the splash!

  • natgeo Video by @bertiegregory. Yacare caiman are capable of making water dance! When displaying to potential mates and showing members of the same sex who’s boss, they sink down into the water so their backs are just below the surface. They then produce a spooky low frequency booming noise which causes this bizarre spectacle. Shot for @stevewinterphoto, @natgeowild and @natgeo. Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures.

Thanks to @pangur-and-grim for this amazing Horrible DrawingTM of my beloved goldfish, Flash. You really captured his essence! Also, glad I left it in the plastic because he wasted no time in making an extremely aggressive splash and getting water all over it 😂 

what is this i hear about some fan asking Emilie about Rumbelle being abusive? I’m sorry, can anti-fans get a hold of themselves, please? First that fan with Lana bout whether “Hook is good enough for Emma” (which resulted in them BOOING her)—and now some idiot going to Emilie about Rumbelle being abusive.

WTF is wrong with you all this year? Has fandom forgotten about tact?

This person could have asked their question in a BETTER way like:

-How would you have written their relationship differently?
-What advice would you give Belle with all Rumple has done?
-Do you believe Belle is too forgiving about the lying?

Apparently, like Lana, Emilie was FAR from amused. And quite honestly, knowing that a lot of people in the audience could be Rumbelle fans, it’s a bit inappropriate and outright shitty to ask that… 

And perhaps a better question for ADAM and EDDY instead of Emilie…

Get your shit together, fandom! The only thing this will earn you now at featured cons is screened questions..