the spider returns

Honest to god Wade is me

Bucky: [talking about Peter] I swear, the kid gets more and more like you every day.
Tony: What, you mean more attractive, sweet and… devilishly charming?
Bucky: No, he’s driving me crazy.

Skyline {II}

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Warnings: Language

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 2.8k

A/N: Guys!!! I’m seriously blown away at all the commotion and excitement around Skyline.  In the two days that I’ve posted it, I’ve had to turn off my notifications just because they were blowing up!! Thank you so much for all that you’ve done and, hopefully, will continue to do…as there will be a Skyline pt. 3 and possibly pt. 4!!  One quick thing I’d like to mention, however, is that I’ve gotten a lot of requests to tag people in my writing.  While I’m honoured that you guys want to know as soon as possible when I update, I’ve had so many people request to be on a tags list that I’ve just decided not to do one.  I don’t ever want to leave someone out or forget about someone, so I thought it’d be best to not have one at all.  I really hope this doesn’t affect you guys too much, but if you follow me, I usually give pretty regular updates on what’s going to be coming soon.  And, with that out of the way, I hope you enjoy!!

{part I}

It had taken a few weeks, but life after your meeting with Spider-Man had finally returned to normal. The groups of people hanging around your locker had broken up, the teachers stopped questioning you in front of class, and only three people asked if you had Spider-Man’s number when they wrote in your yearbook.  Despite the attention you had received, however, your school year had come to an uneventful close.  And although you were grateful the interrogations had stopped, you were less than overjoyed about the dullness your days had once again become coloured with.

Your time was filled with events in which variety was far and few.  You woke up at the same time, ate the same breakfast, took care of the same two year old next door, visited your same friends, and tried not to notice the slow ticking of the clock on the wall.  It wasn’t that you didn’t enjoy the time with your friends, or your favourite toddler; it was just that you felt…different.  Different in a way that you couldn’t explain, or even put into words.  Just different.

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  • Alec, in the shower: Magnus!
  • Magnus, entering the room: Yes, Alexander? Am I being invited into-
  • Alec: You have to get rid of the spider! It's on the soap!
  • Magnus:
  • Alec: Please?
  • Magnus: you're just using me for my spider catching skills
  • Alec: I'm not-well, maybe a little, but, that's not-I mean, there's much more to you than just that!
  • Magnus: uh huh. show me the spider
  • Alec: it's-oh god, it's gone! *scrambling out of the shower* Magnus, I think we should burn this shower
  • Magnus, looking Alec up and down: Whatever you say, darling
Skyline {III}

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Warnings: Blood

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Word Count: 3.2k

A/N: You guys!!!!  I can’t believe you are all so nice honestly!!!!  I hit 500 followers today so as a thank you, here is pt. 3 a day earlier than expected!!  Forgive me if there are any mistakes, as I stayed up late to finish it (I have to be up in six hours for work oh lord) and I really hope you guys like it.  There most definitely will be a pt. 4, and possibly pt. 5, as this scene became longer than expected, and I decided to split it between two chapters.  Again, thank you so much, guys.  All my love.

{part I} {part II}

As the end of August neared, you began to fear the return of school.  Not because you hated it—in fact, you were fond of school.  You liked learning, you liked seeing your friends from certain classes, and you even missed some of your teachers. However, with the return of your school came the return of Spider-Man’s school.  He had explained to you how difficult it was to balance the responsibilities of his civilian life with the responsibilities of being a superhero. Between those tightropes of time management, you doubted there would be any hours allotted to visiting you.

You knew that you had no right to be sad about your predicament.  The right thing to do would be to not think selfishly, and just be happy with the time you were given with someone who doesn’t normally share their world. But, no matter how many times you had a talk with yourself, you still couldn’t bring yourself out of your melancholy thoughts.

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Today’s a special day! Today is not only Father’s Day, but Alex and Ariel Hirsch’s birthday! Let’s celebrate by cracking open your copy of Journal 3, prepping your blacklight and invisible ink pens, and jotting down everything here in the special edition so you can have a copy for yourself without resorting to eBay or shady second-hand Craigslist deals!

I was lucky number 02149 to get a copy of the special edition of Journal 3. Well, lucky as in “I could afford to buy it and pre-ordered it back in March the exact day I heard about it going on sale.” Still, I am PSYCHED to share this with everyone! Admittedly I didn’t take photos of every single page – only the ones with black-light effects that were more than ink spatters. Some I had to take [kinda big] pictures of individually, to be able to read the text properly, and others were multi-page spreads that I couldn’t resist capturing in their beautiful glowy glory.

Of course I’ll be captioning them all for you, in case you can’t download/read them. Also, there’s a few secret codes in here! But did you really expect anything less? Also also, this is a 9 page word document (not counting pics), so I’m splitting it up into 3 parts. Especially considering the size of these pictures. 

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kirsty-shadowdancer  asked:

Hey I have a highly inappropriate question that came to mind. Are Muffet's spider friends - just regular spiders. Or are they monster spider - that will someday grow up to look like Muffet? Worse question - are they strangers - or are they Muffet's children. I ask cause of another AU I was reading.

It’s a symbiotic relationship. Muffet is a type of Monster called a Spider Queen. The spiders she is queen of are technically regular non-monster spiders, hence why they do not become dust upon death. Being near Muffet grants them sentience, longevity, and incredible physical strength (for a spider). So they never stray far from her. Otherwise they would become mundane spiders again. In return for giving them superpowers, the spiders revere Muffet as their ruler and she acts as their benevolent queen.

Day Two | Part 2

Summary: You have a crush on Peter, but Peter has eyes for someone else. Will you ever get the boy of your dreams or will you have to remain friends and move on?

Characters: Peter Parker (Tom Holland) x Reader

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,533

A/N: ANOTHER ONE! Thank you all for the feedback on Day One! I can’t believe how many of you guys are excited for this series. Anyways, enjoy, and don’t kill me. Part 1 can be found here.

When you got home yesterday, a nap turned into a full night’s sleep. When you woke up, you had about a dozen text messages from Peter. You didn’t bother opening them, instead you got up and went to shower. You looked at yourself in the mirror and had puffy eyes. You could only hope they would be gone by the time you got to school because you didn’t want anyone asking what was wrong. As soon as you thought of it, you remembered that you had to help Peter today. You were scared for him that he would be rejected, but who would reject a sweet person like Peter?

You sighed and started your shower, and your mind was running through every scenario that could possibly happen today. You had to think of what would happen if Liz said yes or if Liz said no, and ways to congratulate or comfort Peter. You just knew today wasn’t going to be easy at all. When you got out of the shower, you walked to your closet and pulled out denim jeans and a floral Hawaiian shirt, it was a simple outfit, but it got the job done for today’s theme. You didn’t bother with your appearance today, you just combed your hair and went to the kitchen where you grabbed a granola bar and a banana, and that was your breakfast. You hoped as you walked down the stairs that you wouldn’t run into Peter. It was too early to deal with him right now.

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Remember when...

Remember when Tom was cast as Spider-Man? That was two years ago

Remember when the Civil War trailer 2 showed us Spider-Man and we all were so excited?
Remember when the best part of Civil War was Spider-Man and we all loved Tom as the character? When the ending of the movie said “Spider-Man will return”?
That was last year

Remember when they started to announce the cast for Homecoming?
Remember when they started shooting the movie and we all got these set pictures and we went nuts everytime there were new ones?
Remember when the cast posted something about the movie?
Remember when they posted a picture exactly one year before the movie came out?
That is almost one year old

Remember the sadness the whole fandom felt when the shooting of the movie was over?
Remember the happiness and excitement we all felt when we saw the first trailer on Jimmy Kimmel?
That was 7 months ago

Remember when Tom won the BAFTA Rising Star and we were so proud of him?
That was 5 months ago

Remember when the second trailer came out and Tom leaked it a night before?
That was 3 months ago

Remember when the press tour started and the red carpet was amazing?
That was last week

And now…it all comes down to July 7th when the movie that we are all waiting for comes out.
Just two or three more days depending where you live.

Time does flies by…

imagine peter being distant with you...

[recently, you realize that whenever you’re around, peter would act strangely.]

[after 6 years of dating, you figured that you and peter would be closer than ever, but was quickly proven wrong in just a few weeks.]

[his eyes would remain wide and wild at the mere sight of you.]

[and before you could ask him what was wrong, he’d make up some excuse and leave.]

[he would be gone for longer hours when he’s out and about as spider-man, not returning until he was sure that you were asleep.]

[you end up crying every morning you wake up without peter beside you.]

[so you conclude that peter is cheating on you.]

[you’re positive he doesn’t love you anymore.]

[so one evening, while peter is away, you start packing your stuff together.]

[you’re ready to leave with tears blurring your vision when you empty one of your drawers…]

[only to find a sparkling diamond ring beneath all of your shirts.]

[seeing the ring makes your throat turn dry, and you stop packing your things altogether.]

[mesmerized by the sparkling diamond, you gingerly place it on your left ring finger.]

[it’s a perfect fit.]

[was this why peter was so distant with you?]

[after a few hours of you spent looking at the ring in a daze, peter comes home, carrying in his hand a bouquet of your favorite flowers.]

[he sees you wearing the ring and panics.]

[“oh my god, how did you find that ring?! i swear i left it in my sock drawer!”]

[“you nerd, you hid it in my drawer.”]

[peter sees your clothes scattered everywhere and notices your half packed suitcase, eyes turning wide when he realizes that you were about to leave him.]

[“i’m sorry. i thought you were cheating on me because you were so distant. forgive me?”]

[peter just drops the bouquet in response, stepping closer to you as he held you tightly before kissing you.]

[you lean against him, arms wrapping around his neck as you kissed him back, hearing peter murmur a soft apology against your lips.]

[“i love you and i’m sorry for making you worry. you’re the only one for me… i was trying to wait for the perfect time to do this and ended up being so nervous that i couldn’t even look at you.”]

[peter then gets down on one knee, kisses the ring on your finger, and asks, “will you marry me?”]

[your kiss was all the answer he needed to that question ♡ ]

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Ugh P.7 [Peter Parker] [Soulmate AU]

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Pairing: Peter Parker x Female!Reader

Warnings: Cursing, more angst, mentions of pain etc

A/N: Woop Woop! Angst is my shit asdfg ahh and so are misunderstandings and miscommunications. I’m sorry but I’m also not- and this ones kinda short, kinda not, part 8 is in the works c;

Part 6, Masterlist

Everything ached- his side burned, his throat was raw and all he could taste was blood. The metallic taste stuck to the roof of his dry mouth and made him cringe a little. He was so damn tired of tasting his own blood. With a shaky sigh, he let his eyes flutter open, taking in his surroundings. This wasn’t his room- he was sure of- oh. You. He remembered now- you patched him up, you saved him. Now here you were, on your side, laying next to him as you slept. God- the sight was incredibly painful. It hurt him more than anything because he wanted this. He yearned for this more than he yearned for anything in his life. He wanted this- wanted you. He was only a teen, but he was so unbelievably ready to one day wake up to you. He was ready to fall straight off the deep end for you and all your quirks. He wanted to learn all he could about you- wanted to be the reason you laughed and smiled. He wondered what your laugh sounded like- or how you looked when you laughed. Did you crinkle your nose? Did you hold your stomach and double over? Or did you cover your mouth and snort all sweet like?

He would never know, would he?

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