the space between spaces

Everybody says the world is ending
But tonight’s just beginning
While everyone is running out and spinning
We keep slowing down

Stay right where you are
C'mon let me dance with you
Tell me where to start
Let me put my hands on you

Everything we need is in the quiet
So let’s hide out deep inside it
And even if tomorrow doesn’t hold on
At least, at least, at least we have this one song, one song

Stay right where you are
C'mon let me dance with you
Tell me where to start
Let me put my hands on you

Your eyes, your hands, your breath on my neck
The way you say let’s never forget
This way, this love is all that we get

Stay right where you are

Stay Right Where You Are Ingrid Michaelson

Kissing Zaeed

So yesterday’s Kissing Meme got me to thinking about this, and well… I had to write it. I’m embarrassed to say how long this took me, though, but at least I have been busy and productive with other things. :) 

Rating: We’ll go with Teen - it’s rather arbitrary tho, nothing really risque here.

Relationship: Male Shepard/Zaeed Massani

Summary: Shepard and Zaeed’s first kiss. 

His eyes had seen too much. That was obvious to anyone willing to see. Too much death and horror and who knew what else. It left him with a soulful gaze that reached straight into Shepard’s marrow, tugging and twisting till he was so entangled in Zaeed Massani there was no hope of ever separating himself again. This longing to be closer, connected, had been slowly nibbling away his self-restraint for months, and now that they stood here - too much space between them… not nearly enough space between them - Shepard knew he was utterly lost.

The air vibrated with the tension around them, oxygen too sparse to keep his head from spinning. Zaeed licked his lips in irresistible invitation; the summons too urgent for Shepard to ignore. On a gasp, Shepard moved, swiftly closing the distance. One expected a man like Zaeed to feel like leather and taste like ash, but he didn’t. His lips were warm and soft, pliable and delectable, and he tasted of whiskey and smoke.

Shepard’s lungs burned as much with lust as their need to breathe, and he surfaced to quickly drink a gulp of air before diving back in for more. Zaeed seemed to be in the same predicament, devouring Shepard’s lips like they’re the only things holding death at bay.

The wall was cold and solid against his back as the merc pressed him into it - a delicious contrast to the hot planes of muscle crowding him from the front. Teeth dragged through the stubble on his chin before capturing his bottom lip between them. Shepard moaned. His fingers skimmed across the skin of the merc’s throat, curling around the back of his neck, forcing him closer still.

“Shepard.” Massani’s voice was whiskey and gravel. Breath came in harsh, ragged rasps as their eyes drank each other in. “You’re bloody perfect.”

It wasn’t like Shepard to crumble at a compliment like that, but his heart flipped within his ribs. “I’m just a man, Massani.”

“Not to me.”

There wasn’t any time to process that statement. Hot, hungry lips bore down on his again as higher thought process stilted, mind consumed with passion instead. Zaeed’s arm snaked around his waist, drawing their bodies flush while his free hand scratched against the rough fabric covering Shepard’s chest. Shepard’s own fingers edged Zaeed’s jaw, tangled into his hair, ruffling the short strands into a fluffy mess. Drawing away to catch his breath again, Shepard grinned at his handiwork, receiving a smirk and a low growl from Massani.

“Perhaps we should move this somewhere more private?” Shepard asked, nipping the man’s puffy, red lips with his teeth, then soothing them with his tongue.

“Thought you’d never ask.”  

Poor Yurio can’t catch a break, even over long distance video calls (Viktor you act oblivious but we all know otherwise)