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We are rebuilding from the ground up.

My name is Robyn Amory, along with my friend Noah/Pixel/Giant Dork, and my partner Shari/Axhirs/THE CUTEST, I am trying to create a public server on Discord (it actually already exists!) we have a few members and things are starting off great but we NEED YOUR HELP! If you are a transgender gamer and are simply looking for a place to unwind and play or talk about games with some folks like you feel free to join us. 

If you’re interested: Message me either here, or @guardianamory and I’ll have a short talk with you and get you set up. 

If you aren’t interested: Reblog this maybe? That would be much appreciated.

Thank you! Hope to hear from you soon!

Basically, was playing with some friends when I got stuck on a wall on Route 66. I tried jumping, crouching, and emoting off but somehow, after Junkrat had launched me, I just couldn’t get down. We had to get the enemy team to stop pushing the payload in order to kill me so that I could continue playing. The best part literally was finding out that the moment I got stuck became POTG. I’m still so shook ngl


Wish a very Happy Birthday to my ultimate favorite seiyuu ever ,Be-sama 🎂🎉
Thank you so much for all of your awesome hard work 💖
This man is absolutely fantastic 💖