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Unnecessary Lotor Meeting Headcanon

Imagine this:

• Lotor first meeting the whole crew planning on attacking but immediately lays his eyes on Lance (I been seeing fan art i needed to jump in, okay??)

• Keith is jealous by how much this guy is paying his full attention to Lance because that’s his what the heck???

• Lotor wanting to take him as a prisoner with intentions of stealing Voltron too

• Lotor dissing Keith everytime he talks or butts in and is a sass king (i just have a feel)

• Uncomfortable Lance, Flirty Lotor, Fuming​ Keith who is ready to fucking explode

• It became Keith vs. Lotor so fast that everyone else just kind of doing their thing and beating off anything trying to attack

• Lance would tease Keith of going to Lotor if he didn’t do something Lance wanted

• It immediately back fires and turns to being Keith pinning Lance to the wall

• Do not mention Lotor


• He cradled Lance​ in his arms and it wouldn’t be the same if it wasn’t him even if the little shit denies it

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are you russian? is виктор никифоров really the russian spelling of victor's name??

[ No, I’m Dutch. But yes, it is. (: Though in Russian, Victor is Viktor. It’s why so many people refer to him as Viktor (even if Victor is the canon spelling). Viktor is more “culturally accurate”.]

Suddenly Shinra appears
  • Izaya: Oh no! I'm completely innocent in this, Shizu-chan!
  • Shizuo: Oh look at the root of all evil calling himself "innocent"
  • Izaya: Oh yeah? I'm the root of all evil? Then what is Shinra?
  • Shizuo: root of all male yandere.

Japanese Visual Dictionary:  弁護士 (lawyer)

I’m learning Japanese slowly and have been wanting to put together a visual dictionary for learning kanji. Thought I’d start posting them for fun!

Note: I’m learning, things may not be entirely accurate!

Edit: Fixed a spelling error! 


i love that all the paladins have fuzzy lion slippers so i decided to draw them in their pajamas

It’s a bit disheartening to see the YoI wikia mod(s) openingly mocking people who have asked them, as a highly used fandom resource that should be accurate, to use the official (correct) spelling of Victor’s name. Keep that to your personal venues, not the wikia blog. That’s just incredibly unprofessional and, imo, speaks volumes about the reasons they refuse to change the spelling (spite).


Your weekly reminder that:

  • Victor Nikiforov’s name is officially spelled with a C as decided by the show’s writers
  • The YOI Wikia is WRONG, they know it and they refuse to correct their mistake, therefore invalidating their role as a source of objective, factual information. If they can’t even get a main character’s name spelled correctly, then none of their information can be considered reliable because who knows what else they changed just because the admins wanted. (ETA: At the very least now they have a note that acknowledges Victor as the canon spelling, but why they insist on keeping the incorrect one is beyond me)
  • If you write it with a K because “that’s more correct in Russian”, I hope you also write Atabek Altyn, Yuriy Plisetsky (or Yuri Plisetski) and Akuseeru, Ruuppu and Ruutsu Nishigoori, because those are more accurate and correct spellings in relation to those characters’ countries of origin, and if you don’t use those spellings, then you don’t care about being “culturally appropriate” and are just being stupid :D

If you spell it with a K for aesthetics… I mean that’s your prerrogative and I’m not gonna bitch at you for it but I’ll also never undestand why

Wolf Of Antimony's Masterlist

I try to keep this master list updated, but no promises. Accurate as of 9/7/2016.

Spells, Rituals, Methods, Techniques, Skills, and Practices.



Audio Sigils

Tarot And Oracle Spreads

Question - Come answer these questions I’d love to hear your feedback.



the librarian - pjm au

pairing: reader x park jimin

genre/summary: angst & romance. “if it weren’t for mrs. seymour assigning your class the novel romeo & juliet; you’d probably have never met park jimin.”

word count: [ 2160 ] 

ch.two [soon] ➯  masterlist

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a/n: not sure if this will be a series or not but if i should continue or even if you like this, feedback is really appreciated.

The buildings around your high school are cozy and convenient which you couldn’t be more thankful for and even though everything seems nice like your mother previously explained over a million times, you weren’t convinced if moving to a whole new city would fix the problems that you’re trying to escape.

“Now where’s the library around here? these textbooks aren’t going to rent themselves.” A hint of annoyance evident in your tone, waving your phone around for better signal in hopes to get your directions to stop freezing up, but luckily for you, the storefront appears in front of your eyes.

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Can people who post spells n shit PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD write why we're using certain things in a spell like it's intent so we can find ACCURATE substitutions please?????


houkago-japanese  asked:

hey, do you have any recommendations for studying hangeul and/or korean pronunciation? i really want to study korean, but i just can't seem to understand hangeul since i do not get the romanization.

Hi^^ To learn 한글, I made flashcards of all the letters. I would look at them while listening to YouTube videos on Korean pronunciation, repeating the sounds over and over until I felt like I was pretty accurate. Then, I forced my friends to quiz me during study hall (one side had the 한글 and faced me, while the other side had IPA and faced my friends).

I would not recommend using romanization at all. If you come here to Korea, want to read a book in Korean, etc., there isn’t going to be hardly any romanization (street signs, station names, etc. but that’s about it). Unlike Japanese and Chinese, which often uses romanization for input (called romanji and pinyin respectively), Korean doesn’t. There are also several romanization systems which also makes everything even more confusing than it already is. 

Learning the alphabet without romanization from the start will keep you from becoming too reliant on it and will get you used to the pronunciation much more effectively (or at least I did). Certain consonants change sounds when they are in final-initial pairs, so for example, if you romanize part of my street name, you’d get jeongreung-ro, even though the pronunciation would be more like jeongneung-no. But if you romanize it according to pronunciation, you wouldn’t be accurate to the spelling. Hence, I believe it’s just best to use 한글 and only 한글.

I also recommend taking a look at @languageoclock‘s post for general tips on how to improve your pronunciation (for any language) and checking out this site for Korean pronunciation examples (you can also use it for other languages, I just linked it straight to Korean).

These are my opinions and what worked for me though, so something else might work for you instead! I hoped this helped a bit, and if you guys have any questions on Korean (that don’t have answers easily found by Google, ex. if you want a definition, please check a dictionary first and if you still don’t find it, then go ahead and ask) I will always do my best to answer!^^

prattprattpratt: Me and Jack had such an awesome time fishing at @kualoaranch with John, Casie, @jasonmorgan and company. We love  making new friends and are so extremely grateful for the experience. Mahalo to the Morgan Ohana for showering us with the aloha spirit. This “Jack Fish” or Papio might even be an “Ulua” which is what you call a trevally over 10 lbs. (we didn’t weight it) I think the above information is mostly accurate though likely spelled wrong. All I know is this fish fought like hell and tasted amazing!!! #jurassicworld #fallenkingdom #whatsmysnack

Writers Creed Interviews: @bumbleblossoms

It has been so much fun getting to know the wonderful Miriam( @bumbleblossoms) Please do take a moment to read this interview and find out about her writing experiences, what happens when an 11-year old ends up on the wrong plane, a glimpse of how a first grade novel looks like, and more! Thank you for sharing with us glimpses of your life!

Writers Creed: So tell us about you username and how would you like us to call you?

Miriam: My username was partially just an in the moment decision where it popped into my head and I loved it. The other part of it was that I wanted to express the way I feel about writing, and often times, things feel so accidental, like I’m just bumbling along with no idea what I’m doing. The rest of my poetry is passion and love combined with that bumbling, and I felt that flowers really showed it. But once again, it was nearly accidental where it popped into my head and I loved it. You can call me Miriam, I don’t mind going by that or by my username.

WC: Aha that’s a good enough reason for a username. Alright Miriam sounds good :)

So tell us how you got into writing. What made you start?

M: My mother is a writer, she loves poetry and novel writing, and I grew up listening to her stories every night. When I was in first grade, I decided I wanted to write a novel just like my mom. Obviously, because I was in first grade, it was an amusingly awful novel. I still have my old journals saved and go back to look at it every now and then. Somehow, I managed to spell the word ‘beautiful’ about 20 different ways and never stuck to the same one. The book was based off the Jewish story of Purim with many creative embellishments. After that, I kept on trying to write novels and ended up writing 3 during middle school and 1 during high school. It wasn’t until my freshman year of college that I started writing poetry, and the thing that had always held me back in the past was that because of my experience with writing novels, I tried to structure the poems too much and never let myself free with my thoughts and imagination. During this past year, I fell in love with poetry as a form of freedom. I’ve used it as a sanctuary to express myself and work through struggles, and I’m really glad I started.

WC: Aw, like mother like daughter. Sweet. Wow what a great story, I mean I think we would all love to see a fun glimpse of your first grade writing 😂

M: Ah well, I may actually be able to follow up with that. I’ll see if I can dig up some fantastic quotes

WC: Now that would be amazing! :) Now that you have discovered poetry, could you pick between the two if I asked you which you like more?

M: Honestly I could not pick because it’s all what stage of my life I am in and what I need at the moment. Novel writing was kind of my ultimate goal in life for a long time, but I think at the moment I am at my peak of growth and emotional flexibility, and I have really needed something that had this flexibility and freedom. I do expect to shift in and out of which one I like more over the years.

WC: Do you have anything published? Would you like to?

M: [I] have never published anything, and although I would love to be published, I also know that I might not be ready yet. I am comfortable letting myself grow and learn and improve until I am in a better place to publish my work.

WC: That is a great idea. We should always be striving to improve ourselves.

M: Here is a wonderful glimpse into the first chapter of my first grade novel:

“My name is Ester. I live in pershaw. in the palace the Queen Vashti is having A party so is the king. the king desides to show his ghests bateful vashi. he tels his servants to go tell vashti to come and dance but when they ascked her she refewsd. the king banashed her but after that he became lonly. he desied to throw a sleep away for all the girls of persha. When i got the letter I began to cry. I know I was the most buteful of all the girls and he woud pick me for Queen but I had to go. my uncle put my best gown on and butiful slipers for the wack.”

The spelling is 100% accurate, as one might be able to guess.

Oh wait, I have to include my favorite line

“Finnilly we reached the palace. It looked like it was just silver and gold no really thats all.”

Really can’t be complete without that one.

WC: That was just amazing. My cheeks hurt from smiling. Adorable

M:Thank you, thank you. I am glad I could share it. My first grade self is quite proud right now

WC: And we are too (of both)😁. What would you say inspires you to write? What do you usually write about?

M: Often I just get filled with this feeling that I have something to write about, even if I’m not sure what it is. When I don’t have an idea, but I know I want to write, I go to my best friend and ask him for a writing prompt. He has always loved to read my poetry so I love getting prompts from him because he gets to see his words turn into art. Sometimes though, I am just struck with a word or idea, and I start writing and the poem just takes me somewhere. I write about many different things, I think two of the most common themes I have noticed are the most negatives aspects of my experiences such as abuse, and the things which I am most in awe of. I adore writing about my friends, even if the poem just begins with the thought of them and somehow ends up having nothing to do with them, which is quite common for me. I often feel like the poem writes itself because I allow the process to simply take me somewhere and it can be very unexpected.

WC: That is great. It is so amazing to be able to have someone so close to you that can encourage you and support you. Those are the kind of people you want to keep in your life. And that is a great balance. Seems like you are taking both the good and the bad from your life and turning it into art which people can just resonate with. “the poem writes itself”- that is amazing. I feel like many writers can agree with this.

This may be something you’ve answered already, but why do you like writing? What makes you come back to it?

M: I’ve always filled my life with art, I was a visual arts major in high school and studied ballet for 10 years. I think that art in and of itself is as close to magic as we can get, and I want my life filled with it. Writing specifically has always been my favorite art form though. For me personally, I find writing to come most naturally to me, and my heart really fills words well. Words by themselves are tossed around so carelessly, as so to use them to create art is a powerful and beautiful feeling. I also find the writing gives me a big feeling of accomplishment, and it’s really rewarding to be able to look back on my own work and smile at my accomplishments. 

WC: Earth without art is eh. Cheesy I know haha. But that is so true, art is quite magical. That is wonderful! It is always great to see how we have changed and how much we grew as humans and writers

M: I definitely agree

WC: So did anything interesting, odd, bizarre, happen because you write?

M: This isn’t really odd, but I think the most interesting advantage of being a writer is that I can pull right out of my head all the plot lines I have planned for novels, and tell them to young children as stories. Its wildly fun to entertain children by telling them an adventure that keeps them captivated, and it always makes me so happy to see them hanging off of every word and begging for another story at the end. It’s possibly most rewarding than even writing the stories themselves, children are the best audiences.

WC: Aw, that is so sweet and special. Must be a great experience. Where do you get to do that?

M: I’m a nanny so I take care of kids as my job I guess. But I also have 4 younger siblings, and spend a lot of time with my younger cousins as well. It’s really nice to spend time with them especially now that I’m an adult in their eyes (although I care to disagree) because they really look up to me. It’s a nice feeling.

WC: Aw haha that is great. And if you can take care of kids, you are an adult even if you weren’t legally in my opinion 😁

So for our final question, can you tell us a fun fact about you? Anything :)

M: I think the most random thing about me is that I was on Fox news once because when I was 11, I was flying as an unaccompanied minor, and the flight crew accidentally put me on the wrong plane. Instead of going to Ohio, I went to New Jersey, but I had no idea because I read comic books for the whole flight when they announced our destination repeatedly. I waited in the airport for about 3 hours before a staff member asked me if I knew I was in New Jersey, and I responded that I had no idea I was not in Ohio.

WC: Oh wow haha that sounds like quite the story that would make it on the news. I hope you got to your destination!

M: I did eventually. Took a few extra hours and was worth the adventure

WC:  Haha sounds like a great adventure! Well that is all, I am really happy you took the time to answer my questions.

M: I loved answering them, thank you!

In need of a beta?

If you would like a beta to go over you work we have a bunch of people ready to help out! Check out our beta page here!

What is a beta?

There are many different types of betas, the most common being a SPAG (spelling and grammar) But that’s not all they can do! Some of them can offer suggestions to your work or point out some inconsistencies in your story.

Writing British characters? Find a britpicker*! Character plays violin? Violin beta**! They can also cheer for you and give you some ideas when you’re stuck! (This is typically known as being an Alpha/cheerleader, but over the years the terms have merged)

How do I ask someone to be my beta?

Just say hi, and ask if they’d be interested in becoming a beta for you! Let them know what you need help with and what sort of things you struggle with. Some people aren’t comfortable reading certain themes (eg. major character death, smut, violence, etc), so it’s important to let them know what your work is about before they agree.

In conclusion, betas are amazing! They’ll help you improve your writing so don’t be embarrassed to ask for help :)

*Someone who will proofread a work of fanfiction in order to ensure that British characters and settings are accurately depicted, using correct language, spellings, slang and colloquialisms. 

**This can apply to anyone with a specialty.

If you would like to become a beta/britpicker/violin beta click here and send us a quick description of what you can help with, what you would like to be called, and your url if you use a sideblog!

I just can’t stop thinking about this. 

Vex knew she liked Percy(and Percy knew he liked Vex) for

  • The Rimefang fight(when Percy got knocked unconscious and Vex proceeded to unleash three kinds of hell on said dragon)
  •  “Oh we are so involved in this”
  • “Percival, how do you feel?” “…Cruel”
  • “Darling, take the mask off”
  • “Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, you will fight this evil inside you”
  • Trinket getting the HDYWTDT on Orthax
  • The Thing with the Raven Queen(ugh my HEART)
  • The Siege Arrow apology gift for The Thing with the Raven Queen
  • “Never forget you’re my favorite”
  • “I’ve known a lot of people with money and they are definitely not worth you”
  • Vex’s title aka Percy with the Biggest Mic Drop On The Show Thus Far(SUCK IT SYLDOR)
  • and so many other little moments between them the list is probably as long as my arm.