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Lessons (Tom Holland x Reader)

He always knew you were talented but when he saw you riding for the first time, he was mesmerised. “Wow, you’re amazing (y/n),” he said. You just smiled and thanked him before you helped him onto the horse. His arms wrapped around your waist as you ran the track another time.

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Flying in to See Tom

(Kind of a part two to the last text imagine)

Harrison had emailed you the ticket and you couldn’t be more happy. After six months without being able to touch your boyfriend, you’d had enough. You wanted physical contact with the man in your life. Texting, Skype, phone calls and FaceTime were useful but not the same.

The car trip to the airport had you buzzing, your excitement through the roof. You had already dropped Tessa off at Tom’s parents, they had shared in your excitement to see Tom, they had to listen to Tom whine about missing you every time he called them.

The flight to Atlanta from London was 9 hours and 10 minutes without stopping anywhere, luckily you had brought your laptop and noise proof headphones in your carry on.

Three hours into your flight, a few younger girls hesitantly approached you. You smiled at them knowingly.

“Hi, are you Y/N, the singer?” The taller blonde one asks, the two shorter brunettes and medium sized redhead gazed at you in wonder from behind her.

“Yeah that’s me. Are you lovely ladies fans?” You ask, removing your headphones and pausing your movies, you lived for meeting your fans, they were your life.

“Yeah. We have all your albums.” One of the brunettes tells you. Your smile grows as they gush about your amazing work.

“Can I take a selfie with you ladies? I love having fan selfies on my phone.” You ask shyly, they nod enthusiastically. You take a selfie on your phone, then each one of theirs.

As they’re leaving, the redhead pipes up. “Are you going to surprise Tom?”

“Yeah. I can’t wait to see him.” You blush, a little embarrassed about the situation.


Harrison picks you up at the airport with a few others from the Spiderman Homecoming cast. The ride to the set is filled with laughs as they fill you in about your boyfriend’s behaviour the last six months.

“I can’t wait to see him.” You say adjusting your sunglasses on your nose.

“I can’t wait to see the look on his face when you get to see him.” Zendaya looks at you through the rear view mirror.

When the car stops, your heart skips a beat. Harrison and Zendaya lead you towards a trailer. A trailer with Tom Holland written on a star beside the door. Harrison knocks on the door.

“Go away, Harrison. I want to be left alone.” Tom yells from inside.

“I’m pretty sure you should open the door, babe!” You say standing on the steps of the trailer, Zendaya behind you, her phone out filming.

“Y/N?” A crash sounds from inside the trailer, as Tom appears, the door almost taking you out as he pushes it open with much force.

“Hi-” You barely utter out as his hands grab your face and connect your lips. This is heaven. He pulls away quickly to double check you’re actually there and he’s not dreaming.

“I missed you.” He says. , wrapping his arms around you waist. “How’d you get here?”

“Harrison planned it.” You say as you bury your face in his chest.

“I’ll have to thank him later.”

Disney Ride Ideas for Underrated Movies


Journey to Atlantis- A ride reenacting the journey to Atlantis. Escape the machine guarding the city and ride through the tunnels, encountering deadly fireflies and explosions as you go.
The Heart of Atlantis- A simulator where you fly from Atlantis to save Kida, riding their flying fish vehicles. Each rider has to start it up themselves with the crystals provided by ride staff.

Big Hero 6

San Fransokyo Flight- Fly through the city of San Fransokyo on Baymaxs back. Riders will experience Hiro and Baymaxs first flight and run into Hiros friends on the way.

The Incredibles

The 100 Mile Dash- A jungle roller coaster that’s so fast it can keep up with Dash. Ride in the henchmans train cars.
Metroville Madness- Experience superhero action in the city of Metroville with the Incredibles! This ride would be very similar to the Spiderman ride at Universal.

Inside Out

Train of Thought- Take Rileys Train of Thought and journey to headquarters, visiting famous landmarks in Riley’s mind as you go! Warning: Giant clowns may appear.

Meet the Robinsons

To the Future!- Get inside the time machine with Wilbur Robinson and experience the future! Ride is a simulator that mimics flying.

Treasure Planet

Escape from Treasure Planet- Ride in a skyship similar to those in Peter Pans Flight. Riders will experience Treasure Planet about to self destruct and ride to their escape. But unlike Peter Pans Flight, it will be a a much rougher ride. Jim Hawkins will solar surf beside you.

Wreck it Ralph

Heroes Duty- Blast as many cybugs as you can with the help of Sergeant Calhoun. Not a ride but more like a laser tag experience.
Sugar Rush- A roller coaster that’s like the race track. Each cart is a different racers car. Carts hold up to six people at a time.

Today, my brother came to me and said, “I have an idea that is going to make me totally rich.”

He suggested an FMA theme park. The rides would include a drop of fear esque one he calls “The Portal of Truth.”

“So you start at ground level and then what is beneath you is the eye. And once the ride starts, the eye lights up and the floor opens. And you drop. And as you drop, all around you are projectors and screens showing you the Truth. It’s a great idea.” 

Then there would be a ride not unlike the Spiderman ride at Islands of Adventure where you’d help Ed save the day from the homunculi. So you’d be wearing 3D glasses, in a simulator. (”Ed will jump on your cart and kind of whine, ‘AW, CRAP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? This is dangerous!’”)

Another of his ideas for this simulator included Colonel Mustang showing up to help. (”Mustang will come in like ‘Need a hand, Fullmetal?’ and Ed would say, ‘Took you long enough, Colonel!’ And then Mustang will snap his fingers. That’s when we get the fire effect. Like on Spiderman.”) 

Additionally, he thought up a ride similar to the Haunted Mansion at Disney World called “Pride’s Playhouse.” (”And outside there will be a playground for the kids. Slides made out of shadows.”)

And a ride modeled after the Men in Black ride at Universal (a ride where you’re in a moving cart that takes you through a city where you shoot aliens for points). His idea is that you go on a mission with Hawkeye to shoot the zombie soldiers from the end of Brotherhood, but once it’s clear they cannot be killed with guns, Riza will shout, “WE CAN’T KILL THEM WE HAVE TO RUN!” and the ride will go crazy. Idk. Just go with it, I guess.

And I really don’t know what else to say. He was so stoked about this when he was telling me. And it’s an amusing concept if nothing else? XD

“Dreams Come True”

REQUEST (by anon):  Could you write an Peter Parker x reader where the avengers go on a vacation to Disney world, and Peter Parker finally tells you how he feels and the avengers are like “finally!”?

NOTE: I just got back from Disney World so this was perfect haha I apologize for taking so long, but this is quite a big one! Thank you for requesting!

PS. Thank you for 700 followers! It’s barely been a month and it’s been awesome having you wonderful people around to talk to :)

WARNING: 9 600-something words of fluff! Could be fatal!

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     Standing at the check-in area in the LaGuardia airport, you and the rest of the Avengers waited to get your boarding passes and check in your bags. Though Tony thought it would be better to take one of his private jets, the rest of you wanted to have a normal vacation with no special treatment, no powers, and no fighting. But now, it seemed like that was probably a good idea. 

    The line was so long that you’d been waiting for twenty minutes and had only moved a metre forwards. Sighing, you glanced at the watch on your wrist. 

5:30 AM

     Groaning internally, you sat on top of your luggage and observed how everyone else was holding up. Steve and Bucky seemed to be having an intense discussion, but strangely, you kept hearing the words “hot dog” and “pretty princess”. Sam and Scott were glued to their phones and probably playing Pokemon Go since they were shouting about “eggs hatching” and walking around in circles in the limited space they had. Wanda and Vision actually seemed to be having a normal conversation, though every few seconds Vision would levitate off the floor before Wanda pulled him back down. Tony, Rhodey, Clint and Natasha were discussing the itinerary, and Tony no doubt was planning some sort of super-expensive surprise or something. 

     Smiling a little to yourself, you turned your head, your eyes coming to rest on the teenage Avenger beside you. Peter Parker leaned on his suitcase with his head in a book, his eyes scanning the pages intensely. You watched as he read, his mouth parting slightly at a certain part and his eyebrows drawing together at another.

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So DIO’s World or whatever the Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure 4d ride is called was announced a little while back, which upsets me because I was just thinking how cool that would be a week before it was announced! I thought it looked neat, but then I made a trip to Orlando and rode the Spiderman ride at the Universal Park there, And I found how much potential the ride has, so I made a storyboard of how I would want the ride to go.

The line leads through a set of familiar buildings and rooms from Part 3, starting with the Cujoh household, then the plane where Tower Gray was fought, the ship strength, and finally the hotel in Singapore where Ebony Devil was fought.
Throughout the line, Television screens and photos, all showing signs of Purple Hermit’s usage, explaining the story of Part 3 up to this point, the TVs in the hotel have a message from DIO, saying something along the lines of “Hello, Joestars, I see that you have gained a small following of worthless mortals (referring to the audience) to assist you on your useless quest in attempting to eliminate my reign, I just wish to tell them, my own stand users will stop at nothing until each of you are destroyed in my name.”

Riders get into Jeeps to ride in the desert, now the description will follow along with the storyboards, using the numbers:
1. Joseph Joestar stands off the side of the desert road, talking to a local with some throwaway comedic lines (“You wouldn’t happen to know someone by the name of Zeppeli, would you?”, “That’s a neat arrow you got there.”, etc.)
2. The car seemingly zooms ahead on it’s own, Joseph shouting to wait for him.
3-5. Hol Horse runs up alongside the car on a horse, Calls out his “Emperor” and shoots at the riders (simulated through bursts of air)
6/7. Polnareff rides up on his own horse, clearing out Hol Horse with silver chariot. The jeep speeding past,
8/9. a helicopter in the distance crashes,
10/ 11. Geb rises out of the sand and splashes the audience, N'Doul threatening the riders.
12. Iggy jumps and farts on N'Doul’s face.
13-15. the jeep reaches a city, taking turns until they reach an shadowy alleyway, disguising a figure at the end.
16. Vanilla Ice and Cream step out of the shadows, being especially threatening.
17/18. a fiery ankh (along with the heat that the riders feel) hit Cream, Avdol gives the riders some kind of support, and informs them that DIO’s mansion is just a little bit further.
19. The ride backs up and turns to go ahead.
20-24. The ride approaches DIO’s mansion, Kakyoin is happy to see the riders, however a ominous “DUNN” comes from the mansion, when the riders face Kakyoin again, it becomes clear that Kakyoin is really yellow temperance.
25/26. Joseph Joestar tosses Rubber soul aside, out of breath after catching up with the riders, fog materializes from the other side of the car in front of the stairs into the mansion.
27-29. DIO, starting in his trademarked DIO pose, turns around to once again threaten the riders
30. Jotaro approaches, the car moves into the mansion with him.
31-33. DIO summons THE WORLD, which uses a stand rush on the car, throwing it back until DIO stops time.
34. Knives are thrown, applying a wind on the riders.
35/36. Jotaro walks in front of the car, and knocks it out of harm’s way with star platinum.
37. the knives whizz pass as time resumes. applying more breezes in another direction.
38-41. The World and Star Platinum exchange stand rushes, the vibrations of the impacts shake the cars, first, the world gains an upper hand, but soon after Star Platinum turns the tide of the fight, the shaking increasing more and more.
42-44. Star Platinum knocks The World, and by extension DIO, out the window and into the daylight, where a final WRYY can be heard.
45. The ride wraps up, Jotaro thanks the riders and their picture is taking, maybe the threat of Kira is foreshadowed. with Killer Queen’s Glowing eyes.

The real ride is almost definitely already finished, but I thought I would share this anyway. If you could, would you please drop some thoughts in the comments or whatnot for a hopeful future imagineer? Thanks so much!

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i was thinkin about universal studios and i thought about islands of adventure and theres a spiderman ride there and i kind of imagines connor going on it and just being like :0 !!!! after it and he probably rides it so many fukcn times ma n happy connor gives me life

my inner jared was about to type connor loves to ride spiderman huh ;)

but, yesyesyeysyes happ y connor

-mod jared