the south bay


Dolphins in False Bay, South Africa


I started a Polaroid series that I had been meaning to start a really long time called ‘Silicon Valley’. It’s where I take Polaroids of tech campuses in my area since I live at the heart of Silicon Valley, but i’m also planning on expanding the project with Polaroids of places that have been sitting in Silicon Valley since before Tech came in. A lot of the time, i’m only able to snap a few photos and leave because for some campuses, security is incredibly strict (even though i’m standing outside of the campus), or there isn’t much to see. I’m hoping to create a zine or a book in the near future to give people an idea of what these campuses look like, and to document these places since most Tech companies either last forever, or stick around for a few years, move away, or go out of business. One of the things I noticed while doing this project is that ‘Tech Tourism’ is a very real thing.

Campuses like Apple, Google, and Facebook were swarming with people from out of town wanting to walk on campus, explore, and take pictures for the Gram. If you ever plan on visiting any tech campus, please be very careful since it CAN be a trespassing issue. Some places I went to visit don’t even have a visitation area, and a lot of the time I just park my car, walk up, take a Polaroid and leave.