the splash!

I can’t stop laughing at the fact that not only does Yuuri hold an onigiri pillow/plushie in the kiss and cry, but his fans also toss food related things for him after his performance

Another onigiri



And a donut 

You can see more food in the background as well

In Paper Mario: Color Splash, Mario can get covered with six different colors of paint during the battle against Roy, each of which affect him differently. This is Mario’s animation under the influence of the orange paint, which gives the message “Mario’s feeling self-conscious…” Since the paint is covering his head in-game, the fact that he is blushing can only be seen by extracting the sprites from the game’s files.

can we talk about

this boy

this once angry grumpy child

looking at his papa yuuri and smirking/smiling and letting papa viktor ruffle his hair???? 

2017 best family award goes to…


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Apparently the disturbance in the water at the beginning is called a footprint. More:

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A localization oddity in Paper Mario: Color Splash: the washing machine on Vortex Island in the North American version is top-loading (top picture) while it is changed to a front-loading one in the European version (bottom picture). In order to justify the vortex still pointing upwards, the front-loading washing machine needed to be propped up against something. So the localization team decided to redesign the laundry room into a cave in order to include a rock for the washing machine to lean onto.