the speakeasy club


George Harrison with Monkees’ Peter Tork. Photos originally from the November 1967 issue of Flip Magazine

“I FIRST met George at Mama Cass’s house in Los Angeles, then we met again at a get-together at the Speakeasy Club in London. He was kind enough to invite me and my pal Bill Chadwick out to his house, and to take us to visit Ringo later that day. He was as kind and as gentle a man as you could imagine.” - Peter Tork, The Monkees, The Echo 8 May 2013

imagaypotatoe  asked:

Imagine Tina in a No-Maj speakeasy, swing dance club with Queenie, enjoying her own company (and that of Queenie of course) but denying gawking men, grabbing Queenie instead as a dance partner as they show off their practices skills in dance late into the night.

im in love with this omg