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I act as a therapist to a lot of my friends. The reality is 1 out of 3 people I got to know in my life have told me HORRIFIC accounts of incestuous abuse. Could Utena be told with the incest elements removed? Yes (with rewrites), of course. But I can't help but get defensive to keep it. it's one of the few stories that gives a voice to the entrapment of this reality (& very specific illusion of complicity the victim is groomed with), and validates how to find the strength to leave it behind.

This is correct, I think

unrelated: the phrase ‘I act as a therapist to a lot of my friends’ worries me.  There is a reason therapists are paid - best case is what you’re saying here is ‘I act as a friend to a lot of my friends’, worst case you might want to examine your boundaries

Lila/Volpina and the Fox

Now before I start I will say that everyone has their opinion on Lila and I’m not telling you what you should think about her.

Now onto the show.

Never once did I agree with Fanon!Volpina. When I was younger I looked into the animals in Japanese mythology/folklore because of shows like InuYasha so the second I heard she was based on a fox a big red flag went off in my head.

Foxes in folklore and mythology across the world are thought to be cunning and sly.
Often times a fox is portrayed as a liar who tricks someone into giving them what they want.
This is every common in children’s books and fables.

In Japanese mythology, foxes are thought to have magical powers and to be wise creatures. In Japanese culture, often seen in anime and manga, a character with the powers of a fox can shape shift or create illusions.
Specifically in Yokia folklore, all foxes are thought to be able to shape shift into a man or a woman.

From the very beginning it was known that Volpina was based off a fox. So of course she would have characteristics of a fox.
The problem is that most fanon did not portray her in what is seen as the negative aspects of being a fox.

Lila’s actions go perfectly with those of a fox.
She was cunning and sly when it came to her lying.
She tricked people into getting what she wanted.
Her lying was to shape herself or create an illusion of what she thought others would like.
Her powers as Volpina were to create illusions which makes perfect sense since the show has taken inspiration from anime and Japanese culture in general multiple times.

Fanon!Volpina is very different from canon. Fanon portrayed her as clever, not cunning. It portrayed her with the attractiveness of a fox. It almost always portrayed her as an immediate ally.

Lila/Volpina is a fox.

This should have been expected.

But it wasn’t.

Which is where the problem lies.
Lila has much room for character development and the show is far from over so maybe we’ll get to see her change into the good fox everyone was rooting from her.

Though what she did was in no way okay, she was doing what a fox does. With character development, the very skills she has that make many hate her my help our Miraculous Heros.

Lastly shout out to @zenwisterias for encouraging me to write this ^-^

Everyone (myself included) has been grasping for ideas to prove Yang innocent, because someone else saw through the illusion. From what I’ve seen Sun is the front runner.

But I just realised these theories rely on the audience being the ones shown a false image. Which would be damn near impossible on this scale. I mean come on, ALL the crowd AND the cameras being seeing a false image? No way. It is way more likely that Yang was the only one in that stadium seeing a false image.

The illusion was specific to her meaning there is no way an outsider could see through it.

Not only is she going to have to live with the stigma of being that monster who broke that kids leg, she’s probably going to spend a long time learning to trust her own eyes again.

Nope she’s gonna have to rely on the people who know her to trust her word that she honestly thought she was being attacked. And really Ruby and Qrow (I guess Taiyang if he were around) might be the only ones who know her well enough to believe her with no other evidence. Weiss and Blake both have issues around trusting people and may not immediately be willing to disregard what their own eyes told them in the face of what Yang might say. Even if they do they probably aren’t gonna be able to do shit about her being arrested without anything solid to argue for her release.

She’s going to have to hope RWY put the pieces together about how their fight with the Paladin ended with their quarries shattering so that they might have some kind of proof that maybe she’s right. Which won’t even help unless there is footage of the fight and of Roman and Neo escaping.
Her best bet might actually be Coco. Provided Coco is willing to stand up and say “hey I saw something impossible in my match too”. Provided Coco can stand up to the accusations of being told she’s just trying to help a friend or she imagined it. Remember Coco’s hallucination thing lasted even less time than Yang’s. Right now she may even doubt her own recollection enough to bother saying anything.

Ugh that all looks so negative. Lets have something happier.

How about Fox finding a dispirited Yang hiding away somewhere and teaching her how to fight with her eyes covered? Yang learning to fight by relying on all of her other senses instead of putting her faith in only what her eyes tell her and becoming way better at fighting because of it. Fox getting screen time.

Still a little dark but better than no silver lining at all right?