the spirit emissary

When your heart and the heart of the Earth and the heart of the Sun are connected together with love, a special vibration enters into your spirit, and at that moment, the Holy Trinity is alive on Earth. Your Divine Mother and your Divine Father and You, their Divine Child are One in love.

~ Drunvalo Melchizedek

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Maul, Savage, and Viscus for the writing meme



1: he’s sheltered. he has very little concept of normal concepts or objects. He can usually figure them out through context and induction, but he doesn’t recognize them immediately, and it makes him seem off-putting.

2: His main mindset is that he has no equals. Everyone is either far above him, and can hurt him with impunity, or far below him. and he can do the same to them.

3: he attaches to people quickly, despite this. if he fights beside someone, or shares food with someone, or if he feels he owes them a debt, his Nightbrother brain goes “PACK!! this is my new pack-mate. friend. protect.” Except his worldview doesn’t actually allow for this- on a nurture level he has learned that he has no friends, no pack. So he struggles with his feelings immediately, trying to put them into either “master” or “apprentice” boxes when all his instincts want to do is go hunting and share the kill with them.

4: he does have a sense of humor, albeit a very dry one, and he thinks his observations are worth sharing even if he then struggles with communicating them.


1: He’s a caregiver and protector type. He’s stand-between-my-brother-and-a-charging-spear protective, but more commonly, he’s grab-you-by-the-scruff-and-make-you-eat-something-healthy protective. The Mom Friend.

2: he’s very entrenched in his culture. He struggles with making eye contact with women, he splits his food to make offerings, he prays after he eats. fire is sacred, and so is music and moonlight.

3: he struggles with having been given responsibility, and having borne great grief, too early in life. He grew up too fast and it made him solemn and awkward.

4: post-transformation, he’s very confused and very mixed-up. he has a hard time making connections or thinking outside of orders. His good heart bleeds through the confusion, but not much of his personality or his mind makes it through. as the fog begins to clear after he gets away from Dooku, this gets significantly better.


1: he feels an extraordinary guilt for being the voice of the Nightsisters to the Nightbrother tribes. No one wants to see Viscus, bearer of bad fucking news, enforcer of the witches who take our brothers away. It’s seen as an honor and a glory to be their messenger, but it sets him apart.

2: he’s a middle-aged (well, old for a Nightbrother) man with a home and a family. He raised two younger brothers, and he’s been married for probably twenty years. This home life keeps him sane, and piles yet more guilt on him knowing that because he’s the Sisters’ Voice, his husband and brothers are granted immunity. (a thin immunity, that would last only until one Sister spoke against it. but it holds.)

3: he doubts his faith every single day. the Nightbrothers worship the Nightsisters as saints, spirits, emissaries to the Gods (with varying levels of conviction and bitterness, depending on how many family members they’ve lost). Viscus is one of the few who’s been driven almost to atheism, because he interacts with them the most and has occasion to see the Nightsisters at their least godly. He’s not even sure that he can pray to the Moon-Gods anymore, hating them for putting the Sisters in charge of magic and death.

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On the whole Stiles is something front. I have thought since season 3 that Stiles will be come an Emissary/Druid. This part is new though now I think he might become Derek's Emissary. I know Derek isn't an Alpha but his power to fully transform has to come with some power. I've seen people discredit this by saying that Stiles broke the mountain ash line with telekinesis while Morell had to do it physically. But the only time we see her break it was when Deuc stabbed her and her foot broke it.

The Stiles as druid/emissary theory has been around for a long time. I’ve also seen discussions on how stiles might be Derek’s emissary (regardless of him being alpha or not) if a schism between stiles and scott will happen.

previously it’s been sort of assumed that the full wolf transformation was linked to being alpha. now we know differently. but do werewolves who can transform fully need emissaries? There is little in canon to give us any clear indication, so at this point it’s pure speculation.

i do absolutely think stiles has potential to fill that kind of role as an advisor to a pack. in fact he’s unwittingly taken on that role already, with his research, and he’s the one who usually comes up with the plans etc. He also seems to share some of the traits of emissaries (i’m relucant to use the word druid here, more on that below) with the ability to wield mountain ash being one example.

i think the part of stiles breaking the mountain ash with telekinesis rather than physically breaking it, isn’t proof that he can’t be a druid or emissary. Like you point out Morell broke the line when she fell. So we don’t really know if she possesses the ability to do it with telekinesis like stiles.

On a side note i do find it interesting that of all the ways we’ve seen mountain ash barriers broken, it’s always been with brute force:

  • Allison broke ash it with her hands
  • Morell breaks it accidentally with her foot when she falls
  • Scott broke through the barrier with force
  • The oni also broke through with force

except for Stiles who uses his mind to break it.

we’ve never seen any of the emissaries, morell or deaton show any signs of psychic abilities like that. I’m not counting in jennifer here - because she’s been messing with human sacrifices to gain powers and has made herself more. I also believe she’s the only one of the emissaries we know of that’s confirmed to be a druid. I might be totally off here, but at the moment i can’t think of a time when either deaton or morell has in fact confirmed that they are druids. They are emissaries yes - but do emissaries have to be druids? Have we been assuming stuff again?

I’m probably complicating things here, but i can’t help but feel that whatever deaton and morell are, they’re something different. But i’m straying off topic a bit …  but aside from Morell throwing perfect circles of mountain ash and Deaton lining his office with it, we haven’t seen them do anything else “spectacular”. if they have more tricks like that up their sleeves they’re not using them. i have a feeling their powers are limited, after all their mission seem to be that of “keeping the balance” - and not be an active part in conflicts. they also seem to operate mostly in the shadows  from the majority of the pack, perhaps only interacting with the alpha for all we know -  at least derek didn’t know deaton was the hale pack emissary.

based on the little we know about emissaries, they do seem to hold a sort of neutral role. they’re there to ensure that things don’t tip too largly in either side’s favor - to ensure balance. they need to be able to see the whole board. I believe stiles have the ability to see the whole board and come up with good advice and strategies. i do however believe he’s too emotionally attatched to be neutral. when he cares he cares wholeheartedly and gives it his all. if he doesn’t care, he can be ruthless and cold. i think such a role would be difficult for him to fit into. unless the schism happens and he finds himself trapped between the two.

i can see stiles as sort of a glue between the sides, but when we look at the traits he’s showing he appears to me as more than a druid/emissary. his uncanny intuition, how he forms correct theories so fast, his ability to do “impossible things”, his strenght and the surprisingly fast healing at times, suggests that he’s more than what morell and deaton are.

obviouslystiles added to another ask i got the other day about the possibility of stiles being child of the goddess Nemetona, and i find this very interesting.

I know i’m not alone in thinking Stiles is directly connected to the Nemeton in some way, and this might be the explanation if he’s half “tree spirit” - emissaries/druids seem to use the nemeton as a tool - i share the belief that stiles is rather an extension of it.

the abilities he’s shown so far are so vastly different, and if he’s connected directly to the nemeton and it’s been speculated that the nemeton is connected to the telluric currents around Beacon Hills that are probably transporting magical abilities. If stiles can tap directly into that, it would explain why he at times show such different abilities such as

  • strenght healing = werewolves/werecoyotes
  • intuition/precognition = third eye
  • immunity to electricity, possession by fox spirit = kitsune
  • moutain ash wielding, belief/bending truths etc = druids

please go to this link to read more about the stuff obviouslystiles wrote - i really like this theory :)

Based on this, and just generally the fact that stiles seem to be more than what we so far know the emissaries do, i’m not so sure he’ll slot into that role - at least not in the same way deaton and morell has been. He’s too involved for that.

But we’ve talked about a possible schism and it still looks like it will be in the works - and in that case, yes i think Stiles will end up teamed with Derek. For all Scott loves Stiles, he seems to share the sheriff’s distrust and unwillingness to believe him. Derek however listens and Stiles really did come through in 4x12 as a valuable help to anchor Liam and Derek awknowledged that.