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this may be a bit vague but do you have any unique aus? like there are a lot of coffee shops aus and even mermaid aus but do u have some aus that only have one story written about them?

Okay so not all of them only have one story written about them but they aren’t as common as the rest!

Cage Match by SlimeQueen [Taekook, Underground fighting AU, E, 20k]

look at the stars; they shine for you by aborescent [Yoonseok, Space AU, T, 4.3k]

Invisible People by mindheist [Taekook, Ballet/Fantasy AU, E, 22k]

preorder bonus by abdicar [Yoonmin, Gamer AU, G, 14k]

contractual by baekhyun (baruna) [Yoonkook, Actor AU, E, 11k]

Yoongi and the Pea, or: What the Fuck Is Wrong With Your Bed by noraebangbang [Namgi, Fairytale AU, T, 5.5k]

there’s more but the questions so broad i cant filter my tags RIP

- N