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Special DLC characters part 1. Dead or Alive Xtreme 3.

meiyanaalexia  asked:

Zeus, aphrodite, ares, artemis, hera, persephone, hades, hermes, odysseus, echo, narcissus, icarus, Orpheus, eurydice for the greek myth ask, please? (Sorry if it's too much)

zeus: if you could have one power, what would it be?

to create illusions! not only would i be able to “create” physical objects and change my appearance at will but i also would be able to create illusions of things that arent physical like feelings/thoughts. which would be pretty cool. manipulative, but cool. 

aphrodite: do you believe in true love?

yeah. at the end of the day love is commitment, right? so its when you know the person for so long there isnt really anyone else you could trust as much as them. its when you stop getting butterflies and you dont talk as much but still know theyll be there. or when you can pour out your heart and fucking soul and you can say the shallowest, stupidest things and theyll always listen. when you can tell them everyday that you dont think you deserve the love they give and they will always say that you deserve it and that they love you. when you can go from talking about how meaningless life seems to the actual meaning of the word thrussy (true story) lmao. at least, thats what ive experienced and chose to define as true love. 

ares: are you a confrontational person?

no lmao i like to think i am but you could deadass fuck me over and ill be like oh okay thanks

artemis: do you prefer night or day?

early mornings when no ones awake and the world seems kind of muffled. and the sun is spilling into the house from the windows and you can see the dustmotes drifting w no care in the world?? fuck yeah, im always down. 

hera: who makes up your tumblr family?

@fascinatedfox @hello-pastel-dreams @b-b0 (kenzie, mimi and bo are my ogs and i would die for all of them)  @flowermaki (i would sell my soul for makki okay, hes the dorkiest and memeiest man and i just,,,i wouldnt trade you for all the memes in the world) @shitabukenjirou (EM I FORGOT TO ADD YOU I KNEW I WAS MISSING SOMEONE FUCK IM SUCH AN ASS) @meiyanaalexia (how can i not include you amel youre so wonderful and i adore talking to you) @thats–so–gay (apparently were married and i love her) @bisexual-nessie @noideawhatimdoingtbh (ive never talked to either of you ah but both of you are wonderful mutuals and ily guys)

persephone: what’s your favorite season?


hades: do you believe in an afterlife?


hermes: where do you want to travel that you’ve never been before?

japan actually or alaska to see the northern lights 

odysseus: what’s your favorite place to travel?

i loved turkey! would definitely go back. 

echo: what’s something you can’t stop talking about?

how much i love kirishima eijirou 

narcissus: what’s your best trait?

mm i like to think that im quite soft and caring.

icarus: what’s your fatal flaw?

selflessness? my mother is a very selfless woman and while i dont want to call it a flaw, i think that sometimes it unfair to put others above yourself especially when they dont deserve it. but i mean i get it bc i do it too and its not something i can find myself explaining. its just feels right, you know? 

orpheus: what’s your favorite song or type of music?

i could talk about my favorite music for days aah. But recently ive been listening to a lot of blackbear, bastille, the score, and various electropop artists 

eurydice: what’s something you regret?

not loving myself when i needed it the most. and thinking that when i look a certain way ill love myself. bc i know if she saw how i am right now she would be ecastic and think?? wow im probably so content w myself!! i probably love myself so much!! when in fact i dont think ive ever been sadder.

thank you for asking amel! i got a little sappy and unnecessarily deep but i enjoyed it!

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Do you remember that dark jayce skin? The splash art also looked horrible

Yes the anatomy there is screwed up as well. Anatomy is screwed up in many of Riot’s splashes actually, but they’re usually very very good at textures and lighting. There’s a difference between anatomy being distorted on purpose, successful in the effect it tried to achieve, and simply being wrong and an eyesore.