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Lessons (Tom Holland x Reader)

He always knew you were talented but when he saw you riding for the first time, he was mesmerised. “Wow, you’re amazing (y/n),” he said. You just smiled and thanked him before you helped him onto the horse. His arms wrapped around your waist as you ran the track another time.

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Today, my brother came to me and said, “I have an idea that is going to make me totally rich.”

He suggested an FMA theme park. The rides would include a drop of fear esque one he calls “The Portal of Truth.”

“So you start at ground level and then what is beneath you is the eye. And once the ride starts, the eye lights up and the floor opens. And you drop. And as you drop, all around you are projectors and screens showing you the Truth. It’s a great idea.” 

Then there would be a ride not unlike the Spiderman ride at Islands of Adventure where you’d help Ed save the day from the homunculi. So you’d be wearing 3D glasses, in a simulator. (”Ed will jump on your cart and kind of whine, ‘AW, CRAP! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE? This is dangerous!’”)

Another of his ideas for this simulator included Colonel Mustang showing up to help. (”Mustang will come in like ‘Need a hand, Fullmetal?’ and Ed would say, ‘Took you long enough, Colonel!’ And then Mustang will snap his fingers. That’s when we get the fire effect. Like on Spiderman.”) 

Additionally, he thought up a ride similar to the Haunted Mansion at Disney World called “Pride’s Playhouse.” (”And outside there will be a playground for the kids. Slides made out of shadows.”)

And a ride modeled after the Men in Black ride at Universal (a ride where you’re in a moving cart that takes you through a city where you shoot aliens for points). His idea is that you go on a mission with Hawkeye to shoot the zombie soldiers from the end of Brotherhood, but once it’s clear they cannot be killed with guns, Riza will shout, “WE CAN’T KILL THEM WE HAVE TO RUN!” and the ride will go crazy. Idk. Just go with it, I guess.

And I really don’t know what else to say. He was so stoked about this when he was telling me. And it’s an amusing concept if nothing else? XD

Disney Ride Ideas for Underrated Movies


Journey to Atlantis- A ride reenacting the journey to Atlantis. Escape the machine guarding the city and ride through the tunnels, encountering deadly fireflies and explosions as you go.
The Heart of Atlantis- A simulator where you fly from Atlantis to save Kida, riding their flying fish vehicles. Each rider has to start it up themselves with the crystals provided by ride staff.

Big Hero 6

San Fransokyo Flight- Fly through the city of San Fransokyo on Baymaxs back. Riders will experience Hiro and Baymaxs first flight and run into Hiros friends on the way.

The Incredibles

The 100 Mile Dash- A jungle roller coaster that’s so fast it can keep up with Dash. Ride in the henchmans train cars.
Metroville Madness- Experience superhero action in the city of Metroville with the Incredibles! This ride would be very similar to the Spiderman ride at Universal.

Inside Out

Train of Thought- Take Rileys Train of Thought and journey to headquarters, visiting famous landmarks in Riley’s mind as you go! Warning: Giant clowns may appear.

Meet the Robinsons

To the Future!- Get inside the time machine with Wilbur Robinson and experience the future! Ride is a simulator that mimics flying.

Treasure Planet

Escape from Treasure Planet- Ride in a skyship similar to those in Peter Pans Flight. Riders will experience Treasure Planet about to self destruct and ride to their escape. But unlike Peter Pans Flight, it will be a a much rougher ride. Jim Hawkins will solar surf beside you.

Wreck it Ralph

Heroes Duty- Blast as many cybugs as you can with the help of Sergeant Calhoun. Not a ride but more like a laser tag experience.
Sugar Rush- A roller coaster that’s like the race track. Each cart is a different racers car. Carts hold up to six people at a time.

riding Peter’s thigh would include

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  • being alone in his room cause aunt May has gone to shop
  • you’re there with him to study for your math test
  • random songs on his ipod are playing in the background
  • him just sitting there being the hot cutie that he is
  • and oblivious to the looks that you’re giving him
  • being turned on by how smart (and obsolutely alluring) he is (bc let’s face it, intelligence is the biggest turn on)
  • then  “she makes dirty words sound pretty” by ptv starts to play
  • it starting out as you jokingly giving him a lap dance
  • he’s blushing too much at your terrible lap dance skills
  • mouthing the lyrics to him while he’s sitting there all doe-eyed staring at the way your hips move
  • you kinda grind too low and frot against his thighs a lil accidentally
  • it feels good so you just go for it
  • a small moan escapes his lips
  • “d-doll w-what are y-you doing?”
  • shutting him up by kissing his luscious lips
  • “pete, do you want me to stop?”
  • “god, never, please never stop”
  • peter nervously stammering when he realizes what you’re going for
  • moaning into each others mouths
  • playing with the short hairs on his neck
  • a lot of lip biting
  • his thigh is solid, he has like 0 fat and very little give to his muscles
  • tentative hands on you waist sliding down to grope your butt
  • him encouraging you to go faster
  • “peter i am-
  • “shh don’t talk, just ride”
  • him helping you come with his fingers
  • seeing some precum soaking into his pants 

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