the space cadet

Just throwing this out there: Pidge is excellent at computer systems and programming, binary, etc. Hunk is an expert mechanical engineer, and seems to enjoy cooking but as we see in the show, sometimes he has no idea what he’s throwing together hoping to make something edible.

Cooking is just chemistry, putting different elements together to make edible substances that fuel the body. If the ship has any kind of chemistry lab, they can make basic flavorings. But this doesn’t seem to be the specialty of any of the paladins. Shiro and Keith were both fighter/space pilots.

So proficiency in chemistry? I propose Lance. He was training to be a cargo pilot, and apparently taking it pretty seriously since he was the first one to be upgraded to fighter pilot when Keith got kicked out.

Cargo often includes dangerous chemicals. I could totally see part of his education including a variety of chemistry courses and memorizing Material Safety Data Sheets. 

So one day he wanders into the kitchen where someone is trying to help Hunk with his cooking experiments and Hunk is just like “ugh, if only I had some salt!“ and Lance is just like “Sodium Chloride? I could make that pretty easy if this place has a chem lab. Want me to ask Coran?”

Shiro Week day one: kerberos/pre kerberos

I have no idea if the Galaxy Garrison is even linked to nasa but whatever man