the spies are not amused

41# Soft Klance of the Day: Lance finds out that Keith likes him by eavesdropping on a conversation between him and Shiro. Keith finds out Lance likes him when he overhears him ranting to Hunk about something.
“I need to tell you something.” Lance tells Keith on that same day.
“I-uh… same.” Keith says and with that they agree to meet on the Bridge after dinner.
Later, in the awkward silence Lance gives a suggestion. “So should we just say it at the same time?”
“Yeah I guess so.” It sounded like a pretty bad idea but he had no other ideas.
They both look at each other breathe in and the words come out at the same time. “I like you… oh.”
Lance laughs awkwardly. “I uhm, have to be honest, I already knew that, I heard you speak to Shiro…”
“Yeah and I heard you talk to Hunk.”
“WAIT WHAT?” Keith just shrugs,  Lance blinks. “Okay, okay so this means that we either suck at having private conversations or! We are both the best spies in the universe.”
“I think you mean eavesdroppers.” He corrects, amused.
“No that sounds lame and Lance isn’t lame. We are now the spy couple, together we will infiltrate every galra ship without anyone noticing.”
Keith rolls his eyes amused, his face flushing at the word ‘couple’. “Yeah, sure thing.”

Knock, Chapter 9

Simon leaves to pick up what you need. 


Words: 2712

Chapter 1    Chapter 2    Chapter 3    Chapter 4    Chapter 5   Chapter 6   Chapter 7    Chapter 8

When you woke up Simon was gone, leaving you alone in his room like you truly belonged here. Like you stayed over all the time. What was weird was it didn’t feel weird. It was comfortable, familiar even or at least it was more familiar than the countless places you’d slept since you’d left your home to face the end of the world.

You hooked your leg around the sheet, rolling over to check the time and gasping when you realised it was after ten. You couldn’t believe you’d slept so long and as you nuzzled your face into the scent of Simon’s pillow you couldn’t remember the last time you’d woken up without any idea of how you were going to spend the day. Dr Carson had prescribed you bedrest but what did bedrest mean anyway?

An entire day in bed would drive you crazy and even if you didn’t have work there were always other things that needed doing. Laundry, cooking, taking a shower; things that had once been so easy were now chores that had the power to consume your free time.

Laundry was the worst or at least it was for some people. The Sanctuary didn’t want to waste power running machines so everything had to be done the old fashioned way. You could barter with someone to do it for you but if you were honest you enjoyed the monotony of it and you liked the way it filled the endless hours of a day without Internet. As the idea of laundry crossed your mind you spied Simon’s pile of dirty clothes and snorted, you weren’t that desperate for amusement. Not yet.

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For @seasless. 😘

On the left we have James (Harvey suggested the name, as a nod to Mike’s dad supposedly, but Mike suspects it was actually more to do with a certain awesome starship captain), but he usually goes by Jamie, and on the right we have Gordon (absolutely a nod to Harvey’s dad and one Mike was happy to consent to), who of course is immediately Gordy to almost every one from the day he’s born.

Jamie is boisterous and full of beans. He lives for Little League (Harvey coaches his team and swears he isn’t being biased when he says Jamie is the next Derek Jeter) and water pistol fights and when he’s older he will definitely be caught raiding the liquor cabinet. He’s also crazy about Donna and will develop a lifelong preference for redheads because of it.

Gordy is quieter, a little more reserved and shy until he really gets to know you. He loves reading and drawing and is definitely the musician in the family (he could make a living at it when he’s older, of that Harvey has no doubt, already mentally clearing space in his office for the first Grammy award which Gordy will obviously gift him with). He also loves helping Uncle Benjamin with his inventions, but he thinks his Uncle Louis is a little too obsessed with cats.

The boys (fraternal twins) are adopted and yet somehow Mike can’t help thinking that they’ve both inherited Harvey’s traits. His athleticism, competitiveness and playfulness in Jamie; his loyalty, warmth and love of music in Gordy. Harvey doesn’t say anything when Mike mentions this. He just smirks and his eyes twinkle in that way which shouldn’t still be so distracting to Mike after eight years of marriage and eight years of dancing round each other before that and Mike knows he agrees.

And yet they’re both just as surely Mike’s kids. They’re stubborn and bright, compassionate and empathetic, with hearts the size of Texas. And they can wrap Harvey round their little fingers.

And whether you chalk it up to nature or nurture, they’re both as into movies as their dads. Friday night is movie night in the Specter-Ross household. There’s nothing all four of them enjoy more than snuggling up on the huge couch Mike picked out when he and Harvey bought this house together, Mike insisting on decorating it like a proper family home and not some pristine, minimalist bachelor pad. Harvey rolled his eyes and grumbled, but he didn’t fool Mike for one second. This is the home he’s always craved too.

Of course, movie night wouldn’t be complete without snacks. Some nights there’s popcorn and chips and too much soda. Other nights there’s pizza (yes, the kind with cheese in the crust) and French fries and chocolate milk. But always there’s superhero pyjamas (and that’s not just the kids, much to Harvey’s never-ending amusement and fondness every time he spies Mike in those Spidey bottoms) and soft Henley’s (which, again, shouldn’t still be so distracting, but decidedly are) and sometimes an old Harvard t-shirt or sweatshirt (and seriously, Mike wonders, does Harvey have a guy in Boston supplying him with those things or something because they can’t all still be from his college days surely??).

They take it in turns choosing an age-appropriate movie so they each get one choice a month, and, honestly, if you’d told Harvey ten years ago that this would be his life, lazing on an overstuffed couch on a Friday night with Mike’s head a warm, welcome weight on his shoulder and a beautiful, perfect, beloved son curled up on each of their laps, popcorn strewn about the place from their food fight earlier and the latest Pixar behemoth on the box, he’d have said you were crazy. But now he just shakes his head in wonderment and counts his lucky stars, all the while wondering what the hell he did to deserve all this.

And while Lily may be a part of his life again, and a stellar grandmother to the boys, he sometimes still has to swallow a not insubstantial amount of anger when he looks at Mike and their two sons and can’t even begin to comprehend the idea of doing anything that would put him at risk of losing them, put him at risk of hurting them.

But then Mike smiles at him or Jamie throws himself into his arms demanding hugs or Gordy tugs on his sleeve and asks him to play Grandpa Gordon’s records again and the knot in his chest both eases and tightens at the same time as he lets go of the anger and love floods his system all over again.

And, really, there’s no other place any of them would rather be right now than here, together. Mike and Harvey aren’t stupid. They both know it won’t always be this way. All too soon they’ll be alone on Friday nights as friends and dates take their place, and later work commitments and maybe families of their own. But that’s all right too.

Sure, they’ll miss these nights together, but they’ll still have each other (and Jamie’s rings from winning the World Series multiple times, alongside Gordy’s platinum discs commemorating his several bestselling albums because no matter what Mike says about being realistic Harvey knows their boys are destined for greatness) and they’ll have the satisfaction of knowing they raised two good men.

Two good men who will never doubt how much they were loved and wanted, and who will carry both their names, and their fathers’ names, forward into the future and bring nothing but honour and respect to them, and to the two men who taught them the meaning of family and showed them what it means to love and be loved.

And in the meantime, they’ve still got ‘Ghostbusters’ and ‘The Goonies’, the Indiana Jones trilogy (yeah, both Mike and Harvey agree they’re stopping at the third one) and ‘The Princess Bride’ ahead of them to discover anew through bright, wide, innocent eyes that they couldn’t love any more than if they were born of their own flesh and blood.

Riviera (00qad)

Under the shade of the palm trees, it was almost cold; a breeze blew softly from the sea and it brought a salty scent with it even so far up the beach and, despite moving masses of hot air, it raised goosebumps on Alex’s fair skin that was slowly becoming tanned under the brighter sun shining on the French Riviera.

Not as tanned as James, of course. In the matter of two days spent laying about shirtless - and with the help of a tan booster lotion - his lover’s skin had become golden, offering a perfect contrast to his icy blue eyes that reflected the endlessly clear sky and to his blond hair, that had already gotten a shade lighter under the strong sunlight.

Q and Danny preferred the shade, or so they claimed.

Personally, Alex thought that Danny would have really liked to get a tan but had discovered that his skin was too sensitive for a prolonged exposure - no matter how much sunscreen he had put on during the previous days, his shoulders still had burnt and a smattering of freckles had appeared on the bridge of his nose.

Q, while just as sensitive as Danny, probably didn’t want to get tanned at all; amused, Alex had lazily spied on the way his younger lover moved around the beach following the shade, towel following him like the train of a bridal dress - just like the wide, diva-like straw hat that never left its perch on Q’ s curls, made even more unruly by the salty air.

Alex yawned and turned on his stomach, cheek pillowed on his crossed forearms, closing his eyes - all the other senses suddenly sharpened when his eyelids were lowered, lashes fanned out on his sun kissed cheeks.

Above all, he could hear the sea: its voice came and went in a constant rhythm, scraping along the sand before rolling on itself and lazily stretching along the wet beach, broken only by the yachts that speeded along the horizon line and disturbed its lulling song. If he focused, Alex heard the slow turning of the pages of the novel James was reading - the decadent Hollywood world coming to life on the slightly yellowing paper; as the frequency of that particular sound slowed, Alex guessed that James was falling asleep, tired out by a long swim. He heard the steady tapping of Q’s fingers too, coding for pleasure instead for work, accompanied by the steady litany of Danny’s voice, talking about snatches of histories he’d heard about the little city - more of a village, really - they were staying in.

Also his sense of smell was sharpened and Alex filled his lungs to the brim with the curios mix of the tang of his light sweat, overlayed by the salty fragrance of the sea and the pasty smell of the sunscreen coating his body like a burial sheet. It was a scent that alone was enough to make him think about days stretching in the summer’s heat, pleasantly similar one to another. Uneventful. Boring. And safe.

“He’s fallen asleep too”

Alex wanted to reply that no, he hadn’t: he was just focused on his surroundings, slowly letting his consciousness fade away to a pale ghost as he immersed himself in the nature, became one with it. But when he tried to open an eye to playfully wink at Danny, his facial muscles wouldn’t cooperate - almost seemed to relax further - and his voice stayed trapped in his mind, too enchanted by the song of the sea to interrupt.

“Did he put some sunscreen on? He’ll burn if he sleeps under the sun”

“Yes, he has. Don’t worry”

Lips against his skin. Alex turned his head to the side a little, breathing in the scent of the man kissing his heated forehead before putting what felt like Q’s straw hat on his hair: brought out by the heat, Alex recognised the smell of Danny’s lavender-perfumed shampoo.

Then he felt nothing else but the breeze whispering in its secret language to the palm trees.

Damn, but Danny was right: he too had fallen asleep.

(When I wrote this I was high on weed under a boiling hot sun, drinking white wine straight from the bottle on a beach somewhere in between Roquebrune and Cardoles lol)

Spy AU with a twist!

Jack discovered hockey on his own, he became an amazing player on his own merits and was drafted first without any drama by the Falconers.

He had some anxiety issues during his rookie year, but manage to get through them with the help of George/the team.

He’s one of the top players out there and things are going well for him when he falls in love and starts dating Bitty, their PR intern in charge of social media who is working during the summer before his final year at Samwell.

Their relationship starts slow, but they get serious about each other and Bitty moves in with Jack after he graduates and Jack comes out soon after.

Everything is perfect in Jack’s life, and he asks Bitty to marry him. He gets a yes of course and they happily set out to plan their wedding etc.

And that’s when Jack gets kidnapped.

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anonymous asked:

Are you comfortable writing a slightly nsfw scenario where Kisame catches the reader spying on him (like good old Jiraiya), while he is taking a bath in a river?

Hope you don’t mind the angle I took this request… nothing nsfw happens, but Kisame is naked soooo that’s something right?! Haha. Thank you for requesting. ^.^

Reader spying on Kisame

The water was cool against Kisame’s skin as it washed the filth from battle off his blue form. He had left his clothes to dry on a boulder that was in the sunlight as he cleaned himself. He made sure the gunk of blood was out of his hair by running it through the light waterfall that drifted off the rocks and into the pool of water he was submerged in to his waist.

It was a quiet stream of fresh water that pooled at the base of the sunken ground before traveling further down into the forest. The pool was secluded by trees and boulders, giving a sense of security within the water.

Kisame ran his hand through his hair roughly, making sure there was no more dyes of red within his palms. He always liked it when his missions got a little messy, but he wasn’t too fond of staying in blood soaked clothes. He had parted ways from Itachi, a few days before for their mission and it was about time that they had to meet up again.

Kisame enjoyed the temperature of the water; it no longer feeling cool to him as his muscles were relaxed. Suddenly, Kisame felt eyes on him and he listened closely to the forest around him.

He barely heard a shudder of a breath coming from the trees as he concentrated and heard the faint thud of a heart beating. They were close… too close for Kisame’s liking.

Kisame acted natural, not letting the person know he was on to them as he stepped back into the waterfall, sinking to his knees. He made a quick hand sign, letting the shadow clone take his place in the water as he swam under the water to shore.

Kisame stealthily moved from the water to behind a line of trees and retrieve his now dry clothes. It only took him a minute to dress himself in his Akatsuki attire before appearing behind the intruder, ready to strike if necessary.

Kisame momentarily paused in action taking in the young woman’s appearance that was crouched on the ground. She was merely in her early twenties dressed in civilian clothes gazing fondly through the bushes at Kisame’s naked clone that was in the water. It was then that he realized she was no threat but a mere peeping tom.

Kisame couldn’t help smirking as he hid his kunai up his sleeve.

“You know I don’t particularly care to be spied on,” Kisame remarked amused, his voice gravelly.

Suddenly you whipped your head around to Kisame, squeaking at the surprise. Your eyes grew wide at his appearance, realizing how tall he actually was compared to your crouched frame. He looked intimidating up close with those sharp teeth and terrifying eyes. He was also extremely beautiful. You never seen anything quite like him before.

You have seen shinobi before, but none inhabited the little town that you lived in. Your town was filled with farmers and even though some of them were fit, none of them could compare to the range of muscles you just witnessed on Kisame’s body. Your eyes were drawn to Kisame’s frame, the image of his naked form still present in your brain.

Your cheeks began to glow bright red in embarrassment as you looked back to the pool of water. You witnessed the naked clone of Kisame poofing away, alerting you that this man clearly was a ninja. You brought your eyes back to the tall blue man that stood in front of you, averting your gaze out of guilt.

“I hoped you enjoyed the show, little peeper,” Kisame teased, watching you carefully as you bit your lip.

“I am terribly sorry… I was just… Out here to pick some berries,” you responded nervous, slowly turning around to show the cloth that held berries within your hand.

Kisame looked between you and the berries.

“You found a lot more than berries,” Kisame replied, his tone sarcastic.

Your face was blushing hard, but you picked up you gaze to look him in the eyes. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to peep… It was an honest surprise. I never seen many travelers around here… especially not ones so…. Beautiful,” you admitted, your eyes carrying a sense of sincerity.

Kisame’s eyes widened slightly. He was taken off guard. He wasn’t use to people referring to him as beautiful. He was used to being called a freak, demon, or monster. Kisame studied your features for a moment, realizing you were being honest.

Kisame smirked, before turning from you, ready to walk away.

“I think its best you scurry back home now, little peeper.” Kisame spoke, casually. He had nothing left to say after that but stopped short when you called after him.

“Wait! Who are you?” You earnestly asked.

Kisame was only a few feet from you, looking over his shoulder towards you. “Kisame Hoshigaki.”

“I’m Y/N,” you provided, hoping you would run into him again.

“Hm,” Kisame hummed as he turned his head back forward and walking away. “Maybe I’ll see you next time, little peeper.”

Your cheeks flamed up once more as Kisame vanished into the trees.

Alice was distracted reading, on the park. She wasn’t the type that keeps her eyes glued on kids when they are playing. Domie, her daughter was playing with the sand making a castle or something alone, but when the three years old little girl, run into a stranger thinking it was her mother, saying: “Mommy, look my castle!” She embraced the leg of the stranger, looking at her castle, pulling the shirt of the stranger to follow her. This is the time when Alice spied over her book to see her daughter.  She was very amused with what happening  (  she  noticed  that  domie didn’t notice it wasn’t her ) , but she stood up, going to talk to the stranger, holding the book under the arm… Dominique when looked up, noticing that wasn’t  her mother seeing, Alice approaching, she hides behind Alice.  "I’m so sorry about her. She’s just a kid..“ Well, she didn’t know if she bothered the person in front of her, but she wants to guarantee everything is okay.

anonymous asked:

Headanon: The RED and BLU Pyros switch suits every round because it amuses them to be better spies than the actual Spies, fooling both teams.

The Spies lowkey know but they let the Pyros have their fun with it


Fandom: OPM

Pairing: Saigenos (more like pre-saigenos)

Summary: Mumen gestures for Genos to voice out his dialogue and Genos squeezes his eyes shut, breath quickening just the slightest bit before he rips his eyes open, golden orbs completely focused on the task ahead. His lips part to form an O and he finally says it, his first dialogue of the show.


A/N: most definitely inspired by @cinensis‘s post ! In honour of the new English dubs :3 pointless fluff and crack, please enjoy! (set in AU)

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Fic: I don't think I love you (Thorin/Thranduil)

Summary: Prince Thranduil of the Woodland Realm promised himself to never love again. Thorin of Erebor promised himself to never need love. Both of them are different in all the ways you can imagine, and yet they are more alike that they care to admit.

When a political marriage force them to share their time with one another they will realize some promises are meant to be broken. 

Pairing: Thorin/ Thranduil - One-sided Thranduil/Bard 

AN: This story is Canon-divergent, but submerge in the world of Tolkien. It is different for what I’ve been doing lately and is my  try to political marriage and hate/love interactions. I hope you enjoy it!

Chapter 1 - Chapter 2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapter 7 - Chapter 8 - Chapter 9 - Chapter 10 - Chapter 11 - Chapter 12 - Chapter 13 - Chapter 14 - Chapter 15 - Chapter 16 - Chapter 17 - Chapter 18 - Chapter 19 - Chapter 20 - Chapter 21

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ohmypreciousgirl  asked:

Oliver decides to take a leap and woo Felicity, so she can accept to go on a date during Valentine's day, but she's completely oblivious of his interest. Diggle just stand there, laughing at Oliver's failures.

Well, this turned into a FLUFF MONSTER, that’s for sure! It was only supposed to be a drabble, but it turned into a full blown one-shot. I regret nothing.

Be Mine

Three times Oliver asks Felicity to be his Valentine and the one time she say yes.


Valentine’s Day is less than a week away. Felicity has already made it abundantly clear that she’s got no one to spend it with and will most likely be staying home with an expensive bottle of wine and a gallon of mint chip ice cream while everyone else is out and about enjoying their couple-y things. She doesn’t sound resentful of all the lovers out there, but Oliver senses she isn’t happy that she’s spending another year alone all because of the double life she leads as his assistant and IT specialist.

He’s been wanting to ask her out for ages now. It’s been over three years since she joined the team, and those three years have been less than stellar due to his idiocy for not seeing what was right in front of him in the first place. Although, he has to admit, with every failure, they seem to grow stronger as friends,

He vows not to make her wait any longer. She’s become more than his friend or his partner. She’s become someone he adores and wants to spend more than just work time with. They’ve done a few things outside of work, like dinner or a movie night here and there, but Felicity would always sit as far away from him as possible.

Oliver doesn’t blame her. He understands where her weariness comes from. After all, he’s made a complete and total mess out of his love life ever since he came back from the island. Helena, McKenna, Laurel, Isabel and Sara are among the names on his “what the hell was I thinking?” list.

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For the Girl Who Has Everything (1/2)

Summary: A dangerous, parasitic creature traps Emma in a fantasy life in The Enchanted Forest where there was no curse, while Killian and Henry try desperately to save her before she’s lost to the fantasy forever.

A/N: Okay, I posted this on Sunday, but pulled it after it was apparent that everyone was focused on the premiere/Vancouver con. Anyways, I’ve always always wanted this sort of premise to be the series finale of OUAT, where Emma falls into a fantasy where the curse was never cast, so when I watched the episode of Supergirl by the same title, I knew that I had to write a similar story for Emma.

Read On: AO3 |

For the Girl Who Has Everything

Emma swam slowly to consciousness, snuggled tight in the fluffy comforter that blanketed her and Killian’s king size bed. Eyes still closed, she stretched out a hand behind her, seeking him out, but was instead met with chilly sheets. Pouting, she opened her eyes to find herself alone, her handsome pirate nowhere to be found. Instead, she found a piece of paper lying on his pillow, and she recognized his loopy penmanship instantly. Curious, she pulled it towards her, lips curling up as she read his words.


Happy birthday, love. You looked so peaceful sleeping, I hadn’t the heart to wake you. Henry and I have absconded early to run a few last minute errands for your day, so you have the morning to yourself. Downstairs on the kitchen table you will find a few tokens of felicitations from around the community. As for myself, I look forward to properly wishing you a happy birthday when I return; in fact, I shall hardly think of anything else.

All my love,


Emma smirked at his underlining of the word ‘properly’, and imagined one spine-tingling kiss that probably would not be appropriate for Henry’s eyes.

She clutched the paper to her chest, thinking about how different this birthday would be from the one she’d had 6 years ago, blowing out a candle alone in her sparse apartment, wishing for the family she’d never had. In the years that followed, she’d sometimes thought about what it would have been like to grow up in the Enchanted Forest with her parents, what kind of life she’d have lead, what her birthdays there would have consisted of: a big ball thrown in her honor, no doubt, with a triple-tiered cake with lots of candles and her parents beside her urging her to make a wish.  

Emma smiled wistfully. She hadn’t thought about those fantasies in a while, but it was sometimes fun to let her imagination run wild a bit. Next year’s birthday would be even more different, she realized, laying her hand across her still flat stomach.

Yesterday, after a few consecutive mornings of ending up on her knees in the bathroom throwing up her breakfast, she’d finally taken a pregnancy test, and if the little pink plus sign was any indication, she was pregnant again. At first Emma had been terrified, feeling like that 17-year-old girl in the jail cell again, but then she realized how irrational she was being. She had everything that 17-year-old girl hadn’t; parents who believed in her, the greatest son in the world, and a man who was constantly coming up with new ways to show her how much he loved her.

She and Killian had been through so much, had fought so hard for a future that had seemed impossible at times. Tonight, she would finally tell Killian the good news and she knew he would be just as happy and excited as she was.

Stretching happily, Emma spied the clock on her bedside table, it’s red numbers reading 10:14. Even if it was her birthday, she probably shouldn’t just lay in bed all morning, no matter how appealing the idea.

She went about her usual morning routine, showering and making the bed neatly so she didn’t get scolded by her ridiculously meticulous pirate. When she made it downstairs, the house was still quiet, a sign that her boys were still out and about. On the kitchen counter there was a box of bear claws with a note that said, “Happy birthday, Mom!” and she grinned before happily digging in, thankful that her favorite breakfast food agreed with her stomach today.

She had a mouth full of bear claw when she noticed the pile of presents Killian had mentioned on the table. Emma picked through it, shaking her head in amused exasperation when she spied a Doctoberfest cup amongst the collection. Most of the presents were cards from various townspeople, and Emma read them all with a fond smile on her face.

A relatively large black box tied with a thick white ribbon sat amongst the pile and Emma eyed it skeptically, hoping Jefferson hadn’t given her another strange top hat like he did last year. She shook the box experimentally. Whatever was inside was definitely heavier than a hat, she determined. Frowning slightly, Emma untied the ribbon and popped open the top, and suddenly had to duck as something came springing out.

“What the hell?” she exclaimed, looking wildly around for the thing or creature that had come from the box. She could hear it making a mess of her living room judging by the shattering of glass that sounded like her side table lamp. She cautiously inched into her living room, hands raised, ready to blast the thing with her magic, when the noises suddenly stopped.

Emma’s eyes darted from side to side, but there was no movement. A sudden tingling on the back of her neck prompted her to turn around, but it was too late. The creature was on her in an instant, wrapping its tentacles around her body, and the last thing she saw before she hit the ground was the black box lying on its side next to the kitchen table. Then, there was only darkness.

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