the south of norway

most teenagers hang posters with sexy guys on the walls

well me too

Norway plans to cull more than two-thirds of its wolf population

September 16, 2016 - Norway is planning to cull more than two-thirds of its remaining wolves in a step that environmental groups say will be disastrous for the dwindling members of the species in the wild.

There are estimated to be about 68 wolves remaining in the wilderness areas of Norway, concentrated in the south-east of the country, but under controversial plans approved on Friday as many as 47 of these will be shot.

Hunting is a popular sport in the country. Last year more than 11,000 hunters applied for licences to shoot 16 wolves, a ratio of more than 700 applicants to each licence.

The government has justified this year’s planned cull – the biggest in more than a century – on the basis of harm done to sheep flocks by the predators. Environmental groups dispute this, saying the real damage is minimal and the response out of all proportion.

The government did not reply to a request from the Guardian for comment.

The government has taken action to prevent illegal wolf hunting. Wolves are also an attraction for some tourists to the country. But the new legal hunting limit is beyond anything that the wild population can withstand, according to Norway’s leading green groups.

Under the arrangements, 24 wolves will be shot within the region of the country designated for wolf habitat, while another 13 will be shot in neighbouring regions and a further 10 in other areas of the country.

According to environmental groups, the number of wolves the government plans to kill this year is greater than in any year since 1911.

Nina Jensen, chief executive of WWF in Norway, said: “This is mass slaughter. We have not seen anything like this in a hundred years, back when the policy was that all large carnivores were to be eradicated.

“Shooting 70% of the wolf population is not worthy of a nation claiming to be championing environmental causes. People all over the country, and outside its borders, are now reacting.”

She said the losses to farmers from wolves had been minimal, and pointed to settlements by the Norwegian parliament in 2004 and 2011 that stipulated populations of carnivores must be allowed to co-exist with livestock.

“This decision must be stopped,” said Silje Ask Lundberg, chair of Friends of the Earth Norway. “With this decision, three out of six family groups of wolves might be shot. We are calling on the minister of environment to stop the butchering. Today, Norway should be ashamed.”


Hetalia Characters' Human AU Jobs (Part 2)
  • Sweden: judge
  • Finland: nurse
  • Denmark: bartender
  • Norway: professional skier
  • Iceland: refrigerator technician
  • Estonia: I.T. guy
  • Lithuania: literature teacher
  • Latvia: office assistant
  • Netherlands: debt collector
  • Belgium: waitress
  • Switzerland: banker
  • S. Korea: auctioneer
  • Taiwan: model
  • Vietnam: construction worker

Happy Ten Year Anniversary to Hetalia! I’ve only been in the fandom for a short time, but already this series has affected me greatly. So, I made ten desktop wallpapers of some of my favorite characters! (I have a lot of favorites tho). 

transparents belong to @heta–transparents and @transparentalia!
art belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya!

please reblog and/or like if you use! (if there’s a character you want that isn’t here, feel free to send me an ask!)

bonus moscow wallpaper:

just because i liked it a lot.

With the US Supreme Court legalizing gay marriage, let's not forget those that came before it

Countries with the Freedom to Marry:
The Netherlands: April 1, 2001
Belgium: June 1, 2003
Spain: July 3, 2005
Canada: July 20, 2005
South Africa: November 30, 2006
Norway: January 1, 2009
Sweden: May 1, 2009
Portugal: June 5, 2010
Iceland: June 27, 2010
Argentina: July 22, 2010
Denmark: June 15,2012
Brazil: May 14, 2013
France: May 29, 2013
Uruguay: August 5, 2013
New Zealand: August 19, 2013
United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland) February 4, 2014
Luxembourg: June 18, 2014
Finland: November 28, 2014
Ireland: May 23, 2015
Mexico: June 3, 2015
The United States: June 26, 2015

Nyotalia Height Headcanons

Feel Free To Add More

England: 5'2"

America: 5'6"

France: 5'7"

Canada: 5'10" (When not slouching)

Japan: 5'2"

North Italy: 5'6.5"

Germany: 5'9"

China: 5'4"

Russia: 6'3"

Lithuania: 6'0"

Poland: 5'6"

Sweden: 6'3"

Denmark: 5'10"

Norway: 5'7"

Finland: 5'8"

Iceland: 5'6"

South Italy: 5'6"

Spain: 5'8"

Prussia: 5'6"


No, nobody’s asked for this before. Congrats, you’re the first. Also it seems Japan has a crush on a certain Baltic…and we all know America can’t keep a secret.

Yes I ship all of these shut up

Finland and Sweden: Finland gets really excited and starts running around the place while rambling cheerfully. When, to iceland’s horror, he starts planning their wedding, sweden has to step in

Denmark and Norway: they’re cheerful and kind to hong kong, but as soon as they get him alone, they flip into their DEADLY viking personas, promising that if HK hurts iceland even a little bit, they’ll dismember him and feed him to the wolves

China and Japan: they immediately sit iceland down at the table, and china runs around throwing weird foods at iceland and saying “OH THANK GOD HONG KONG IS FINALLY DATING SOMEONE, WE THOUGHT HE WAS HOPELESS” while japan smiles at him silently from across the table but in a really intimidating way

Taiwan, South Korea, Vietnam etc: as soon as they see iceland they drag him off to god knows where and all start talking at once and trying to do his hair and telling iceland that he’s “ONE OF THE ASIANS NOW” and iceland basically gets really flustered

Hetalia Characters in a Zombie Apocalypse
  • Eaten by Zombies: France, Austria, Romano, Poland, Latvia, Iceland, South Korea
  • Bitten, Became Zombies: England, Spain, Estonia, Denmark, Greece, Turkey, Taiwan,
  • Actively Hunting Zombies: America, China, Russia, Finland, Hungary, Belarus, Australia
  • Hoping to Rebuild Society: Germany, Japan, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Netherlands, Vietnam
  • Just Trying to Survive: Italy, Belgium, Lithuania, Ukraine, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Seychelles
  • Protected by Permanent Neutrality: Switzerland, Liechtenstein
  • Is a Zombie from the Start Because He's Already Dead: Prussia

BREAKING: Is Norway’s Kenneth Gangnes actually Kenny from South Park?

  • They both like wearing orange.
  • Messy blond hair.*
  • When South Park premiered in 1997, the character of Kenny was eight years old. Gangnes was born in 1989.
  • Both are very injury-prone.

What are your thoughts?

(*Yes, we know his hair has been brown for the past few years.)

I want more mertalia, but with nations having things other than fish tails.

Like, I want graceful nations like Austria and Norway to have beautiful jellyfish bodies. I want strong nations like Germany and Russia to have powerful shark bodies. I want slender nations like China to have long eel bodies. I want cute nations like Italy and Finland to have chubby little octopus bodies.

Then I want fics where two nations are two different species but they end up being together anyways.

Like Norway not wanting to get close to a particular Danish shark merman because he’s secretly scared that he’ll accidentally sting him but they work around it and become a couple anyways.

Or little octopus merman Romano’s grandfather wanting him to marry another one of their species and not the obnoxious Spanish outsider merman, but when he sees how happy they are even though they’re not the same he can’t not allow it.

Idk it was just some thoughts.

Hetalia characters and (forced) crossdressing (part 2)
  • Denmark: Will have fun with it, probably be laughing and joking the whole time. If anything, he'd want the clamshell bra and tail to be a mermaid.
  • Norway: Won't care much, unless it was Denmark's idea, in which case he would object to it on principal. On the other hand, he might be the one trying to get Iceland to dress up.
  • Iceland: Moody about it, just like anything else, especially if the other Nordics are peer pressuring him into it, as they have a tendency to do. He'd look beautiful though.
  • Finland: Loves cute little dresses and wearing makeup. He'll cheerfully put on just about any clothing as long as it's cute.
  • Sweden: Will be awkward, but then what else is new. He'll go along with it, at least if Finland wants him to, but the whole endeavor will be very embarrassing for him.
  • Switzerland: Probably is doing it for Liechtenstein. When she was littler, he begrudgingly dressed up for her pretend tea parties, so if she decided to dress him up now, he would say yes. It stops when he has to actually go out in public or show anyone else what he's doing, though.
  • Liechtenstein: She's been mistaken for a boy, and is a bit insecure about her small chest. If she had to dress up as a boy for some kind of costume, though, she'd definitely end up having fun.
  • Ukraine: Has sort of the opposite problem as Liechtenstein. Though her breasts are too large to really be hidden by binding, she does find she looks quite cute in a baggy flannel and men's jeans.
  • Belarus: Will complain about her clothes being drab and boring, not showing off her figure. Dealing with her incredibly long hair will probably prove to be less than worth it, so unless she's attempting to dress up as Thranduil from LOTR, good luck.
  • S. Korea: Has an androgynous face, and a slender enough body to really pull it off. He might complain about it being uncool at first, but once he's dressed up and made up, he'll quickly realize he looks hot, and probably claim that it was his idea in the first place.
  • Belgium: Has a very womanly figure and a very feminine face, so it's hard for her to pass. She'd have fun trying though, especially if people she liked hanging out with were there doing it too.
  • Netherlands: Not going to be happy about it, or easily convinced to put a dress on. He doesn't like being told what to do and is too stylish to put on something he doesn't think will suit him.
What Some International Borders Look Like.











Favorite type of slime

He doesn’t really care for slime, actually, he prefers sand. The cutting is just????? The sqUISHING IS JUST?????? ((This is my favorite if u can’t tell))~ Spain, France, England, Russia

Regular slime accompanied with little confetti pieces is The Shit to him. Especially if they’re small stars and hearts~ N. Italy, China, Finland, Norway

Iceberg slime; the sound + texture to him is just 👌👌👌~ S. Italy, Iceland, Sweden

He likes the very fluffy, non-messy slime, it feels good between his fingers~ Germany, Canada, Denmark

Clear slime of any kind is his favorite, it seems very neat and simple to him~ Japan

Floam!!!! Floam is so great!!!!! Sometimes he wants to know what it would feel like in his mouth but thankfully he refrains himself~ America

He mostly enjoys the making it part; he loves to get his hands dirty, to Ludwig’s dismay ((his favorite to make is fishbowl slime tho))~ Prussia