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But there was in Thranduil’s heart a still deeper shadow. He had seen the horror of Mordor and could not forget it. If ever he looked south its memory dimmed the light of the Sun, and though he knew that it was now broken and deserted and under the vigilance of the Kings of Men, fear spoke in his heart that it was not conquered for ever; it would arise again.

For the people freaking out about baby JJ being dressed like Cartman

Let’s not forget South Park made a reference to Yuri on Ice and Crunchyroll recently.

Kubo-sensei noticed it, and actually twitted (I don’t have the source for it rn but if someone do please add them) about it. I think she was saying something like wondering about canadian in south park or idk.

What I want to say is that : it was intentional. It was fully intentional and most probably a reply to South Park’s reference to Yuri on ice.

And it’s so nice.

With the US Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage, let's not forget those that came before it

Countries with the Freedom to Marry:
The Netherlands: April 1, 2001
Belgium: June 1, 2003
Spain: July 3, 2005
Canada: July 20, 2005
South Africa: November 30, 2006
Norway: January 1, 2009
Sweden: May 1, 2009
Portugal: June 5, 2010
Iceland: June 27, 2010
Argentina: July 22, 2010
Denmark: June 15,2012
Brazil: May 14, 2013
France: May 29, 2013
Uruguay: August 5, 2013
New Zealand: August 19, 2013
United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland) February 4, 2014
Luxembourg: June 18, 2014
Finland: November 28, 2014
Ireland: May 23, 2015
Mexico: June 3, 2015
The United States: June 26, 2015

twhiddleston: I’ve met so many brave children in South Sudan, who keep smiling in spite of the civil war which continues around them. The tireless people @Unicef and @unicefssudan are on the ground, helping to protect them from physical and psychological abuse, providing clean water, vaccines and education. We mustn’t forget about them. We mustn’t allow South Sudan to be forgotten. @Unicef_Uk #southsudan #southsudannow

@twhiddleston: Just back from South Sudan with @Unicef_Uk to see how innocent children are still bearing the brunt of the conflict 3 years since it began.

Why Do China and India Print Different Maps of Their Border?

The border between China and India is disagreed upon. This disagreement has a historical basis: in 1914 the powerful British, who at the time occupied India, wanted to recognize the McMahon Line which runs along the main crestlines of the Himalayas to the east of Bhutan. The British convened a conference between British, Tibetan, and Chinese officials in the town of Simla to draw up a treaty which agreed to the McMahon Line. Although Chinese representatives at the meeting approved, the treaty was rejected when a draft reached China’s capital. The British simply overruled the rejection. Only the British and Tibetan representatives signed the treaty, the Chinese representatives did not. The British made Arunachal Pradesh part of their South Asian empire and governed it as such. But the Chinese did not forget. In 1958 the new communist government began a campaign to move the boundary to where the Chinese government had wanted it at Simla in 1914. The new, democratic Indian government disagreed. The issue remains unresolved.


It’s been 4 years that you and MinTaek start dating and he had the audacity to forget the date : You - Babe ❤, do you plan do to something today ? MinTaek - I was thinking to stay at home and watch some movies and you ? You - Watching movies ? At home ? Are you sure ? MinTaek - Yes , Why not ? *smile* You - Hmm…What’s the day today…😑? MinTaek - [ say the date] , why are you looking at me like that ? Are you trying to scared me ? Because it’s doesn’t work lmao 😂 ! You - I can’t believe you did that 😣! You walk away. MinTaek - What again…[Think about the situation then remember the date ] Bae ❤ , i am sorry…i mean i was joking , believe me !

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