the space girls

I’m running a canned campaign in a sci-fi setting

Totally not-shady NPC: I’ll need you to retrieve my secret cargo from the abandoned spaceship, but it’s very private, so don’t look inside–

Player: Is it a girl in a box?

NPC: …What?

Player: This is a sci-fi story, and there’s a box you don’t want us to look into. There’s only ever one way that ends, and it’s always with a girl stuffed into a box.

Other Player: Hey, we don’t even know how big it is. It could just be a cigar box.

First Player: Okay, you’re right. It could be a bunch of sex toys. How big is the box?

NPC: It’s… uh… six feet long by three feet wide by three feet deep…

First Player: Ugh. Okay, fine. Somebody pack a crowbar and a spare set of women’s clothing. We need to go get this girl out of her box.

Things that make me smol

🌸Ask me what color something is

💕Ask me to count out something

🌼Fill up my bottle or sippy for me

☀️Make me cute meals on my cute plates

🌻Give me small baby snacks and portions

✨"Come here baby"

🎀"Hold daddys hand"

❄️Tell me im too little to do things

🍭"Use your words sweetie"

🌺Tell me I need a nap

🌤Tell me to do things!

⭐️Being an instigater for little things

🌨"why dont you go color daddy a picture?“

🌈Check up on me!

💫"What have you eaten today baby?”

🍓"Does somebody need to go potty?“

🌟"Did you drink enough water?”

☃️"How’s my little girl?“

Things a little needs to understand about a caregiver

1. They’re not ignoring you, they have to work so they can get you stuff

2. They won’t be happy 24/7. They have rough days too

3. Just because they gave you a punishment doesn’t mean they don’t love you

4. They get jelous if someone tries to flirt with you

5. They will do anything in their power to make you happy

6. They can’t always be the rock in the relationship, sometimes they need you to be the rock

7. They will protect you from everything

8. They find you beautiful no matter what

9. They will help you if you’re sad, don’t hide it from them

10. And finally they’re trying their best, be patient

🎀 When Daddy Says…

💕 Don’t talk back to Daddy, sweetheart.

💕 Follow Daddy’s rules.

💕 Time for bed, little one.

💕 You’re too little to do that, Princess. Let Daddy help you.

💕 I’m so proud of you.

💕 Good girl.

💕 Please do as Daddy says.

💕 Daddy’s here.

💕 Daddy will take care of you, little one.