the spiders are some of my favorites

Okay, MCQ apparently needs some fluff right now based on peoples’ reactions. So here.

We have everyone as their favorite superheroes (I don’t actually know if Spider-Man is Error’s favorite, but the strings were too good to resist, okay). Fresh is Captain Planet. And Geno is his hero, Uncle Asy.

Fresh, Geno, and Error © @loverofpiggies

Asy © @furgemancs

MCQ © @alainaprana

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Can I request some more Shiro and Lance texting (like the spider one, that's my favorite on this entire blog). I live for the shenanigans those two would get up to. Love the blog, by the way! :D

hey dog idk if this is even close to what you’re looking for but it’s 4am and this was the first thing to pop into my head lmao

(thanks for the ask and i’m glad you like the blog!! :) i promise there’ll be better shiro/lance banter very soon so keep an eye out! <3 )

Halloween Baking - MONSTER POPS hilights

•"Terrible Halloween!“

•"Welcome back to Dan and Phil    


•"half a teaspoon of vanilla extract"


•Phil going to the other side of the house just to say “And the coating!”

•"Phil Lester"

•"Stand in the hallway of shame. 5 minutes.“

•"Let’s get cookin”

•"Do you think anyone’s sexually attracted to spiders?“

•Dan standing on Phil’s foot

•Phil X Barry fanfiction 

•"sniff that. No don’t lick that!”

•"Make a spooky noise.”


•"I ate some dodgy tacos last night.”

•"Get that in my mouth. Just a little bit.“

•"Teach me, Dad”

•"That is a clean release.“

•”What is a vampire’s favorite fruit?”

•Phil’s cute tongue bite when he laughs 


•Baking video doesn’t actually include baking

•"10/10 spook"

•"We’re putting a stick into the monster’s unbaked muscles" -Phil Lester surprisingly 

•Phil wouldn’t recommend playing golf with the dough balls

•"Yes, we are adults"

•Phil says rolling sweaty sand is a good thing 

•"That one is a bit dented. Oh, it’s Glenn!“ I took this as a personal attack.

•"it’s thicc”

•Phil’s fast forwarding noise 

•"Take that, bread, you fucking dick.“


•"Dr. Ulker, more like ‘marry me now’“

•Phil ate 40 of the 340 grams of chocolate needed

•Threaten to sue the coconut oil if it doesn’t go in nicely with the white chocolate

•"Dinosaurs are scary, man”

•"Look at those hard balls”

•"Half an hour has passed. Half an hour has passed. What do I want in here? I want your ass. So we can open the fridge.“


•Demogorgon cake pop now with realistic face opening action 

•"Oh my god. I’m ACTUALLY having an orgasm"

•DAPGO comes out in a couple days 

•"Have a terrible Halloween!“

peter parker || nsfw alphabet headcanons

now here’s the rest of the nsfw alphabet headcanon for peter parker. hooo boi, some of these might get descriptive bc i love this spider-boy so much. he’s my husbando, waifu, boyfriend, and soulmate wrapped into one perfect package, and i love him so fucking much.



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When I watched My Hero Academia, I couldn’t help but notice that everyone’s favorite frog-themed hero had some remarkable similarities to everyone’s favorite spider-themed hero. Both can crawl on walls, both have something long and sticky they can use for various purposes, both have animal-themed abilities…

Granted, I don’t think we’ve seen Tsuyu actually use her tongue to swing from place to place (at least not that I can recall) but I wouldn’t rule it out.


For years I’ve been wanting an MCR tattoo and today was finally the fucking day. Like Seriously I’ve been an MCR fan since I was 7 years old, they have not stopped being my favorite band since. I gave my artist creative freedom with some of my ideas and he came up with something better than I ever would have imagined myself (the best part was he was another huge MCR fan too). Even though Danger Days was my least favorite album, it came out during a really dark time in my life where I needed that more upbeat happy music to give me the strength to keep me going. MCR has saved my life many times and I will never stop appreciating what they did for me and so many other people. This was done by Chris Cook @ Studio Thirteen Tattoo in Orlando 🕷❤️

I'm getting a pet!!!!

Hey Guys! Great News! I am getting a pet!!!!!!

I am so excited I want everything to be perfect!

I want to be a really good owner so I’ve decided to do a lot of research, it wasn’t hard, all of the information is out there, like he wrote a step by step guide for his favorite things. Max is going to LOVE his new home on my farm. I have a ton of land for him to run around on, and after I get this electric fence installed I bought on the internet he will never escape!!!!

Okay so first I know he’s going to need some toys. The guide seems to suggest that he LOVES bugs, specifically spiders so I scoured the internet for somewhere to buy clutches of spider eggs. I’ve got them all set up in boxes around his room ready to hatch, he’s going to love it!! I got a few centipedes from my crawlspace too, just Incase the spiders don’t make him happy enough.

I wanted him to feel at home so I went ahead and got some decorations too. That was a LOT of work. First I had to go to the hardware store and get a shovel and some gloves. Then I had to read the news for all the surrounding counties to see where the freshest ones would be. There were  six funerals for children in the last week within a fifty mile radius, so I set to work immediately digging up the graves. These little bodies will definitely make him happy. I wish I had got some fresh ones for him to play with, but if he’s a good boy I’ll work on it FOR SURE!!

The last thing on my list was the hardest to obtain. He’s going to need food. I caught a lucky break whenever I saw the ad for the medical waste disposal technician at Planned Parenthood! I put in my resume and was hired almost immediately, I knew this was just going to be the best food, so instead of incinerating the little globs of fetal tissue I just put them in bags and took them home to freeze.

Now everything is ready, all I have to do is go pick him up!! I can’t wait!!!

Peter Parker x Stark Reader  So Your a Stark Pt.3

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Peter’s P.O.V

Y/N and I decided to watch (insert favorite movie). We didn’t say a thing once the move started but for some reason my spider senses we’re going off. I looked at Y/N and she just blankly stared at the TV. I don’t think there is any real danger but there must be something going on with Y/N. She looks deep in though like she is deciding between life and death.

“Hey you ok there Y/N?”

“Yea….*sigh* No…. I don’t know”

“You wanna talk about it”

“Well Tony has been great you know trying to be a dad and all , it’s just that I feel that after I move in with him he will just toss me to the curve. I feel like he’s just putting on a good show for my grandparents , and then he will make him look good for the press and I just feel like he doesn’t actually care about me, that he only care how will I can boost up his image. I mean…… *sigh* Sorry I should stop. This isn’t your problem”

“ No it’s ok really. Do you really feel like Mr. Stark will do something like that I mean he has been spending so much time to get to know you for you. Most dad who find out that they have had a secret daughter usually freak out or go back into hiding. He wants to spend time with you I mean he missed so much already.”

I don’t know why but I started to record our conversation on my new watch Mr.Stark gave me but I feel like he needs to know how she feels about having him in her life.

“Listen if Mr.Stark didn’t care about you he wouldn’t be trying so hard to be in your life. I mean he wanted to take you to school and pick you up today. He wants to make up every year he’s missed, I mean who wouldn’t you’re amazing Y/N”

“You really think I’m amazing Pete?”

“ Yea I do. Not to ruin the moment and all but you should call Mr.Stark and tell him where you are it 9:00pm right now “

“Yea wouldn’t want him to kill you spiderling”


You got off Peters bed and went too grab your phone from your backpack next to the door. You just got you phone out when you turn back to Peter and see him all in shock.

“H-How… Where did you hear that from?”

“Come on Pete my dad is Tony Stark you really think I just thought you were one of this interns.”

“ What are you talking about I’m just his intern.”

“ Ok whatever you say Bug Boy……Hey dad …. Yea I know….. Time just flow by so fast….. What do you mean you’re not here where are you?…… Why are you in Brazil?….yea I’ll ask … yea see you later”

“ What happened? Why is he in Brazil?”

“ He said Avenger stuff and he wanted me to ask if it’s ok that I stay the night and that he will pick me up in the morning”

“ Umm yea I don’t think May would mind you know she loves you.”

“Thanks Pete… umm can I borrow a shirt please?”

“ Yea you can pick whichever one you want. I gonna call May and tell her what’s going on I’ll be back.”

The next morning

“So you’re telling me this is how they would sleep when her mother would let her sleep over? Don’t you think this is a bad thing?”

“Calm down Mr.Stark nothing has ever happened. I mean look at the they look so cute. You know I have always taken a picture of them whenever they would sleep over I have all of them plus some more of them when they were growing up, If you ever want to see them. Well see Y/N growing up.”

“ I would like that May thank you very much, why don’t you get them and I’ll wake her up and get her ready to go.”

“No let them sleep I can show you some videos I have from Y/N 6th birthday”

“Umm okay and are you sure they’re ok like this?”

“Yes they are, now come on I want to show you how Y/C/E her eyes we're”


Some of my favorite new Marvel characters from some of my favorite new comic books! Kamala from the Ms. Marvel book, Miles from his new 616 Spider-Man book, Miss America and Black Panther from the new super sciency and super good Ultimates, X-23 from the All-New Wolverine (a title she well deserves)and the incredible kick ass female Thor from the new The Mighty Thor book. I love them aaaaaalll I want to draw them forever

Okay, major brainstorm, and I think there’s a non-zero (if only just) chance it might actually work out. Among other things, the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer introduced my new favorite superhero movie characters, Four Mooks Wearing Store-Bought Avengers Masks:

Somehow, some way, these idiots have managed to steal my heart just as they tried to steal the contents of an ATM with an honest-to-god laser, before being smacked around by a lightly radioactive nerd. I realize there’s no more need for a Phil Coulson-type character or group of characters in the role of “shows up in all the Marvel movies to let you know they’re connected” now that all the heroes are just showing up in each others’, but I wanna see these guys pop up all over the place. In Ragnarok, in Captain Marvel, trying and failing to pull an overseas job in Black Panther, thrown into the Microverse in Ant-Man & Wasp, narrowly avoiding atomization in Infinity War, getting beaten to a hideous collective pulp in one of the Netflix shows to remind us that’s part of the MCU too. Just the saddest, most ambitious, unlucky bastards in this entire universe. They should hook up with Turk sometime, I bet they’d agree they’ve all got Vision, and then by sheer nightmarish coincidence get busted by the actual Vision.*

So fast-forward 5 years or so to the post-credits scene of one of these movies, and haha, it’s our favorite morons - what shenanigans are they gonna get up to this time? This time they’re casing a construction site, but wouldn’t you know it, it all goes wrong again. They’re running like it’s a Three Stooges sketch from some guard dogs, stopping behind a wall to catch their breath, when it suddenly catches in their throats as they see a…crowbar? 

But something’s wrong. There’s something different about this. It seems almost to glow from within, a sickly turquoise. And it’s covered in runes, and in spite of being from some unknown language, they understand its words instinctively and perfectly. This crowbar has been imbued with something greater, touched by a force from beyond the knowledge of the ancients, of the gods themselves, a relic of a time before time, charged with power beyond power for those willing to take it. And as one they leap for it, desperately, knowing this is their final chance to seize a greater destiny, and as their hands meet around it LIGHTNING STREAKS DOWN FROM OVERHEAD, AND—-!!!

And that’s how we get THOR 4: That’s Right Babe, It’s The WRECKING CREW!

* How have Turk and Vision never run into each other in the comics? I’mma hold that in the back pocket just in case, but if Mark Waid or Charles Soule catch wind of this, feel free - a paltry 50% cut of the paycheck for that issue/arc in question would be a perfectly reasonable ‘thank you’.


I’m feelin sappy so here are some of my favorite pictures with my girl that we’ve taken in the past year

and yes we were Danny and Sandy from Grease for Halloween. Next year we’re doing Gwen Stacy and Spider-Man :)

I’ve seen people talking about how they want a different take on Tony Stark/Iron Man, but ignore this:

SERIOUSLY! This is tied with Spectacular Spider-Man for my favorite Marvel tv show, and that’s high praise.

Want a show that deals with death? 

Tony spends almost the entire series trying to cope with the loss of his father.

Fan of classic villains but think the might be to silly to take seriously? Not a fan of how the Cinematic Universe handled the Mandarin? Want to see a multifaceted character who you don’t know whether to trust, pity, or hate?

Want to see adaptations of some of the more famous storylines?

Season 2 Episode 5: Armor Wars

Want a dangerously genre savvy villain?

He’s one of the few villains who is never outright defeated.

Do you like crossovers/teamups with other marvel characters?

of note:

  • Yes that’s Nick FuryBlack Widow, Hawkeye, and Grey Hulk (who’s had enough of your jibber jabber)
  • The reason they’re looking up: Black Panther just saved them by shielding them with his quinjet.
  • Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that is Rescue

Most of you reading this have no excuse not to watch this, it’s on Netflix


It has been brought to my attention that Netflix has taken it off of streaming

JonTron {Sentence Starters}
  • "What happened to your face? You doin' alright?"
  • "Shit, I hallucinated all that, didn't I?"
  • "Did I just trip up that robber with a spider and then do a moonwalk?"
  • "You feel me? You feel me on this?"
  • "I don't see anything wrong with that."
  • "This is the best game ever! Cue the song and dance!"
  • "This is amazing! How long have you had this?"
  • "You're hard to love, but you're harder to hate."
  • "Who's running this hotel? The Addams family?"
  • "Now this next one is actually one of my favorite ones."
  • "Goddamn it! How could you do this to me?"
  • "That is the face of someone who's seen some shit."
  • "Am I dead yet?"
  • "Look at all these games!"
  • "Well, that's about enough life for me for one day."
  • "I can't believe you'd do this to me!"
  • "What is it with these fucking nuts?"
  • "Now I can knock 'em out with my impressive science skills!"
  • "I guess some things you just never forget. Some scars never heal."
  • "You're just a... you're a fucking asshole."

Imagine Person A seeing a post saying “Do you ever need to hug someone for like three days straight” and immediately thinks of Person B. Bonus if Person B is far away at the time. Alternate bonus if Person B is literally right there and Person A hugs them and refuses to let go.