the spirit of the squirrel

Markiplier Ego Imagines (pt. 7)

(Well, it’s raining outside, and I happen to like rain quite a lot. So here, have the Egos on a rainy day!)

Imagine weatherman Jim trying to warn the other Egos ahead of time, but nobody listens to him because he’s only right half the time anyway. When it actually does start to rain, he just sits in the corner looking smug and mumbling to himself about how weathermen are so underappreciated. Newscaster Jim usually cheers him up by asking if he wants to grab the van and chase the storm, which weatherman Jim is always absolutely giddy about.

Imagine Dark standing in his office, looking out his window at a world made grayer. He admires thunderstorms for their power, and the sound of the rain hitting his window actually calms his scattered thoughts. Thunder doesn’t bother him, even when it sounds like a gun going off right by his ear. He likes it all, and the dreary mood that descends on the entire building doesn’t hurt his spirits either.

Imagine King of the Squirrels being absolutely terrified by thunder and lightning. He doesn’t know what it is, but he doesn’t like it. And it’s most likely going to kill him. He’s sure of it. They never find him hiding in the same place twice each time a storm blows in, and eventually they designate a single Ego to search the building for him and keep him from having a panic attack. It used to be Dr. Iplier, but the good Doctor’s bedside manner is really quite terrible.

Imagine Google trying and failing to keep the lights in the building from going out. They’re on backup power, and Oliver has been on the roof for the last thirty minutes trying to fix the satellite because Darkiplier is missing the new episode of “Sherlock” and is not too happy about it. Green is keeping the wifi up with some sort of black magic, and Red is now in charge of finding King of the Squirrels.

Imagine Wilford Warfstache being absolutely insulted that anything, even Mother Nature, would try to mess up his perfect hair. He’s just walking along, happily singing about murder, when the sky opens up and dumps a ton of water on top of him. The others try to explain to him that it’s nothing personal, sometimes the sky just does that, and Dark even sits him down for a lesson in meteorology. But Wilford keeps looking around and posing every time the lightning flashes because he thinks it’s someone trying to take his picture.

Imagine the Host loving rain more than anything. He loves the sound of it—even though the thunder can sometimes hurt his sensitive ears—and the smell. It’s the only time that the Host will go out onto the roof, and he just stands there in it for a while, letting it completely drench him. Oliver finds him up there when he’s fixing the satellite and freaks out because, “Host, you’re going to get struck by lightning!” Oliver forces Host back inside, and tells him to go visit the Doctor after he changes clothes. “You’re going to catch pneumonia,” Dr. Iplier warns him, but it’s one of the few things that makes the Host happy. So, none of them really know what to do about it.

Imagine Bim Trimmer, little plant boi that he is, opening the windows in his room, and giving all his babies a drink, “The natural way.” He has to mop up all the water afterwards, but he doesn’t mind. Usually Red ends up at his door, asking if Bim will come and talk to King until the storm passes. Bim obliges, and he quickly realizes that the King isn’t as vapid as the other Egos assume he is. He just needs someone who will listen. Bim begins to seek out the King even when there isn’t a storm, and they quickly become best buds.

Imagine Yandere, covered in blood as always, standing outside the doors of the building getting drenched. He doesn’t know whether or not he should come in because the last time he trekked blood and dirt into Wilford’s main entryway, the other Ego made him dust the catwalks above the studio. So, he just stands there, waiting for the rain to stop. People give him a wide berth as they run for shelter, and when the others find him after the storm is passed, Yandere is curled up against the wall asleep.

Life Is Strange Spirit Animals
  • Max:Doe. Doe, seen on her shirt in Episodes 1 and 2. Doe spirit seen in the junkyard. Represents sensitivity and intuition. Shown in Max’s rewind power. Samuel even says it. It’s also a motife that is repeated over and over again in things like Max’s clothing. Plus, it symbolizes innocence and fragility. Jefferson talked about Max’s innocence.   
  • Chloe:Blue Butterfly.  It’s even the same color as Chloe’s hair. A color that we can see she always liked when Max jumps further back in time. The butterfly also appears just when Chloe came back into her life. It appears on Chloe’s casket. Chloe’s tattoos incorporate blue butterflies. Butterflies also symbolize a metamorphosis, and Chloe has gone through huge changes. Including the death of her old self in a way.
  • Rachel:Blue Jay.  Rachel is dead. The constant imagery of the trapped blue bird wanting to be free. I think that’s Rachel’s spirit wanting someone to find her body so that she can move on. The blue bird as a spirit animal symbolizes freedom and a flamboyant nature. Rachel was obviously no shrinking Violet. She is constantly described as a strong (if reckless) character. Add that to her wanting to get out, go to LA, etc. Plus Rachel is always pictured with a blue feather earring.
  • Kate:Bunny.  Kate has/had a pet rabbit. The rabbit symbolizes shyness, love, and rebirth. Kate is shown to be very introverted, but very loving.
  • Warren:Ferret.  A ferret is sensitive and clever. Warren is intelligent and shown to be sensitive. 
  • Frank:Dog.  Frank owns Pompidou, the one notable dog in the entire game. He also gives his customers dog breed nicknames. Dogs symbolize communication, resourcefulness, and cooperation. Frank is Arcadia Bay’s drug dealer, he is in communication with many people. Cooperation could come into play because of how easily persuaded he is by Max and Chloe.
  • Nathan:Whale. Nathan has a whale sound player and photos of whales in his room. “Navigation: Moving through emotional depths” “Whale people are super-perceptive” “The whale symbolizes emotional creativity, well-being, nurturing as well as emotional depth."  Whales represent deeper awareness (he knows about the dark room), using emotional energy for fuel (his outbursts), and moving through emotional depths (dealing with an abusive father).
  • Victoria:Cat. Like the cat, Victoria and cats are  misread and aren’t as bad as people tend to view them. Also Independent, lands on her feet and curiosity got her killed.
  • David. Mourning Dove.
  • Samuel. Squirrel. No explanation needed. He takes care of squirrels and he himself says his spirit animal is a squirrel 
  • Jefferson: Owl, shown in Episode 4, an owl in the Prescott barn and an Owl swoops by before Chloe is shot. Owls symbolize wisdom, mystery, and secrets. To Max, Mr. Jefferson is the most knowledgeable person in his field. He also is apart of the secret underground photography studio.

dartformy-sweetheart  asked:

So I've been thinking that Ryland gets an unemployment check. At the first of the month, he and Alex go grocery shopping. Ryland lets Alex pick out some junk food. They get home and have a big dinner, cooking together, getting really full. Then they get all cozy and snuggley, all warm and full of good food :0 Bonus: Ryland secretly buys the ingredients for Alex's fav dish and makes it later in the month when money is tighter to lift his spirits, and Alex shares his junk food he's squirreled away

oh my goooood and alex just beams at ryland,, “i can get skittles??? really??” and ryland’s like sure why not and he secretly thinks it’s worth it bc of the stars in alex’s eyes

and then they get back and ryland shoos alex out of the kitchen and he makes an actual good meal that alex loves and when he shows it to alex, alex just stands there silently for so long that ryland’s like “what is it, what’s wrong” and alex just throws his arms around ryland and blubbers abt how he loves him so much and no one’s ever done something so nice for him before

and afterwards they sit on the couch and watch a movie, and alex asks if it’s okay if he snuggles with ryland and pets his hair bc he just wants to touch him,, and ryland lets him bc he’s warm and full and sleepy. and ryland falls asleep like that and alex just watches him and thinks at how lucky he is

Watching over you

Day four of Enjoltaire week : Alternative universe

Urban fantasy AU, 2036 words

Thanks @benihime-aratame for the help with the language, and @lumeha for the cracky ideas !

The moon was shining over the rooftops of Paris, outlining each ridge in silver. A feline silhouette, darker on the dark sky, jumped from one roof to the next, not really impressed by the void that opened under their feet. He climbed on a chimney, and walked along the cable above the street, as easily as if it had been a large sidewalk, a long tail swinging behind him, keeping his balance. He reached a terrace, and sat on the worked rail. His tail lazily wrapped around him. He stayed like that, as motionless as the statues towering over him, the triangular ears on his head moving with the slightest noise.

The City Spirit only waited five minutes, before a small sound alerted him. His fur raised for a second, but he recognized the newcomer, and he just smiled, revealing dangerous, pointy fangs :

- Well, well… Look at what the cat brought home…

The other arrivant had the same, weird semi-animal look about him, but where the first Spirit had a long tail covered in black, short fur and pointy ears, his were russet-colored, and way bushier. He sat on their heals, besides his companion, and watched the animation unfolding at their feet. Cars zooming left and right, their lights leaving red and white trails behind them. The cat Spirit first broke the silence :

- So, Feuilly, tell me. Did you do interesting things today ? What’s new in the squirrel world ?

His friend glared at him, and answered, deadpan :

- I stole a sandwich from someone. And I ate it.

- I hope it was good.

- Very. I’m a sucker for tomatoes. And you ? Anything new ?

- I saw him again, he sighed.

Feuilly refrained his own sigh. *Him* again. That mysterious person. For weeks, Grantaire hadn’t talked about anything else than this mysterious blond man who had stolen his heart. Feuilly knew everything about him now : his blond hair, the light of his eyes, the way he talked, moved, walked, slept, even. He had tried to tell the other spirit than, maybe, stalking him like that wasn’t that good of an idea, he might take offense at this, and City Spirits shouldn’t use their powers like that, or they would be in trouble with… someone. But nothing could convince Grantaire to stop acting like a lovesick teenager, or the protagonist of a very bad love story (and Feuilly did know about them, breaking as he did all the time in the library).

Grantaire was still going on and on about that strange blond man and his weird bunch of friends (“he has one, you would love him, really. Just your type.” “I hope he likes squirrels.”), and how he saw him running through the park and whatnot. Feuilly used this time to scan the area. Nothing out of the ordinary. Good. With a distracted Spirit beside him, talking about his human crush, he didn’t really need to deal with other problems.

There was a lull in Grantaire’s chatter, and Feuilly remarked, flippant :

- That blond crush of yours, does he wear a red hoodie on a white shirt, like no one else does because that’s weird ?

- That’s him, yes. And I happen to think he looks very good like that. Fantastic, even.

- Yeah. Blond man in red hoodie.

- So what ?

- That’s the man I stole the sandwich from.

Grantaire almost jumped up.

- What ?

- That’s why he was running. Because a big squirrel stole his sandwich.

The cat Spirit looked at his friend, who just looked back, impassive. Was it a joke ? Feuilly was known for his strange sense of humor, but usually, he was quite able to know when he was joking or not. Right now… he wasn’t really sure if he was made fun of or not. The best course of action was to change the subject entirely.

- So, he asked, sitting more comfortably. Did you notice something unusual beside that ? Is it quiet uptown ?

Feuilly shook his head.

- I… don’t know. It seems so, but I feel… There’s a current of anger, of agitation. People are restless. I feel like something is going to happen soon.

- Something ? Bad for us ? Or bad for them ?

The squirrel Spirit let out a second sighed. He knew that he was the minority among the City Spirits, who thought that human problems didn’t concern me in the least if there wasn’t any risk of material damage. But the City couldn’t exist without humans. And they were fascinating, really. And most of the time, lots of them didn’t deserve what happened to them. Feuilly wanted to help them, really, make things better for them, at least for the good ones. But how could he explain it to his friends ? It was too difficult. So he just groaned something non-confrontational, and went back to his observations.

Soon, they parted ways. Feuilly went the way of the public library, wanting to know how the novel he started the other day would end, and Grantaire just laid down on the rail, lost again in his dreams about that gorgeous, blond man he could never reach.


The next days saw a rise of the agitation, a wind of revolution blowing through the streets, carrying first protestations and whispers of anger, who then morphed into slogans and screams. People started to march, more and more each day, and people opposed them. Soon, the streets were barricaded all around, the flags were raised.

Enjolras was satisfied with the way things were turning. They had managed to rally a huge part of the population to their causes. They walked with them, hurling their slogans and chants to those who didn’t want to join them, or stood by and insulted and mocked them.

Of course, it turned awry almost as soon as they started. The police didn’t look favorably at those who didn’t bow their heads and stayed put, and immediatly set to send them back home. It didn’t work, of course. People were angry, people were determined, people were committed to make things better no matter the price. At least, that’s what Enjolras encouraged, and that’s what they were all believing in. All the Amis, who were following him, waving their flags, throwing their flyers, and desobeying.

But as much as they started well, things turned sour. On the third day, as people were starting to tire, and thought more about the home they left to protest than the protest itself, the policemen charged. The protesters scattered like feathers in the wind, running in all directions to escape the hits that wouldn’t be too long to start.

Enjolras didn’t want to run. Coming from so far, to fail right now ! He couldn’t endure that ! He couldn’t be defeated ! He went to grab the flag again, to rally his troops, but Combeferre caught him by the arm and dragged him away.

- I can’t ! he yelled. There’s still too much to do !

- I know, Combeferre tried to placate him. But you won’t get to do anything if they catch you right now.

Enjolras hesitated for a second, but his friend was right. What good would it do if he were to land in prison ? And prison was the best option. He finally followed. The others were still around, trying to keep the positions, and waiting for the orders. When Enjolras joined them, they all started to run, diving into the crowd to better hide themselves. They were pushed, and pulled, and jostled around, and of course, Combeferre lost his grasp on his friend’s sleeve and disappeared from his sight.

Enjolras tried to fight the flow, but it was no use. All he would earn like that would be more bruises on his already sore ribs. He settled from following it from now. Then he could join the others, hide, and work at better slogans, better flyers, better speeches.

After what felt like hours of being elbowed right and left, Enjolras finally found himself in a small, dark alley that he didn’t recognize. He pulled his phone out of his pocket to use the GPS, but was only met with a low battery icon flashing on the screen. Perfect. Just perfect. Well, he could have expected it after three days spent in the streets, but still, that was a bit depressing. He was walking home, that was it.

He started to walk, when a noise in front of him alerted him. Someone was blocking the exit. A cop. Well, shit. Another came behind him, blocking the path from this side. He was screwed. He was fucking screwed. There was no way they would let him go without a fight. Probably because of the black rings under his eyes, the red jacket with protesting patches sewn on it, and the fact that everyone saw him harangue the crowd for three days straight.

The cops closed on him, keeping their eyes on him. And, scarily, their guns too. That was bad. That was very, very bad. Enjolras glared at them, as fiercely as he could. Maybe it wouldn’t have a great effect, but he wouldn’t go down without a fight.

The left cop went to grab him, and Enjolras was ready to hit back, when something fell from the sky. Right on the second cop, knocking him out. The first cop turned towards the disturbance, ready to fire, but his gun was yanked out of his hands. A blur of black and white, and he joined his friend on the ground and into unconsciousness.

Satisfied, the creature turned back to face Enjolras, who raised his hands, ready to defend himself dearly against that… Who was it ? Or rather what ? It looked like a human, at least in the general sense, with arms and hands and feet and a face. But there was a long, black tail with a white tip, there were triangular ears moving to follow the sounds, whiskers, and black fur, and strange markings around the slightly too large eyes, and slit pupils in a sea of green.

The creature bowed, very gracefully, and grinned, unveiling its fangs. Strange words started echoing in Enjolras’ mind, words that wasn’t his, in an alien voice.

- I’m glad to see you’re alright.

- Who… who are you ? Enjolras managed to stutter.

- Well… it’s a long story. Would telling you I’m just a strange dream help ?

At least, it didn’t seem menacing. Well, not towards him at least. But now, Enjolras’ curiosity was spiked.

- I don’t think so. Who are you ? …. Would it be rude to ask you what you are, too ?

- Rude ? Yes, maybe. But that’s not the kind of things that could stop me, so…

- So ?

- So, dear Leader of Humans, I’m going to answer one of your questions, and just one. Which one do you choose ?

Without thinking (he could blame his tired mind later), Enjolras asked :

- Who are you ?

- I’m Grantaire, the creature said, bowing again. You can call me R. To better serve you, my dear. But not this time. Right now, I’m afraid I must go. Take care, Leader of Humans. I wouldn’t want something to happen to your pretty face.

And with those words, the creature - Grantaire - jumped into the air, grabbed a ledge above them, and made his way to the top of the building. Enjolras just watched him go, too stunned to do anything else. Well… that was… something. Something that he would have to ponder, but later. Right now, his friends were probably looking for him, and there were still two knocked-out cops at his feet. And he needed sleep, something like twenty hours. Maybe then, he’d know better what this just was. A weird dream ? A hallucination ? Or maybe… maybe that creature was real, and he just got a glimpse of something else…. This would have to be examinated closely. Later. And maybe, maybe their paths would cross again.

Naiad J-Hope

nymph (/nimf/)


  a mythological spirit of nature imagined as a beautiful maiden inhabiting rivers, woods, or other locations.

(ex. Naiads- freshwater nymphs)

  • He lives near a lake in a forest, that he mainly takes care of himself
  • He always comes out to take short walks in the forest
  • Mainly to look for injured plants or a animals
  • He’d tie a fallen stem off a plant back so it can heal
  • And he helped a deer get out of a bush after it’s horns got tangled in
  • But he’d almost never come out when humans came by
  • It was his lake you first saw during your camping trip
  • The water looked clean and clear, so you decided to set up camp there
  • You were alone, wanting to take a break from everything, and you thought that your trip would go fairly well
  • Then you forgot your lighter
  • It was dawn, and you were panicking because you didn’t know how to set a fire from scratch
  • You’d attempt to though, reading instructions from the Camping 101 book you brought with you
  • Anyway, so Hoseok would be watching you, at first curiously, but then frustration would creep up on him after seeing your failed fire attempt no.8
  • So he ascended from the stream and help you
  • “Excuse me, miss? You aren’t supposed to rub it that way.”
  • You’d be freaked out as to why a naked man just appeared out of nowhere
  • And is now grabbing the pieces of wood you tried starting a fire with
  • But hey, he succeeded so you’re friends now
  • You got him a towel and told him to cover up
  • Hoseok wouldn’t lie about being naiad
  • You wouldn’t believe him obviously
  • Which led him to jump in the water and emerge from it a few times
  • He even sang a bit to lure some squirrels and birds to you
  • And you believe him now, because I mean, who else can do that
  • Sadly, you needed to go back, and he obviously couldn’t leave his home
  • However, you made sure to visit him on every weekend
  • You brought him gifts each time
  • Like some hoodies and pants
  • And some notebooks and pens
  • So he can draw some of the plants and take some notes down on the animals
  • He’d happily accept them
  • Although still not getting the concept of clothes much
  • Because he’s a nature spirit duh
  • On one of your visits, a squirrel scampered over to you and gave you some blueberries
  •  Then a bird swooped in and dropped you a bundle of flowers
  • When you finally got to Hoseok’s spot, there were dates on the ground
  • Yes, dates, as in the food
  • Hoseok emerges from the lake, and he was wearing the sweatshirt you first gave him
  • He’d be so shy ahhhh my precious
  • “So, uhm, do you wanna go on a date?”
  • And everything else that followed after was amazing
  • During the day, he’d help you climb the trees and you’d hang out there
  • The animals also took a liking to you
  • Especially the deer
  • “That’s Herc, and that’s his sister Calypso.”
  • “But they aren’t related in Greek mythology?”
  • “…well… wow, look over there, it’s Zeus, the hummingbird you always liked? Yeah, his name is Zeus.”
  • The grass literally becomes greener wherever you guys go
  • Flowers for you all the time
  • Helping him take care of the lake and the plants
  • Fireflies around you guys every night
  • For your first anniversary, he built you a small house near his lake
  • Needless to say you loved it
  • And you love him
  • And he loves you
  • He’s just such a sweetheart
  • He’d always make sure that you’re comfy and happy
  • “I’m so grateful you forgot your lighter.”
  • You don’t know if it was his doing or not, but the stars always shone brighter when you were with him
  • Always :’)

Star Butterfly’s Pokemon Team

Cubchoo: It’s cute and derpy just like her :D

Eevee: I can imagine Star being amazed by Eevee’s ability to evolve a bunch…

Spoink: It goes with Star’s cute and derpy aesthetic

Mew: So magical! And adorable! And powerful! 

Torchic: Cute but also with the potential power to kill you without even trying

Pachirisu: Reminds me of the squirrels from School Spirit