the spice shop

spice up those coffee shop AUs
  • sure, i used to be a regular, but i literally haven’t been to this coffee shop in two years. how do you still remember my order??
  • you wrote my name down wrong the first time i came here and i didn’t correct you, but you’re really sweet and now i don’t know how to tell you you’ve been calling me by the wrong name for the past month.
  • i’m the manager and one of the other employees keeps drawing amazing art on the chalkboards, but i can’t figure out who it is?? i’ve been keeping a meticulous schedule to figure out whose shift it appears during
  • i work opening shift, but whenever i get there at 5:30 somehow you’re always already there, looking flawlessly put together. you haven’t even had your coffee yet. tell me your secrets.
  • we’re coworkers but we work different shifts and communicate exclusively through post-it notes. maybe i should just give you my phone number already so you can tell me more about the lady who ordered a latte for her ten year old.
  • you and your friend always sit at the table a couple down from mine and gossip in [insert language here], which happens to be a language i’m currently learning. i’ve been eavesdropping to try and improve my listening comprehension and oh my god are you actually talking about how hot i am??? 
  • i love hot chocolate So Much but it’s embarrassing to be the adult ordering hot chocolate at a coffee shop, so do you think you could announce that it’s a different drink when you’re giving it to me??
  • at the local coffee shop, there’s a chess set set up in one corner of the shop and every morning i move one piece. later in the day, someone else always moves a piece too. i’m dying to know who i’m playing against.
  • i’m a new hire and you’re trying to show me how to use the espresso machine. i actually already know how to use it, but i’m pretending to be incompetent so that you’ll keep talking to me. please don’t fire me.
Teas for Witches: the Basics

I can talk about tea literally all day (and I have because I’ve worked in a spice and tea shop for years), and there is SO much to talk about with both health and magical benefits. Teas are made from tea leaves called camellia sinensis, with the exception of herbal teas/infusions. For this, I’m going to list magical and health benefits by type of tea.

Black Tea

Feminine * Earth * Winter * Strength * Stability * Death * Expelling Negativity * Alertness * Energy

Black tea is the most fermented and oxidized of all teas. Its tea leaves look shriveled and black. It combats heart ailments, digestive problems, high cholesterol, asthma, and breast/menstrual problems. Black tea also has a lot of caffeine (47 mg, still less than coffee) and too much of it can cause acidity issues in the stomach.  

Examples: English/Irish Breakfast Tea, Assam, Darjeeling, Lapsung Souchang, Ceylon, Earl Grey

**There is a subset of black tea called Pu-erh, a post-fermented black tea. Some consider this to be the “purest” of all teas and connect it to the aether, as it is rare and valuable.

Green Tea

Masculine * Fire * Summer * Passion * Healing * Conscious Mind * Sexual Health * Love * Energy * Progress * Magic

Green tea is slightly steamed but not fermented, which maintains its green color. It has many health benefits, such as detoxifying, reducing cholesterol and weight, boosting immunity and stamina, and reducing blood glucose. It has less caffeine than black, but still some. 

Examples: Jasmine, Sencha, Matcha, Gyokurocha, Genmaicha, Hojicha, Gunpowder, Dragonwell

Oolong Tea

Feminine * Water * Autumn * Reflection * Meditation * Wisdom * Serenity * Concentration * Romance * Friendship

I always describe Oolong as being between Green and Blacks, since it is half fermented. It can help manage weight and stress, balance blog sugar levels, remove free radicals, and promote healthy skin and bones. HOWEVER, too much can actually speed up bone degradation because it sweeps away excess calcium. And beware of its high caffeine content (I used to drink Raspberry Wulong to pull all-nighters).

Examples: Milk Oolong, Formosa, Wulongs

White Tea

Masculine * Air * Spring * Happiness * Wisdom * Moon * Purification * Protection * Clarity * Cleansing * Beginnings

White tea is a little harder to find. Either the tea leaves are plucked as immature leaves and steamed, or the leaves have not been processed (there seems to be little consensus across cultures). Some have a small amount of caffeine. It’s a great antibacterial and antioxidant, and it improves the heart, oral health, and skin. Drinking a couple cups works better than one, and you can reuse the tea leaves, granted that the second cup will brew longer.

Examples: White teas come in many flavors and are usually labeled as white tea. You may need to seek out a tea shop to find some.

Herbal Tea

Magical properties depend on which herbs are used

This tea seems to be the most popular for witches on tumblr, because it is composed of dry, unprocessed herbs, seeds, fruits, or roots, and has no caffeine (as long as the herb doesn’t!). There are many recipes online as herbals are easy to make. In general, herbal tea promotes calm, reduces cholesterol and risk of heart conditions, cancers, and diabetes. Due to its lack of actual tea leaves it has less antioxidants than other teas. Some don’t even call it a tea, but dub it Herbal Infusion.

Examples: Rooibos, most Chais, Ginseng, Chamomile, Peppermint, Spearmint, Hibiscus

**Yerba Mate is an herbal tea that is notorious for its high caffeine levels (you’ve probably seen the energy drink). It also zaps one’s appetite and can become addictive, so be careful around this tea!

As always, feel free to add/message me of any corrections, and I hope you find your cup of tea!

a list of things that remind me of you:

turtleneck sweaters / violin cases / eating chocolate icing from the jar / the entire score of Wicked  / honeybees / hot chocolate / cinnamon / 7am / writing letters / checking the mailbox / checking the mailbox again / black ankle boots / minivans / bad parking jobs / gelato / the gaslight anthem / mumford and sons / anything played on the ukulele / custom lingerie / fake red roses / post-it notes / German / naughty schoolgirl contests / nuns / obscure indie music / Ohio / 9:30 Club / E.E. Cummings / Avatar: The Last Airbender / holding hands at the movies / flip phones / ordering chocolate milk at a restaurant / ferris wheels / 22 / drunk voicemails / Birdies Coffee Shop / honey spice rooibos tea / polka dots / pianos / pool tables / the way it feels when you ache and ache and ache and then sink to the bottom of the bathtub and for just a few minutes it doesn’t ache anymore
—  trista mateer

i STRONGLY advise you to switch from women’s deodorant to men’s deodorant if you haven’t already. here’s why:

  1. men’s sticks are larger AND (generally) much cheaper than women’s.          for example, you can get a 3oz stick of Old Spice Pure Sport High Endurance Antiperspirant at Target for only $2.54, whereas Dove is only a 2.6oz stick, and at the cheapest is $3.89, usually more. Same with Secret products.
  2. many female deodorant products (including Dove) contain aluminum, which is known to be a big cause/risk of getting breast cancer
  3. if you’re a generally sweaty person and don’t really shave under you arms like me, men’s deodorant typically has MUCH more endurance
  4. it still smells pretty bomb! so what it’s not fuckin pomegranate wildflower cherry blossom baby powder tropical breeze scented? the scents are still fresh!

tl;dr: save money, get more for less, less risks of breast cancer, and it smells FRESH AF

For all those who think Nick would never have forgiven Juliette, I’d like to refer you to the absolute heartbreak on his face as the woman he loved for years–whatever she’d done in the last couple of weeks–died in his arms while choking out his name one last time.

He would have forgiven her. It would have been hard, maybe, it would have taken time. But he would have forgiven her.


Maybe the only way to really piss Aomine off was to misspell his name on his bad days. Well, you did pull a reaction out of him after all.

10/10 of the 1k follower series
Pairing: Aomine x Reader (female)
Rating: K+
Word Count: 1034

                for fluffy-knb-scenarios who is part of the protect aomine squad

Grumbling, he muttered out his name to you who were working at the counter that day. He was tired after another exhausting session of practice and all he wanted to do at that moment was drop dead on his bed. However, his teacher seemed to have other plans by piling up his homework since he had been missing class too much.

He scratched the back of his head and looked around the relatively empty café. Guess he could do his homework here or something. He grabbed the cup of coffee from the barista and was about to take a sip when he noticed the name. Ahomine. Fuck. What the hell?

His eyes snapped over to where you stood at the counter, smiling devilishly at him. What the hell was your problem? He glared at you and marched over to the counter. “I should demand a refund for this.” He held up his cup. Why did you look so familiar? He could’ve sworn he’d seen you before somewhere. “What the hell is this?” He wasn’t that pissed about the name because people misspelled it all the time but he was already tired and that stupid smirk on your face was pissing him off.

“That’s your name, Aho-chan.” You smiled sweetly at him again.

“I said Aomine.” He narrowed his eyes at you.

“Isn’t it the same thing?” You shot him another cheeky grin.

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