the spell of the unown

EDIT: The knees looked wrong, so I fixed them a little. 

I was listening to the Medley from Spell of the Unknown and I got really nostalgic. I was trying to draw Molly in my own style and she ended up looking older than she is supposed to be, lol.

I really loved this movie. The old Pokemon movies had that magical feeling to them that the newer ones just don’t seem to have anymore. Or maybe that’s just my nostalgia talking again…

Process of drawing

Some advice to how to get every legendary from every game.

Get your starter pokémon and breed as many as you can OR just breed one. Then look up other starters in the GTS from the same game or previous games. Then breed those two. If necessary, level and evolve them all. Then as soon as you have enough, deposit them in the GTS AND request more Ultra Beasts (particularly Celesteela because it’s the most requested one for some reason). Once you have the desired Ultra Beasts AND starter deposit them one by one and request the desired Legendary.

Legendaries that aren’t traded [yet]: Mew, Volcanion, Marshadow,

Legendaries that don’t appear on the GTS: Meloetta, Volcanion, Marshadow, Mew, Genesect, Shaymin, Deoxys

Legendaries that show up once in a while: Genesect, Meloetta

I hope this is helpful and please tell me your results! It works for me. And you’ll be lucky enough to get a SHINY too!

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* [Recorded from a REAL BLOG OF A COLLEGE STUDUNT!!]**

**(be fore he suidided…)

I am college student who lives alone in a dorm and gotted Nostalgia for the good old days.

I saw there sale was pokemon emerad on (etsy (hipster ebay) so I buy.

when I get catridge it was emerald only BLACK with skurleton on the front instead of Rayquaza but with blood-eyes.

on the file, I am in Elite four vs. Lance and only have 6 pokemon in my party.

they all unown and they spell “YOUR DEAD”

Preety suspicion,“ I think but probably just something in my eye???

The music is lavender town but backways

and when I go fight He he has 666 pokemon too!

hE sents one out and I HEAR ITS CRY.

It turns out hte pokemon they are ALL MY DEAD GIRLFRIEND, but HYPER REALISTIC AND BLOODEYE.

IT’S SO SCARY YOU GUYS that I throw the playstation across the room broke the game in half.

Next day I get roommate to play. He’s like "Ehehehehe probably IS not that scary,”

but she turned on the game and the screen was a picture of US, and but we were DEAD,

and the scariest part of this story is that WE was YOU


and WROTE this…

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Pokemon Johto (elokuvaversio)
  • Pokemon Johto (elokuvaversio)
  • Mika Turunen
  • Pokemon 3: Unownien loitsu

Pokémon Johto (Movie version) (Finnish version) - Pokémon 3: The Movie: The Spell of Unown (OLM Inc., 2000)

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