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Best Friends Turned Lovers Prompts

This wasn’t requests but I’ve seen these circulating around in the romance prompts department and compiled my favorites to share with you. I did not create these, so I shall not take credit, so the sources of these prompts are linked at the bottom of this post. Go check them out!

  1. “I need you to make out with me. Don’t worry though, it’s for science.”
  2. Character A discovers something Character B has given them way back.
  3. Characters gave each other a promise when they were children and they wonder whether it’s still valid.
  4. When parting, Characters agreed to meet at a certain place at a certain time in a certain number of years.
  5. Character A receives a message that Character B, whom they haven’t seen in years, has been seriously injured.
  6. “We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.”
  7. “It killed me to see you with him.”
  8. “See the eyes they’re making at each other? It’s going as planned.”
  9. “I know they didn’t need my help, but honestly, I personally think they totally do.”
  10. A and B are best friends. A is applying a new flavor of chapstick.“Can I try it? I wanna have a taste,” B asks curiously.“Sure, it’s coconut cream-” A starts to reply, but before they can finish, B kisses A on the lips.
  11. “I know what you want.” “Stop.” “It’s me, isn’t it? Go on, sweetheart. Say it.” “Stop.” “Denying doesn’t help your case much. I can see it in how you look at me.” 
  12. Character A hadn’t noticed but their sweet, funny, goofy best friend,Character B, was kind of hot, especially since they’ve been on this fitness kick.
  13. Imagine person A is hardcore crushing on B, and fantasizes about their relationship so much they often refer to the both of them as a couple and say “I love you” at the end of their phone calls accidentally
  14. “Stupid fucking hair, stupid fucking smile, they won’t stop staring at me in that way and they– the way they talk, they’re such a flirt I mean do they honestly think I like them?!??!??”*A makes a sound of astonishment* *B’s ranting is cut midway*“You didn’t see anything!!!!!!” Yells B indignantly as they run out of the room
  15. “We might as well have been dating the whole time.”
  16. “I can finally say I’m dating my best friend.”
  17. “You already met my family, so this saves you a traumatizing experience.”
  18. “Hardly anything changed. I’m actually relieved.”
  19. Since the night you reached out and took my hand, three things have happened.
  20. “It’s not like I like you or anything! … Okay, well- maybe I do.”

Sources x x x x x x x x x x x

If you use one or more of these for a story, I would be delighted to read it! Please don’t hesitate to send your writing to me:)

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Moana Source is a brand new blog dedicated to anything and everything about the movie Moana and Auli’i Cravalho, who voiced Moana. We are currently looking for members who are a fan of both that would like to post original gifs, edits, graphics, etc. for the blog. If you are interested, please send us an application. Help us spread the word and enjoy :)

Sarumi Fest 2017 - Announcement and Rules

It’s that time of year again - Sarumi Fest time! Our 2017 event will begin in just a little over a month!

For those who are new to the event, this will be one week where we all try to post as many Sarumi/Misaru fanworks as possible. The event is centered around July the 7th, or 7/7 (the combination of their birthdays - 7/20 for Misaki and 11/7 for Saruhiko, so 7/7 for Sarumi Fest). Here you can find a list with all the entries from last year’s Sarumi Fest.

There will be a lottery with prizes like doujinshi, fanart, and more! Winners will be chosen by random, but the more posts you make, the more slots you gain, thus your chance of winning rises! Please keep an eye out for a post with more details about the available prizes closer to the start of the event!

To submit a work for Sarumi Fest 2017:

Post your fanwork on tumblr using the tag #sarumi fest 2017 during the time frame of July 7, 2017 to July 14, 2017 (inclusive).

Rules for entries:

  • All of your fanworks must be your own original stuff or scanlations/scans/editing. Reposting won’t count. If you’re not sure whether something counts as a valid fanwork, send us an ask and we’ll let you know.
  • The fanworks must be newly created for the fest, and not works that have already been posted, on tumblr or elsewhere.
  • Any fanart or comics taken from pixiv/twitter/etc for use in your entry must include a source and you must have permission from the artist to use it
  • Your fanwork must be about Yata and Fushimi, Sarumi or Misaru
  • If you do not wish to receive a message or an ask in the event that you win a prize, please provide an alternate contact method, either on your post or privately via our ask box with a reference to your entry.
  • Sarumi Fest will last from July 7 to July 14
  • Don’t forget to tag your posts with #sarumi fest 2017

We also have some fun new things this year:

  • We will have themes for each day, so please check those out and plan your entries!
  • We have prepared a special header and footer to add to the spirit of the fest - it’s not a requirement, but we encourage everyone to use them on your entry posts. More will be posted about this later!

We will be opening the sarumifest blog for submissions during the fest timeline. If you do not have a tumblr or you wish to make an anonymous entry, you can use the /submit url to make your entry.

Rules for submissions to the sarumifest blog:

  • The above rules must be followed
  • You must include a method of contact  in case you win a prize (email, twitter, line, etc)
  • Please clarify if you would like us to remove your contact info before posting your submission

Submissions will open at the start of the fest.

The goal of the event is to have fun and get some fanworks posted, to show our love for Sarumi/Misaru! There’s no obligation to participate or anything, so please don’t feel pressured if you’re busy. Hopefully we can all have a good time with this!

Please send any questions through the ask box on this blog, and reblog to spread the word if you can!

Thanks, all!

gusthefarmer  asked:

How do you feel about the other issues people have with suckpencil? (ableism, exploitation, stealing ideas for merch, disrespect of ppl...)

i think she’s awful in every sense of the word.

ableism- I think her exploitation of mentally ill people is just gross. it makes my skin crawl that she sees nothing wrong with using mentally ill pople in crappy scary stories for a cheap thrill factor– because it turns out, oh, the deranged serial killer was mentally ill all along. she constantly demonizes people with ‘scary’ mental illnesses such as psychosis or schizophenia, and thus spreads the idea that people with those illnesses are all serial killers or something along the same lines, the same way the movie Split did with DID. heres a few sources of sixpenceee’s ableism. There’s also a weird stream of stories that contain child abuse in her tags, which is, you know… nasty. 

exploitation- I really think the biggest thing that’s popped up about sixpenceee’s explotative habits is the whole sixpenceeeheals bullshit. It astounds me that she sat down at her laptop, typed that out, made time to set it all up, read it all over and thought ‘yep, that’s good enough to post!’, then was.. confused? defensive? at the backlash. She issued a half assed apology that never really stated what she was doing was wrong, that she was trying to scam mentally ill kids who look up to her out of $30 in one of her pathetic get rich quick schemes she always seems to pop up with. That was just fucked up, man. Oh, and then she weirdlt started passive-aggresively reblogging posts that were defending her? She has like… no moral compass. (x) (x)

tshirts- When I found out about the fact that she was stealing t shirt designs. It’s as if we go, ‘wow, how can sixpenceee get any worse?’, and she sees it as a challenge. She’s even stolen things UNDER COPYRIGHT LAW and sold them to third parties for profit, which is illegal? and she could be sued– (correct me if i’m wrong, i’m no lawyer). There’s also the ‘stop human trafficing shirt’, ironic. It’s just constant money grabbing, constant note grabbing, for mediocre shirts or shirts with other people’s art on it. God, I hope she gets sued.

disrespect and general lack of human compassion- I’m just gonna say it– she’s like a badly programmed robot. Like, a one hellbent on attacking everyone and everything that calls her out. She often sends her followers to attack people who make callout posts, and then when people bite back, she acts the victim and whines that it isnt her fault. And she blocks, and blocks, and blocks… I’m actually pretty upset that she began sourcing her posts (good!) with the sources she’s went and gotten off of our blog without a thank you or a nod of the head or even unblocking us. It’s sort of like, ‘hey, don’t look at that blog who’s trying to help me out and credit original artists, look at ME! i sourced my posts, so stop making callout posts about me kthnxbye.’ It’s narcissism like i’ve never seen before.

tl;dr – sixpenceee? hate her

-Mod Vix

Since The Get Down just made its return, TGD Source needs new members to achieve that number of daily posts that can make everyone happy. So, if you’re interested in being a member, you should follow this steps and try to be one! (You can send your application here)

To become a member you must…
Be up to date with The Get Down episodes.
Experienced with Photoshop and be able to make high quality gifs and or graphics.
Be able to post at least a few times every 2 weeks. (reblogs/original content.) 

Send us the following details in your application:
Name & age
Where you are from Link to your creations (gifs, graphics, icons etc.)
How often can you create original content/reblog for us?

Ever see a crazy-long, indecipherable reblog chain on your dashboard? Not ideal, right?

Starting tomorrow, reblogs will have a new look—one that showcases all comments as equals, not buried under an impossible stack of blockquote indents. Our change to reblog captions last month laid the necessary groundwork for us to arrive here, at a place where the dashboard will be a lot easier to read and cleaner-looking.

Here’s how this will look (original on the left, new look on the right):

Questions about all this? Keep reading for the answers…


Q: Will this show up for all posts on the dashboard, or just the posts published from here on out?
A: All posts! So you can scroll back in time and see your older reblogs in this format too.

Q: Will it look like this on my blog?
A: Not necessarily: your public blog will continue to display reblogs according to however your chosen theme displays them. The new look is on the dashboard only, for now.

Q: How do I reblog starting from a certain post in the reblog thread?
A: Same as before: Just click the username of whoever made the reblog you want to reblog from. It’ll open up, and you can click or tap its reblog icon to reblog that post. Got it?

Q: Can I edit earlier reblogs, or the original post, in my reblog?
A: You can choose whether or not you want to include that stuff in your own reblog, but you can’t really go in and edit other people’s text. We know—that level of flexibility allowed you guys do some pretty interesting stuff, but it also made misattribution way too easy.

Q: Can I remove all captions on a post that I’m reblogging?
A: Sure. Click or tap the reblog button and click on the X that appears when you hover over the comments.

Q: Can I delete a single reblog caption within the thread?
A: No, it’s an all-or-nothing thing.

Q: How can I be sure my posts are credited properly?
A: Use the content source field! No matter how many times an original post of yours gets reblogged, you’ll always be credited as the source. Rebloggers might add a gif, or some commentary, or take out the caption entirely, but your username will always, always be stuck to the bottom of the post. Click on that source link any time you want to see what was originally posted.

Q: Can I send you my feedback on this change?
A: Yes. And for the record, even when you receive a simple thank-you response (which is necessary since there are millions of you and only a few of us), every word of your feedback is read lovingly by human eyes, then passed along to our engineers.

rant about stolen art

>goes into the samurai jack tag expecting to see some cool, original stuff

>instead sees a bunch of reposted fanart w/out written permission to share

>am very disappointed

Originally posted by naomi-ackerman

This blog is never, ever going to reblog reposted art unless it has a link to written permission from the original artist to share. Even if it has a link to the original source, it’s not going on here. That’s not proper sourcing!!! You never know the artist’s wishes, and many are uncomfortable w/ their art being shared w/out their consent or knowledge. As a content creator myself, I can understand how frustrating it can be if your art is stolen. And, yes, it is stealing if it is posted w/out the artist’s express knowledge and permission to do so. I’m also against reblogging/posting art sourced from, bc majority of the time it’s stolen work.

That also means that if you notice that I’ve reblogged stolen art here, PLEASE let me know. I’ll take it down right away. I try to be super careful when going through the tag but sometimes I won’t notice in time.

Stealing art is NOT OK! Whether it be fanart, original artwork, a gif, video, whatever, please don’t repost or share work if you know it’s not properly sourced. If you see some art on another site that’s really awesome and you want to share it w/ everyone, do this instead of reposting it w/ a link to the original source:

1. Check to see if the artist has a tumblr account. If they do, chances are their art is posted on their blog. Reblog it from there! Easy!!!

2. If they don’t, send them a message and ask if it’s OK if you can share it on here or other places! If they say yes, make sure to write that you have written permission from the artist to share in the post, and you can put a link to the screenshot of your conversation for proof. Easy!!!

3. If they say no, then DON’T REPOST IT! Enjoy the art on that site, send the link to your friends, or maybe make a post talking about their great art and put a link to their page! This way, you can bring attention to some cool art w/out stealing another’s content. Easy!!!

This post got way longer than intended, but please share this if you can! I see stolen art all the time, not just in the Samurai Jack tag, and it’s pretty upsetting, especially since it’s super easy to share someone’s art w/out stealing it. If you see some cool art but have some suspicions that it’s been stolen or reposted improperly, chances are that you’re right. Don’t take the chance!

Gif Reposter

So this is a bit of a strange situation but the user enxanax (warning they have a loud music player on their blog) reposted my gifset.

Here is their repost of my work!! So they strangely added me as the source, but they never asked for my permission to post the gifset and there is a reblog button for a reason. If you like my work, please reblog the original sets, do not post it on your own! Also reblogging their repost will probably do more harm than good as they’ll just block you and your messages will go to waste, so if you feel the need to say something try messaging them, sending them an ask, or replying to the post itself, and please do not be rude! I do not expect anyone to send them anything, nor do I feel you should; but just heed this warning and keep a look out!

Here is the original gifset by me!

I asked them kindly in instant messages to remove the repost and to reblog the original, I also put a nice reply on the gifset so that people could find the original instead. They blocked me, so now my reply is gone and I cannot message them.

So just be on the lookout for this user!! And I messaged a couple users who reblogged it already, but I don’t want to go through the entire notes list and have people delete it because it isn’t worth it. So if you think you reblogged it then it would be awesome if you could delete the repost and reblog the original thanks!!!! <333333

If anyone is interested in what I said to them I have it here (I tried to be as nice as I could!!) ;;

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I updated the blog. I still have to revamp the tags and do a few more touches but for now, it’s done. ♥

Things added: 

Affiliates: I’m currently looking for affiliates of any kind of blog/topic/fandom. The only rule is you cannot be NSFW. If you’re interested please just send me a message about it.

Icons: I am looking for icons to upload so if you’re interested please just make a post and @astoryofalove so I can see your post. I always provide credit and link back to the original source.

Fanfictions: If you’re a writer and you’ve written Cloud x Aerith stories please GO HERE and follow the template, I’ll add them as soon as I can.

Attention Ambassadors!

All of you should have received an ask from the hetaliafandomhubepsilon account for you to answer! If you haven’t, please let us know and we’ll send one as soon as possible! 

Also, please remember to tag your posts as #hetaliafandomhub in the first five tags! It’s the easiest way to get us to see your posts, since we check that tag every day! Always contact us if we’ve missed something, though!

Finally, please remember to source photography that you use in your headers and posts! If it’s yours or it’s public domain, so it doesn’t need sourcing, you can mention that in the post or tags so we know! Just remember that we can’t reblog posts that have photography with unknown origins!

Thank you all very much, and please keep up the excellent work!

Hello everyone!! Inspired by other communities and the Romione shippers’ (thankfully) continuing thirst for content, I’ve decided to add a new feature to this blog. Since our goal is to be a directory of shippers and fanwork creators on Tumblr, why not also offer a directory of recommended fanart and fanfiction, chosen by you?


- Signing up: To sign-up, send us an ask and mention if you have a preferred month. If you don’t, you’ll be assigned one. Months will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, although it can be negotiated if the assigned month doesn’t work for you. You will be sent a reminder before your month begins.

- Number of recs per month: Reccers need to post a minimum of 4 recs over the month, up to a maximum of 8 recs per month. If you cannot promise to submit at least 4 recs over the month, please don’t sign up. If anything comes up and you cannot complete this requirement after signing up, please let us know as soon as possible.

- What type of works can be recced?: You may only rec fanfiction and fanart. You do not have to include both types if you don’t want to; you can rec all fic or all art during your month. You may not rec your own work. You’re welcome to rec WIPs, but not works that haven’t been updated in over a year.

- Submitting: All your recs must be submitted separately here using the following template:

For fanfiction:

FIC: Title of the work - Author (Title of the submission)

Title: (Title + Link)


Word count:

Alternate links: (Name of the alternate site + Alternate link)

Rating: (General / Teen and Up / Mature / Explicit)

Warnings: (If applies - graphic depictions of violence, possible triggers, character death,etc. DO NOT include warnings such as “Plenty of fluff”)

Author’s summary:

Why everyone should read this: (Try not to write an essay here, but a few lines about why you loved this piece and why you thought other people should check it out.)

Excerpt: (Optional - Three paragraphs max.)

For fanart:

ART: Title of the work/Untitled - Artist (Title of the submission)

Title: (Title/Untitled + Link)

Is it work safe?:

Alternate links: (Name of the alternate site + Alternate link)

Rating: (General / Teen and Up / Mature / Explicit)

Why you chose this piece: (Try not to write an essay here, but a few lines about why you loved this piece and why you thought other people should check it out.)

You also need to mark the following tags in your submission form:

mark all: romione | ron and hermione | ron x hermione | romione monthly recs

choose one: rec: art | rec: fic

choose one (fic only): status: in progress | status: complete

choose at least one: genre: fluff | genre: hurtcomfort | genre: family | genre: drama | genre: AU | genre: smut | genre: humour

choose one: rating: G | rating: T | rating: M | rating: E

choose one (fic only): chapters: single | chapters: multi

- Posting: Submissions will be reviewed and posted over the month. Please try to space your submissions so that at least one rec can be posted per week; you may submit all your recs at the same time (separately), but they will still be posted one/two per week.

- Where can my recs come from?: You can rec works from any hosting platform as long as it was posted by the creator–that is, you may not link to a fanart that was reposted on Tumblr not by the original artist. If you only have access to a favourite fanart via a repost, WeHeartIt, Google or so, check this post to know how to find the source. If that still doesn’t help, rec something else. Do not link to private archives or locked blogs/sites; the works have to be as easily accessible as possible.

- Re-reccing: You may not rec fanworks that have been recced before. Please check our archive of past recs before sending your submissions.

- Can I do it again?: Sure! You can sign up as many times as you like for another month, although new reccers may be given priority.

- Stepping down: If you can no longer take part, please contact us before your month begins, if possible, at least a week to five days prior so we can assign someone else.

Please support us by helping spread the word and appreciating your monthly reccers!! If you have any questions, feel free to message us! :)

anonymous asked:

I mean art stealing is technically posting whatever you don't have the legal right to post so even if you say the source or say it doesn't belong to you... it's stealing from a legal pov and you can go to prison for tgat

So like according to u 90% of original content on this site would send people to prison oookay
I get just saying its not yours but i feel like sourcing it is fine.

anonymous asked:

What tumblr users have (in YOUR opinion) fact-based knowledge about MBTI and cognitive functions? Anyone you'd recommend?

This a common question from newcomers to the community, so I will say more about it. My blog is about theory, so I can only speak to that aspect of the community. What is “fact-based” is not as straightforward as it seems. There are the facts of the theory in that there are basic ideas, principles, and concepts that must be learned if you are to understand your type properly. However, there are several schools of thought in type theory and different theorists sometimes disagree with each other on important concepts. The basics do not get you very far. If you want to apply typology to real-life people in real-life situations, it requires that you interpret the ideas, extrapolate meaning from the concepts, and speculate or hypothesize about possibilities. Interpreting theory properly is difficult and, in order to label an interpretive idea as “fact”, it must be tested against empirical investigation, and most tumblr enthusiasts or amateur writers are not going to reach this level of scientific rigor. As a consumer of information, the burden is on you to use information in the way that it is intended to be used. Thus, you must understand that many tumblr users are writing as a means to work out the theory for themselves. Many of the posts that cross my dash have some flaws but that does not mean they aren’t useful in some way, because it is always good to discuss theoretical concepts in order to clarify murky ideas. Of course, this makes it difficult for readers/newbies to avoid misconceptions or misinterpretations of the theory.

To interpret any theory well, you have to understand it in its entirety, which few people have achieved. What makes type theory uniquely difficult to interpret is that you are only one of 16 types. When you write about your own type, you can make mistakes because it’s hard to see yourself clearly and separate out what is “you” and what is “the type”. When you write about other types, you can easily run afoul because you either don’t use those functions or those functions are low in your stack and hard for you to see objectively. I’ve seen these issues even in books from well-respected authors. The main point is, tumblr posts (and even websites) contain flaws because type theory is hard to interpret and apply, not to mention that you can know the theory but still have trouble explaining in writing. Much of what I write cannot be found in a book because it includes my own extrapolations of the theory combined with other knowledge combined with observations of real people - this is going to be true of many writers. If it helps, I usually look for a few things when I’m evaluating information as credible:

  • Do they charge for services? People often mistakenly assume that paying for something means that it is of better quality, so don’t let them exploit you with this fallacy. Just because they charge a fee doesn’t make them knowledgeable or professional (and even mbti certification is no guarantee of knowing the theory well). Nowadays, pretty much anyone can easily set up a flashy website and a paypal account and self-publish a crappy book.
  • Do they use clickbait titles? “The Secrets of INTJs Exposed!” or “What Your Type Tells You About Your Sex Life!” There is a high chance that they will be careless with details or misapply the theory, so read for entertainment only.
  • Do they use generic labels a lot or default to stereotypes? Relying too much on stereotypical labels for the types happens when people don’t know or can’t explain the theory so, instead, they’ve just memorized the general ideas and go from there. Or they simply parrot the stuff they’ve read in the books that everyone else has read. A lot of people can make general statements about the types, but ask them more detailed questions and you will see their knowledge break down. Remember: The devil is in the details!
  • Do they display subtle or not so subtle bias for/against certain types? Do they only see the other types through the lens of their own type? E.g. Intuitive writers tend to oversimplify the Sensing preference because they don’t get it, Thinkers tend to imply that Feelers are overemotional, etc. Do they make a lot of value judgments about the types instead of just speaking about them as factually and objectively as possible?
  • Do they confuse or fail to distinguish between cognition and behavior? Type is mainly determined by cognitive patterns so, if they’re always equating a certain type with a certain observable trait or behavior, then they’re likely oversimplifying.
  • Does their “advice” involve reinforcing the negative/worst aspects of the type instead of improving upon them? This is a big one because many, many people use type as “ego stroking” or an excuse to ignore their weaknesses and shortcomings. Jung intended typology to be used for personal growth, so anyone who doesn’t know this aspect of the theory is probably going to misuse the ideas.
  • Do they mix together a million different personality theories as though they are one? If so, they may not fully understand any of them. E.g. mbti and enneagram are two different systems but you wouldn’t know that from the way some people write.
  • (readers can feel free to add more…)

If you’re a newbie, the best you can do is shop around for the writers you enjoy reading who also have some reputation in the community, e.g., @mbti-resources, @funkymbtifiction, @myersandbriggs have been around awhile. There are many users who write well about their own type and some who mainly post excerpts from books. If you’re proactive, send an ask out to a bunch of blogs about who they follow and you’ll see certain names pop up repeatedly. Then go poke around those people’s websites and see what they’re about: look at whether they have taken time to compile and organize info for followers, whether they post (or have posted) a lot of detailed or comprehensive original content - these users are more likely to be the original sources that everyone else is learning from.

Edit: There is an experimental feature on tumblr that allows you to see a reblog diagram of any tumblr post. This visual map reveals which users on a post have “reblog influence” in terms of being able to spread a post quickly among many followers. Take a handful of very popular mbti posts and see which users are repeatedly forming their own reblog clusters. Those users are active in the community and can probably help you discover good blogs or resources.

A challenge

Yesterday President Donald Trump decided to walk away from the Paris Climate Accord. I think that this decision was an incredibly bad one and I’m currently in the midst of compiling a lot of sources for a long original-content post about what the Accord actually was, why it was so beneficial, and why this decision was so terrible. 

If you disagree with any of that then I challenge you to debate me or have a conversation with me. I don’t usually do this, but Trump’s decision has ignited a long-dormant passion for this issue in me. Send me an ask or a message with your concerns and I would be happy to make a post to address them (if you want them addressed quickly), link you to a post in which they were already addressed, or add them to the longer original content post if you’re willing to wait.

If you would prefer a verbal debate, send me a message and I’ll see if I can work something into my schedule that gives both parties time to prepare. I’m deadly serious about this. This is incredibly important and I feel like there’s a lot of misinformation being tossed around right now. 

Under the cut you will find 81 gifs of Nick Bateman, a Canadian model and actor, best known for his presence on Instagram, being a 4 time World Title holder in Martial Arts, and for starring in several films including the upcoming adaption of Ugly Love. Bateman is Welsh, Irish, French and German [source @ 4:20], was born November 18, 1986 and could play a character between the ages of 25-35.

These gifs are low to high quality, small to medium and textless. None of these gifs were made be me, although some were edited in order to make them better suited for roleplaying. All credit goes to their original creators and links to the posts these gifs were saved from can be found on my credits page. If I included your gifs in this hunt and you wish to have them removed, please send me a message and include the link to the photoset and I will be more than happy to remove them.

Please like or reblog if this post helped you.

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Since I’ve gotten a ton of new followers recently:
- When you send in a quote, make sure to tell me where it came from originally, whether it’s a show, movie, book, etc
- If I receive a quote without a source and I either don’t recognize it or the person who sent it doesn’t send me a message with the source, I’ll most likely delete the message.
- Also, all quotes should be from some media. I don’t accept stuff that people came up with themselves!
- If you make fanart based on my posts, please send them to me! I’ll reblog them. I really appreciate the art!
- I track the tag “incorrectfairytailquotesx” so you can tag your art with that too

I hope you enjoy the blog guys! Thanks again for your support!

multisfantasiasreplied to your post//Guys, please don’t forget that I am an RP blog….

might i suggest! instead of jumping straight into reblog karma, make a rule where if someone wants to reblog a meme you’ve reblogged but aren’t going to send one, they should reblog from the source instead. the obvious exception would be where the source blog is gone or has deleted the original post, but it’ll cut down on the number of people reblogging straight from you without sending you memes.

//Yeah, that’s a good idea. I’ll probably implement that at some point, if this still continues. But yeah, I think I’ll try doing that, instead of flat-out putting out a reblog karma rule. Thanks!

multisfantasias replied to your post//Guys, please don’t forget that I am an RP blog….

this way, people who are like “my muse wouldn’t do that to yours” aren’t left unable to reblog something they know might fit someone else they write with in regards to their muse without feeling pressured to send something in anyway. ^^

True enough. I mean, I’m not expecting people to send stuff every time, or even to send the same meme that they reblogged.. But even just sending something once in a while would be quite appreciated.

plehthora-deactivated20160621  asked:

Hey love! As always your art is perfect but I unfortunately have to tell you your drawing has been reposted again but I don't think they have their ask open because I was going to send a message. I will reblog the post with your credit at the bottom but I thought I would let you know. I will send a link to the post in a fanmail :)


I also got a message from the lovely cheshiresden about the same thing.  Thank you both for letting me know. 

police-telephone-box, please STOP REPOSTING ART. Why would you repost art when you can reblog from the source?

 I see you were also the one who reposted that blue mormor comic by foreverageek (link to the original here). And now that I am looking through your archive, there are many other reposts including art by goingbadly (repost / original) and ecoliers (repost / original) and those are just the ones I can identify.

I couldn’t do anything about it before, but now that its my art, I have reported you to tumblr administration for non-attribution and mentioned the other reposts. 

If you have reblogged the art below from police-telephone-box,  please delete it from your blog and reblog the original post from here.  Thank you.