the southern illinoisan

A letter I'm seriously considering submitting to my local newspaper. After some editing, of course.

Quite frankly, I am a little disheartened and slightly disgusted by the obvious lack of equal representation in the opinion section of the Southern Illinoisan. I can’t fathom that the only people who submit letters to the editor and opinion pieces are just as conservative as the writers of the countless letters you print. I’m skeptical that the only people who have opinions around here are those who believe the drought is a direct result of President Obama’s healthcare bill and his support of same-sex couples.

I would consider myself an upstanding member of the Southern Illinois community. I graduated from Christopher High School, and though I left to get my Bachelor’s degree in St. Louis, I’m back in the region to work on my Master’s. Never once have I seen you print a letter that represents a view point even remotely close to my own.

At the heart of productive dialogue and resolution is a little confrontation. Nothing will ever be solved if the public is presented with only one view point, and as far as I can tell, the Southern Illinoisan has been prohibiting, rather than facilitating, productive and reasonable dialogue in the public sphere.