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“It’s not’s just Jack.”-Ianto Jones. (Torchwood and Sexuality)

By Nate Howard

Ahh Torchwood. What a great show. Pitched as an adult only spin-off of Doctor Who, Torchwood is a revolutionary show when it comes to dealing with and conceptualising sexuality. I can count on one hand a number of TV shows that handle the LGBTQAI community as well as Torchwood does. Especially when it comes to dealing with bisexual, pansexual, demisexual and omnisexual *though I have a strong suspicion Torchwood made up omnisexual to specifically include aliens* characters, as well as Torchwood, did.

In Torchwood you have five main characters. Jack, Ianto, Gwen, Toshiko and Owen. How many of those characters engage in SOMETHING same sex at least ONCE in the show? ALL of them. Not one single person in the main cast is strictly heterosexual. That’s right, not one. And unlike shows where the entire cast is gay (such as Russell T Davies OTHER show Queer as Folk) no one in Torchwood is strictly gay either. They are all shown as being bisexual or in Ianto’s case, demisexual. (I argue that Ianto is demi because he is only shown as being attracted to one woman who was a cyborg) and Jack. That’s it. I think Ianto see’s the person rather than gender. Hence why I picked one of his most famous quotes for my title). Even the shows ‘straight man’ Owen picks a guy up for a threesome.  Gwen makes out vigorously with a female alien and Toshiko has a lesbian relationship at some point.

And of course, the shows main character, good old Jack Harkness.

Ah, Jack.

I can count on one single hand the number of shows that have a character like Jack Harkness in them. Men, Women, Aliens. Jack will be quite happy ending up with any of them. He has a sort of on and off thing with Gwen, has a past relationship with Captain John and of course his main relationship with Ianto Jones which makes up for most of the show. Though Jack ALSO briefly has a one-episode fling with his namesake, Captain Jack Harkness and of course his numerous references to his alien relationships.

And no, the references are NOT subtle.

Gwen: ‘Have you ever eaten alien meat?”
Jack: ‘Once or twice.”
Gwen: “How was it?”
Jack: “He seemed to enjoy it.”


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the nordics dancing

aph norway: he’s great at ballet-ish stuff, and can spin over thirty times without stopping. But, usually, he just does the moonwalk (like a pro)

aph denmark: though most of the time he does awkward dad dancing (for the purpose of embarassing iceland), he’s actually an insane dancer, the best of the nordics. Seriously, it’s like his feet don’t even touch the ground.

aph finland: finland’s idea of dancing is getting really drunk and climbing on a table, ripping his shirt off and screaming, so it might not count


aph iceland: picture a confused old grandpa, then throw him in a nightclub and force him to dance. the result is iceland.

Relationships Myths

There are a lot of myths around relationships. We look at some of the more common ones below.

1. You and your partner should see eye to eye – Since each individual is totally unique, with separate histories and life experiences, it’s normal for you both to have different points of view. Also, you want to be with someone who adds some extra spice, and has a different outlook, or slant, on life. You don’t just want a partner who’s a clone of you. Thus, value and appreciate your differences.

2. Romance is at the heart of a great relationship – Of course, romance is important and makes things come alive. But this isn’t Hollywood – we live in the real world. And though early love is great and can leave us in a spin it always, always fades, and eases off over time. But the good news is … it then turn to mature love – which is a richer, more stable and secure form of love. 3. You and your partner should like the same things – Because we’re individuals we all like different things – and there’s nothing wrong with that – we can do them with our friends. If you try to force your partner to like what you enjoy it will only lead to conflict and arguments.

4. Couples rarely argue in a great relationship – Burying your feelings and hiding what you think could indicate an unhealthy relationship. All healthy couples argue and disagree at times. It means you can be real, and your relationship is strong. However, be careful what you say – don’t just launch a full attack. You can’t take back your words … What’s been said can’t be unsaid!

5. My partner must be perfect (or very close to perfect) – There’s no living person who will ever reach that mark. Don’t focus on their flaws or things that irritate you. We all have imperfections and are difficult at times. Instead, remember what you liked, and the fun times you have shared.

(Note: If your partner is abusive then that changes everything. You need to walk away from the relationship today.)

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Request number two (which is much shorter) could you pretty please write a continuation/spin off/sequel of the mermaid Moonbin AU?? 😭💞💞 I almost cried reading it, it was so great~~ I really kept hoping for a happy ending even though I knew it wasn't coming for poor Binnie;; If you WANT to make the sequel have a happy ending, I won't complain ;w; , but I'm also perfectly happy with just more mermaid "tails/tales" of Bin and Eunwoo, hehe~ 😋💕💕 ~ Apple Tea anon 🍎☕️

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