the spectral boy


Pale pearl white / Spectral boy / He knows / I am home / He throws / crows at the / closed windows / of my house /He knocks / the books / off their shelves / He haunts / the basement / like a feral dog / Everyone who / sleeps here / swears they hear / something growling //

Demon Child - DP

Thanks for being patient the past several weeks. :) Gonna start finishing and posting all my half-finished crap now.

Request for Vlad and Danny, Badger Cereal (father/son). Deviates from canon before the Wisconsin class reunion, so Vlad and Danny never meet.

Vlad Masters angrily smoothed out his business suit as he stalked away from his latest meeting. It hadn’t gone well – too many investors in the business he was trying to acquire were holding out for improbable sums of money – and Vlad was in something of a bad mood. It surrounded him in a palpable aura; people avoided eye contact as he strode down the hall and out through the wide double-doors.

The Chicago sun was shining overhead; the day was hot and sticky. Vlad scowled up at the offending weather as his car pulled up to the sidewalk, perfectly on schedule. It had taken years to find a driver that could both keep their mouth shut and be punctual, and Vlad paid this particular driver a rather large sum of money to remain both quiet and on time.

She didn’t say anything as he slid into the back seat, just an arched eyebrow and glanced in the rear-view mirror. “Home,” he commanded. The car slid into the traffic seamlessly moments later.

Leaning back in his seat, Vlad closed his eyes. It would be perfectly easy to just disappear, go back to where those buffoons were likely congratulating themselves on beating the Vlad Masters at his own game, and overshadow then. Then they’d sign the paperwork, and then they’d see who went home to a congratulatory glass of wine. Rubbing his temples, Vlad wiped the vicious sneer from his face, sighed, and let the thought go. He liked to think he’d grown past such pettiness.

“You have messages, Sir,” came a quiet voice.

Vlad opened his eyes and sent a glare towards the driver. She didn’t flinch, not even seeming to notice the look. “Send them to my phone,” he finally said.

His phone vibrated as the messages arrived. Vlad thumbed through them. Most were business related and could wait until tomorrow to answer. One near the bottom caught his interest. He opened the message and read through it, the headache that had been fluttering behind his eyes vanishing like it had never existed. He sat up in his chair and a grin appeared on his face.

“We’re going to be taking a detour,” he said, his voice nearly a purr. Pressing a few buttons on phone, he sent the destination to the driver and then settled back. It would be several hours before they arrived.

Perhaps this day wouldn’t turn out to be all that bad after all.

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*Greek Tragedy by The Wombats playing loudly in the distance*

I drew Spectral Boy and Star Boy. 

For @whirlitzer ! Since you did some amazing Robbie and Matthias art, I decided to have a crack at it myself! I’m not much of an artist… but I tried my best! It’s a little rough but, um, yeah!  

The front door shut with a snap as the summoner flopped on the couch with a cheerful sigh. 

“Eventful night huh, Oliver?” She called through the house, pausing before frowing at no response. With a huff she snapped her fingers and the spectral boy appeared in the chair curled up and clutching his legs. “Oh come on, it was funny! You should’ve seen their faces.” 

Why would you do that? You know I don’t like groups.

“Well, you did save my hide a bit. Well, most of it?” Cansu lifted her injured leg to look at the bloody bandages,”I guess I should fix that.” 

You’re too reckless. 

“So I’m told.” 

“What’s life without being reckless?”

ROTG Anniversary Day Five: THE BOOK SERIES

It’s safe to say I am full on infatuated to the book series for The Guardians of Childhood.  But rather than overload you with stuff I chose to go with the prompt questions.  ((The Book Series is very dear to my heart and you can go to my other blog @moonclipperstowaway for more book inspired art.))

Who is Your Favorite Character?  Hands down, Nightlight.  MiM is a close second, as is Katherine, but it all comes back to the spectral boy.  For reasons, see this post: FEELS