shiro meets Keith is in the alley behind the convenience store, in the town near the Garrison. Shiro’s just gone round back to toss something in the dumpster, but Keith’s behind that same dumpster changing out of dust-covered jeans and a red jacket, and back into his uniform. Shiro knows two things off the bat:

One – this boy is a cadet, and cadets aren’t allowed off Garrison grounds outside of school events or officially sanctioned business, and

Two – this boy isn’t here for either of those reasons, and he knows that Shiro knows this.

Keith stares at Shiro like a deer caught in headlights. Shiro looks at Keith and wonders what kind of cadet had the gall to leave the Garrison when Iverson is on roll call duty tonight.

(But he has to admit, he’s pretty impressed.)

Keith books it out the other end of the alley before Shiro can ask for his name or assure this kid that he’s not going to tell. Especially since Shiro has no room to talk, not after he’d wrangled Matt into helping him switch out the sugar for salt in the officers’ break room.

Shiro finds the kid in one of the training gyms three days later, and this time gets to explain himself before Keith  – Keith Kogane, that Keith, the one who’s been racking up increasingly high scores on the simulators and threatening Shiro’s personal record – before Keith books it again or forcibly tries to give him amnesia.

Keith calms down pretty quickly after that.

It turns out that Keith had been sneaking out a few nights a month to (illegally) compete in (illegal) hoverbike races. And winning. Shiro is doubly impressed.

The first time Matt Holt meets Keith – really meets him, and doesn’t just see him in passing – is seven months after that. It’s almost immediately clear just what Shiro sees in this scrappy kid – he’s reckless to a fault, stubborn as hell, single-minded in his determination, and terrifyingly skilled. But it’s only later that Matt learns two things that have really drawn Shiro in: that Keith has a personal creed that he abides by above all things, and that Keith has a sense of righteousness to rival Shiro’s.

Matt sees Keith, and sees the way Shiro looks at Keith, and understands.

Months, years, and millions of miles across the galaxies later – Matt finds himself wishing to the high heavens that Keith wasn’t all the things that had made Shiro fall in love with him.

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come back to me

Shiro and Keith are tortured. They don’t expect to come face to face with the people they care about most. | @voltronwhumpweek2017 ♡  | Shiro, Keith, Lance, Matt, Lotor | Ao3 link

“You should both be familiar with these, I think,” says Lotor, his voice light and vaguely curious. “I hear the Blade of Marmora use the same technology.”

From the corner of his eye, Keith sees Shiro stir, slowly sit up. They’re both in suits of blue and grey, strangely similar to Lotor’s own.

“Of course, my suits are slightly different,” Lotor continues, he leans leisurely up against the wall. “And far more useful, obviously.”

“Useful for what?” Keith snaps, ignores a firm glance from Shiro.

Don’t engage him.

“For me,” Lotor says calmly, his smile uneasily genuine. “For finding out who you really are.”

Lotor’s eyes don’t leave Keith’s as he gently closes the door, their pale yellow glow stays with him long after the room goes dark.

They’re no longer alone.

“Matt?” Shiro whispers, and a tall, auburn-haired youth stares back at him, his eyes shy and his smile trembling.

“Are you okay?” Matt asks softly, he comes and kneels beside Shiro, close enough to touch. “Did the plan work?”

Shiro nods, his lips have parted as he chokes out a breath, his eyes are watery bright. Keith feels a cold sense of dread welling in his chest.

“Where are you, Matt?” Shiro rasps, tries to reach for him. “What happened, where are they keeping you, I swear, I’ll-”

But Matt is shaking his head, the vision is fading.

“Don’t come,” he whispers, there’s relief in his voice as his face goes blurry dark. “I knew one of us would make it…”

Shiro lunges, makes a horrible, wrenching sound as his arms pass through Matt’s uniform. Matt smiles, sad.

“…I’m just so glad it was you.”

Shiro collapses to his knees, his chest heaving as he hisses a breath through his teeth. A tear catches the line of his jaw as it falls, his mouth grimaced and fists clenched, Keith scrambles to hold him as Matt disappears.

“It’s not real!” Keith yells, seeing Shiro cry strikes something hot and aching through his lungs. “Matt’s going to be fine! We’re going to get out of this and find him, okay? You hear me? The only people here are you and me!”

“Ouch, that’s a bit harsh,” says Lance, and Keith spins around, his mouth crumples as his throat goes tight.

“Hey, hey, I’m just being an idiot,” Lance says gently, and Keith shakes his head, eyebrows scrunching with hope. “I’m just glad I get to see you again. I’m… emotional.”

“No, it was funny,” Keith says huskily. It’s the stupidest thing, but Keith suddenly wishes he had laughed at more of Lance’s jokes.

He always did find them funny.

He always missed them when Lance wasn’t around…

“Yeah?” murmurs Lance, surprised, something strangely vulnerable crosses his eyes.

“…tron,” Keith says under his breath, his whole world is splintering and he fights to hang on. “When you say Volt, I say…”

“Uughh, Keith…” Lance finishes, he blinks and gives a leaky sniffle as his image starts to wane. “What a time to make me want to hug you and never let go.”

“Lance, wait!” Keith blurts, but Lance has slipped away, he’s left shouting at the dark.

“Keith,” whispers Shiro, he’s drained and injured but he reaches for Keith’s hand, pulls Keith against his chest as Keith sobs. “Shhh-hh, I’m here. I’m getting us out of this, okay? Come back to me, easy, that’s it…”

Shiro’s trembling just as badly, he pats Keith’s back as the smaller paladin coughs into his shoulder.

“I’m letting you down,” Keith manages, distraught. “I’m trying to focus, and all I keep seeing is…”

Lance?” says Shiro, his voice low and wary. Keith twists around, startled, in front of them Lance has reappeared, this time he looks determined. Beside him is…

“…Matt…” whispers Keith, and Matt strides forward, offers his hand to pull Keith up.

When their palms clasp, Matt’s grip is strong and firm.

“You don’t have long,” Lance says hurriedly, and he presses his hand to the panel at the edge of the chamber. The door disengages, an empty passageway outside.

“How are you doing this?” Keith croaks, Lance is moving to help Shiro as Matt quickly guides Keith to the door.

“I’m not,” Lance says softly, he steadies Shiro as he stumbles. “You are.”

They run, footsteps pounding toward the upper deck,  Shiro’s jaw is gritted and Keith’s eyes dark and fierce.

“Shall we let them go?” says Ezor, perched cheerily in Lotor’s chamber as the other Generals watch in silence. “Are they more interesting than we thought?”

Lotor gently raises a hand. Zethrid sits back down, disappointed.

“Yes,” says Lotor, tips his head to one side as the paladins reach an escape craft. “And yes…”

Shiro shifts the Galra ship to accelerate, Keith charges up the weapons.

Now!” shouts Lance, he dives for a sentry taking aim, flickers and dissolves.

Go!” yells Matt, he hits the exit hatch, meets Shiro’s eyes and nods, fades.

Lotor smiles.


Okay, one tiny moment that caught my attention in the episode End Times: Why did Splinter and Ho Chan seem to recognize each other as if they had fought before? They had never met in canon before this point and yet their interaction right off the bat was essentially
“Stop messing with my kids Ho Chan” 
“Goddamit not this asshole again”

Did they battle on the spirit plane? Does Splinter regularly pick fights with malicious ghosts in order to protect people? Is “Warrior Ghost Splinter of the Spirit World” a thing?

she lives in a city i
have never seen, but
she’s happy now.
this world draws threads
between us, pools of
headlight glow mirroring
the way her smile
flickers unchanged.
there was a time i
would have driven across
the country to see her.
back when neither of us
fit right in our own skin,
back when we found
the places to dig our nails
in and tear, we learned how
to fall in love with the
empty, with the places
where she fell through
the cracks, where i
splintered. now,
the whole world could bloom
between the palms of her
hands. there is such joy
in quiet growth. we will
make this right again if
it takes our whole life.
—  thirty years || a.s.w.

shadow-hokage  asked:

Noctis x Reader are childhood friends, secretly dating and no one knows about but on their way to Alissa, Noctis fights Leviathan then the reader becomes worried so Noctis proposes to the reader and a rough smut scene happens with them. And so Ardyn appears for the first time and almost kills the reader. Once Noctis finds out, he vows to kill Ardyn and get the crystal power back. (Like in chapter 8-9 in the game) So after the 10 year skip, he reunites with his friends and future wife.

This request got a little out of hand and is longer than I planned. For that reason, I didn’t make it through everything in your request, but if you want a part two just let me know. I’ve probably re-written this at least fifty times which is why it took so long. Sorry about that.

For this story, Noctis was originally meant to meet Luna so that she could help him gain the blessings of the Six by secret order of king Regis as a way to get Noct out of the Crown City.


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The Lost Union Leader and Keyblade War’s Time

Hiya. Back with another one of my lengthy theories. Let’s jump right in, shall we? Oh, fair warning, this is my stringing together 8 different theories into one. It’s gonna get confusing.


Ever since the Union Cross update to Kingdom Hearts on mobile, we’ve been more concerned with the Keyblade War than ever. It was assumed that the mobile game had nothing to do with Kingdom Hearts’ true lore, specifically with Sora, Xehanort, etc. It was just a fun spin-off where you got to know how the Keyblade War started and what happened to those who fought in it. We were not prepared for a HUGE PLOT POINT to be dumped on us at the end of the season.

Ventus is chosen to help lead the remaining Keyblade wielders as a Union Leader. 

Wha-? Why- NOMURA?!

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If peace comes from seeing the whole, then misery stems from a loss of perspective.We begin so aware and grateful. The sun somehow hangs there in the sky. The little bird sings. The miracle of life just happens. Then we stub our toe, and in that moment of pain, the whole world is reduced to our poor little toe. Now, for a day or two, it is difficult to walk. With every step, we are reminded of our poor little toe…
…In actuality, misery is a moment of suffering allowed to become everything. So, when feeling miserable, we must look wider than what hurts. When feeling a splinter, we must, while trying to remove it, remember there is a body that is not splinter, and a spirit that is not splinter, and a world that is not splinter.

-Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening

All the Pieces of Me and You

BayoJeanne Week Day 3
Prompt:  Amnesia
Pairing: BayoJeanne (duh?)

Bayonetta is fractured but whole, Jeanne is solid but scattered. They are each Broken in very different ways. Perhaps that’s what will let them help heal one another.
Set right after the events of Bayonetta 1

Authors notes: These are spinning further and further from my original control, this is well over the word count I intended. Again, no beta, so i hope any errors are not too glaring. I may try to fix them later

Hope you enjoy!

“So, how much do you remember?” Jeanne wasn’t looking at her, her steel colored eyes focused on the half eaten cake between them, poking at it with a fork until it wobbled slightly.

Bayonetta pursed her lips and glanced to the side, watching the chaotic stream of the airport terminals for a moment. “Only bits and pieces,” she looked back at Jeanne, “new things like to come back through when I least expect it, though I suppose I’ve stopped receiving all the ones that lead to new and interesting powers.”

There was a quick quirk in the corner of Jeanne’s lips, a far cry from the smile Bayonetta had hoped to elicit, but it was better than nothing. She moved forward to snag a hearty forkful of the black forest cake slice, moving at a casual pace to see if Jeanne would protest the imbalance. When Jeanne continued to stare blankly at the dessert without acknowledging it’s diminishing size, Bayonetta sighed softly and consumed the overlarge bite anyway. She wasn’t going to waste good cake, especially not good German cake while in Germany.

Alright, so it was a prepackaged slice bought from an overpriced cafe in Frankfurt airport, but it still tasted delightful. Liminal space as any airport store, lounge or cafe was, this particular one was quiet, just the two of them at a table pressed against the wall.
It was…. Nice, confusing but nice.

“…What exactly do you remember, Cereza?” Jeanne still wasn’t looking at her.

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The tail of the arrow cockpit bomber B-26G-5 “Marauder” 598 squadron, 397 group, 9 air army after a RAID in Grevenbroich, Germany, 25.02.1945. Anti-aircraft shells stripped the car of one of the engine, the right plane of the stabilizer, it happened to the vertical tail and the tail gunner cabin. The shooter, Sergeant Edward R. Jurkonis escaped injury thanks to an additional non-booking your cab to protect him from a swarm of splinters.

@tartypatoos // awakening verse sc.

“ah, there you are! libra and i were beginning to wonder if you’d wake at all.” cassandra said, smiling triumphantly as her patient finally opened his eyes. she could see he was well and truly awake- not like those other times where he’d just barely skim the waking world, only to fall back into his deep slumber. 

“i must say, you’re the strangest looking taguel i’ve ever seen,” she commented, more out of curiosity and wonder than any ill intent. he seemed much more rat like than rabbit like, and panne had said he didn’t smell like an taguel she remembered. then there was the fact that he was in his beast form as opposed his human one, and that his beast form was tiny at that.

she drummed her fingers on her stave as she thought it all over, before realizing she’d done nothing to explain what was going on and where the stranger was. 

“where are my manners? my name’s cassandra- the other shepherds and i found you wounded in a field not far from our camp,” she explained. “do you remember what attacked you?”