the sounds she makes. lol

Hikiraji delay and Soramafu family dinner?

Soraru: “My (computer) equipment suddenly broke and I can’t get anything done, so the Hikiraji upload doesn’t seem possible. I’m sorry. When I get back from XYZ I’ll do something or other about it  (´・ω・`)”

Soraru: “I ate dinner together with my family. My younger brother’s job search went well, so my family’s next worry was my little sister’s college exams. I’m sure we’ll make it through somehow.”

A few minutes later, these pictures came from Soraru’s official Line account:

Fan: (in reply to Soraru’s family tweet) “I just saw the pictures, isn’t that a bit too much ikura (salmon eggs)? w”

Soraru: “Yeah, Mafumafu ordered all of that.”

So Soraru might have brought Mafumafu to his family dinner? Cute!! (or at least if he didn’t, he didn’t feel the need to correct the many people asking him if that’s what happened ww) And let’s all look forward to hikiraji, whenever it may come out…!


It looks like Luffy’s not the only one crying…


Tag game 🌺

Hello everybody, thanks to @diabolik-zirwhe for tag me, so then let’s explain this : list 5 things that make you happy and tag 10 of your followers :D 

Here we go:
1 Reads: I love to read I feel that I am She the heroine of the story that I am reading 😂 is something that I am passionate and much

2 CD Dramas: yes, I know it sounds weird but if they make me happy lol when she I’m sad ,CD Drama for a strange reason makes me happy 😂 (Kou: she the weird 😒)

3 Sleeping: hahaha if you are allowed to laugh (?) I love sleeping a small part of me is happy when I sleep (?)

4 An afternoon with friends: it’s something that makes me so happy to laugh, and talk about anything

5 Music: I am fans of kpop, Character Songs I think without those 2 would not be happy. Ah and some alternative rock is not bad!

Now its your time to play :) @kuryama @andrea-carrillo-avalos16 @rkyt1965 @becavi @lizzy-allen-g @akiire-chan @minnyc24 @captaincosmosthings @askdiaboysyaoi @yamideita

@annasmommylife it’s not done out of anger and it’s not often, she’s done it a hand full of times and more often than not, she laughs. It’s weird. She’ll bonk her head against the wall, look over at me, and I’ll shake my finger side to side and say “no please”, and she’ll shake her finger back at me and bonked her head again. She doesn’t do it hard. Just with enough force to make a definite sound. Maybe she likes the sound? Lol.
@youandmemarley hahahah, I’m glad it’s not just my kid 😂

Perfume LOCKS - Feb. 16, 2015

[Before the school chime, the two guys are talking about A-chan’s birthday and also what the trio does on their days off now.]

[Beginning 0:44] Perfume, how do you spend your days off?

Kashiyuka: Among the questions we get asked, that’s usually the first one, but for this show, it took 321 shows before we were asked…although I have a feeling we answered this numerous times in the past… Ok,let’s do it. Let’s answer the best we can.

A-chan & Nocchi: The best we can.

A: This “How do we spend our time off?” questioncomes to us from England.

N: How thorough… Seriously can you touch English handwriting that much? (apparently one of them is feeling the writing on the letter?) Wait a minute. Seriously… do they normally write so minutely? (apparently this person had small handwriting?)

K: (1:26) Ok, starting with me? Ok, I’ll go. I’ll start from when I wake up. Um, so it’s my day off, so I’ll wake up at 11 a.m. then, um, until about 12:30 p.m., I’ll be cleaning. Then from 12:30 p.m. to 5 p.m., I’ll make breakfast, even though it’s not morning, and I’ll watch TV since my DVR is full and just be kind of lazy around the house. Then a little after 5 p.m., I’ll start to think, “I haven’t been outside today. This isn’t good.” I’m one of those people who on their day off, if I don’t go outside, I’ll get a little anxious. So I’ll get ready and then around 6 p.m., I’ll head out.

A: (2:10) If it’s around now, it is dark out.

K: Yea, it is dark out. And stores close right away. I don’t really have anywhere to go, but I just feel like I need to get outside, so I head out around 6 p.m. Stores are closing so, I’ll go shopping until around 9 p.m. then I’ll either head home or if I have plans with friends, then from there I’ll go and meet them. I’ll eat dinner somewhere around 9 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.  

K: continued (2:35) So, here’s a quiz. What fits into this day off “pie chart,” from 10:30 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.?

A: (2:48) 10:30 p.m. to 12:30 p.m…. TV.

Kashiyuka makes buzzer sound.

K: (2:55) That’s part of the later schedule.

A: That’s later…

K: It’s until 12:30 a.m. From 12:30 a.m. to 1:30 a.m., I take a bath. After I take a bath, I do stretching and get ready to go to bed and I finally go to bed at 3 a.m. and then from there until 11 a.m. I’m sleeping.

A: Oh! Ok! Ok! Ok!… (3:18) You have lovey-dovey time with your cat (Nyan-chan). [The way she says it… LOL!!]

Kashiyuka makes buzzer sound again.

K: Nocchi thought it was that too. While I’m at home, I’m doing that anyway.

N: (3:36) Wait a minute, this suddenly became really difficult… You’ll start cleaning one more time…

K: That’s correct!

N: There’s something wrong with your head, isn’t there? You’ve already been cleaning for an hour and a half during the day.

A: Did you make another mess between then and now?

K: During the day, I’ll do laundry and then hang them up to dry. Then I’ll use the vacuum, change the sheets and wash them and then after I’ve hung them, at night, I’ll start putting them away. Also, everything that I’m going to drop off in the dumpster, I’ll gather together and put it up by the front door.

A: (4:21) Honestly, I wasn’t thinking that. But if you don’t have the time to do laundry, you’ll never get it done.

K: So basically I’m cleaning everything throughout the day.

A: I honestly thought this was lovey-dovey time.

K: Ok, it’s A-chan’s turn.

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She Looks So Perfect (Live vs. Studio)
5 Seconds of Summer
She Looks So Perfect (Live vs. Studio)

Left ear: Live version x

Right ear: Studio version

Klovers younger sister by six years (she is 13 here).  She lost her hearing when she was 5 years old and had a very hard time at first, throwing tantrums because no one understood her, and because she could no longer hear her parents voices.  Klover knew what he had to do (being as brainy as he is) and studied sign language then taught Krystal as well as the rest of the family when he knew what he was teaching was correct.  She is much stronger now and doesn’t let this hold her back as it once did.  
She loves to play turf war with her family and on her own.  In order to help her in battle since she cant hear most attacks, she uses the bomb sensor as one of her abilities and also loves to use the killer wail as her special because it sends a rush in her body when she sets it off.  

anonymous asked:

(1) Everyone is ignoring is the fact that Riley didn't know Maya's feelings when she was with Lucas if she had known their probably wouldn't be a Rucas. Maya however knows EXACTLY how Riley feels and instead of her giving Lucas up she sat their with a smug face and tried to make the date work but it just didn't. This fandom is all poor Maya when she's not a victim she just missed her chance by holding back her her feelings. Why Maya would still like him and go for him is beyond me.

(2) At the end of the day the fandom is basically saying to Riley Mathews is that no matter how much you may love Lucas now Maya liked him for two years so your feelings for him are invalid and you need to stop liking him because this is all your fault LM didn’t work out. How dare you have feelings for someone you’ve liked just as long as Maya and who you probably love. Maya deserves Lucas, Lucas is Maya’s no matter how illogical it may sound, she deserves him to make her happy LOL.

I will never understand why the fandom believes that Maya’s feelings are more valid and important than Riley’s. This mentality is super frustrating to me, especially since Maya is essentially the other woman (I’m being a bit extreme here, but I’m just trying to state that she’s an interloper). Lucas and Riley were in an unofficial relationship,and Maya spent two seasons flirting with him and developing feelings for him. Why Riley is vilified instead of Maya, is beyond me. 

Honestly, I have a lot of qualms with LM’s romance, because in my honest opinion, it came out of nowhere. In the flashbacks presented to us through Farkle, they tried to suggest that Maya has had feelings for him since season 1, but personally, I don’t believe that. Besides the people of tumblr gravitating towards LM’s chemistry, there wasn’t anything in the first season that suggested an LM romance. The first concrete hint viewers were given was when Auggie made a reference about Archie Comics. Before that, we had Maya pining over Josh.

And I hate the fact that when Topanga asked the girls if they were dealing with something, Maya flat out said, yeah, we have a situation, which means she knows that Riley is hurting, yet she still insists on going out with Lucas a day after him and Riley broke up. Riley stepped away from Lucas the moment she found out her friend was in pain, meanwhile Riley spent the episode in pain, and Maya spent it trying to date Lucas…… 

p.s I changed part two of the ask. It said the full ship name, but I would like to avoid anti posts going into the LM tag, so I altered the person’s ask. So anon, if you see this, I changed your ask to LM lol 

[FANACC] 140308 Inkigayo pre recording

They were drinking then all gave their water back, the staff walk away without taking Sunny’s then she make ‘mmm’ 'mmm’ sound n held her bottle out.. lol.. dam freaking cute

Then Seo to Sunny: unnie u sounds like a puppy

N Tae responded with “ looking at this boyish child, you are more like a dog”

Then sunny: I’m literally really like a gem

Then Seo was LOL-ing n she pushed Tae for what she said…

credit | pltang