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    We’re still caught up in the big, overemotional bubble of this show, so excuse any melodrama… but we may never recover from this. In the lead-up to the show we talked again and again about how terrified we were that they would try to ground the Iron Fist mythos, to keep it in line with the relatively tame magical realism of the other shows. This would have done a great disservice to the   character and spirit of the comics. If you’re going to make an Iron Fist adaptation, you’ve gotta just go all-in and hug the dragon… as it were.

    And they did– and with style. We got K’un-Lun existing in an alternate dimension, we got confirmation of the Seven Capital Cities of Heaven and the Iron Fist legacy, and holy moley, we even got acknowledgement of Danny’s fight with Shou-Lao the Undying! They even kept the dragon brand as an actual brand– which was just going above and beyond. We would like to thank Marvel, Netflix, Scott Buck, Finn Jones, and Shou-Lao for making all our dreams come true. 


Fifteen years ago today, I saw Spirited Away for the first time. It made an indescribably huge impact on me and has been an important part of my life ever since - I have lost count of how many times I’ve watched it, or how many hours I’ve spent thinking about it.

This is my tribute to a story that that gave eight-year old me courage to grow and a deep sense of wonder towards the world that’s still with me to this day.


Hey, guys!

Somebody tweeted me their video review of our Robbie Reyes Ghost Rider debut issue and upon listening I realized that there are a lot of readers who only know Robbie from the Agents of SHIELD TV show and are confused by the events in the comic. LOL

So I thought I’d give the reviewers a quick breakdown on Twitter to get them caught up, and also clear up some of their misguided confusion about what Ghost Rider’s new series entails.

I think most of you who follow me on Tumblr know all of this stuff already. Haha. But for any new peeps: Check it out!

Thanks again for reading and supporting, guys! Greatly appreciated, as always!

Witch girl shopping for ingredients in the spirit world. 


With all this dark stuff happening in WoW and to the Alliance, it felt needed for lil balance of a mending and festive moment.❤️ This goes all the way back to one early december morning of a sudden Eureka!

”Omg What IF.. Wrathion felt it was in his place to cheer up Anduin this specific Winter’s Veil and bombards Right with questions about typical human customs with little understanding of the symbolic gestures of things and sets off to EK in a surprise face with a new enemy, the decoration lights”!
So heartwarming to make Jaina laugh..Kalec prob held himself on guard and sober through the nerdy mood of boardgames and few..icy glares

/So many dialogue options I left Bubbles out! Leaving it to the imagination:D