the space girls

What does everyone do when they are sad? I am in a low and I need help getting out. If y'all talk to people, watch shows, anything please leave i in my ask. Love you all bunches!💕

Should I ?

Okay so I absolutley love writing and I have alot of spare time and I have seriously been considering writing Karamel fanfiction since there doesn’t seem to be much out there. Do you guys think I should do it ? I was thinking of writing one fic a day. I have never written fanfiction for any show so I am kind of nervous about it. Would any of you want to read it.

International Women’s Day: Adventure Time

One of my favorite qualities about this show

 is the diverse range of strong female characters

all with completely different personalities,

 all with depth, good and bad sides, 

and two male protagonists who always treat them right. 

Good job Adventure Time creators.