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-crawls out of sewer and slaps this onto table- H e y

Checked and confirmed: The Spine is a toy.

He moves like one of these:

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And he might in fact be related to Sherriff Woody… reasons as follows (besides his movements of course):

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He tries to stay upbeat in tough situations…

He sure loves being a cowboy.

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Dang it, Rabbit…

And sometimes he just loses it.

Yep. He’s a giant toy. Though actually I guess that’s what they all are, that was kind of the point… oversized novelty music boxes…

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Fun for ages 4+. Choking hazard (in that Hatchy is always trying to eat things he shouldn’t).


Here are the first two E-cards from my SPG Christmas project =) sorry the third one can’t be posted until i get all the coloring in (but i will post it later when i have them) and i was going to do a credit list but names have got so muddled up i’ve lost track of who’s done what. so i’m just going to say thank you so much to everyone who’s contributed it’s been amazing getting sent these stunning artworks all thewout this month. Really, you guys are the best! <3 i look forward to the launch of my next project in January so i get to work with even more ridiculously talented SPG fans till then have a merry Christmas and a happy new year <3  


Just learned that there is a better way of posting this than the link thing so yay! X3

Wow it makes me look narcissistic that my picture is the thumb nail….



our contribution to the SPG Malfunction project


(you may want to mute it, the mic picked up a lot of unnecessary sound)