the spirit of jazz

@meganegz said:

oh my god, he probably DOES have some kind of psychiatrist trauma, thanks to Spectra… these poor children; someone save them- from their environments, and from themselves. at least Danny has Jazz to talk to, and Sam and Tucker, who by extension, all have each other… who does Dani have to talk to? And I suppose that was kind of what I meant with that prime clone; limited awareness… but yeah, he probably was at least afraid, possibly in pain… great googly moogly

I really like the idea of Jazz getting her degree and then sitting down and seriously talking to Danny about all that he’s been through. She’d probably be the only psychiatrist he’d trust, because he knows she’d never hurt him like that. Aside from that, though, he’d probably be very averse to them.

I really really want Dani to be adopted by the Fentons. Yes, it’s very important for her to develop her own identity separate from Danny, but he’s literally the only family she has in the entire world. Once Danny’s secret is out to his parents, I can imagine he’d be right on top of helping her, because she’s just a little girl and she deserves some normalcy finally. And they’d be good for her. There’s Jazz, of course, and you know that especially Maddie would be so doting. It would take a long time for Dani to really adjust because wtf is this thing called love and security and she’d probably hide behind Danny or even run away a lot. In the long run, though, I think it’d be the best possible situation for her. Any other family wouldn’t really be able to comprehend everything she’s been through and what she needs.

Plus, on a lighter note, protective big brother Danny would be Very Cute.

Ah, alright. I get what you mean. I guess I was just pointing out why I think the fandom should pay more attention to him. That poor kid it wasn’t his fault that he was created.