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xaniluv  asked:

Where would you suggest for us GTA babies to go free styling? Is it better to go in groups or singles?

Hey girl,

I suggest only going with one other person. Three’s a crowd.

Wherever you go, please sit at the bar!
Dress sexy, sit straight and order a drink.


One Restaurant at Hazelton Hotel
D|Bar at Four Seasons Hotel
Kasa Moto Restaurant
Hemingways (more casual)
The Living Room at Windsor Arms Hotel
(The owner loves him some black women😉)
STK (Good place to find the young and rich)
Sassafras (Pretentious women too, beware🙄)

Everywhere else:
Happy hour hubs (4:30pm-9/10pm)

Bymark & Duke of Devon (Located in TD Center)
Duke of Westminster
Earl’s (King St)
Harbord Room
Drake One Fifty
Cactus Club
Bier Markt
Irish Embassy
Le Petit Castor
Pravda Vodka Bar
The Spoke Club
The Chase (pretentious and expensive)
Ceili Cottage
Soho House Toronto
Ki Japanese Restaurant (the best!)
Red’s Wine Tavern (if Cactus Club is dry or full)
Speakeasy 21
Acko Lounge
America Lounge at Trump Hotel
Calvin Bar at Trump Hotel
1812 Bar at Thompson Hotel
Bosk Bar at Shangria-La Hotel
The Library Bar at Royal York Hotel
TOCA at Ritz-Carleton Hotel
Tellers Bar & Lounge at One King West Hotel
Brassaii, EFS, and Wildflower (Night clubs)
Cabana Pool Bar (young and rich)

Also the top floor bar at the Park Hyatt Hotel

You are most welcome!

Discover L.A’s Hardest-To-Find Bars

By Lanee Lee 

Speakeasies may not be an illegal thing anymore, but L.A. still has a handful of mysterious watering holes.Next time an adventurous mood strikes, snoop out one of L.A’s secret or hiddenbars. 


1. Lock and Key (pictured above) 

Channel your locksmith skills to get access to this classy K-town cocktail bar. Look for an unmarked red door on Vermont Avenue,  nter to find a black wall with hundreds of doorknobs and locks and the game begins. With a hostess giving clues as to which gives doorknob grants access to the bar,  Lock and Key makes you earn that seat at the bar. 

2. La Descarga

La Descarga may not be new, but it certainly has the speakeasy, enter-through-a-weird-door phenom. Descarga features an expansive rum repotories, including original and Tiki cocktails by head barman Joe Swifka.

3. The Varnish

Grab a French dip sandwich at Cole’s and then make your way to the door at the back of the restaurant. This tiny, dark bar is L.A.’s shining example of a killer cocktail scene in a speakeasy setting (They’ve been James Beard nominees, including this year, and winners umpteen times for Best Bar Program.) If you want one of the few tables, best to make reservations or come early.

4. Jackalope                                                                      

Two whiskey bars in one locale? Sign us up—pronto. Check out Jackalope, the 18-seat Japanese whiskey-themed bar within Seven Grand. Located near the back of the bar, press the light switch button, pick up the phone and listen to instructions in both English and Japanese. Unless you have purchased a whiskey locker in Jackalope with the added perk of making reservations, it’s first come, first serve.


5. Seventy7 Lounge

With its back-alley location and only a glowing red “Cocktail” sign as a marker, entering the posh, Parisian-styled lounge is a welcome surprise. A password is required; find it on their Twitter/Facebook page. The drinks, designed by Randy Tarlow, are tasty and the ambience is seductive with live music, DJs or burlesque shows.

6. The Blind Barber

Where else can you get a spiffy cut-and-cocktail combo? Head for the utility closet door in the back of the barbershop. Follow the hallway and down a set of stairs. Voila! – a coz bar awaits, featuring roughly ten cocktails: five seasonal and five Blind Barber staples. 


7. Golden Box

In the former space of The Writer’s Room, Golden Box, decked out in gold disco balls, is a tiny, ‘80s-themed dance club and bar. Look for an unmarked door behind Musso & Frank Hot tip: make a reservation or you won’t get in. 

8. Genesis

The pop-up nightclub above Sassafrass bar on Vine will soon put down permanent roots on the second floor of former Cinespace. As always, reservations are necessary for access (

9. Good Times at Davey Wayne’s

No, it’s not an eccentric, late-night garage sale. Head through the garage—decked out in '70s clothing, albums and kitschy knickknacks—until you reach a fridge. Enter through the refrigerator and it’s time travel to the set of All in the Family. Add chicks on rollerblades, boozy Sno-cones and DJs playing '70s tunes and it’s groovy personified. 

10. No Name Bar

This no-name, non-descript nightclub is where the cool kids hangout. From the outside, it looks abandoned, except for the rainbow colored garage door; on the inside, it’s a posh wonderland of art installations and funky furniture. Expect celebrity appearances, including big name musical performances. A ‘no photos policy’ is strictly enforced. All we can tell you is the location (432 North Fairfax Avenue) and that you need to score a black business card with a secret phone number to make reservations with to gain access. Rumor has it, you can also make reservations by emailing

ok so ti mafia au right

i have art im making and i got most of it figured out

•iniens the boss lady
•ashe is the back alley doctor for the mob
•thog manages the speakeasy/casino/lounge
•zalvetta is the hitman, ofc
•gregor is the muscle
•colvin is the scary bartender
•firi is the lounge singer
•kyr makes bombs
•markus is the smooth talker who talks business

thats about all i got but i mean

come on

am i right


willowfae82  asked:

Jonsa - we're both sick and reached for the same (last) can of soup.

Sorry this took so long! Sister in laws wedding took over my life!

“Love Connection in Aisle 7”

“Look sir,” She starts with a sigh, pushing auburn wisps over hair out of her face. “I need that can of soup. It’s June, I’m sick and my brother is getting married this Saturday. He’s marrying my best friend, I’m the maid of honor, I can’t be sick for this. The only thing that’s ever made me feel half as good as the soup my mom makes.”

Sansa clutches onto the can of Progresso Chicken and Wild Rice soup like it’s her life line, the very last can on the shelf, and in the entire store (she made them go look). It was just the thing she needed to finally be able to kick this cold that has been plaguing her the past two weeks.

“Miss, I’m really sorry about your luck here, but I clearly grabbed this soup before you did.” The man who is also holding onto the can of soup says. Sansa mentally named him “soup thief” because that’s what he is.

He’s young, mid to late 20’s, with unruly dark curls that he has pulled haphazardly away from his face, showing the gray of his eyes and the definition of his jaw line. Admittedly he looks nearly as bad as she knows she does, red nose and watery eyes, probably suffering from the same late season head cold as she is. Looking down she takes in his attire; gray sweatpants and a black t shirt emblazoned with the three headed dragon logo from The Dragon Pit, a swanky speakeasy style lounge where Margaery and Robb would be having their rehearsal dinner Friday night.

“Ugh. Please? I’m literally going to beg you here. Can’t you just give me the can of soup? I hear the chicken noodle is quite good.” She says, batting her eyelashes in an attempt to manipulate the attractive man in front of her.

“I don’t like chicken noodle.” The soup thief says, setting his jaw and leveling her with a glare that would be much more intimidating if he didn’t sniffle his nose at the same time.

“Who doesn’t like chicken noddle?” Sansa asks, resisting the urge to sniffle her nose herself, when all she wants is to wipe it across the sleeve of her old sweatshirt.

“If you like it so much, you should go and get some for yourself.” He says with a smug look of triumph, not that she’s letting him get away with it.

“Excuse me, uh?” Sansa says with a roll of her wrist followed by a nod of her head, prompting for a proper introduction from the soup thief.

“Jon. Jon Snow. Pleasure to meet you.” He says with a genuine smile, extending his hand towards hers in an offer a peace.

“Sansa. Sansa Stark. The pleasure is mine.” The reply comes like second nature, so does releasing her right hand from the can to offer it to Jon. Her eyes widen while his grin grows, the precious last can of soup clutched protectively to his chest.

“You tricked me!” Sansa huffs, her voice cracking into a cough that she tries to hide in her sweatshirt sleeve.

Jon laughs and his smile becomes even wider.

“Yes, I did. I’m sorry about it, really I am. Let me make it up to you. Please.” Jon says and despite herself, Sansa is sorely tempted to accept the offer.

“What would this entail, exactly?”

“You could come with me to my place. Or we could go to yours. Plenty of soup in this can for the two of us.”

“Do you have wine?” She says as she is honestly, and confusingly, contemplating this.

“White. And plenty of Kleenex.” Jon offers.

“This is a little weird. Asking a complete stranger out on a date in the soup aisle, don’t you think?”

“Sansa Stark. As in, Robb Stark’s little sister. You’re not the only one who needs soup to kick this cold before a wedding on Saturday.” As he says this, it suddenly hits her that this is the Jon, her brothers college roommate Jon, the best man in his wedding Jon.

“How long have you known I’m Robb’s sister?” Sansa asks, wrapping her arms self conciesouly around herself.

“Well you look an awful lot like him for one. Mentioning the wedding on Saturday was the conformation I needed though.”

Sansa feels herself blush and looks at her feet, before peeking up through her eyelashes to look at Jon.

“If the offer is still on, I would love to have soup with you Jon.” She says with a soft smile on her face.

Jon just smiles and nods, gesturing down the aisle toward the check out, and Sansa leads the way. It might be a little unconventional, meeting someone in a grocery store aisle, but she was bound to meet Jon soon anyway, so why not let fate take its course?