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Happy Birthday to the brilliant Haruki Murakami -one of my favorite authors and one of today’s most compelling, imaginative voices.

Reggie Mantle x Reader: PART THREE: THE ARTIST & THE JOCK

A/N: I really hope you guys are liking this imagine. In the comics Ricky and Vicky are the names of Reggie’s parents, so that’s what I named them. Although the character of Riley I totally made up because in the comics he only has a brother. Also if you guys have requests please send them, so I can start working on them (on any Riverdale character)

Words: 885

Pairing: Reggie x Reader

Summary: Feels tho.

Spoilers: Nope :)

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You were walking along a sidewalk in the chilly night, the wind was leading the leaves from south to west. You were trying to figure out why you’re parents agreed to such a thing. Thoughts started flooding your mind, Did your dad need the money? Were you guys becoming broke? When did everything change between you and your parents? Did Reggie agree to this? How could he? How DARE he? Your first boyfriend would be Reggie? Were you going to accept it? What happens if you don’t? How will your friends react? What about Veronica’s crush on Reggie? What about me? You thought.

“Ugh mind shut up!” you spoke to yourself with a sad look on your face, the wind blowing against your face.

The night got frostier every second you walked away from your house.

Back home Reggie was fidgeting in his chair.

“What happened to (Y/N)?” Riley spoke up

“Nothing Honey” You mom answered “she just needs to think some things through, how about you go to the living room” she continued, while taking Riley away from the dining room.

“I’m going to check on (Y/N)” Reggie declared about to get up from his chair, but Mr. Mantle interjected.

“Are you really that terrible, she stood up and left?” He stated with venom in his words.

“Now Ricky, how dare you speak to Reggie like that? I’m sure she just isn’t attracted to him” Mrs. Mantle added not helping Reggie out “Reggie I thought you said you would fix this?” she added on with a disappointed look shooted at Reggie.

“You guys agreed that I would plan this, my way, no contract.” Reggie stated with anger in his voice as he stood up and walked out the door to look for you.
The chill of the night worried Reggie, since you were wearing a dress. His pacing became faster because he didn’t want you to freeze.

Reggie’s POV
I could see her walking away, she was shivering, she lifted her hand up to her cheek like she was cleaning a tear of her face. I couldn’t help but take blame for this, if I would have warned her, told her why I had been ignoring Ronnie was only because I wanted her. I had my chance, but I was too scared and now our parents made it worse.
End of POV

Reggie sprinted towards you, took off his blazer and placed it on your shoulders.

“Thanks” you croaked, putting it on correctly. You couldn’t help but let out a chuckle because he was bigger than you, meaning it fit big and some of the sleeves went on even after your arms ended.

The silence that followed was deafening. You both just stood there staring at each other. Until you decided you needed answers.

“Why? Reg?” You questioned him with a sad look on your face.

“I’m… I’m sooo sorry (Y/N), I really am” he declared letting out a sigh.

“Well okay, forgiven, now are you going to answer my question” You questioned him again.

“I… I…” He stuttered, not knowing what to say.

You decided to ask him everything that was in your head

“Why me? Why the contract? What if I don’t agree to it?” He looked at you with a sad look on his face that you didn’t catch because you kept rambling questions at him “Does my dad need the money? Do you know something I don’t? What about Ronnie? If I agree to this for my parents, she’ll… she’ll hate me! What do your parents want from me? Did you agree to this contract? Did…” you stopped rambling as he put both of his hands on your shoulders.

“Please (Y/N)” Reggie pleaded leading you to a bench on the sidewalk.

Reggie just stared at the ground with sorrow in in his eyes, so you did what you’re used to doing when Reggie was sad. You shifted yourself and hugged him. He hugged back squeezing you tightly rubbing his hands on your back. You missed his tight hugs ever since you drifted apart. The hug lasted about a minute until you pulled away.

As you pulled yourself away you grabbed his chin your hands warm against his cold chin, and you both stared at each other and spoke “What’s going on Reg?”

He sighed and you both looked away from each other staring at the dim lighted street.

He later put his hand on your thigh which sent electricity all over your body and you turned your head to look at him.

You couldn’t help but let your mind start racing. The way the light was hitting his face, the wind in his luscious black hair. What does this mean? You thought to yourself. Do you like Reggie? More than a friend? Could this arrangement work? Does he even he even like you like that? Ronnie would hate you? This could cause a drift between you and your friends? Your neutral standing ground would be ruined? Would you just be a cover to his attitude? Is Reggie only acting like this because of the contract? Will he change if you accept?

“(Y/N) I like you” He told you with longing in his eyes disrupting your thoughts “I have since the day we went camping, I have hated myself for becoming who I am and ignoring you”

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So this question might be overwhelming, but how many types of Nymphs, or other greek nature spirits, are there? What all are they called?(or can you link me somewhere to read about them)

So nature spirits in Hellenism are actually pretty neat. If it’s an aspect of nature, it’s pretty much either got at least one nymph, daemon, deity, or something associated with it. Just to put that into perspective, here are some different types of named nymphs.

  • The Aurai (breezes)
  • The Asteriae (stars)
  • The Hesperides (nymphs of sunset)
  • The Hyades (celestial nymphs of the constellation Aquarius)
  • Pleiades (yup, like the constellation)
  • The Nephelai (clouds)
  • Alseides (nymphs of glens and groves)
  • Auloniades (nymphs of pastures)
  • Leimakides (nymphs of meadows)
  • Napaeae (mountain valleys)
  • Oreads (nymphs of grottoes)
  • Anthousai (flower nymphs)
  • Dryades (nymphs associated with trees)
  • Hamadryades (oak nymphs)
  • Daphnaeae (laurel tree nymphs)
  • Meliades (apple tree nymphs)
  • Nereids (ocean nymphs who are the daughters of Nereus)
  • Haliai (nymphs of shore lines)
  • Naiads (fresh water nymphs)
  • Crinaeae (nymphs of fountains)
  • Eleionomae (nymphs from wetlands)
  • Limnades (nymphs who reside in lakes)
  • Pagaeae (nymphs who belong to springs)
  • Potameides (river nymphs)
  • Oceanids (ocean nymphs who are daughters of Oceanus)

You’ve also got stuff like the Harpies though, that aren’t really nymphs, but are spirits of storm winds. And the Anemoi, who are the four named winds, Boreas the North-Wind, Zephryos (Zephyrus) the West, Notos (Notus) the South, and Euros (Eurus) the East.

You even have titans who are associated with aspects of nature, like Eos who’s the dawn, Selene the moon, ect…. 

And then there’s the primordial deities. Gaea, Oceanus, the Ourea, Uranus, and more.

As unhelpful as it may sound, is going to be your best place to start. It’s a lot to dig through and a lot of stuff you can learn about. I suggest using their custom search to look for specific things you’re interested in.

In honor of the new Charles Manson documentary tonight on ABC at 9 EST, (looks kinda sensationalistic but eh), I’m posting Dylan’s Charles Manson paper. 

Dylan Klebold
L.A., Per. 6

The Mind and Motives of Charles Manson

In 1994, Oliver Stone directed a film, using a Quentin Tarantino-written script about a pair of serial killers, (partially using the “Bonnie and Clyde” theme) entitled “Natural Born Killers.” This film portrayed the main two characters who, at the point between innocent teen-ager and experienced adult, defy society, and get lost in their own little world, killing, and robbing whoever they come across. Although still on Earth, they live by their own morals, beliefs, and at the end of the film, expose the media and the law for its flaws. The truth to this movie is that it was not made to reproduce the Bonnie and Clyde theme, but it was almost an exact parallel to one man, with similar experiences in the late nineteen-sixties; Charles Manson. Oliver Stone stated later, in an interview related to the movie “The idea was that he could become more like Charles Manson.” (Describing an interview with Mickey Knox, the serial killer in Natural Born Killers.) The parallels from the film to the most stunning murders in the sixties can be seen from the similarities in the interviews between Manson and Knox, to the setting and time period. The point being that the movie was later considered one of the most daring movies of all time, thus just scraping the surface of the severity of the story behind Charles Manson and his so-called “family.”

Charles Manson was born near 1935 to an unknown father and a prostitute. Not much is known about his past, just abstract things. Manson went to a foster home at age three, and his mother later was arrested for robbery. From then to the age of eighteen and past, he was moved around from foster home to foster home, juvenile prison to juvenile prison. His prison record included two counts of forgery, two counts of mail theft, check forgery, probation violation, pimping and GTA. It was around this time in his life that he met the early members in his family.

Patricia Krenwinkle was an average girl growing up in the suburbs. She got average grades, and sang in her school’s glee club. She had one sister, a mother, and their father was an insurance agent. At age eighteen, she was a secretary, and had just joined the hippie movement. She met Charles Manson at a party at the house of her sister’s friend. He was playing an original, yet sad song on his guitar. She was drawn to him by his karma, mood, and attitude, which led to their sleeping together that same night. He enticed her, by words of love and happiness, to an extent that she was happy whenever he was around, and never wanted to leave him. Two days after meeting him, they, with others, left for San Francisco.

Leslie Van Houten had a similar upbringing. She was a suburbanite who sang in a church choir, and was later the homecoming princess at her high school. Other than the fact that her father left the family when she was young, she had an uneventful early life. At her late teenage years, she wanted more than normal girls had at that time. She heard about Manson, how he had the answers, and how closely he portrayed Christ. She too met with him and with the happiness that he appeared to bring with him. With Manson she later explained her actions “I followed him because I anticipated a positive change.”
Others like Krenwinkle and Van Houten had gotten word of Manson’s unearthly beliefs and prophecies. Charles “Tex” Watson, once an All-American high school athlete, later became Manson’s biggest believer. Lynette “Squeaky” Fromme, whose father was an Aeronautical Engineer, was also a follower, and later was the acting head of the family when Manson was not around. These people, and dozens others followed Manson out West, first to San Francisco, and then further South, winding up at a place called Spahn Ranch.

Charles Manson would later have a “family” of these followers, who literally did whatever he asked. They found happiness in his and each other’s presence. It was mainly a piece of the hippie movement; a way to stray from the norm and live opposite of what one was raised to learn. The structure was simple; he was the leader, the Christ, the martyr of the group, and they listened and did what he said. This type of control, however innocent the motives, could be considered a cult, and was later labeled as such. Yet, the main principals behind their family was, and only was, Manson’s will. The Mind and Motives of Charles Manson, and society’s counteractions are best described when his beliefs, his actions to support and uphold these beliefs, and society’s laws to stop him are taken into account.

Manson has been proclaimed by many to be insane. The question of whether or not he is insane is a question of opinion, which cannot have a “true” right answer. However, his beliefs, which fueled his and his family’s actions between 1968 and 1975 conflicted with society’s morals, around which this country revolves. The severity of Manson and his family’s doings are reasoned behind his beliefs toward himself, his family, nature, other people, and the law.

Charles Manson, on many occasions, has compared himself to Jesus Christ. He believed that he was Christ, and the world had made him suffer just as Christ did two thousand years ago. He also had his family believing that he was Christ. He said in an interview, when asked how he got his followers to believe that he was Jesus, “I was just being myself… all men is Jesus Christ.” He also believed that he was Satan, to come to Earth and start Helter-Skelter, what he called a prophetical Armageddon.

His family, he believed, had two main spiritual duties to learn to be him and to act like him, and to also learn and believe in what he did. He and the family lived with each other, living off, what he would consider love, for each other, and the earth. He told them that the happiness is in love. He believed that they should, when necessary, die for him, and not feel remorse. He preached to them that death was not bad, just another high. The family eventually adopted these beliefs, thus putting them at his complete control.

Nature, according to Manson, was one of the most precious things in life. He subscribed to the belief that ATWA (Air, Trees, Water, Animals) kept humans alive, and we should treat ATWA with equal respect. He once metaphored that ATWA was a ship, and the humans wastes to the earth, pollution, and forest destruction was like a hole in the bottom of the boat. He, when living and Spahn Ranch, would tell his family to let the scorpions crawl over them, as they were animals, not meant to endanger the family.

Helter Skelter, revenge were part of his beliefs. Humans had corrupted the Earth and ATWA, and were ignorant about it. Manson had felt that society dumped him and he felt great rage for society, and people, and later found an anthem for his rage. When asked about his actions, many years after the murders, he had said that he is a part of everyone, that he mirrors people, because they shaped him. The Beatles’ “White Album” included songs (Helter Skelter, Revolution #9, Piggies, and others) that Manson felt documented his rage toward society. When at the ranch, he and the family listened to these songs many times over. Manson thought he had heard his name being said in one of the songs. Their thoughts about Helter Skelter, or the Armageddon, were brought out by these songs. In Revolution #9, he heard machine gun fire, the oinking of pigs, and a man saying, “rise.”

His beliefs would later incite Helter Skelter, using his family as a type of “army.” Some people believe that he just brutalized people, that the murders were for no cause, and he was just insane. Yet, more than twenty-five years after he and his family were convicted, he still has the same beliefs and still can logically explain his actions.

August 9, 1969 and August 10, 1969. These two days carry a dark shadow over them. Two of the first ritual cult-style mass murders in U.S. history. The first of the two changed the mood of the entire population of L.A. for almost a year. These murders were the coming of Manson’s Helter Skelter, the Armageddon of the Earth.

Spahn Ranch is a small, run down ranch near L.A. It was owned by George Spahn, who was then a decrepit, eighty-year-old wrangler, whose kids had gone away and whose wife had died. He was depressed near death when a group of hippies came to his door. They agreed to take care of him, and the ranch in exchange for living space. He agreed. The group, otherwise known as Manson’s family, had Squeaky take the most care of George, which included cleaning, cooking, making love to him, and other various tasks. The family, which consisted of twenty-six people, began its cultish life in the desert.

“We played a lot of music, we did a lot of drugs, we loved, we were happy” relies Manson when later asked about life at the ranch. The family did these things, and more. They lost their humanity at the ranch. Life was lived “now” for “today.” Manson told them to always “live today.” The family members never talked about the past, never thought about the past or the future. The initiation of female family members was just that they joined. Male members would pick any woman they wanted and made love to them. Manson’s thoughts on this was that that’s what women are for, to bait the men. The women were not allowed to deny who picked them.

They had no watches, to forget time, and society. Manson would walk up to members daily, and have them mirror his actions, to try to be exactly like him. They took hundreds of acid trips, they did marijuana, and during the acid trips, he would have them reenact the crucifixion. During these times he would ask them if they would die for him, if they would “be him.” The members had started to live Manson’s reality. Manson would hear about the discrimination against the blacks in the South, and this was partially where he based his proof that Helter Skelter was near. The members started getting more guns, knives, and other weapons. They had lookouts at the ranch. They also robbed places to get money. Leslie Van Houten even robbed her father to get money for the cause.

By August 8, 1969, Manson had already killed a few people for various reasons. These drug dealers, and bums that he did kill are civil compared to the two ritualistic murders, done for Helter Skelter. Manson once tried to get a record contract from a producer, living at 10050 Cielo Dr. In Bel-Air, which later failed. Manson, who had been telling the family for months that they needed to start Helter Skelter themselves, needed money to bail out a member from jail. Near midnight, on August 8, he called a meeting about this. He sent Pat Krenwinkle, Susan Atkins, Linda Kasabian, and Tex Watson to 10050 Cielo Dr. to get money. He had told the women to do whatever Tex told them and was remembered saying “I don’t care how you do it, but do it and get it done now!” That night, just after midnight, August 9, they pulled up to the driveway. Tex cut the telephone wires, and bypassing the electric gate, the women scaled a fence and climbed up a hill to the yard.

This house was no longer occupied by the record producer of Manson’s acquaintance, but instead a beautiful new actress named Sharon Tate. Her lover and soon-to-be husband Roman Polanski, who was a movie director, was in London at the time. She was pregnant with their eight-month-old baby. She, Jay Sebring, Voytek Frykowski, and Abigail Folger were at the house for the night. Sebring was a worldwide known hairdresser, owning Sebring International. Folger was the heiress to the Folger coffee fortune. Frykowski was an actor, her lover. Back behind the house in a small shack was William Garretson, who was a caretaker of the house, who would later be an important witness. At the time when the women jumped the fence and were waiting for Tex, they heard four gunshots. He has seen Steven parent driving up to the residence. He was an acquaintance of Garrtetson, coming to visit. He was killed instantly, four shots at point-blank range. Tex then caught up with the women, and walked to the front door. It was locked, so he went through an open window next to the door, leading the women in first. They got the four people into the living room, together. Sebring, who tried to protect Sharon, was bludgeoned in the head once, then shot and stabbed by Tex. The other three people were panicked at this time.

Frykowski tried to run out the back door, but was caught up to by Tex. He was clubbed in the head several times, shot, and stabbed. It was later counted that he was stabbed fifty-one times. Before his death, Abigail Folger had been tied up, and now was starting to get free. She ran out the back, pursued by Krenwinkle. She was ran down, and stabbed to death. Krenwinkle later recalled her saying “I’m already dead…” (Later found to have been stabbed twenty-eight times.) Finally, Sharon Tate, the only one left, was begging for the life of her baby to Tex, who replied, “Look bitch, I have no mercy for you.” He then stabbed her to death. After these five brutal murders, the killers would up taking only seventy dollars before leaving. When returning to the ranch, Manson was remembered saying only two things, “Do you have any remorse?” and “Don’t tell anyone.”

“Sharon Tate, four others slain in ritualistic murders.” These were the headlines the following day in the Los Angeles Times. Even the New York Times, which never printed murder cases on the cover page, printed the Tate murders on the cover for almost a week. The night of August 9, 1969, Lenio Labianca and his wife, Rosemary, were driving back from a vacation at Lake Isabella. It was about 3:00 AM, August 10 when they finally arrived back at their house. Manson had picked Krenwinkle, Van Houten, and Tex to go to their house. Manson still needed money, and he said that he went to a party at the neighboring house once before. He had asked Van Houten, “Can you be me, do you believe enough in me to do this?” This time, Manson came with them in a separate car. They arrived, and walked through the front door. Tex tied up Leno, who was reading the paper in the living room. At this time, Manson had left, leaving no evidence of his presence. The two girls took Rosemary into the bedroom. Manson had told Tex “Don’t scare them like last time, just kill them.” Leno was stabbed to death while Rosemary was forced to listen. Tex then came in, stabbed her to death. He then handed a knife to Van Houten, who then stabbed Rosemary in the back fifteen times. Pat then went out to the dead body of Leno. She took a fork, and stabbed him on the stomach multiple times, and finally left the fork in him. No money was taken.
During the first set of murders, they had written “Piggies” and “Helter Skelter” in Tate’s blood on the door. In the second set, they wrote with Leno’s blood “Rise.” “Death Pigs,” and “Helter Skelter” on the walls before they left. These cultish writings were the only things that the police could find in common to the two murders.

By 1970, Manson and his followers had killed more people than the victims in the Tate-Labianca murders, but the severity of the two back-to-back slaughters shocked the nation. Nobody had seen killings like these. Unprovoked, unnecessary, and inhuman.

Four months after the two murdering, police finally caught up with and arrested Manson and his followers for the murders. The cultish actions and Manson’s control over the family, however, didn’t stop when they were all in custody of the law. It had taken years after the trials for the family to break Manson’s will over them.

Manson and four of his followers were arrested four months after the murders. He, along with Tex Watson, Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houton, and Pat Krenwinkle were charged with first-degree murder counts on Steven Parent, Sharon Tate, Abigail Folger, Voytek Frykowski, Jay Sebring, Rosemary Labianca, and Leno Labianca. The main pieces of evidence were the revolver that Tex used in the Tate murders, and fingerprints around the residence. The revolver, which was later found in a field near the site, had no gun grip, which was found in three pieces at the Tate crime scene.

Along with the seven known murders, Manson and his followers had collected a “tab” of bodies around the L.A. area, for various reasons. These others include Nancy Warren, Clida Delaney, Marina Habe, Mark Walts, Gary Hinman, Donald Shea, John Haught, James Sharp, Dorceen Gual, and Ronald Hughes, the last one, in late 1970. Also, Squeaky, Manson’s acting head of the family, had attempted to assassinate president Gerald Ford in 1975.

During the trial, Manson had his three female followers do many strange things to confuse the court, including carving X’s in their heads, always making stupid symbols in the courtroom, and even taking full blame for all murders. However, the prosecution, led by Vincent Bugliosi, had verbal evidence from a testimony given to them by Linda Kassabian. She, once a family member, had traded information to the prosecution for a full pardon. It was recalled that a family member screamed at her from outside the courthouse “You’re going to kill us all!” After the end of the trials, Manson and his family were all found guilty, partly due to the testimony of Kasabian, and also to the evidence found. They all got the death penalty, which was abolished about a year after the trials. Their sentences were reduced to life in prison. Since then, up until the present, Manson has been living in solitary confinement, without parole. Pat Krenwinkle, Leslie Van Houten, and Susan Atkins are still in prison, are allowed parole attempts and never receive them. Tex is in jail, but was allowed to marry, and has three kids.

The law of America and the state of California stopped Manson from committing more murders and mostly put an end to his family. However, the country has been shocked for twenty-five years hearing about Manson’s family. The severity of the Tate-Labianca murders have never diminished, and even though the murders are credited to Manson’s ideas, the innocent times of a hippie cult, the family’s life at Spahn Ranch can also be credited to him, and his ideas.

To this day, Manson’s influence over his followers, and the entire U.S. is still lingering. He always told people he was a crazy old man, but many people followed him. However, his beliefs, and the beliefs of his followers have changed in twenty years.

Cult behavior, for the most part, sprang up after Manson’s family affairs in the late 1960′s. One good example of the related lifestyle is David Koresh and his followers in the early 1990′s. According to Krenwinkle, the scariest thing is when Manson gets a follower from the younger generation. For example, Axel Rose recorded one of Manson’s songs, and wears a Manson T-shirt at concerts. “The biggest misconception is people thinking that what we did was OK,” says Krenwinkle in a recent interview.

To this day, Manson still believes the same things as he has all his life. He also says that he had no part in the Tate-Labianca murders, and that the government treated him unfairly. Manson will be in solitary confinement for the rest of his life, saying these things to countless reporters who choose to hear his side of the story.

Pat Krenwinkle, Leslie Van Houten, and Susan Atkins, the three women followers tried with Manson are all in jail to this day. They all have dropped Manson’s beliefs and live commendable lives. Atkins has converted to Christianity. Van Houten and Krenwinkle, who hold jobs, and help kids with drug problems, say, “The thing about Charlie is that he says he’s crazy to hide under people’s awareness. In this way, he can get people to do things for him, without them questioning his motives.” This is what they say happened to them, and countless others, who subscribed to Manson’s beliefs, and suffered the consequences.

Manson’s murder case was the most extraordinary of the time period, especially taking into account the hippie era. However, the murders partially stemmed from the era as he had so many people under his control, believing every word, what he thought of turned into a reality. Oliver Stone compliments Manson when describing his interview with Geraldo Rivera, saying that Manson had the upper hand of the discussion the entire time. Intelligence is not one and the same with sanity, however, which might have explained Manson’s retaliation against society. It is of somebody’s opinion to decide whether or not they think Manson is insane. Yet, his mind and motives can explain why he acted how he did, and why society didn’t approve.

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Can there be a jungle next to a desert without there being mountains to separate the two? I was thinking different rainfall added with different airstreams, but I'm not sure that's enough. Is a mountain range to separate the two necessary or are there other solutions?

This is indeed a tricky puzzle… You’re right that an orographic effect / rain shadow would be the simplest solution. But I’m glad to explore a few other possibilities. There are probably other options out there, and other complications as well. But I’ll give it a shot with what I know.

What we need for our jungle is a warm, humid climate. So it’s going to need to be at low latitudes, near to an ocean where it’ll get its moisture. Then, to have our desert, we need to strip the air of its moisture and prevent it from raining. Two things will help accomplish this: Raining before it reaches the desert, and warming along the way. Warmer air holds more moisture, so it will absorb moisture rather than releasing it.

I’m tempted to introduce a glacier somewhere: The air around glaciers is very cold and very dry. And because it’s dense and cold, it flows outward from the glacier (katabatic winds). As it flows downward, it’s going to become warmer–which will allow it to absorb moisture. The tricky part with this is the fact that a glacier is going to cool down your climate… I’m assuming you want the climate to be hot? But a few mountain glaciers could potentially do the trick.

I did sketch up another possible scenario: Assuming your prevailing winds come in from an ocean, they’ll bring in moisture and rainfall. I’ve also brought in some effects of the coriolis force. (In this case, the sketch map applies to Earth’s northern hemisphere, with coriolis force causing winds to curve to the right.) This will cause some of the west-east winds to flow north-south. If a mountain range intercepts those winds, it will strip them of their water. As the air continues flowing southward over the mountains, the cold, dense air will sink and warm–creating a desert.

There will probably be some sort of scrub/transitional environment between the desert and the rainforest, but it should be possible to have them more or less adjacent without a large mountain range between the two. The key will be having some strong prevailing winds. I don’t know how this works with what you had in mind, but hopefully that helps.


My Haruki Murakami Collection, with some of my favorite covers featured, since Tumblr will only let me post 10 pictures and I had way more than that. If you guys would like to see more, let me know!

Spells of Craft Formulas


EAST WINDS: the wind of intelligence: lavender
SOUTH WINDS: the wind of passion and change: musk
WEST WINDS: the wind of love and the emotions: rose
NORTH WINDS: the wind of riches: honeysuckle

Wear the appropriate oil when desiring a change in that area of your life, also, wear to boost the spells you may be working.

Formula from my dear friend Lane.

Zeus - lord of sky and lightning, king of olympus

Poseidon- lord of sea, water and earthquakes

demigods gain    (control of earth)

Hades- lord of underworld and king of dead

demigods gain geocanysis (control of earth)

Hera- goddess of marriage and devotion and queen of olympus

Artemis- goddess of the moon, the hunt, and archery. patron of all wolves. 

Apollo- god of sun, music, and archery

Hermes- god of thieves and messengers

Dionysus- god of party, wine, and pleasure

Athena- goddess of wisdom and battle strategy

Ares- god of war

Demeter- goddess of agriculture, horticulture, and harvest

Hephaestus- god of the forge, fire, metalworking, sculpture, and stone masonry

Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty

Hestia- goddess of the hearth, home, and cooking

Nyx- goddess of night

Erebos- god of shadow and darkness

Thanatos- god of death

Hecate- goddess of magic

Janus- god of doorways, beginnings, and endings

Chronos- god of time (NOT THE TITAN)

Hypnos- god of sleep

Persephone- godess of spring, queen of underworld 

Melinoe- goddess of ghosts

Pan- god of the wild (first satyr of world)

Deimos- god of terror

Phobos- god of fear and phobias

Triton- god of ships

Zealus- god of rivalry and jealousy

Nemesis- goddess of revenge and balance

Ananke- goddess of inevitability

Bia- goddess of force

Nike- goddess of victory

Eris- goddess of discord and chaos

Hebe- goddess of youth

Moros- god of doom

Cratos- god of strength and power

Attis- god of rebirth

Cybele- goddess of caverns, mountains, walls, and fortresses

Iris- goddess of rainbow

The horae- (all female)

-Thallo- flowers

-Auco- plant growth

-Carpo- autumn

-Dike- moral justice

-Eunomia- law and legislation (order)

-Irene- peace

-Pherusa- farm and estates

-Euporia- abundance

-Orthosie- property

The 9 hours

-Auco- hour 1

-Eunomia- hour 2

-Pherusa- hour 3

-Carpo- Hour 4

-Dikee- hour 5

-Auporia- Hour 6

-Irene- hour 7

-Orthose- Hour 8

-Thallo- hour 9

The 12 hours

-Auge- 1- first light

-Anatolia- 2- sunrise

-Musica- 3- the morning hour of music and study

-Gymnasia- 4- the morning hour of education and training

-Nympha- 5- The morning our of absolutions

-Mesembria- 6- noon

-Sponde- 7- Libations poured after lunch

-Elete- 8- Prayer, the first of the afternoon work hours

-Acte- 9- eating and pleasure, the second of the afternoon work hours

-Hesperis- 10- end of the afternoon work hours, start of evening

-Dysis- 11- sunset

-Arctus- 12- night sky and constellation (only male of horae)

Mania- goddess of insanity

Mormus- god of satire and mockery

Morpheus- god of deep sleep and dreams

Peitha- goddess of persuasion

Plutus- god of wealth

Rhea- goddess of nature

Themis- goddess of law and custody

Aeolus- god of winds

Borius- god of the north wind

Eurus- god of east wind

Notus- goddess of south wind

Zephyrus- god of west wind

Asclepius- god of health and medicine

Ata- goddess of mischief 

Caerus- god of luck, opportunity, and fortune

Ceto- goddess of sea monsters

Enyo- goddess of war

Khione- goddess of snow and winter

Pontus- goddess of the deep sea.


Illustrations of the Horologion of Andronikos Kyrristos (Tower of the Winds), Athens. Stuart, James and Revett, Nicholas Antiquities of Athens, Vol.1, Paris, Firmin Didot, 1808.

The ancient Greeks knew the gods of the winds as Anemoi. The Romans called them the Venti.

From Left to right:

- Boreas (Roman Septentrio), god of the North wind and bringer of winter.
- Kaikias (Roman Caecius), god of the North-east wind, bringer of hail.
- Apeliotes (Roman Apeliotus), god of the South-east wind, bringer of rain beneficial to farmers.
- Eurus (Roman Subsolanus), god of the East wind, bringer of warm rains.
- Notos (Roman Auster), god of the South wind, bringer of hot winds, humidity and fog.
- Lips (Roman Afer), god of the South-west wind, bringer of the winds which helped or hindered sailors.
- Zephyrus (Roman Favonius), god of the West wind, bringer of gentle breezes.
- Skiron (Roman Caurus), god of the North-west wind, bringer of the cold, dry winds of winter.

The Tower of the Winds is an octogonal weather station and time-piece built in the Roman Agora of Athens by Andronicus of Cyrrhus circa 50BCE. It held a wind vane, eight sundials, and a water clock.

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Do you know of any spells for finding a partner? Bear in mind I have very little access to herbs or crystals so maybe something using air? It's okay if you don't but thanks! 😊

Find leaves that have fallen from trees. 
Write on each one a different trait that you would want in a partner. 
Stand at a window or a doorway. 
Whistle thrice, like you’re calling someone to you. 
“Stir the winds in the south and the west, 
Search and find him/her/them at my behest, 
Bring this love for me alone, 
He/She/They who all these features have known” 
Cup your hands with the leaves inside, and blow them out the window or door. Leave the window open for a few minutes, then shut it and walk away.

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Hi :$ um I'm kind of new to witchcraft, and I was wondering how to cast a circle? I know it's a very basic thing, but I can't seem to find any instructions that don't involve invoking some god or goddess. I don't use religion in my craft. Do you have any tips for me? Thank you.

Hey there! Casting a circle is actually really easy, and you can basically use any way you find (even if it invokes gods or goddesses), just don’t invoke the deities when you cast. The circle doesn’t even have to be a physical barrier, it can be a visualized one, although the visualization does have to hold the entire time, so sometimes a physical barrier is easier when first starting off.

First thing you want to do is find where you want to cast your circle. You can literally do this anywhere. In your room, outside, at the park, in the woods, your basement, wherever you feel comfortable. You will want to be where you will have the free time to do it, without interruptions, as I am guessing you don’t want to be interrupted during your ritual or spell. ;) Make sure your space that you are casting is big enough for your ritual, all your items, and you.

Next step is to make sure your area is physically and spiritually clean. Physically, just pick up anything thats in the way. If you are outside, clear any leaves, branches, etc out of your area; if you are inside, make sure there is no laundry, toys, or any other clutter in the area. Next spiritually cleanse your area. If you use a broom or a wand in your practice, you can use that to push all unwanted energies out of your space. Typically you are pushing out negative energies, but if you are utilizing those for your spells, then push out the positive energies or whatever energies you do not want within your space. If you don’t use a broom or a wand, all you have to do is meditate and push the energies out, or push them out with your hands. You can also smoke cleanse the area if you so desire, or use a cleansing spray to spiritually cleanse your area.

Gather all of your items you are going to be using in your ritual and place them approximately in the center of where your circle would be. You want to do this because once you actually cast your circle, you don’t want to break it. Although, I can’t even tell you how many times I have left my lighter on my nightstand on the other side of the room. You can start setting up now if you like too.

Now is the time to physically cast the circle. You can draw a circle on the floor, use a staff or wand to draw a circle in the dirt lay a cord on the floor (if you do this, tie it), sprinkle salt on the floor, use those branches you moved, make a circle or rocks or leaves, whichever you prefer. You usually want it about as wide as you are tall, but make sure you have enough room for your ritual. So if you need space to move around or dance or whatever, make it bigger. You also probably want to cast the circle clockwise. Note: If you are outside, do not put salt directly on the ground. It will kill all plants and grass or whatever in the area and nothing will be able to grow in that soil.

Now at this point you are in your circle. Some people will place candles or an objects at the points representing north/east/south/west and/or earth/air/wind/fire but thats up to you. Some people will also bless the circle as they light the candles, going clockwise. Thats up to you.

Now is when you want to spiritually cast the circle/state the purpose of the circle. Some people walk clockwise around the circle three times, others just once, do whatever vibes with you. You can state something like “I cast this circle to __(intention)__”.

Now do whatever ritual you need to do! If you find that you forgot something outside the circle and you need to leave it (*cough* like I do), thats easy. All you need to do, is envision a doorway being cut from the edge of your circle, up, over, down. If you cast a physical circle, make sure to move the items to create the doorway. Close the doorway when you are back in.

Now whenever you are done, you close the circle. Basically just do everything in reverse! Thats it!

Ok wow, that turned out really long. Sorry. It looks complicated because it came out really long, but its really not. I’ll probably turn this into a full post at some point too, lol.

Simple Popcorn Divination

There are a lot of great reasons to make popcorn on the stove, and divination is one of my favourites. (It usually is.)

After I make some popcorn, I like to add a little more oil in the pot, toss in a few kernels, throw the lid on, and ask some questions. The easiest way to do that is to assign each kernel a meaning or a value (preferably a small number, so that it doesn’t become too difficult to keep track of – I’m fond of three) and then ask a question.

Some ideas:

  • Yes/No
  • Option A/Option B/Option C
  • Earth/Wind/Water/Fire
  • North/South/East/West
  • Summer/Autumn/Winter/Spring

I’m a big fan of the first two, although I usually do yes/no/unknown rather than just yes or no.

Whichever kernel pops first can be taken as your answer, although it’s also worth mentioning that the order in which the kernels pop is another thing you can pay attention to.

It’s also a fun fortune telling game with friends or family. Everyone adds their own kernel and and a question like “Which of us will be most successful?” can be asked. (Or if you want to star in your own horror film, “Who is going to die first?” is a spookier choice)

Note that I really recommend keeping the lid on your pot while you do this – it’s dangerous to have your head hanging over hot oil as you stare into it.

Also, if you prefer adding your kernels to hot oil rather than cold, you can do this before popping the rest of your popcorn, which also helps to make it more discrete.