the spirit of transportation

evolutions of expressions

# 1 ~ aries ~ the dictator - ego centric and dominating. controls and refuses to acknowledge the needs and feelings of others, primitive, toddler-like
# 2 ~ the victorian ~ the champion, the pioneer, the winner, the triumphant discoverer, the valiant conqueror, can be reckless, combative, unrelenting
#3 ~ the defender - uses developed leadership skills to protect, ensure justice, and defend the innocent and vulnerable. inspires with vision

#1 ~ the glutton - identifies too closely with materials and money. no amount of zeros on the bank balance or possessions is enough
#2 ~ the investor - protects and preserves materials. eye for design and style. relishes. can be greedy/overly spendthrift/over indulgent.
#3 ~ the earth child - appreciates and beautifies the materials of the natural plain, lover of wine, woman, and song. creative vision. ensures organic resources. knows how and when to invest with finances

#1 ~ the gossip- uses the voice to spread rumors, vicious untruths, and words that will stir up drama.
#2 ~ the journalist ~ is the mercury messenger circulating the up to date information, the news anchor, and also the broadcasting or propaganda and unsourced fabrications, will write under direction
#3 ~ the academic ~ uses high intelligence to research, learn, and educate. dedicated to education, be through self or institution. the writer of the passion, whether it be tabloid or textbook

# 1 ~ the abandoned child - clings to people out of fear, reacts to situations with the screams of the exposed child, melancholic and reactive
# 2 ~ the martyr - expresses deep compassion and sympathy, the surrogate parent, dependent, may neglect own needs for other people, can feel victimised
# the source - is self sufficient and defines himself without heritage and family role, protective and powerful, tenacious, provides emotionally and physically, is the umbilical cord channel that connects loved ones to god through her, profound empathy 

# 1 ~ the cub - dependent, self absorbed, hysterical, attached to mother archetype, undeveloped, self conscious
# 2 ~ the lion - king of the jungle, predatory and protective, self regulating and self ruling, sustains loved ones, confident
# 3 ~ the sphinx - wise and advising, generous and proud, guardian of the young and creative visionary

# 1 ~ the critic - the inflamed eye that spot every blemish, consumed with order and hygiene, overly self conscious
# 2 ~ the servant - seeks to be of assistance to others. healing hands. identifies with perfectionism. hypochondriac and hysteria 
# 3~ the mastermind - fuses high level intelligence with rhythmic logic and crystal ideals. views imperfections as gold between the cracks. dedicated toward creating a perfect world for others

# the imitation - is distressed in solitude, requires other people to provide a sense of self, remains in destructive relationships, reflects others
#the lawyer - has awareness for every point of view and attempts to balance oppositions, can be chronically indecisive
# the judge - makes a decisive rule on every individual situation based on the precisely equal evaluation and analysis on what is fair, right, and equal. distributes everybody’s opinion and his own into a clear, moral and admirable standpoint

# 1 the scorpion ~ paranoid, self destructive, wrathful, and withdrawn. controlled by emotions and suspicions. controlling and power hungry, promiscuous, fanatical and pedantic
# 2 the eagle ~ has an empathy and intuitive psychological receptivity, identifies with darker impulses, justice seeking, fears loss of power and exposure, may dabble in black magick or darker sciences. can be the ‘hurt to heal’ expression like a surgeon who must make an incision to cure
# 3 the phoenix ~ the divine healer expressing the wisdom of water therapy and sorcery and medicines. ultra conscious of human suffering, uses occult power for good and holistic healing

#the glutton - gorges in excess, cannot control pleasure seeking ways, overly skeptical, believes own lies
#the philosopher - studies or summons interest in philosophical matters and travel, mental, spiritual, and physical. maybe too sterile with opening up himself to accept the beliefs of what he truly knows and studies
#the guru - distributes the highest wisdom of sagittarius… the quest for divine intimacy, mysticism, symbolism, theology, spiritual law, on pilgrimage, through book, or academics

#the tyrant - power hungry without remorse, wants to ascend up the ladder at any cost, chooses work over recreation, family, and values
#the laborer - dedicated and steady, hardworking and humbly ambitious, works on behalf of himself and others will ascend at his own pace. may be consumed by work
#the architect - has exhausted physical and mental talents and ascended toward his profound dreams. wants to establish a better, systemized world co-relating with the esoteric, is the provider, as a parent with his own child or acts as guardian of society and institution

#the rebel - deliberately acts to shock people, expresses individuality at the risk of professional or social reputation
#the activist - battles on behalf of causes that relate to their interests and passions, is very outspoken and effective, may partake in protest chaos for the sheer fun of it, can take on radical ideas
#the mother of humanity - the protector of all forms, from child to every animal, the one who fights on behalf of something bigger, the one who identifies with being one with everything. to guard the rainforest is to guard a part of themselves

#1 ~ the addict - lost in his need for escapism and salvation. cannot control the need to lose himself in toxins, alcohols, drugs, medications, sex, daydream, cinema, lies and deceives
#2 ~ the mystic ~ experiments/dabbles with different belief systems, conjures occult knowledge for good or evil, understands mysticism, may be melancholic or despondent, can be impressionable
#3 ~ the spirit guide - transports people on spiritual journeys, is equipped with mystical knowledge and power, uses intuition and forces of enchantment for good, distributes divine wisdom, is compassionate to all beings, feels at one with god

i was just playing around with some ideas, i intend to reflect more on this and extend it going into more detail. astrology is a lot of fun :)


do you ever feel so sentimental about the first season of gilmore girls that it kind of breaks your heart that anything comes after it because everything is so perfect and everything you dream of for the characters feels so possible that you almost don’t want to have their fates set in stone by more seasons?

the signs as seductive archetypes
  • The Ideal Lover: The man or woman who embodies every one's dreams. Many have felt disillusioned because their dream seemed to be just a figment of their imaginations. Then an ideal lover comes along that offers them everything they've ever wanted- adventure, romance, chemistry, connection. Pisces.
  • The Siren: The ultimate fantasy figure, highly seductive, who offers a total release from the limitations of life. Their presence is always heightened and sexually charged, and others feels transported to a world of pure pleasure. Dangerous, mysterious, and hard to catch. Cancer.
  • The Charismatic: Charismatic people have an inner quality of self confidence, sexual energy, sense of purpose, contentment-that most people lack and want. This quality radiates outward, permeating the gestures of Charismatics, making them seem extraordinary and superior. Leo, Scorpio.
  • The Coquette: A Coquette will hold others in thrall by delaying their satisfaction, pulling them back and forth between hope and frustration. They bait with the promise of reward – the hope of physical pleasure, happiness, power – all of which, however, proves elusive; yet this only makes others pursue them more. Gemini.
  • The Natural: Natural embodies the qualities of childhood – spontaneity, sincerity, unpretentiousness. In the presence of Naturals, we feel at ease, caught up in their playful spirit, transported back to that golden age. Naturals elicit our sympathy for their trials, making us want to protect and help them. Aries, Sagittarius.
  • The Charmer: Inherently clever and quick-witted, they mask their intelligence by creating a mood of pleasure and comfort. Their method is simple: they deflect attention form themselves and focus it on another. They understand people's spirit, feel their pain, and adapt to their moods. Taurus, Libra.
  • The Dandy: The dandy is the rather mysterious and ambiguous individual and doesn't seem to fall into any stereotypical male or female type. They attract through their unconventionality. The difficulty in categorizing a dandy, and in stirring them emotionally, make them desirable and a challenge to many men and women. Aquarius.
  • The Star: The Star stands out from others through a distinctive and appealing style, they make us want to watch them, At the same time, they are vague and ethereal, keeping their distance, and letting us imagine more than is there. Their dreamlike quality works on our unconscious; we are not even aware how much we imitate them. Virgo, Capricorn.
20 Facts About Ghosts That Haunt

1. Spirits that haunt, want your attention.

2. Spirits have absolutely no sense of time.

3. Spirits do not always realize that they are dead. To them, its like they are stuck in an aweful nightmare.

4. Spirits can communicate with us in various ways. In dreams, through subliminal thoughts, automatic writing, via the use of a pendulum, and intution. Other, more scientific ways are through white noise and evp.

5. Spirits are sometimes mischevious and always curious.

6. Spirits have a profound sense of smell! They are often attracted to certain scents.

7. Spirits are more active at night. Some people think that this is due to less electronic disturbance and that they are able to produce more energy when not having to compete with varous electric and electronic devices.

In the same sense, you are more likely to experience ghostly disturbances when your house is quiet.

8. Spirits can and often do, manifest. Orbs, streaks of light, mists, dark shadows, shadows within shadows, and blurs within the air are the most common. Full-body appritions are always possible, but are not likely.

9. Most ghostly disturbances are actually residue or risidual haunings. Events that play themselves out over and over again, often without the spirit having any control over it whatsoever.

10. Gostly activity is often more prevalent around children and young adults due to the amount of energy they give off. The higher your personal energy, the more spirits are able to absorb.

11. Spirits often retain memories and emotions of their physical life. And most certainly the memories and emotions associated with the time right before their death.

12. Not all ghosts are “trapped.” Some choose to stay within the earthly realm.

13. Spirits retain their personalities.

14. Animals and children are more likely to “see” a ghost.

15. Even the spirits of animals can “haunt.”

16. Spirits can often be helpful.

17. Spirits can often be protective of the families they “haunt.”

18. Ghosts may actually exist in a state of confusion and not have a clue as to what happened to them, why they are here, why you cannot see or hear them, etc.

19. When spirits are bored, they often cause trouble or become mischevious.

20. Certain locations are vortexes or portals where ghosts/spirits can transport themselves from one realm or place to another.



A set of concept art for an untitled rpg game that I have been working on. You are a wizards apprentice that has been transported to a spirit realm after looking into the eyes of a mysterious black cat. Your immediate task is to figure out where you are and how to get home; however, your appearance in this world seems to be no mere coincidence.

The game would be heavy on character interaction so the following images feature small dialogue sets from characters in the game. Originally I thought of the game as being top down, but it felt more natural to turn it into a sidescroller. There are three images featuring a top down perspective, and four that are set as a sidescroller.

I should stress that this is more of a passion project than anything else. The game is not currently in development.
Grant Us Peace - Quicksilver Timestamp - Weconqueratdawn - Hannibal (TV) -  Archive of Our Own

Rating: Teen & up
Pairing: Hannibal/Will, Will & Bev
Tags: au, fluff, romance, mild drug use, music, Bach, shopping, gender identity, references to Pretty Woman

Set after I’ll Be Your Mirror

I desperately needed to write some fluff and we can’t really have too much of it at the moment, so here’s a Quicksilver timestamp based on a conversation I had with @samui-sakura88 (why can’t i tag ugh) about a million years ago.

@samui-sakura88 I always meant to do something with it and it seemed to fit really nicely into the timeline right now - I hope you like it :)

Thanks to @wrathofthestag for advising me expertly about American clothing stores and where Will and Bev would likely go shopping, and to @lordofthelesbians and @wraithsonwingsposts for beta :)

For people unfamiliar with this series: Will is a genderfluid psychology student. He lives with Bev, his best friend. Hannibal is crazy in love with him and grows his own cannabis (in case you get confused by that mention). Just… try to go with it.


Even in the beginning, Hannibal had never been the type to drag Will off to bed as soon as dinner was over. He enjoyed the ritual order of clearing away, and he enjoyed taking time over his pleasures, whether that was cooking, eating, or an unhurried glass of cognac. Will was no exception to this rule.

After their feast would come a cosy, quiet passion which lasted only until it was quiet no longer. Will would curl up on the sofa to read, preferring a few hits of Hannibal’s homegrown pot to a nightcap. Hannibal would never be far away, occasionally sketching at his desk, but tonight allowing Will to use him as a human sofa cushion. He showed no sign at all that he minded. In fact, Will was certain from the firm arm around his middle, holding Will against him, that it also counted amongst his pleasures.

Both of them had books, but only one was reading. Will had lost interest in Wuthering Heights some time ago. He knew it almost by heart anyway and reading was too much effort after a voluptuous meal, especially so deep into the semester. Instead, lulled by the rise and fall of Hannibal’s chest, he listened to his own sluggish thoughts and the rhythmic sound of pages turning behind him.  

Hannibal peered over his shoulder. “Not in the mood for your book?”

“I’ve looked at too many words this week,” Will said. “I’ve pored over them, mine and other people’s, and I’m sick of text of all kinds.”

Hannibal put his own book aside, so he could wind both arms around Will. “At least you are being stretched,” he said. “Maybe you should have a holiday, when the semester is over.”

“Ugh, there’s finals first,” said Will. “I can’t even think about the summer until they’re over.”

“In that case,” Hannibal said, releasing him to stand smoothly, “I recommend music. If you cannot be transported in body, you shall be in spirit.”

Will half-expected Hannibal to sit at the harpsichord but he moved past it and went to the record player on the other side of the room. He deliberated by his small record collection, concealed in a carved cabinet with varnish like treacle, before selecting one. The needle was lowered into place and he returned to Will’s side.

There was a long moment of crackling silence, emanating from hidden speakers. Then the music began. Its effect was immediate, bursting into the room in a sublime rising chorus of voices, strings and brass. He rested his head against Hannibal’s shoulder and closed his eyes to listen. It was hard not to picture soaring spaces of holy stones, of golden light and beseeching praise. After a few short minutes, it ended and all was once more quiet.

“You’re watching me again, I know it,” said Will. He opened his eyes to find he was right, and laughed.

“I wanted to see your response,” Hannibal said. “See if and where you were transported.”

“What was that?”

Dona nobis pacem from Bach’s Mass in B minor.”

“Play it again,” Will said.

So Hannibal did.

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Rules: rec five of your own fics (i’ve only written 4 total so…?!?!)
you can click on each image to take you to the fic!! might as well make this a compilation

my first fic!! josh is rescued from the mountain and is prevented from fully becoming a wendigo…but it’s hard to shake that Cannibal Impulse. he comes up with an unsavoury (or savoury, depending on who u ask) solution. chris tries to help.

pretty self-explanatory. chris goes back to the mountain to rescue josh and things don’t go as planned. like, who plans to get cannibalized by your brofriend? worst way to spend a friday night. but at least it was beautiful out.

this was inspired by a small hiking trip i did in japan where i got lost and jokingly convinced myself that i’d been spirited away. Sam gets temporarily transported while on a hike and tries to find her friends. features spooky forests, disembodied voices, and impossible space. my faves.

u might notice this one is extremely different from the others. it’s a romancey tale ft. bros broing it up, chris waffling on his Feelings, josh being Josh, some silly shenanigans involving glasses, a whole lotta banter, and a bunch of conversations that eventually lead up to something special and bro-dacious.

Russian Folklore Part 2: Domovoi, Leshy, Vodyanoi, Bannik

Russians believed that the world is full of spirits which live next to people, but can be very rarely seen by them. Usually, they were malicious creatures, but still they could help human beings and even protect them in dramatic situations. The spirits inhabited forests, lakes, fields and even houses, and if a person didn’t show respect or didn’t gain their favor by giving some things, they could get really angry, destroy the dwelling, kill the cattle or even murder him or her. 

Domovoi (домово́й) is a protective house spirit in Slavic folklore.

Traditionally, every house is said to have its own domovoi who lives either in the stove, under the threshold, in the cattle shed, or in the stables. The center of the house is also said to be their domain. The domovoi is seen as the home’s guardian, and if he is kept happy he maintains peace and order and rewards the household by helping with household chores and field work. To stay in his good graces, his family leaves him gifts such as milk, porridge, tobacco, bread, and salt.

If the family decided to move to a new place, they always asked the spirit to follow them. To make this transportation comfortable for the spirit, they offered him an old boot, where he could hide and thus come to a new house without any trouble.

Strange as it may appear, I have encountered a domovoi who lived in my relatives`s house. The house was old, ramshackle and rusty, so the family decided to move and started packing. The domovoi probably got angry and produced so much noise at night it was impossible to fall asleep, so they tried to propitiate him with milk and sweets and put a valenok (валенок – felt boot) near the the front door so the domovoi could hide there and be taken to a new place with. Believe me or not – it worked, the noise has stopped.

Leshy (ле́ший) is the spirit of the woodlands in Slavic folklore. It is a spirit who enjoys playing tricks on people, though when angered he can be treacherous. He is seldom seen, but his voice can be heard in the forest laughing, whistling, or singing.

All Slavs had great respect for forests, mountains and water. A leshy was something like the master of the forest. It was everywhere in the forest and did not like when someone entered into his dominion, but it never left the forest. If a human spied a leshy in the forest, it was most likely that he had lost his way. Folk tales told that to find his path again, he had to turn all his clothing inside-out.

Vodyanoi (водяной) is widely featured in folklore, because Russia is a country of rivers, lakes and seas, which were the main trade routes in times gone by. The cult of the vodyanoi was stronger in the northern part of Russia, close to the White Sea.

The rules of communication with a vodyanoi are simple. At night, any interactions with rivers and lakes were forbidden – be it fetching water, crossing or fishing. As for swimming, it was outlawed on big holidays, when many people were drunk; and it’s totally wrong to brag of your swimming skills and endurance at all times – the vodyanoi likes boasters most of all.

He doesn’t kill those who drown; he takes them to his realm to serve him forever. That is why victims of drowning were not buried at Orthodox cemeteries – it might upset vodyanoi and cause drought or hail.

Bannik (банник) is the bathhouse (banya) spirit in Slavic mythology. Do you remember my post about banya? There it is.

Because banya was seen as a potentially unclean and dangerous place, the bannik was perceived as a capricious, sometimes harmful, household spirit. An angry bannik could cause one to suffocate in the steam of the bathhouse or simply set banya on fire; women who bathed alone ran the risk of being spied on by the bannik as they undressed. As a result, Slavic peasants did not hang icons in the banya or wear crosses into the bath; they also avoided bathing singly or at night. When a child was born in the banya (a common occurrence), the mother and baby were watched carefully, to prevent the bannik from carrying away the infant.

To propitiate the bannik, peasants often left offerings of soap, water, and fir branches. Like most household spirits, the bannik could tell fortunes. Girls and young women would gather in the bathhouse to consult the bannik about the new year by allowing him to touch them from behind. A warm, soft touch foretold happiness; a cold, prickly touch was a warning of ill fortune.

Yours truly, @mandarinwithcravings

For whatever reason, I just can’t get over the brilliant absurdity of neural-network-generated Wikipedia titles. So here are 16 more entries taken from a recent run:

  • Tech Go Monster (footballer)
  • Mart of the last names
  • Anderson You? (You)
  • Sharon Johnson (basketbage)
  • Grant Public Republic of War
  • Humanitors for Medicines Historic Phantom
  • Wheel for Soundtrack Championship
  • Electoral carrows
  • Glen Stablergers Thompson (video game)
  • Water Bootleg Pro
  • Star Ratware
  • Christian phoost
  • Water Problem Central Conception (computing)
  • Children of the Consortion (disambiguation)
  • Spirit records and video game parliamentary election, 1980
  • Wool Controversington’s transport
Avatar Au

hghghg Here I am again.

This is set in Fire Nation vs the Avatar time period btw

Most of the stuff in Italics just means it’s mostly to be ignored/not very important

What nation/what bender each character is:

-Allura is obv Avatar. She’s from the Air Nation.

-Coran is an airbender.

-Shiro is a earth/metalbender (he uses metal bending more, due to the training he underwent, so it’s less likely for him to use regular earth)

-Hunk is a earth/lavabender(Kinda accidentally learned lavabending, but is kind of a natural at it anyway. He uses an equal amount of lava/earth bending (but does tend to use reg earth more.))

-Lance is a waterbender

-Keith is a firebender

-Pidge is a nonbender

-Zarkon is Fire Lord Ozai

-Haggar is his trusted advisor

Basically, the alteans are the airbenders and the galra are the firebenders.

The Garrison Trio:
(Pidge and Hunk live on Kyoshi Island. Pidge’s family has been there for a long time, while Hunk’s family has only lived there for a few generations or so.)

They’re buddies and they talk about machines and mechanical stuff a lot. Pidge talks about ways to advance nonbending and mechanics and junk, while Hunk helps her tinker and create the machines she programs. Hunk didn’t discover he was an earthbender/he had bending until a shop incident/experiment gone wrong and a result of Pidge almost getting crushed by a boulder. (He was about ten?)

Lance lives on a small island in the southern water tribe that’s close to Kyoshi. They do lots of trading and Lance ends up accompanying his father on a trade day, and he meets Hunk and Pidge. They end up becoming fast friends, and often Lance sleeps over at Hunk’s house for days at a time (in between the fishing trips.) and Lance learns he can waterbend when Hunk nearly drowns. (at about 12 years old)

Pidge is a Kyoshi warrior. (I can’t think of anything else for that…i just really like Kyoshi Warrior Pidge)


Keith’s mom is from the fire nation, but Keith doesn’t really remember her. Keith’s dad is who he lived with in the Omashu region. Until Keith was 6 (really early on) and he discovered he had fire powers (to the devastation of his father. He loves him, but he knows it’s going to be an extra hard life for Keith), and for a little bit he hoped he could control it, but it was hopeless. They moved to the Su Wong Desert.

After that, they lived kinda nomadic? Keith learned to control his powers on his own, he even taught himself self-defense with it, he and his dad learned to never get attached to something they couldn’t carry on their backs, and they learned how to keep low profiles.

One day, however, someone in the new town Keith and his father were staying at, had ratted them out. Keith had been out that day for training, and when he came back, his father was gone.(he was 11)

After that, Keith stopped living in towns, and stuck to hunting, selling and traveling. He hardly got a full night’s sleep, but he continued to live like this until he met Shiro.


Keith had met Shiro when he was 13. Keith had been attacked by some local kids at a town. He was about to out himself when Shiro came in and told the other kids to leave him alone. Shiro heard Keith’s story, and they became adopted brothers ever since.

2 years later….

Shiro was on an excavation of the Southern Air Temple when he disappeared. Along with Pidge’s family members: Matt Holt and Dr.Sam Holt.

How they met/decided to go on an excavation? Shiro had met Sam at the library(that really big desert one) years prior, and they had talked about air nomads and their history. Sam had talked about his son wanting to come along as well, and they kept in touch, planning the mission out. Shiro had never officially met Pidge, but Sam had talked about her in his letters, along with Sam talking about Shiro and their plan.

A year later, Shiro had washed up on Kyoshi. The people of the island were trying to understand his story, but it was slurred and seemed like sleep deprived ramblings to them.

Keith, who had heard rumors of someone who went by the name ‘Shiro’ has washed up on Kyoshi. 10 months earlier, he had started his search for his adopted brother and had briefly met Hunk, Lance, and Pidge. Lance (after being cold shouldered due to his focus on Shiro) dubbed Keith his “rival”.

Keith showed up to Kyoshi a couple days after Shiro washed up, he found Shiro in Hunk’s home, being attended to by Hunk’s mother, the village doctor.

Once Shiro was able to start walking again, Keith noticed the metal arm acting as Shiro’s right hand. It had a big fire nation symbol on it, and whenever Shiro saw it, he went into a panic attack. Hunk (with permission of course) ended up smashing the symbol with a rock (which created an extremely hard to make out symbol).

Shiro couldn’t remember much about the time of his disappearance, but what he does remembers, he wishes to forget. (But with some stuff I don’t really know what to do with yet,) they end up going back to Su Wong Desert where Lance briefly goes into the spirit world and find the lion turtle who tells him to take the others and travel to the Northern Air Temple. He said it would take a long time before they could get there, so she uses spirit powers and gets all of them transported to the Northern Air Temple.

The Air Benders:

They end up finding two Air Nomads who had been locked away for a long time(idk how that’s up to you I guess). They had unsealed the two Air nomads, one, an older man by the name of Coran, the other a woman named Allura. Pretty soon they had all been caught up on what happened in the past couple hundreds of years.

Allura had told them who she truly was; the Avatar. She had mastered 2 out of the 4 elements, Air and Water. She had learned the basics of Earth bending, but she still hadn’t learned any firebending.

She talked to them about Voltron, a form of spiritual enlightenment that only a select few people can achieve(it enhances a lot of capabilities for them). Allura explains to them how they may be able to achieve it(again, only if they “have what it takes”).

They all end up traveling to the spirit world (Pidge ends up being a Spirit Guide(from LOK??? idk)so she can go there too…I guess) and they meet with their element’s lion turtles.

Shiro and Hunk meet the Earth lion turtle, Lance the water one, Keith the fire one, and Pidge talks the most with the air lion turtle, but when they others/she was being sent back, the water lion turtle kinda basically told her “Yeah, I trust you can handle yourself or w/e but like…you’re smol and tiny, here child, take this.” and he blesses her with the ability to waterbend plants (that’s about it, she tries other water stuff but it doesn’t work, so just plants it seems).

When they all like…go back to where their physical forms are, no one really feels all that different(except Pidge who’s like…w tf cause she just got a new power along with becoming the Spirit Guide thing).

Except when Allura asks them to like…try out their bending, they find it; takes less energy, feels much more natural and like they’ve unlocked something, can do things they hadn’t been able to do before???(Lance can do the ice thing now but like…to the point of where anything that comes into contact with it is instantly frozen (like that freezing ice/water thing???), and Keith can make blue flames and even greek fire (a type of fire that never goes out//is very very hard to go out)).

So now after training to get a hold of their new power(s), Allura asks them to join her to defeat Zarkon. Lance immediately says yes, so does Keith, Hunk is hesitant but since Lance is doing it he says yes as well, Shiro is also hesitant but agrees, Pidge is reluctant but she knows her family is somewhere in the fire nation so she decides to go along with them (for now).

That’s all I got for now, add on if you’d like!

P is for Pneumonia (16/26)

Fandom: Star Trek (AOS/TOS)
Prompt: Fic 16 of 26 in the CMO’s Log – A to Z series.  Click here for a listing of all the fics in this series!  P is for Pneumonia.
Word Count: 3076
Nothing overly graphic.
Rating:  Teen+
Author’s Note: I literally had a half-dozen ideas for this.  Pregnancy, pneumonia, poisoning, panic disorder, phobia… the list goes on.  As such, I’ve woven a few different things into this fic to touch on a few different areas!  This is also the longest fic I’ve written for this series so far, so yay!

P is for Pneumonia

You cough violently, almost to the point of retching, as you’re showered in pollen from several extremely large, hibiscus-like flowers hanging overhead.  You’d accidentally spooked some birds a few moments ago and they’d liberated the pollen as they’d flown by the flowers on their way off.  Now you’re waving your arms frantically, trying to clear the air as the pollen settles on your clothes and hair in a thin layer, the fine, golden powder smudging all over you as you try to brush it off.

You’ve been sampling the local flora on the previously uncontacted planet your team is scouting, but the pollen is so irritating that you have to stop.  Packing up your kit and samples, you rush away from the area, still coughing forcefully as you break out into a nearby clearing and take your first proper breath since before the pollen shower.

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The Buddha of Alcatraz

by Saṃsāran  

Steve Holt was a hard case. A petty thief turned depression era bank robber turned prison escape artist. A scuffle with a guard had ended badly for the guard after Holt stomped his spine and left him paralyzed. Holt was tried and given forty years added to his sentence and transferred to Alcatraz, the “Rock”.

While in Alcatraz Steve began to read. Alcatraz had surprisingly well-stocked library with many books donated by wealthy patrons and the University of California. He read books on philosophy, religion, science and history. 

One day Holt discovered a book on Buddhism. It was the Sutta Nipata the words of the Buddha. After this, he devoured every book he could get his hands on about Eastern religion and Buddhism in particular. Once having read all the books in the library he began purchasing books by mail order. He learned to meditate. He became more serene. He no longer quarreled with the other prisoners and the “bulls” as the guards were called. He practiced Tai Chi in his cell and sat cross-legged on his bunk lost in meditation for hours.

Prisoners on the Rock were kept in single cells except when given an hour to walk the yard. A small flat paved surface with a view of the Pacific and the Bay. One windy March day he was one of the few men who chose to go out to the yard. There was a scuffle. A man went down. Stabbed to death. Holt was not involved but when the bulls demanded that he identify the assailant he refused and for this he was tossed into “the hole” the infamous cell block 6. The cells in this block were pitch dark. They slanted downward from the door and had only an open hole for a toilet. This hole was a narrow pipe which opened up directly on the bay. The wind and chill salt air whistled upward through this pipe.

The door was clanged shut and Holt found himself in darkness so complete that he could not orient himself in space. In this Stygian darkness he seemed to float suspended in space and time. He had no bed just a woolen army blanket on the concrete of the cell floor. He could hear the sea below through the pipe and occasionally the cries of gulls. So he sat with his back to the corner and meditated. This went on for days upon days. Complete darkness, complete silence, damp and cold. Still he meditated and quieted his mind. Sometimes the images would come. Strange flickering images as in a dream. Swirling galaxies, faces, strange landscapes like none on this planet.

Then one night he heard a strange sound coming through the pipe. A kind of singing. He listened to the sound. He focused his entire mind on the sound until it filled his thoughts and he became the sound. It was whale song. A pod of orcas in the bay. Calling to each other. In an instant Holt was transported in spirit into the waters of the bay. He saw not with a man’s eyes but with a whale’s eye. He understood the songs of longing. Holt then moved his gaze to the City and he saw the restless people just waking to a new day. He turned his soul to the east and watched the sunrise with eyes which saw in all directions. He was a free man though his body remained imprisoned and a new day dawned.

Scottish myth and folklore

The Finfolk of Orkney folklore were a race of dark and gloomy sorcerers, feared and mistrusted by mortals. Their boating skills were unparalleled and as well as having power over storm and sea, they were noted shapeshifters. They came and went as they pleased, venturing between their undersea world and the human realm as they wished. They would sometimes spirit away mortal captives, transporting them to their hidden island homes, where they generally forced to remain for the rest of their days. These unfortunates were usually taken to become the wife or husband of one of the Finfolk.

Break II


Rebellion, despair, hatred, shock

Fandom: The Maze Runner/Divergent crossover

Request: “ Hey I requested the Break part 2 request I just used scorch trials as an example I was just thinking like they could get news that they will be grouped into factions and possibly separated so they try to escape the city. XX -Anon😇💕 “

Word count: 1118

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Book Review: The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets - Eva Rice 

Written by Abigail, Photo by Emma

Whenever I’m asked what my favourite book is, it’s incredibly tempting, as an English student, to reply with a classic literature title. But truthfully, my favourite novel isn’t The Plague, or Wuthering Heights or Othello. My favourite novel is one I discovered in the school library when I was 15 and still in my Elvis Presley phase. The swirling pink cover, decorated with tea cups, and the reviews promising “gorgeous vintage chic-lit” drew me in, not to mention the fact that it was set in 1950s England. 

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I love so many things about this curse tablet article.

  • It confirms that binding can absolutely be curses (there seems to be this thinking that binding isn’t a form of a curse when in many traditions it is)
  • It confirms, once again, that curses are fairly universal and historical in nature. Many cultures have it and it existed in historical, traditional practices.
  • That people were paid to perform curses for a client (that’s the theory the scientists are going with)
  • That curses can be, have been, and always will be performed for many reasons, even petty ones.
  • Graves can be used as vessels to transport curses to the spirits or deities.
  • That spells can have multiple forms, such as written spells and oral spells and they were historically combined at times to perform a cohesive spell

 A.I.Perevyshko - “Osudareva doroga” (”Tsar`s road”, “Sovereign`s road”)

Osudareva doroga/road is an overland route, laid from the pier Nyukhcha on the White Sea coast to the Povenets on the Lake Onega by the order of Peter I in 1702.  The length of the road is 260 km.
The road was intended to transport a wagons with the troops, generals and artillery. Also, there was an assumption, that the road was used for transportation of two small frigates, the “Holy Spirit” and “Courier”, which were built in Arkhangelsk , from there to the Lake Ladoga and the Neva River to assist in the capture of the Swedish fortress during the Great Northern war.

Snow Flora

With winter fast approaching, local flora has begun transitioning. The magical energy that surrounds and maintains Peyroux shifts seasonally, but at no other point in the year is the change as dramatic as the opening of winter.

This is, of course, in part due to the weather, but significant shifts are also brought on with the arrival of abdominal snow monsters, ice trolls, winter wyrms, and assorted other snow creatures. They begin arriving in early December, most staying through the season. Many winterly plants and fungi begin growing around the village as early as November. Among the most abundant:

Peppermint Thistles — Sharp as icicles, these thistles grow quickly after the season’s first snow. Peppermint thistles are incredibly delicate and must be eaten immediately upon plucking. They are a favorite snack of snow trolls and goblin-kind, who often devour entire fields of them upon their discovery. The thistles have a sharp sweetness that lingers well after they’ve melted away.

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