the sphere magazine

DAY 2587

Jalsa, Mumbai                  May 16/17,  2015                 Sat/Sun  1 : 26 am

At work .. at social event, the neighbours have a marriage .. and at peace. Peace always comes when it is least desired. But really peace is a frame of mind. Desire to be framed, to be in the knowledge that this utopia shall perhaps never last forever .. nothing does ..

Touch someone’s life and you have touched the heavens. Speaking about it, or sharing it, removes the heart from it. Leave all but the heart !

Work is intermittent and with space in between, and there is a relief in some sense which quietly whispers in your ear or the brain, which ever is available, that there are many pending works that could and need to be taken care of. Suddenly all around is the opportunity of working for myself rather than for another in a professional capacity. So .. reset the desk, fill in the spaces for the innumerable gift books that have arrived and lie desolate and undesired almost within their spheres. Write responses for magazines and eminent scribes. Read .. write and speak .. to anyone .. and if no one, then to your image .. on a wall, in the bath to the mirror, a shadow … anything .. but speak .. its reassuring !!

The surprises of life are the ones which arrive unannounced of course .. but those that are unexpected, yet expected. PIKU was always a simple slice of life in the day and at times the night, of a family of limitations ..

For it to be patronised in various avataars, in homes and in domesticity, in relations and in its many rebirths, in the hearts of those that have limited time, in the feel of being most domesticated, in professional justifications and onward destinations .. all depict the love for life and its deeper settings. Just one gesture at times creates a mile stone. We have not tried to do so, but we have given a spark of it within our permitted limits ..

There is a certain something that attracts people to a creation. At most times the largest successes have been those that never trudged away from themselves. But yes if there are people that wish to follow example, that wish to be in the same boot .. err … sorry same boat, then there are ways and means of doing all this under the nose and patronage of his authority. Who’s authority ? I really would not be able to guess a guess .., but yes authority is right .. benign may it be, but authority. Respect comes from those all around that have the benefit of authority. It has a proven record and it is genuinely presentable and certain ..

I need to elaborate on this .. but another DAY perhaps .. 

For now ..

Amitabh Bachchan