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Willard Library is one of the most haunted places in the United States. However one image from the library’s ghost feed is very disturbing. On August 8th 2003, this image was captured on the feed. It shows a black mass crawling on the floor in the children’s section. This spirit along with the infamous Gray Lady are some of the ghosts that the small Indiana library is proud to house.

Local Spirits Part 1: Intro

[Disclaimer: This is based on my experience and you may have different experiences and opinions.]

(Subsequent parts will be done in collaboration with @norcal-animist)

Local spirits, as I am defining them for the purpose of this post, are the spirits that are constantly around us, in the forests, on the beaches, in the schools, in the homes, etc.  

When a human begins to practice magic or spirit work, the local spirits usually can take notice of this. Some may find it rude, some may not care, while some may want to “get in on the action” and not in a sexy way. Overall, however, it is useful to build respect with them so that you may learn about any local customs or rules that they may expect you to follow. For example, the land spirit by my parents’ house prohibits non-native spirits from interacting with the native ones. Now imagine if I didn’t know that rule and I brought in spirit companions who then went out and messed with the native species. Even if their meddling wasn’t malicious, the local spirits might not be very happy. This is especially important with companions that may need to hunt local spirits for food. This can also come into play when collecting tools from nature such as water or plants. The spirit of that body of water or the spirits that work with that plant might have specific rules surrounded how you can harvest it and they might resent you for breaking those rules even if you didn’t know.    

But working with local spirits isn’t only about you not wanting to upset them, they can make great allies and friends. In my opinion, learning about and working with the environment around you when practicing magic is a very important skill to have. Local spirits usually know the environment pretty well and would be able to give you tips and maybe even hands-on help with your practice. They can also help you if you ever need extra protection. For example, imagine you’re walking down the sidewalk next to a lake when Zerg, the destroyer of worlds decides to attack you because he can. You’re outside of your safe zone and it’s hard to fight without your tools but luckily your friends with the eldritch abomination that is the lake spirit so she helps you fight him off. That’s actually not too far-fetched of an example but local spirits can help you in many other ways such as: warning you if danger is spotted, healing you, telling you what other local spirits might be dangerous, giving you tips on working with other species, etc. But you shouldn’t work with local spirits just because of what you can get out of each other. It’s entirely possible to strike up bona fide friendships with them that are just as strong as the bonds you make with spirit companions.      

Meeting Local Spirits

[The following section will be assuming that the reader understands the importance of protection, knows how to create wards and the like, and has effectively employed them. Failure to create and upkeep sufficient protection when working with spirits can lead to the reader or anyone around the reader, humans and spirits alike, being harmed. This section will also assume that the reader has adequate knowledge for banishing and actively protecting themselves from a spirit that seeks to harm them. Basically, don’t attempt the following unless you feel like you have a sufficient mastery over protection and banishing. (By “sufficient mastery” I don’t mean elite pro, I mean that you’re at a level of proficiency where you feel comfortable and ready.)]

One of the biggest differences between local spirits and spirits from companion shops is that local spirits are usually a lot less interested in working with humans. In fact, some species or even single entities will want nothing to do with humans and they’ll make that very clear. Others may be averse or even aggressive at first only to warm up to the human with time. The important thing is that the human needs put in the time and effort to build respect with their spiritual neighbors. Respect can be built very simply by leaving out offerings for the local spirits and inviting them to enjoy them. In general, offerings of water, alcohol, incense, and bread can be used. This method can also be used if you want to connect with a certain type of spirit, say local bird spirits, you just would need an offering that suits them. 

Parts 2 and 3 will go into detail about meeting and working with local animal and human ghosts, and nature and city/urban spirits. Check out this tag (x) for the other parts.  

Timestamps from this week’s Friendship Campaign

(no we’re not making a podcast i was just trying to record so the players could remember what happened)

17:41—Beginning of session proper
49:50—Bramble Scouts
54:40—The Sneaking Begins
1:05:00—Plans Are Bad
1:16:00—Rooster: [Community Pizza Gif]
1:24:00—A Competent Horse
1:31:35—Not Having Plans Is Also Bad
1:55:00—A Competent Child

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Any chance we can get a sneak peek of whatever you're currently working on?

I’m currently working on Raised Spirits, and I’d love to give a snippet - but unfortunately, any bit of this chapter I gave would have some kinda spoiler in it. Sorry! It’s a pretty plot-dense chapter, and I couldn’t find a bit that worked well out of context.

Spirit in the House - Chap 2/10

Modern!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader is in a coma after a car accident. Bucky moves into your apartment and find your spirit still hanging around. (Based on Just like Heaven)

Word Count: 1;454

Warnings: Ghost!Reader, Language, Blasphemy (probably idk)

A/N: Here we go, hope this one will be fun! Dedicated to @mellifluous-melodramas you’ll see why (hopefully

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [Part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

Originally posted by heartfularry

Bucky groaned in pain as he slowly peeled his eyes open. His temples throbbed from the alcohol he had consumed the night before, but there was something else. He pressed his hand to the side of his head and winced in pain when he felt a tender lump.

Memories of the previous night rushed back to him and he became very aware that he was lying on the cold kitchen floor.

“What the-” He saw you sitting on the threshold of the kitchen. You were hugging your knees to your chest, arms wrapped around your legs. He tried to sit up, but his body refused to cooperate.

“You fainted.” You explained in a monotonous voice. “I walked through the table and you fainted.”

Carefully, he threw a glance your way. You looked completely unfazed by the night’s events. Your eyes were cast on the floor, the expression on your face was a mixture of fear and confusion as you worried your bottom lip between your teeth.

Keep reading

Developments - Oct. 1, 2017

It’s the most wonderful tiiiime of the year!

The air is crisp, the leaves are turning, the pumpkins are ripe, and the apples are plentiful. Which not only means that Halloween is coming, but also that NaNoWriMo is looming on the horizon.

Since last year’s book was such a success, I think I’ll be devoting my efforts this autumn toward my newest project, The Grovedaughter’s Year. The response I got from folks online when I first mentioned the idea was surprisingly positive, so I’m going to get my notes together and give it a go. I doubt it will be finished by the end of November, but I’m going to write it just the same. Whether it will be an ebook only or wind up long enough to justify a print version as well remains to be seen.

Nearly everything for the Year is either in my head or in my notes. It’s just a matter of coordinating everything and making it coherent. Apart from the obvious literary rewards, it will be helpful for me to have everything quantified.

The Table of Contents is already taking shape, with four basic sections covering various topics. This is definitely subject to change, but it’s certainly a start.

Section One: The Calendar Year

The Yearly Cycle (seasons, holidays, celebratory measures)
Patron Deities (four household deities & associations)
Other Entities (spirit helpers)

Section Two: The Household

The Altar (icons and setup with photos, offertory procedures)
Pets & Familiars (the cats & their duties, info on training)

Section Three: The Garden

Gardening (windowsill plants, growth magic, preparing herbs)
Walking the Woods (outdoor activities, wildcrafting, meditation)
Preferred Herbs & Spices (my go-to plants for various magics)

Section Four: The Craft

Laying the Groundwork (how to set spells into a new home)
Daily Measures (keying spells with a word or gesture)
Household Spells & Charms (selected household magic rituals)
Kitchen Craft (basic food magics and a few preferred recipes for such)
Weather Witching (selected rituals for weather magic)
Sigils & Symbols (protective sigils and ornaments)
Signs & Omens (my system of established signs and omens and their meanings)
A Word on Land Spirits (working with trees and elementals)
A Word on Household Sprites (working with sprites and brownies)
A Word on Ghosts and Spirit Visitors (for the witch who doesn’t want them)

If there’s something you’d like to know about my personal craft that you don’t see covered here, speak up! I’m still gathering material and I’m open to suggestions.

i need to look like a tumblr girl!

as many of you know, i’m in my school’s marching band. we have band camp this week, and we’re supposed to dress up as different things every day, like spirit week. friday is section day, and my section has chosen to dress as tumblr girls! 

so i thought, who better to ask for help than tumblr? send me an ask telling me something i should wear to look like a tumblr girl! who knows… maybe if it’s super cool i’ll even do a face reveal. ;) 

thanks guys! <3 

If anyone is doing any Trolls related costume, but can’t find a wig or have no idea what to do with your hair? I highly recommend checking out the team spirit sections at Party City or other costume/party places, and looking at the furry legwarmers. I bought a black pair, cut the elastic on one, and it perfectly fit over my head. It looks just like a Beefeater hat at the moment cuz it needs to be altered but it completely works for what I need for with my Branch costume. they also have wigs that we’re kind of troll like too but they have thick headbands so I just went with the leg warmer idea glad I did.

Spirit Poppets

So I’ve always been an intuitive spirit worker, and one of my favorite tools is to use poppets as a vessel to connect with particular spirits.  @magic-for-the-masses and I were talking about how I do it, and I decided to put together a brief guide and some tips and tricks.

What you need:

  • Some sort of figurine, plush or other appropriate vessel.  This can be done with pretty much anything, but I find I have the most success when I find an object that has some sort of spiritual draw.  For example, the first one I ever did was with a plush crow, which connects to my Norse neo-paganism as well my interest in death magic.  

Before starting, I think it’s vital to have a clear idea of what sort of spirit you want to work with.  Just throwing open the door can get you in a lot of trouble, especially if you’re a beginner.  Think of this like you’re inviting a tenant to rent space in your life.  Certain behaviors are going to be frustrating or upsetting and others would be downright harmful.  Knowing your hard and soft limits means you’re more likely to draw spirits to you that are willing to work with you, and it gives you a clear idea of what sort of behavior is unacceptable to you so you can address it before it gets out of hand.

The next stage is what I call the spirit speed dating section of spirit work.  Not every spirit you encounter is going to be the right fit, and not every spirit you encounter is going to want to work with you on the terms you set out.  For me, it usually takes a few sessions of mediation and projection with the intent of finding a partner to find a spirit that’s a good fit.

  Note:  I don’t care how experienced you think you are.  Be sure you’re protecting yourself well and effectively. Don’t fuck around when inviting spirits into your life.

Once you’ve found a spirit you feel comfortable working with, figure out exactly how the poppet is going to link you.  I’ve found that thinking of the object as a phone is very helpful.  Most of the time, when you call they should pick up.  But don’t forget that they are their own entities with their own stuff to do.  They aren’t your slaves.

Note:  ANY spirit attached to a poppet also has the ability to call you.  These lines are two way.  Try your best to be responsive.  If a spirit is disruptive in its attempts to communicate, usually that means they really need to talk to you.

Lastly, trust your gut.  Spirits are capable of lying and deceiving just like people are.  If something feels wrong, chances are it’s because it actually is.  Stick to your limits and don’t feel badly if it turns out you can’t work with a spirit you established a relationship with.  If you can’t work through an issue, or simply don’t need them anymore, you have a right to move on or forcefully reject them if need be.  

(Argh, I’m worried that this is super vague.  The problem is that this comes super easy to me so it’s hard to explain.  Feel free to ask me any questions, or share some specific examples.)

The signs as people in the student section of a football game
  • Aries: always screaming, probably has face paint on, the ultimate fan
  • Taurus: jerseys galore, probably has a foam finger, only cheers when they have to
  • Gemini: always on their feet, cheers, probably goes on their phone if their team is losing, but is extremely supportive if their team is winning
  • Cancer: tries to be supportive and tries to cheer but most likely has no clue whats going on
  • Leo: only pays attention to the hot players, knows their names, their birthdays, their blood types, and probably has their jersey on
  • Virgo: knows everything about their team, doesn't cheer much but is usually very interested in the game
  • Libra: screaming, cheering, super spirited, probably snapchats everything thats happening
  • Scorpio: can either be very interested in the game or not go at all, they know their shit tho
  • Sagittarius: goes to every game with all their friends, has jerseys, and all sorts of memorabilia
  • Capricorn: surprisingly spirited, cheers, probably makes a sign
  • Aquarius: only goes for the food and their friends
  • Pisces: just like cancer, but at least they try
Bardon Step 8


This section opens up a huge new world to the initiate with the power to project the mind or spirit outside of itself and perceive what is going on. It gives the proper training and tests for accuracy. This is not quite astral level but it should be at least a little like the experience of a hypnagogic vision. It should be clear and controlled. Your focus and control in steps 6 and 7 of the spirit will decide how well you do here. If you find it difficult the culprit will be what was done or not in those steps.


Bardon gives a fantastic explanation of how one should live now that you have trained this far in his description of the “Great Now” the magician should be in charge of their abilities and if they are not they could cause manifold problems with the powers they have developed. We then go into the power of the electric and magnetic fluids. The Plus and minus or god and goddess forces. Every comprehensive magical training system has such a place in their system of these two powerhouse forces even if it give them a symbolic form and calls them the Lord and Lady. It is in building experience and the ability to channel these forces the magician takes a new step in wielding divine forces. It sounds like hubris to describe what is possible but for a moment imagine if you could draw in and direct into one hand the power of the divine male and in the other the divine female. That is what you begin to work with here so obviously patience and caution are required. I had trouble with this step trying to go too quickly and almost lost myself, do not let the possibility happen to you, please. Thankfully the gods must not mind me all that much so I got through it and learned to patiently work with these powers.

Once you begin getting the hang and swing of this step you are now initiated high enough to begin work with evocation in Bardon’s system as well as Kabbalah. If you are like most you have hungrily read through all of Bardon’s works to see what is ahead of you. If you have not reached this step most of what you have in mind is wrong in some way just because you have not had the experience and training to properly understand it. It would be like walking into a college course while in grade school. You may nod along but it is not designed for you in mind. I have in the past spoken to many initiates who have asked can evocation and kabbalah be done without reaching this point and the answer is yes, of course. You will even get results! The results if they come will be weak, not properly understood and the experience muddied by imbalances within your mind and soul. But, it would still be a learning experience. And, maybe like me the gods don’t mind you so much.

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do you have any kind of Intro To Astral or like Astral 101 because I'm new at witchy stuff and that strikes me as pretty integral?


You do not ever need to astral travel. It is not integral and it is not a requirement of witchcraft unless you decide it to be. Some specific paths may require it but astral travel is not a universal requirement of witchcraft.

I say this again and again because it’s really, really important for beginners to know this. Just as it’s not a requirement to work with spirits or deities in many witchcraft paths it’s also not a requirement to astral travel.

We talk about it a lot, especially here on tumblr because there’s a focus on spirit dealings. It sounds cool, mysterious, and super badass (most people tend to forget to mention the scary parts though). But it’s also a lot of work and most people have to work really hard to get to that point. It doesn’t always stay in the astral either. Many times that kind of stuff follows you home and you have to deal with it there. It’s definitely something many practitioners focus on but it’s not an essential and I’m usually the first to slap down elitists who say otherwise (unless it’s path specific. Then my hands are tied). 

Don’t get me wrong. Knowing the lingo does help if only so you can participate in conversations but I’d like to see more conversations happening that aren’t about the astral! I’d love to see more respectful discussion on different takes on how to do a luck spell for example. A few years back (has it been so long now?) we use to have those kinds of discussions a lot. Not so much anymore sadly.

Back to the point, I have a huge resource section for you to check out for witchy things in general. I think I’m up to over 50 listed posts between the deity, spirits, and astral travel sections. (And that’s just the listed posts and doesn’t get into my own personal shenanigans which I do more of over on my website

Here’s some favorites to click through and get you started:

Some of the above repeats the information but don’t forget to go through the resources as there’s lots of other good stuff to read through as well. As always, you and anyone else is welcome to ask questions, no matter how silly they sound! I’ve been trying to increase the amount of time I actively tumblr blog so I hope to be able to answer questions more quickly. 

Either way, I hope the above helps. Stay safe!

And The Band Played On: The Monkees After Davy Jones

by Miss Mini of Naked Persimmon

I guess we could call it a Monkeerang. I mean…it always comes back.”

There was a certain moment at The Monkees’ show at the Sands Center in Bethlehem, PA on May 27th where Michael Nesmith forgot the words to a song. A missed cue partway through “You Told Me”–a Nesmith-penned tune from the Monkees’ third album, Headquarters–and a sheepish look was sent from Nez to the other Monkees, Micky Dolenz and Peter Tork, and the backing band behind them. 

Yet the band played on, and if the audience noticed anything amiss, concerns quickly dissipated as Nez went into the verse a few seconds later. The feeling among the crowd–both those who recognized the gaffe and those who did not–was that the music never stopped, and it will never stop, because we (the audience, the band, and The Monkees) are all in this together. 

We are all in this together.

This is, seemingly, the motto of the Monkees, echoed by Davy Jones himself, who once said, “Being in the Monkees is like being in the mafia. Once you’re in, you’re in.” The same holds true for being a fan of the Monkees, and as I sat there in the theater, I found my 14-year-old self (the age at which I first became a Monkees fan) smiling so broadly that it felt as though I would almost burst.

When the guys first came on stage, I felt an incredible rush of happiness fill my heart. It came from knowing that this was my favorite band in the world, and they were standing in front of me playing their songs, and that no matter how many times I might see them in concert, they will always make me happy.

That’s more than any Monkees fan could ask for…but it was only the beginning.

The journey from being a young teenager first watching The Monkees on Nick-at-Nite reruns in the late ‘90s to an adult woman watching three-quarters of the Monkees live in concert before her very eyes is nothing short of astonishing, if for no other reason than the overwhelming surprise of Michael Nesmith rejoining the band. But rejoin he did, and the show–while a departure from the Jones-headed 2011 tour and tours previous–is truly a joy to behold.

On lead/backing vocals, rhythm guitar, and drums, Micky Dolenz proved that he has not lost a single step since the Monkees’ heyday in the '60s. His voice both soared through high-powered numbers like “(I’m Not Your) Steppin’ Stone” and “She,” and carried a delicate, almost ethereal quality in slower ballads such as “As We Go Along” and “Porpoise Song.” Micky’s energetic dance moves during “Goin’ Down” dared you to believe that a nearly 70-year-old man was doing them, and his ability to play off of both the other Monkees proves why he continues to be a versatile and wildly entertaining performer.

The “Torktastic” Peter H. Thorkelson has always been and continues to be a multi-instrumental marvel. One minute, he’s on guitar; the next, banjo (a personal favorite!); then keyboards, then bass. It is as evident now as it was in the '60s that Peter lives for the music, breathes it, and his “concentration face” while playing any given instrument remains unchanged over the last 45+ years. Of the three, his onstage persona is closest to that of TV show Peter, but his shtick carries a bit of that Monkee magic, bringing out a twinkle in his eye and shades of that adorable hippie boy with sandy blond hair in his face.

Every yin needs its yang, and the calming presence of Michael Nesmith was a perfect counter to the more manic energies displayed by Micky and Peter. Nez is by no means a flamboyant showman, but it is he who gives the band its center of focus, reigning in the mild insanity and reminding us exactly why Michael Nesmith is so brilliant: Because he knows that it’s the music that matters most. At the same time, Nez is far from overly-serious, and showed off his ridiculous, goofy side during “No Time” and Peter’s introduction to “For Pete’s Sake.” These moments of unabashed charm proved tremendously endearing and dispelled any preconceived negative notions that even the biggest skeptics might have had about Michael Nesmith.  

The Monkees were ably aided by a stellar backing band, consisting of Wayne Avers (lead guitar and Musical Director for the tour); John Billings (bass); Rich Dart (drums); David Alexander (keyboards); Christian Nesmith (guitar and Vocal Captain for the tour); Coco Dolenz (backing vocals and percussion); and newcomer and leggy lulu extraordinaire Circe Link (Christian Nesmith’s significant other and fabulous singer in her own right) on backing vocals. In addition, Jessica Nesmith served as stage manager and brought with her a sense of solid direction and guidance.

Throughout the concert, a number of clips from the Monkees’ TV show and movie HEAD were played on a giant screen behind the band, with every montage expertly cut together by Jonathan Nesmith and his significant other, Susan Holloway. Of particular note is a rare clip from the UK television show Til Death Us Do Part (a precursor to All In the Family in the States) played prior to “Randy Scouse Git,” finally showing us the origin of the song title; and the Monkees’ original screen tests, which were edited together to create a highly memorable opening sequence for the show.

And Davy Jones, the one Monkee who sadly could not be there in body, was more than present in spirit. During the section of the show featuring songs from HEAD, the lights dimmed and video of Davy singing “Daddy’s Song” appeared onscreen, beautiful and sprightly as we remember him, effervescently dancing with Toni Basil across that sound stage.

While Micky, Peter, and Nez were prevented from saying his name during the show due to ongoing legal issues, the affection and respect they felt toward Davy was readily apparent, most especially at the conclusion of the heart-wrenching “Shades of Gray,” on which Micky harmonized beautifully with Peter. As it ended, Micky turned his face upward for just a moment, and, without a word, blew a kiss to the sky, as if to say, We love you, buddy, and we miss you so much.

Davy Jones is gone, but for those two hours in a darkened theater, he was alive in all of us. The Monkees continue not in spite of Davy’s death, but because of the knowledge that whether there are four guys or only three standing on that stage; whether the show is flashy and schtick-filled or low-key and more musically focused; whether someone is a first-generation fan or a teenage Monkee lover, there is only one universal, immutable truth that really counts:

The Monkees make people happy. 

…And that is why the band still plays on.

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Wait who came before Ma Hunkel then?

If this is like asking

Who was the first female superhero in comics?

then it sort of depends on whether you think “superhero” means super-powered or just masked/costumed, whether that includes vengeful antiheroes, and whether “comics” includes newspaper strips and pulp magazines

 The Red Tornado (Ma Hunkel) was the first masked female crimefighter at DC Comics, but she was preceded by several other masked and/or superpowered heroines at smaller publishers. Here’s a work-in-progress list I’ve started of the first female superheroes in comics leading up to Wonder Woman:

  • 1937-38: Olga Mesmer, “the girl with the X-ray eyes” in Spicy Mystery Stories, a (mostly prose) pulp magazine — A woman with X-ray vision and super-strength whose mother is an alien from Venus and whose father is a mad scientist, she has no costume or secret identity but does keep her powers secret.
  • 1937-38: Sheena, Queen of the Jungle in Wags #1 (UK); Jumbo Comics #1 (US, Fiction House) — The first “jungle girl,” a non-powered Tarzan-type woman.
  • February 1940: Fantomah in Jungle Comics #2 (Fiction House) — A jungle woman with godlike superpowers.
  • March 1940: Amazona, The Mighty Woman in Planet Comics #3 (Fiction House) — Survivor of a super race that perished in the Ice Age; key inspiration for Wonder Woman.
  • March 1940: The Woman in Red in Thrilling Comics #2 (Nedor) — A non-powered masked vigilante.
  • May 1940: Gale Allen in Planet Comics #4 (Fiction House) — A sci-fi princess and leader of a female space squadron.
  • June 1940: Lady Luck in The Spirit Section (newspaper insert) — A non-powered masked crimefighter.
  • June 1940: Invisible Scarlet O’Neil in newspaper strips — A policewoman with the power to turn invisible. Sometimes considered the first female “superhero” (if Fantomah and Amazona are not “heroic” enough for you).
  • August 1940: The Black Widow in Mystic Comics #4 (Timely/Marvel) — An antihero who kills bad guys for her master, Satan.
  • November 1940: The Red Tornado in All-American Comics #20 (DC) — Ma Hunkel, a non-powered middle-aged mother. DC’s first costumed woman hero; also a parody of superheroes.
  • April 1941: Miss Fury in newspaper strips — A spy and vigilante.
  • May 1941: Bulletgirl in Master Comics #13 (Fawcett/DC) — Counterpart to Bulletman, with flying powers.
  • May 1941: Pat Parker, War Nurse in Speed Comics #13 (Harvey) — A non-powered British spy and costumed fighter and nurse.
  • May 1941: Madam Satan in Pep Comics #15 (Archie) — An antihero; like the Black Widow, she kills people for Satan.
  • June 1941: Hawkgirl in All-Star Comics #5 (DC) — Counterpart to Hawkman, who flies with wings.
  • August 1941: The Black Cat in Pocket Comics #1 (Harvey) — A Hollywood actress and non-powered vigilante.
  • August 1941: Nelvana of the Northern Lights in Triumph Adventure Comics #1 (Hillborough) — A demigoddess based on Inuit mythology.
  • August 1941: Miss Victory in Captain Fearless #1 (Holyoke) — Patriotic fighter of the Nazis.
  • August 1941: Miss America in Military Comics #1 (Quality/DC) — Another patriotic fighter of the Nazis.
  • August 1941: Wildfire in Smash Comics #25 (Quality/DC) — A superhero with fire powers.
  • August 1941: Phantom Lady in Police Comics #1 (Quality/DC) — A detective vigilante with a black flashlight.
  • December 1941: Lady Satan in Dynamic Comics #2 (Chesler) — A vengeful spy/vigilante type.
  • December 1941: Lady Fairplay in Bang-Up Comics #1 (Progressive) — A superpowered school teacher
  • December 1941: Wonder Woman in All-Star Comics #8 (DC) — Super-powered Amazon superhero.

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Now that the Thought Catalog has become a free-for-all that posts 80 articles per day -- many of which are low quality, uncreative, or otherwise hollow and disappointing -- where should I be heading for well-curated and intelligent writing?

Check out The Electric Typewriter (tetw) A constant sharing of well-curated online essays. Just…incredible. Cruise through their Subject Menu and be blown away and/or lost for hours.

I am over on The Rumpus and The Rumblr (their Tumblr account) every day. They consistently feature some of the most intelligent and evocative writing, as well as interviews, comics, and other goodness. I subscribe to Stephen Elliott’s The Daily Rumpus emails and those are usually packed full of thought-provoking commentary and interesting shares as well.

I write for This Recording, which provides some pretty phenomenal essays with photographs and songs to accompany each. This Recording is the most similar to Thought Catalog, but the editors are much more selective and helpful to their writers. You also won’t see 80 posts a day or the mean-spirited comment section. This is one of my favorite pieces I wrote for them, under the excellent guidance of Alex Carnevale.

Hope that helps! Hi-fives for better internet reading!

The Dwarf Beard How-To

William Kircher actually stroked my beard at dragon*con to make sure it was fake. So I guess I know what I’m doing! Here is a consolidation of ALL my beard info! Beard pictured here.

The beard is a full lace piece purchased from Wigs and Plus on 14th st in manhattan. My phone had died seconds before so I wasn’t able to pull up a reference picture of the wig - I took a chance that I was remembering the color properly, and it payed off! Facial hair can be slightly darker than hair color, so keep that in mind when purchasing. I’m pretty sure the piece was $40. 

Ventilating your own beard (aka sewing individual hairs into a piece of lace) takes FOREVER. Feel free to do so, but be advised that it’s a hell of a lot more cost effective to just buy it. For stubble you’ll only need make-up. There were a few female dwarves I saw who had individually attached hairs to their chin using spirit gum, and while their beards were longer than mine they were significantly thinner. I really do think a pre-purchased lace beard is the way to go. 

Now prepping your beard once you’ve bought it! Most beards are made overlarge to be one size fits all, so don’t be afraid to trim it! When I purchased my beard, all the hair was the length of the longest bits in the front. I had to trim a bit of the lace underneath so it wouldn’t show once I’d cut the hair to the length it needed to be.

Application time! I used spirit gum, though I’ve heard good things about benzoin tincture from other cosplayers. Wait to put on your foundation until AFTER this step, or you will end up with make-up all over your beard (I made this mistake). Apply a thin layer of spirit gum to both your skin and the lace piece - I started with the chin first and then worked my way along the jaw. Blow on it or wait to make it slightly tacky. 

When I put the beard on the first time (Friday Night of dragon*con) I could barely move my face. When I was at the LotR event, I met Graham McTavish (whose perfection cannot be exaggerated) and he gave me a bit of advice STRAIGHT FROM THE MAKE-UP CHAIRS OF THE MOVIES. When you are applying a facial prosthetic, you absolutely must make an exaggerated smile or grimace while it dries. This way the piece dries in a stretched position, giving you the leeway to actually use your facial muscles like you’d want to as a cosplayer. 

Here is a picture of me doing just that at Katsucon! It looks pretty dumb, so make sure your friends take lots of pictures in this stage. You can see how there’s still a good few inches of the piece up by my ear extending past my hairline.

Repeat the spirit gum application in sections a few inches in size - I think I managed to do mine in only three (chin, right jaw, left jaw). Make sure you glue all the way to the edge of the lace! The underside will be hidden from view, no need to be super thorough about it. I do not glue all the way to my hairline. It’s just unnecessary, and the beard looks just fine without pulling out those baby hairs. Since I left a few inches untrimmed from the jawline, I bobbypinned those into my wig cap which was then well-hidden under my wig. Super secure, and if properly glued, you’ll forget you’re even wearing it!

Happy bearding, my friends! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

2.18.15 // 9:08 PM

picture from the other day in my beverage management class while listening to wine presentations ft. my kate spade planner, target dollar section pen, cat paper clips, pencil case my friend Allie MADE for me, and obviously some red wine.

Ikkin's Image Speculation Extraordinaire, Book 4 Trailer Edition

Before I start, I’m going to link everyone to leafo-flameo’s own image post, both because I wanted to make sure everyone knows I wasn’t the first to think of this and because I kind of stole an image of Zhu Li from there since Dongbu Feng’s screenshots (which I used for every other screenshot) didn’t include her.

I do, however, want to update this monstrosity throughout the season the way I did with Book 3, and it’ll be a lot easier with images and organization of my own.  So, with that said… on with the images!

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