the spirit of the black dress

SKAM’s mains & colour palettes

I’ve seen a few people talk (and gotten a few asks) about what could the stark blacks and whites in Sana’s season could possibly mean.
So far, I haven’t seen any opinion on this I really agree with so I’ll add my personal interpretation to the mix.

Each season has a different colour palette (and filter added in post-prod) that corresponds to its main and, by extension, their personality and how they see the world.

I picked a selected pictures from each season to illustrate my point. Sometimes, the main isn’t in the picture, so as to show you how much they influence (because it’s their season and their POV) the characters around them.

Eva’s colour palette is very earthy with yellows, greens, greys, creamy whites… The type of clothes she (and the people around her) mostly wear are wintery, cosy, and soft.
The whole season’s picture seems quite dimmed/faded (probably a filter) that goes with Eva’s self effacing personality and how she feels she blends in the background. The only times she dresses in all black with heavy makeup is when she’s out of her comfort zone: namely, at parties.

Noora’s colour palette is saturated (but the colours/filters dim when she’s not feeling well, like when the stuff with Niko happens) with pop-y blues, yellows, oranges…
The colours (and clothes) go with Noora’s joyful and spirited personality.

The types of clothes she (and the people around her) mostly wear are quite fashionable.
As for the filter, to me it looks like a cold yellow but people have also suggested that the filter might “just” saturate the colours.

Isak’s colour palette is dark with army greens, burgundy reds, dark greys, … To me, it goes with how low (and even depressed) Isak is feeling during most of his season.
The types of clothes he (and the people around him) mostly wear are very casual and unremarkable. This goes to contrast with how different Isak feels from the people around him, how he feels that (ultimately) he doesn’t fit and has to blend as much as possible and mimics the “normal” attitudes around him (ultimately he embraces who he is, that he doesn’t have to behave or dress one way or another to fit his true self, that he is his own “blend”).
A bluish filter is used. Blue usually indicates sadness and melancholy (”feeling blue”).

And now we have Sana…

Sana’s happy colour is black. Her season’s colour palette is black&white with, obviously, blacks and whites but also colours “in between” like greys and browns.
The clothes she (and people around her) wears are casual and sporty. She wears lighter/warmer colours and makeup the more comfortable she is. And her makeup gets darker and heavier, as her clothes get darker too and less personable, when she is uncomfortable and closed-off. This goes with Sana’s badass and active personality (as well as her love for basketball and hip hop music).
The filter used is warm earthy yellow.

So yeah: to me, not everything has to be just symbolic for the sake of.
TV shows and movies are visual arts and colours are, as a result, very important. You don’t need to dig deep into symbolic to get a feel about a character based solely on the colours used. A character dressed in white doesn’t automatically mean goodness and purity.
Sometimes, when a character is in white and all the others around them are in black, it’s just that the director wants us to focus even more on that character in white.

Special thanks to @imagineisak who helped a lot with the colour lingo and who you should go harass so they write us a deeper meta on the use of colours in SKAM. Lots of thanks to the skamily discord chat as well. <3

✧ ・゚ : * mayor Lorna ref *:・゚✧


🌿 witch hat

🌿 hiking boots

🌿 grey stockings

🌿 tan sweater and black pullover dress (qr code)

🦄 unicorn horn*

🌿 knee-length white hair*

🦄 long, droopy unicorn ears*

🌿 sad doe eyes*

*not in game


🍄 a unicorn forest spirit

🍄 has a strict moral compass, very principled

🍄 is pretty condescending bc she’s a forest spirit and definitely thinks she knows better than you

🍄 eager to aid anyone in need, which is how she wound up as mayor

🍄 super reluctant to actually fulfill any of her duties as mayor. she finds them tedious and boring so Isabelle winds up doing most of the real work lol

🍄 takes comfort in communing with the nature around her, and spends the majority of her time running her flower shop, tending her strawberry fields, collecting mushrooms, and helping the spirits lost in the forest move on into the afterlife

🍄 because her hair is so long it’s often tangled and full of twigs and leaves

🍄 some of the villagers are convinced that she has magical powers but nobody has been able to prove that yet

🍄 cannot cry but always looks like she’s about to

Salt Rattles for Cleansing or Protection

Salt rattles are a good quick fix for keeping bad energy or spirits away, especially if you’re away from home (staying in someone’s home, hotels, or any other place you’ve been disturbed by bad energies)

You will need:

–A small metal tin (leftover cosmetic tins are perfect for this)

–Salt: white salt for general cleansing, black salt to take away extremely negative or malevolent beings, pink salt to bless a bedroom or room of your choice before being intimate with a partner**.


–Dress your tin in moonlight, seawater, earth, whatever you like to dress ritual containers in.

–Fill your tin with the color salt of your choice.

–When you’re in need of a cleanse take your tin and shake it around the thresholds of the room, your head, your midsection, and your feet) humming helps increase the effectiveness of your rattle.

**if you’re using pink salt in your rattle, this will act as a sort of love and attraction spell and will charge the bedroom with some good sexy energy (woohoo) just make sure your partner is excited and consenting, then shake away, witches!

Maferefun Oshun!

Small Moments of Witchiness


-When the air pressure changes and the wind picks up

-Arctic Monkeys songs

-Radiohead songs

-Going to witchy shops on rainy days

-Black, green, purple, or red dresses

-Ravens or crows hanging about

-black, heeled shoes

-London when it’s grey and windy


-Full moons

-Tarot cards in little coffee shops

-The smell of lavender inscence cones

-Long dark acrylic nails

-Long corridors in old houses in England

-When the rain hits your window and the wind howls late at night

-Lightning illuminating your room for just a second


-Dark full-brimmed hats

-Cursive handwriting

-Cumbria, England

-Cornwall, England

-Necklaces with little bottles on them


-Agatha Christie novels

-Collections of tea

-Seeing spirits in public and knowing no one else can

-Using a pendulum

-Using one word spells in your daily life

-Driving in the rain

-Carrying crystals in your pockets

-Writing in your grimoire on a rainy day

-The smell of leather

These are just a few things that makes me feel especially magical, I’ll probably make another part to this! xxx

Caffeine Challenge 19

Miraculously I was free again at 10am on a weekday. I took it as a sign that i should write something. Once again thanks to @caffeinewitchcraft for the challenge. 

The prompt i used was “Usually people thought their preferred method of payment was money.” 


Usually people thought the preferred method of payment was money.They came in with all sorts of currency, from American dollars, to stocks and bonds, many simply showed up with gold bars. I didn’t fault them. Most people didn’t have much information, and the little they did have was twisted through years of fables and fantasy storytelling. The truth was often less black and white, and a lot stranger. 

Buying a curse from a fairy was not a simple transaction. 

I sat on my stool, staring blankly at the bottom of my cup, ignoring the chime of the door as my next customer arrived. The moonlight shown through the window of the coffee shop, giving an almost ethereal edge to the various chairs and tables strewn about. The naturally dim interior lighting was resting for my eyes, so used to straining in the unnatural glow of fluorescence that humans seemed to prefer so much. I called out to the barista for another round, shaking my empty cup pointedly, at which she rolled her eyes but complied. I like this shop; it’s open late, catering to the supernatural crowd. People leave you alone for the most part. The night staff, most of which were supernatural beings themselves, enforced it. 

“Here you go, black coffee with…” she sighed loudly “ten sugars.” The barista shuddered. “Must you butcher my beautiful coffee?” 

“Shush, coffee slave. The customer is always right, remember?” 

With a laugh she turned away, although I distinctly heard her mutter something about ‘uncultured fairy twat” 

“I heard that!”

Without turning she responded, “I was counting on it.” 

The brief exchange and the sweet coffee was enough to lift my spirits, but they quickly plummeted again as the woman now standing beside me cleared her throat to get my attention. She was well dressed, her clothing, hair and nails immaculate, but her face was transformed by a look I knew all too well: desperation. 

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‘Strange Vibes’ Playlist

“So Many Details” - Toro Y Moi
“Past Life” - Tame Impala
“Tessellate” - alt-J
“Video Girl” - FKA Twigs
“The Wilhelm Scream” - James Blake
“All My Friends” - LCD Soundsystem
“Annie” - Neon Indian
“Spirit” - Future Islands
“Knife” - Grizzly Bear
“Feel It All Around” - Washed Out
“On the Sea” - Beach House
“Plastic” - Moses Sumney
“17″ - Youth Lagoon
“Words I Don’t Remember” - How To Dress Well
“Black Mambo” - Glass Animals
“Gold” - Chet Faker
“Out Getting Ribs (King Krule Cover)” - Local Natives

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Google "Dutch braids" before spewing racism. Seriously, Google it. I wish I could be a fly on the wall when you see what comes up. White women can't wear it, eh? Well, tell that to the Dutch of 900 AD...

You’re a bug already honey. That post EXPLICITLY points out white people wearing braids popularized by BLACK people, specifically in a ‘hip hop’/’urban’ context. Don’t get all twisted up bc you put your hair in braids a while back and thought you looked fly like all of those instagram girls, boo. You, Katy Perry, and all other ugly-hearted little white girls can get fucked and just admit that you’re commodifying Blackness like everyone else.

Oh and by the way? Here’s the really fun part: when it comes to that double-braid, ain’t NO ONE IN AMERICA dressing like a Dutch person. Every single person wearing that hairstyle on trend today is hearkening back to either girls in the hood or native americans. Why? Bc white people hate being white and don’t carry their own cultures. Which is why you have ppl wearing double braids and hoop earrings with long acrylics, double braids and typing in AAVE, double braids and ‘free spirit’ fashion and a ‘boho’ headband. No one cares about your Dutch shit at all honey and you know it. Thing is, that’s y’all’s fault.

So take a sip of that. You were a damn fool to come to my inbox with this foolishness first thing in the morning.

And bitch? Telling white people they’re appropriative isn’t racism. White people being appropriative is. Get the fuck away from me you disgusting little snowflake oppressor.

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Yes!!! I want to hear more about vampires! Thank you!

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Vampires in the UK

There have been over 200 vampire sightings in the UK during the past 100 years (more than Transylvania), one of the most famous examples being the Highgate Vampire (although the British occultist David Farrant who was present during the numerous vampire hunts of the 1970s claims that the spirit roaming the cemetery was more demonic in nature rather than a vampire, whereas Seán Manchester claims it really was a vampire, and even managed to photograph the vampire as it finally got staked). 

In David Farrant best selling book on the subject, Beyond the Highgate Vampire, David claims that ley lines, may be an important factor that has been left completely out of the Highgate equation. These lines, he says, can actually transmit psychic energy along their course and enable the vampire to materialise when the right conditions prevail. One such ley line, he points out, apparently begins in the middle of Highgate Cemetery at a large circle of tombs called the Circle of Lebanon, crosses through the Flask and Ye Olds Gatehouse pubs (both ancient pubs only yards from Highgate Cemetery); traverses a large block of council flats known as Hillcrest (themselves built upon the site of an ancient nunnery) and passes through an old Roman Settlement a quarter of a mile or so away in Highgate Woods which is marked by an old beech tree.

For without exception, all the locations on the Highgate ley line, were reportedly haunted by a ’tall black figure’ which, even when it was not actually seen, it caused dramatic drops in temperature, clocks to simultaneously stop, objects to fly from shelves or mysteriously shatter, and which also had a dramatic effect upon animals in it’s immediate vicinity.

Other sightings in the UK:

  • Alnwick Castle (Northumberland) - During the 1100s, a  vampire that once frequented this castle, a one time lord of the estate, lived underneath it and would emerge at night to attack the local villagers. An outbreak of plague was also attributed to the unholy creature, and this resulted in the villagers digging the monster up from its shallow grave and burning it.
  • Blandford Forum (Dorset) - (1800s) a corrupt manservant who stole thousands of pounds from his employer, William Doggett finally killed himself, and now drives his phantom horse and carriage along this area. One local story says he returned as a vampire; after his body was exhumed many years after his death (from St Mary’s Church in Tarrant Gunville) it was found to be uncorrupted, with a rosy tint to the cheeks.
  • Croglin (Cumbria) - In 1875, an old house had been rented out to a woman and two brothers, Amelia, Edward and Michael Cranswell. During one summer, Amelia was trying to sleep when a strange creature appeared at her window and began picking out the lead surrounding one of the window panes with a long fingernail, then removing it and putting its hand through the resulting gap to undo the window latch and let itself in. It was described as having a brown face and flaming eyes. The vampire bit her in the throat. When her brothers came into the room, the monster was gone. While one brother tried to help his sister, the other went after the creature. After a trip to Switzerland, the three returned to Croglin Grange and the creature returned again. The brother shot it in the leg and was able to track it down to a vault in the local cemetery. They waited until the next day to enter the vault, where they found the body of the vampire, with a fresh wound to the leg, resting inside a coffin. They then burned it.
  • Lochmaben Castle (Scotland) - During the early 1990s, Tom Robertson investigated the woods after hearing stories that animals had been found drained of their blood. He encountered a tall figure dressed in sacking with a hood over its head, which black eyes and grey face. The creature leapt into a tree and swung away. Eight years later Robertson went looking for the creature again, finding it and taking a couple of photographs

From my experience, vampires who have been around longer tend to look more naturally human in appearance, particularly if the spirits have gained enough energy to materialise in a fuller form. It is noted within folklore that vampires first start off as dark blobs or shadows before developing into a humanoid form. Being around vampire spirits can cause bruising on the skin, particularly on the neck if they “feed” on you. Vampire spirits are definitely ones that are more fond of physical contact, and it can be common for them to assault you (either sexual or physical violence), depending on the individual spirit. Vampires are fond of crystals that aid in blood disorders or circulation, particularly if they are dark red. If you work with vampire spirits it is better to use these as offerings rather than blood itself, which can pose all sorts of dangers - the biggest one being giving the vampire enough power to materialise physically for longer states of time, and moreover, power over you and your body

I’m going through the Dream arc of the manga, thinking about the upcoming Crystal season, and noticing things I didn’t before. I’ve always kind of glossed over Act 42: Jupiter Dream. I guess it’s just never really stuck out for me, not the way that Jupiter-centered chapters in earlier arcs do (one of my favorite parts of the entire Nemesis arc is Makoto’s chapter, so it’s a tough act to follow).

But reading over it again, I love this.

Makoto meets a member of the Dead Moon Circus who has just opened their own herb shop. Although suspicious at first, seeing this person pursuing a dream that she herself shares makes Makoto open up to a complete stranger. She wants so badly to connect to this classy older drag queen. She wants a mentor so badly that she’s willing to ignore a bunch of red flags (a circus member who sells herbs from the amazon?) because it’s so rare that she finds a kindred spirit.

She wants to believe that there’s someone like her. Someone who doesn’t quite fit in anywhere, who loves pretty things, who takes pleasure in food and tea, who wanted to own a shop and actually went for it. She sees someone like Hawkeye, ridiculously tall with weird bird hair, rocking a black lacy dress like it’s no big deal, unashamed of who they are and finding success in the life that Makoto wants.

Of all the senshi in this arc, Makoto is the only one who actually connects with the enemy on a human level. Fisheye sneaks into Ami’s home as an actual fish, Tigerseye mostly runs around as an actual tiger. But though Hawkeye’s trap has already been laid in the form of a cursed ring, Makoto actually returns to talk about the issue again.

How do you get to an orphan with aspirations? With a mentor.

And this is how the enemy gets her. Not by brute force, but by connecting with her on an emotional level. By showing her a future that she wishes she could have for herself.


I’ll create lanes while you stay in yours.
Not afraid of the abstract.
I was born to be different.

The moment you are afraid to be, you are then afraid to become.

Unbecome the person who they’ve conditioned you to believe you should be.

The way you dress should be your own. The way you walk should be your own. The way you talk, the way you move, the way you live- should be your own.
The moment you conform, you lose yourself to the world.
And the world has never cared.

-for free spirits who roam.


Things I learned about Genghis Khan

I learned things today about Genghis Khan - yes, that guy - that I had no idea I didn’t know. CNN declared him the “Man of the Millennium” a few years back and I now understand why.

  • He invented a lot of things, including passports, the Pony Express, and the concept of diplomatic immunity.
  • He had two horsehair “spirit banners,” one black and one white, made from the hair of his best stallions. The black represented war and the white represented peace. These went with him everywhere and in Mongolia, legend has it that the black one still exists.
  • He set foot inside a building exactly once in his entire life. He lived in tents called gers, or yurts, and dressed like everyone else. He also insisted that his name not be spoken with any particular reverence.
  • Although he was definitely a bloodthirsty invader who rightly inspired fear in many nations, he never attacked anyone without giving advance notice.
  • He was a firm believer in the idea of a meritocracy - after removing those in power in a place he conquered, he would install new leaders of those areas based on their individual worth. Sometimes these new leaders would be chosen from among his fellow Mongols, but just as often he would select them from among the people he conquered.
  • Everyone living in his empire had the right of religious freedom; they could worship however they chose and were never penalized for it. 
  • He had a harem, of course, but that was normal for his culture at the time. His chief wife was a woman named Borte, to whom he became betrothed at the age of eight. He loved her devotedly - before they were married, she was kidnapped by one of his enemies, who raped and impregnated her. Khan fought to get her back, by which time she had birthed a son. He married her regardless and raised his stepson with great kindness. 
  • Because she was his first and most important wife, the four sons Borte bore him were the ones who inherited his empire. They also had daughters, all of whom became pretty important figures. Right up until Khan’s death, he would go to Borte for advice on all manner of things and considered her extremely wise; after his passing, she retained her high status in the empire and continued to advise her sons and other nobles.
  • Reportedly, he was afraid of two things: wild dogs and his mother’s temper.
  • He was buried with a treasure so vast as to be beyond counting; it took 2,000 soldiers to dig the burial site. When they returned after his tomb was sealed, they were all slaughtered in order to keep the location a secret. To this day it has never been found.
WE DO Knot ALWAYS LOVE YOU Part 17 Full Translation.

The Ceremony


pages 180-187

Soul Society.

6th sector - Kuchiki clan ceremonial shrine.

Many shinigami were gathered at both sides of the path extending between the gate of the shrine to the shrine itself. Some came rushing in their usual shihakushou, others wore their hair up and were dressed in beautiful kimonos.

Because there is no god in Soul Society, religious shrines or temples do not exist within the Seireitei. Many people revere the Soul King like a god, however he is only a King, not a god. In Rukongai, several temples have been built to enshrine the gods and buddhas that the residents had worshipped during their lifetime, and all of them are temples into which the residents had brought over their beliefs from the Human World. The Kuchiki clan have built a shrine in front of a mausoleum dedicated to the spirit of their ancestors, it is used as a venue for rituals and ceremonies. From family meetings to wedding celebrations and funerals, every possible Kuchiki clan event is held at this shrine.

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Breathtaking In Black

A/N : This one-shot is a birthday gift for the lovely @foofoocuddlypoopsgavesokkaapples .  Hope your birthday is pawsitively wonderful.  In the spirit of Marichat May, this is a marichat one-shot and it is filled to the brim with fluff!  Sorry it is so extremely long, but I couldn’t help myself! I really hope you enjoy it Nav!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY :)

P.S. I will most likely write a second part to this in the near future!


The Halloween Ball at Collège Françoise Dupont was only three days away.  Marinette had been working on her costume ever since the ball was announced in Early September.  A simple short black dress with gold embroidery along the sweat heart neckline.  A single gold bell sewn in the center.  Black ribbon wrapped around the waist and hung down in the back to mimic a tail.  A headband with a pair of black cat ears sewn to it sat beside her sewing machine.  Marinette knew she wouldn’t be the only Chat Noir at the ball that night, but she was determined to stand out.  All she had left to finish was the gold embroidery on her matching mask and she would be ready.                                                                                                                        

Wearing matching ladybug and chat noir costumes was Alya’s idea of course.  Marinette was more than happy to dress as her partner rather than risk recognition so she didn’t dream of objecting when Alya called dibs on Ladybug.  Of course, matching costumes meant twice the work on Marinette’s part.  Across the room, hanging on her closet door was a high-low red dress with small black spots dotted along the matching sweat heart neckline.  Black spots covered the skirt and faded as they traveled down from the waist line.  A red mask with five black spots sewn on it lay on a nearby desk with a pair of red fingerless gloves.  Both costumes would be finished by the end of the night, completely on schedule.    

“You’ve really out done yourself Marinette” Tikki praised as she floated past the young designer.

“Thanks Tikki! I just really hope Alya likes her dress.  I know it will look spectacular on her.”  Marinette turned to examine the bright red dress hanging on her closet door.  Alya had always looked good in red.  Marinette was sure that the polka doted dress would compliment her best friend very well.  She just hoped that she wouldn’t look too plain in comparison.  She was very proud of her work on the Chat Noir dress, but she still wasn’t sure if she could pull it off.  She didn’t exactly have Alya’s confidence.  However, she was determined to impress at the dance.  She didn’t want to impress just anyone of course.  A school dance meant male classmates, and male classmates meant Adrien.    

“Marinette stop looking so hesitant.  You’re going to look amazing! I promise” Tikki sang as she did a small flip mid air.  Marinette smiled at her Kwami.  Tikki always knew exactly what Marinette needed to hear.  The teen took a deep breath, nodded at her tiny companion and sat down to begin the intricate embroidery on her mask.

Two minutes into her careful threading, Marinette heard a strange thump on her roof.  That could only mean one thing.  Chat Noir.  Her heart dropped to her stomach.  The hero had visited her quite a few times when on patrol and she had managed to become good friends with him without her mask.  But if he saw her dress, she would never hear the end of it.  She could already hear him teasing her over and over about her creation.

“Tikki help me hide everything! I can’t let him in with these dresses out in the open!”  Tikki grabbed the red mask and gloves off of the desk and flew into the closet.  Marinette followed after her with both dresses in hand.  She quickly hung them both up in the back of her closet and shut the door before spinning around to look up at her trap door.  Sure enough, a familiar knock came from the door and she began climbing up the steps to her loft.  Marinette opened the door to reveal a young blonde boy in a black cat suit grinning back at her through the darkness.

“Why good evening Princess” he said with a slight bow.  "I was on a nice patrol around the city when I realized that it had been quite some time since I paid a visit to my favorite civilian.  Hope you haven’t missed me too terribly.“  Marinette laughed at his theatric greeting.

"Don’t worry kitten, I missed you just the right amount I assure you.  Come on in.”  He thanked her and walked down the steps into her room.  Marinette followed after him and the two sat down on her chaise.  The two often sat there and talked for hours about their lives and their hobbies.  Marinette was comfortable with him around and she didn’t think this visit would be any different from the others.  That was until she spotted a small piece of black fabric with unfinished gold embroidery sitting out on her table.  Before she could act, chat had already spotted the mask and was on his feat.

“This mask is beautiful Marinette,” he marveled as he carefully picked it up to examine it closer.  "Do you have a special occasion coming up or is this for a Halloween party purrhaps?“  Marinette stared at him blankly.  Not only had she left the mask out, but sitting on the table beside it was her open sketch book with several drawings of the two dresses and the accessories spread across the page.  She had been using it as a reference.  Chat stared at her with curiosity when she hadn’t answered his question, but all his confusion was replaced with pure interest as he followed her gaze to the open sketchbook next to him.  

"No wait Chat!” she called as she stood up, but it was too late.

“Princess… are you designing a chat noir themed dress for Halloween?”  His grin grew wickedly wide as he spoke.  His eyes flickered from her designs to catch her gaze.   How could she have missed the sketch book?  "My dear I knew you were a big fan, but I never knew you were this infatuated with me?“  Marinette rolled her eyes and sighed before reaching for the book.  Chat held it up high in the air.  "Oh no, You are not getting this back until I hear more about this dress.”  

“Alright fine!” she gave in.  "If you must know, my school is having a Halloween Ball in a few days and my bestfriend Alya wanted us to wear matching ladybug and chat noir themed dresses.  I know how much she idolizes ladybug so I chose to go as you.  Now give it back!“  she stomped on his foot and jumped up to grab the book as he flinched in pain.

she smiled at her victory but stopped smiling immediately when she realized he hadn’t reacted to her swiping of the book at all.  He was just blankly staring at her.  Then his face lit up and the wicked grin spread across his face once again.  Marinette did not like that look.  She knew it all too well.

"So if the dance is only a few days away…” he hinted before turning quickly to face her closet.  "That means the dresses must be mostly if not completely finished and are most likely hidden in there.“  Her eyes widened and Chat took a step towards the closet.

"Wait!” she called out as she crossed the room and put herself between him and the door.  "I’ll show you the damn dresses, but you are not snooping through my closet" she demanded.

“Okay it’s a deal.”

“Not so fast.  There is one more thing.  I worked really hard on both of them.  And honestly I’m still really nervous about showing up to a dance in a dress I made myself so if you could at least try to control your urge to tease me I’d really appreciate it. ”

Chat dropped his goofy smile and placed his hand over his chest.  "On my honor I purromise that I will not tease my princess for her beautiful creations even if it may be tempting!“  Somehow she wasn’t convinced, but Marinette knew he would never leave without seeing both dresses.

"Alright, ladybug first” she said hesitantly before disappearing into her closet.  Chat went to sit patiently on her chaise as she went to the back of her closet to grab the hanger holding the high-low red dress she had designed for Alya.  Marinette backed out of the closet and slowly spun around to face him.  Chat’s eyes went wide as her examined the spotted dress held out before him.  

“Wow,” he breathed before slowly reaching out towards the garment.  "May I?“ he asked before Marinette moved closer to him.

"Sure.  Just watch the claws okay?”  He nodded in silence and smiled at her before lightly taking both sides of the waistline between his gloved fingers.

“You really have outdone yourself Mari” he praised.  "Honestly.  You captured M'lady’s aesthetic quite stunningly.“  He observed the spots that spread from the waistline and faded as they reached the ends of the skirt.  He knew designer quality clothing when he saw it and this dress easily surpassed many of the different designs he’d seen over the years.  "I knew you were talented Mari, but this really is beautiful work.  May I see the back?”  Marinette nodded with a light blush coating her cheeks.  She really wasn’t expecting him to give so many honest compliments.  She delicately spun the dress around so that he could admire the length of the skirt in the back and the black bow that would sit at the center of Alya’s lower back.

“This color will look fantastic on Alya.  I wish M'lady were here to see this!  She would love it I assure you,” he said with a sweet smile.  He looked up from the dress and his glowing green eyes met her sparkling blue ones.  He noticed the stunned look in her eyes and the light blush across her cheeks.  

Pink really was her color.  

He wanted to playfully tease her so badly in that moment, but he had promised.

“Thank you chat” she breathed almost silently.  Adrien was a little hurt to see her so surprised by his ability to praise her.  However getting to see her blush like that made it all worth the pain in his chest.   “Alright,” she said more to herself than to him.  "Now you can see the chat dress.  But do me a favor and close your eyes for me?“

Chat was intrigued to say the least.  "I think I can manage that,” he said with a nod of his head.  His eyes slipped shut and he released his delicate hold on her ladybug dress.  he listened to the faint sounds of her footsteps fading as she walked into the closet once again.  He heard the slight thud of her closet door closing behind her.  Adrien took in a deep breath and tried to calm his excitement.  He had meant every word he had said about her first dress.  It was obvious that she had put passion into every small detail of her work.  

The amount of dedication he had seen from her only made waiting more difficult.  She had been rummaging in her closet for several minutes, and he was beginning to believe she was just testing his patience.  Finally, his cat ears perked up as he heard the sound of a door knob turning and the door creaking open just a crack.

“Your eyes are still closed right?” she asked hesitantly.

“Of course they are.  Princess I never break a promise,” he assured her as he heard the sound of her foot steps slowly approaching him.  Her breath sounded shaky and her steps were very uncertain.  chat smiled lightly and whispered “Marinette you don’t have to be afraid.  I promised I wouldn’t tease or mock you.  You are an amazing designer and I am pawsitive that I will be blown away by your dress.”

Marinette took in a deep breath and smiled down at him.  He had been her partner fro two years now.  She knew he’d never lie to her.  "Okay kitty" she said as she took a step back from him.  "You can open your eyes.“  Chat’s eyes flew open as soon as he was given permission to look.  A few feet in front of him stood his dark haired classmate not holding, but wearing the most beautiful chat noir costume he had ever seen.  The gold embroidery on the neckline was extremely intricate and lead the eye directly to the small bell at the center of her chest.  He pulled his eyes away from her neckline with a light blush of his own before examining the satin ribbon tied around her waist.

Chat stood up and took a step towards her.  "Mari this is honestly the most beautiful piece I’ve ever seen you finish.”  His eyes traveled down to the ends of her skirt before flickering up to read her expression.  

Marinette was glowing.   Her blush had grown from a light rose to a bright magenta.  She had no idea why she felt this way.  Was it the honesty in his voice?  Was it the way his eyes had lingered at the center of her chest before slowly traveling down her body?  Her short trance was broken when Adrien reached out and gently took her hand  in his.  "Can you do me a small favor princess?“ he asked with his face now dangerously close to hers.  He held her hand up over her head and took a small step back to give her room.  "Do you mind spinning around for me?  Please.”  The low rasp in his voice was almost too much for her to handle.

Get a grip Marinette  she demanded in her head as she nodded and let out a hushed “Yeah, sure.”  She spun around one time slowly, holding his hand the entire time.  As she turned to face him she saw an expression she had only ever seen on his face when she had the mask on.

Pure admiration.

Their eyes met once again and the sweetest smile he had ever given her spread across his lips.

“You know I used to think pink was your color Marinette.  However it seems I was mistaken.  You look absolutely breathtaking in black.”

He took a step closer to her and their faces were dangerously close once more.  He was still holding her right hand in his left and he slowly brought it to his lips to place a tender kiss atop her knuckles.

Marinette was at a loss for words.  Normally she would playfully push him away with a sassy remark.  However, her mind had gone blank the moment he touched her hand.  She had never seen this side of chat when in her civilian form, but she was sure he had flirted with her many times as ladybug.  So why?  Why was this time any different?

While Marinette was silently self destructing, Adrien could not pull his eyes away from her.  Her growing blush was absolutely adorable.  He had never been able to get such a reaction out of her before.

And he liked it.  He liked it a bit too much.

“Can I ask one last favor before I leave?” he whispered, pressing his forehead against hers.  She blinked and forced herself to focus.

“Don’t you think I’ve complied with enough of your small requests for the night chat?” she managed to tease.

“I promise I will leave you in peace to finish your work if you promise me one last tiny favor.”

At this point Marinette would do anything to get a few moments to herself so she could clear her head.  she nodded and let a small smile grace her lips.  "Alright if it means I can have peace and quiet to finish the mask.  What’s your price kitty?“

"Save me a dance on Friday night?” he asked.

Marinette’s head spun out of control.  Chat was going to the ball?  He wanted to dance with her while in his civilian form!?  Only school students with invitations from the school would be allowed in.  A million puzzle pieces were flying around in her head as she desperately tried to piece them together.

“Well princess what do you say?”  His nose was practically touching hers at this point and she could feel his breath on her lips.  Come on Marinette just speak damn it she thought silently.  The puzzle pieces continued spinning around in her head as she blinked and attempted to form a sentence.

“T-that would be alright with m-me,” she managed to mumble.  Why was she stuttering!?  "The only problem is you need to be a student in order to be allowed in chat.“  She was sure this would cause his expression to change from playful to disappointed instantly.  However his smile only grew more devious.

"Oh I assure that won’t be a problem in the slightest.”  He took a large step back from her, breaking all physical contact instantly.  "I’ll be there so don’t you worry your pretty little head about it alright?  Besides, I want to see the finished mask.“  Marinette had lost all ability to speak as he chuckled under his breath and turned towards her door.  "What do you say Mari?  Is it a promise?”  He turned his head to look at her and she knew he was not leaving without an answer.  she took in a sharp breath and tried desperately to piece the words together in her head.

“Yeah.  It’s a promise kitty.  I will save you one dance,” she managed.  Chat appeared very pleased with her answer.

“I can’t wait princess,” he whispered with the same low rasp that had left her speechless only moments ago.  "Until then, I bid you farewell.  Even the most lovely of maidens needs her rest.“  He turned his head once more and headed up her steps.  Before Marinette could so much as blink Chat was gone and she was alone.  She barely noticed when Tikki emerged from her closet to sit on her shoulder.

"Marinette do you really think this is a wise idea?” Tikki asked, but Mari could only barely hear her over the sound of her heart beating in her ears.  Tikki sighed and flew over to her stash of cookies Marinette had left for her at her bedside.

Chat’s words repeated on loop in her mind as she slowly began changing out of her dress.

You know I used to think pink was your color Marinette.  However it seems I was mistaken. You look absolutely breathtaking in black.”

The next three days were sure to be the longest hours of her life.    

Part 2