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in his old age, spock finds that leonard mccoy survives an inordinate amount of time; logical, considering his profession. it’s something, the vulcan had always thought admirable even if the compliment said aloud was few and far between. much later on, they meet again and talk for a while, reminiscing about an old friend. and spock would embrace him with the touch of his wrist; the one and only time, he did ever call the other man, ’ bones ’. perhaps, in hindsight, it could be deemed as a parting gift.

the doctor passes away the next day.

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Dear tanlerst,

That’s a very insightful look at Phoenix’s methods, and I even have to agree with some of it, but if I were a judge, I’d probably let Phoenix off the hook for bending the rules where he did, and hat’s not just because I’m a fan of his.  For me, obeying the law is more about having all the right motives than doing all the right things.  Sure, Phoenix did a few things that could be counted against him legally, especially since he’s a full-fledged lawyer who should know what’s legal and what isn’t, but not one of them was done for himself – he did them all for someone he cared about and believed in.  MatPat can say what he wants, but from what I’ve seen, Phoenix’s motives are in the right place.

I also find it funny how he didn’t even mention the stunt Phoenix pulls in Apollo Justice…

Dear Crazyarielxd and Michael,

Hello, and you’re welcome!  I prefer not to ship any two characters together, since it’s impossible to tell which way any sort of romance (or potential romance) could go, and also because I respect the right of the people at Capcom to do things however they want with their characters.  There’s one pairing I’d love to see happen, though, and that’s Apollo/Athena.  Besides the way their personalities balance each other out almost perfectly, there are quite a few things about them that make me wonder if the developers have something special in mind for the two of them:

  1. They’re both named after a Greek god.
  2. They bicker about everything like a couple.
  3. They both have a unique ability that helps them sympathize with others.

Not to mention, they met in the most romantic way possible.

It might just be my wishful thinking, but you never know.

Oh yeah, and of course there’s Phoenix/Maya, but that should be a given.

Dear Anonymous,

As much as I’d love to add the members of that hilarious cast to this blog, I doubt that will happen very soon.  The English subtitles used in the videos I’ve seen make little to no sense at certain parts, and the Modthorne hasn’t seen any of them herself, so portraying those characters accurately would probably be too much of a challenge at the moment.

Of course, I’ve only seen one video series of that game.  If another one exists that has better subtitles, please don’t hesitate to let us know!

Dear No Comment,

You’re welcome, and thank you for making them!  I can’t imagine how long it took to get the animations to look as smooth as they do.  I might have been able to make something like that myself, but it sounds like something I don’t have the patience for (or the Mod or Modthorne, for that matter).  Thanks for saving us some work!

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Dear Anon,

She said it, not me.

Dear bluemagedanny,

Yeah, that’s what I figured (or should’ve figured).  Again, I don’t know if we’ll do that, but we’ll see.

Dear gary-the-hot-soup,

I think that’s a fun possibility to imagine, but if it’s true, then it implies one of two things, both of which are quite tragic: either Ms. Mystere ran away from her father, or she was separated from him by accident.  In either case, she later stumbled upon Labyrinthia and decided to become a part of its fabricated “story” (but without changing her name).

It might not be so tragic in the second case, though – she and Flynch could have a heartwarming reunion after the mysteries of Labyrinthia are cleared up, and then she’d have the decision to either go home with him or stay in Labyrinthia and invite him to live there (most likely as an assistant librarian).  It sounds like just the right sort of plot for an Ace Attorney/Professor Layton crossover.

Dear Anonymous,

I wasn’t able to find that letter either, but I did find one that was written to the Mod about the same topic here.  The one you’re thinking of must have been written in response to that one.  I hope this one works, but if not, I can keep looking.

(Mod, you weirdo…)

Dear C Ranked Gouken,

You mean there are people who don’t?

But seriously, I haven’t been through anything as bizarre as many of the characters have, but I can relate to a few of them.  I struggle with the same phobia Athena has of being insignificant or ignored, for example.  In my case, it isn’t caused by any traumatic events that happened during my childhood, but I still feel very empathetic toward her in that regard.  In fact, she and the other main characters often make me realize how boring my life is by comparison.

Dear SC,

DGS does indeed have its faults, and there are quite a few confusing parts (especially when it comes to the English translation), but I still felt like Capcom did some of their greatest work in just about every part of it.  I’m not sure where I’d put in my rankings, but it’s definitely somewhere close to the top.

Speaking of the translation, one part I thought was interesting was the fact that the game wasn’t just in Japanese – it took place in Japan itself, where Japanese is the language everyone speaks, and English suddenly became a foreign language.

It’s a strange thing to imagine for us English-speakers, isn’t it?

I didn’t notice that subtle reference to Gourdy in AAI2 before you mentioned it.  Ace Attorney games include all kinds of clever references to themselves like that, and I imagine there are still some that no one’s discovered yet.  I just recently realized that one of the random objects Horace Knightley tosses into the air is actually The Thinker!

Oh yes, and the AAI2 letters will get here…when they get here.  We might not see them for a while yet, but feel free to keep sending letters to those characters!  They’re all ready and waiting.

-The Co-Mod


CultureSOUL *50s*: African Americans in Color c. 1950s

Photo credits:

  1. Southern California c. 1950s
  2. Southern California c. 1950s
  3. Untitled, Shady Grove, Alabama, 1956. Gordon Parks
  4. Southern California, 1956
  5. Airline Terminal, Atlanta, Georgia, 1956. Gordon Parks
  6. Bathing Beauties contest c. 1950s
  7. Coney Island, NY, 1957
  8. Location unknown c. 1950s
  9. Wedding, Southern California, 1956
  10. Rare color image from the “A Great Day In Harlem” iconic Jazz photo shoot. This close up features Marian McPartland, Mary Lou Williams and Thelonious Monk.

For more images of African Americans in color, see this Gordon Parks photo essay on the Civil Rights era recently published in HuffPost.



Sumerian Silver Lyre, from Ur, southern Iraq, c. 2600-2400 BC

This lyre was found in the ‘Great Death-Pit’, one of the graves in the Royal Cemetery at Ur. The burial in the Great Death-Pit was accompanied by seventy-four bodies - six men and sixty-eight women -laid down in rows on the floor of the pit. Three lyres were piled one on top of another. They were all made from wood which had decayed by the time they were excavated, but two of them, of which this is one, were entirely covered in sheet silver attached by small silver nails. The plaques down the front of the sounding box are made of shell. The silver cow’s head decorating the front has inlaid eyes of shell and lapis lazuli. The edges of the sound box have a narrow border of shell and lapis lazuli inlay.

When found, the lyre lay in the soil. The metal was very brittle and the uprights were squashed flat. First it was photographed, and then covered in wax and waxed cloth to hold it together for lifting. The silver on the top and back edge of the sounding box had been destroyed. Some of the silver preserved the impression of matting on which it must have originally lain. Eleven silver tubes acted as the tuning pegs.

Such instruments were probably important parts of rituals at court and temple. There are representations of lyre players and their instruments on cylinder seals, and on the Standard of Ur being played alongside a possible singer.

 teach me, @unarmy
continued . . . 

          “Yeah, well – it was somethin’ else, gotta say. And I can’t say it wasn’t deserved. Guy was a right wanker and also can’t deny there was a bit of a satisfaction seein’ him hit the floor like that…” Okay, if Faye were honest, there was more than a bit of satisfaction watching the ARSE that kept bothering her and her little group of her friends no matter how many times they all turned him down get KNOCKED OUT. When the twat had uttered the word bitch was the last straw for everyone – but David, especially. She knew he was a soldier, but… The way he moved was like magic almost. Upon his offer, her brows rose up and a smile snuck its way to her lips. “Yeah? Would ya?” she asked, the thought appealing to her, eyes trailing to where the arse of a man laid unconscious. “…think I’d like that. I mean… Assholes like him, not exactly a minority and unless ya start followin’ me ‘round to shut ‘em up, I mean… Could be handy – if ya got the time, I mean.”

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A- age: 23
B- birthplace: Southern California
C- current time: 12:50am
D- drink you had last:
E- easiest person to talk to:
 idk i feel i’m fortunate i can talk to p much anyone rather easily esp after we’ve talked at least once before.
F- favorite song: Wiped Out!, among many others
G- grossest memory: ugh why. no thanks i’d rather not recall all the gross shit i’ve seen in my life

H- horror yes or horror no: horror eh. like… i don’t really care either way. it’s not my preferred genre. i find it hilarious most of the time tho rather than scary. depends.
J- jealous of people:
not really….??? *shrug*
K- killed someone: gods i hope not
L- love at first sight or should i walk back by again?: how bout keep walking or we can talk and after a shit ton of getting to know each other then maybe. unless you’re chrom in which case pls marry me immediately
M- middle name: A….hahaha you thought i was gonna actually tell you (my middle name is a secret online
N- number of siblings: one big bro
O- one wish: yugioh arc v sound duel 4 
P- person you called last: my bff who went to LA with me today since i had to drop her off and i stayed on the phone with her til she got to her car to make sure she ok
Q- question you’re always asked: oh gods. my most FAQs: “How do you pronounce your name?”, “What are you?” (as in “Where are you from?/What ethnicity are you?”… ugh seriously………), “Is your hair really like that?/Is that your real hair?/How do you get your hair like that?” (oh my god like………. yes. it’s hella fuckin curly). on here, my most FAQ is actually “Why don’t you like Lucina?” no. seriously. i made an FAQ section on my about just to answer that question (and ppl still ask).
R- reason to smile: spending time with friends, and yuya sakaki.
S- song you sang last: Prisoner by The Weeknd & Lana my giiirrrrrlll
T- top 3 fictional characters:
yuya and morgs my sons and chrom my idiot husban
U- underwear color: sky blue…………………
V- vacation: would love to have one one day (preferably to go visit @dancerladyaqua )
W- when’s your birthday:
August 11
X- x-rays: besides the dentist, none. tho i’ve had a CT scan and an MRI. those are fun.
Y- your favorite food: dude this changes all the time but i’m always a sweet potato fry hoe
Z- zodiac sign:

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anonymous asked:

Okay I'm sorry but I lurk on your blog cause awesome tags and awesome stuff and I saw that with a Night Vale thing you put 'Southwestern Gothic' and recently I wondered if that was a legit thing and I'd like to talk about it with someone to figure out what southwestern gothic would be in comparison to southern gothic? B/c I only know a little bit of southern gothic and I'm trying to figure out what southwestern gothic would be and it's hard.

anon this is such a good question and i’m gonna preface answering it with two things:

firstly, i am not familiar with southern gothic except generally (i’ve read truman capote, tennessee williams, harper lee, etc; southern gothic interests me but it’s not my #1 priority) and i probably shouldn’t use the term “southwestern gothic” because i’m really not capable of talking about it “in comparison”

secondly, like. i don’t live in the southwest. i grew up in the bay area and moved to new york city. i’m p dang familiar with the southwest– or at least the californian bits of it– but i don’t live there.

that said, here is a thing that i want: an entire genre of people writing surreal and freakyodd and fantastical and strange stories set in california and nevada and arizona and new mexico and texas, because, like, dude

and here are some things i would want out of that aesthetic:

  • first, because of a really really really facepalm-filled experience with an author from brooklyn trying to write a mexican kid in a manuscript yesterday: get your mexican culture right. you can’t write the southwest without writing about the influence of mexico (and, to a lesser extent, the rest of central and south america). 75% of place names are in spanish and most people speak at least a little conversational spanish. the hispanic population is high. there is a shitton of mexican food (and that doesn’t mean hard-shelled tacos, dude, it means soft corn tortillas and green salsa and horchata and jarritos and fuckin’ lengua and a shitton of really good rice.) old missions built by the spanish, houses with red roofs in the spanish/mexican style, catholic churches. this was mexican territory for a long time and it oughta look that way.
  • on that note: huge native american influence, huge native american presence. go and look at a map of reservations in the u.s., take a good look at arizona. there should be native american names for things, there should be native americans. (there should be petroglyphs! petroglyphs are cool.)
  • to a lesser extent: ghost towns, there should be hella ghost towns, there should be the imprints of spanish cowboys and outlaws and tall tales (think more pecos bill than paul bunyan obviously)
  • everything should be too big; everything should take a little too long to get to. everyone should drive absolutely everywhere. the sky should be too blue and go on forever, in a way that’s half liberating and half terrifying, and there should be too many stars.
  • la la la, empty and forbidding desert, spectacularly beautiful sunsets, mesas, long empty roads, la la la, you know this shit
  • (purple and orange and gold, please, with lots of neon)
  • nighttime is warm and dry and there’s a hot wind blowing and it's great; sometimes there are rainstorms and then there are flash floods and it’s terrifying and still great
  • there are roughly 30000 local attractions called “devil’s x” (devil’s marsh, devil’s kitchen, devil’s gate, devil’s windpipe, devil’s golf course) so like c'mon people who write religious shit get your asses over here, the devil lives in the southwest and he is having fun
  • nothing is tired, nothing is sick. everything is speed. the past doesn’t weigh on you; the past might not even be real. there’s a lot of dust, but none of it’s settled. the desert is full of ghosts but there isn’t any haunting.
  • okay like for the record i love saguaros too but they only grow in arizona and some parts of california, friend, please consider prickly pears and joshua trees and cholla cactus, i believe in you
  • i am no longer interested in chupacabras. please stop talking about chupacabras. talk about coyote. coyote is cool. jackalopes: also nice.
  • roadside diners.
  • sketchy motels.
  • gas stations.
  • ufos.
  • helpful examples: from dusk til dawn, welcome to night vale, any x-files episode set in the southwest, mcr’s na na na video, jackalope wives by ursula vernon.

Herri met de Blès, A Fantastical Moonlit Landscape With Saint Christopher Carrying The Christ Child Across A River (Oil on oak panel), ca. 1535.

anonymous asked:

What are some good Southern Gothic books?

What a delicious question! There are quite a few Southern Gothic reads in the YA section of a bookstore, so here are just a few of our recent favorites:

- BEWARE THE WILD by Natalie C. Parker

- MADE FOR YOU by Melissa Marr

- COMPULSION by Martina Boone

- THE DOLLS by Kiki Sullivan

- SERVANTS OF THE STORM by Delilah S. Dawson