the space between my finger

I like her. Like, I genuinely like her. I spend hours daydreaming about walking up to her and slipping my fingers in the spaces between hers and just holding her hand in mine. I spend hours just thinking of ways to say hi to her. ‘Hey’ No. 'Hiya’ Hiya? What the fuck? 'Sup?’ Sup? Sup? Oh my god. I spend hours missing her and texting her stupid gifs and memes that hopefully make her smile. I like hearing her voice even if it’s just through the phone because she’s sick or at work or with her family. When we talk it feels like she’s right next to me. And when she is next to me, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.
—  Oko Ninjah (like)

The thing about looking back is,
hindsight is such a cruel god. 

Everything you loved and long for
is so much warmer 
     and softer
          and achingly unreachable 
through his rosy glasses.

Every step we stumbled and missed
is so much sharper
     and heavier
          and starkly unforgiveable
through his unblinking eyes.

Standing here, now,
with his breath snaking down my neck
     and his fingers shivering into the spaces between my ribs–
with the past we lost hovering behind us like the shadows of ghosts
     and the future we never asked for haunting the horizon like a storm–

All I can say, my love, is this:
sweetheart, we were young

—  but i’m not sure if it’s a plea or an absolution ( j.p. )
AU where Anti is intrusive and/or impulsive thoughts (part 6)
  • Signe: Seán, do you mind starting dinner? I'll be home in an hour.
  • Seán: no problem, woosher!
  • Seán: gonna chop some veggies real good for this effin' salad, hell yeah.
  • Anti: if you chopped off your fingers and bled all over the kitchen and then when Signe gets home she goes "gee Seán what's this new dressing, it's kinda iron-y?" would that be fucked up or what?
  • Seán: :(
  • Anti, starting to sing: ohhhh I have all my fingers, the knife goes chop chop chop, if I miss the spaces in between my fingers will come off- come on you know the lyrics, sing along!

Swan Queen + FaceTime (10/?)

Regina: I miss you. Do you miss me?
Emma: Maybe.
Regina: Emma! Come on, tell me how much you miss me.
Emma: Really?
Regina: Really.
Emma: *groans* Fine.
Emma: Honestly, it’s not so bad. Well, that is, until I look down at my hands.
Regina: At your hands?
Emma: Yeah. That’s when I get sad. Because the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly. And seeing that and knowing that makes my heart begin to hurt with how much I miss you.
Regina: God I love you.
Emma: I love you too.

i want my face rested in the space between your shoulder and neck, your fingers tracing up and down my arm. it will be night time, and the moonlight will shine through the curtains with lavender light. i will fall asleep to the sound of your chest rising and falling with breath.

a compilation of avengers getting political

@arukou-arukou​ take these with a grain of salt, i have not read most of them

MAKE AMERICA GAY AGAIN by imafriendlydalek

The Morning After by shethinksshesabard

Little Bummer Boy (Fuck Trump) by WillowPerpetua

Protest by Meilan_Firaga

Plant Yourself Like a Tree by Darth_Claire

United We Stand, Divided We Fall by buckyjerkbarnes

you’ve got the world planned in your mind by stars_inthe_sky

American Values (podfic) by  cassandraoftroy, Liara_Shadowsong

Make Our Voices Heard by stuckyfeelings

Soapbox Steve by Perpetual Motion (perpetfic)* 

Average Avengers Local Chapter 7 of New York City by hetrez*

Captain America is not a Republican by shadowen

Oncoming Storms by inkykeys

family will follow you anywhere and back by pastelfalcon

but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for by verity

Known Associates by thingswithwings

Stephen Colbert is the Avengers’ Favorite Interviewer by TheoMiller

The Spaces Between My Fingers are Right Where Yours Fit Perfectly by holliswrites, sidium 

We Gonna Be Alright by mikeymagee

Veterans against the Black Snake by HadschiHalefOmar

The Hawkeye Initiative by Ysabetwordsmith

Tony Stark Has Had Worse Ideas by TheoMiller

Do Not Go Gentle by Gryffindancer

I’m your national anthem by 100indecisions

Steve Rogers Takes Offense and the World Gets Schooled by RurouniHime

Tony Stark Takes a Liberty and the Universe Thanks Him by RurouniHime

#StandWithWendy by shell

Green Chaos by Ikol

Election Day by pineapplesquid

History Doesn’t Punish Enough by asimplewalk

Tell Me Why… (AKA Black Superhero Support Group) by SimpleSisypheanTask

He’s Allowed to be Mad This Time by crookedcig

Phil Coulson is Not the Avengers’ Public Relations Manager by scifigrl47

*I have read these two and they are AMAZING

please let me know if any of these are gross and need to be removed 

I’m slowly making you my everything— my universe. I’m letting all my guards down for the reason that, I want to and I know you’ll be worth it. I’m silently drowning to your smiles, your laugh, your voice, your intelligence.. I don’t want to let go of your grip anymore. I want you to fill the spaces between my fingers everyday and every night to know that you are really mine and we wouldn’t let go of each other.

“The silence isn’t so bad, until I look at my hands because the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.”

haunted. my skin is like a house with walls that crawl with uneasy ghosts – your touch still lives with me, slithering into the spaces between my fingers where your hands used to be. i never knew something that wasn’t there could hurt so badly.

raking over old coals only brings more heat to the surface, more burning under the scars i thought had healed. i claw at them to stop the madness, but they only gape wider. and still, they burn.

in the rain, they ache like my bones are cracking apart in my body. the chill you left with your wintery goodbye seeps through to the core, leaving me almost numb. almost.

it’s like a part of me is gone but still there. i can feel your fingers and smell your cologne, and it’s like you never left, except when i reach for you, you’re not there. a faint swirl of smoke, the echo of your smile, and nothing more.

some things never rest peacefully.

—  phantom pains / abby, day 88