the sounds i just made were not human

Ah gosh, I’m so so happy this show is back! And it’s a very sweet episode to start on.

It’s cute how Steven is theorycrafting in the beginning of the episode, trying to puzzle out some secret message in Rose’s video. Which, of course, doesn’t exist but out of the secret messages he guessed at, “I stay a bit” seems like the most plausible one to be foreshadowing…

When Lion yawns in this episode he sounds like the cats in World of Warcraft. Which doesn’t mean anything, it’s just neat to me.

Just, poor Steven. He feels like he has to have a reason to be, a purpose, but the reason Rose had him was for him to not have a destiny. Gems are all made for a purpose, they’re all predestined for something. They can either fulfill that or rebel against it, but there’s always something they were ultimately meant for. Rose’s fascination with humans is because they have no ‘purpose’, in that sense, they only have possibilities. Steven’s destiny is to not have a destiny, but he feels (felt) at a loss without one. Thank goodness for Greg, Steven’s gotta talk to his dad more often about these things.

Y’know, the more I learn about Rose, the more I like her. She’s a complex and interesting character and I enjoy how, as the show goes on, they deconstruct this sorta perfect goddess image of her we were initially presented, but they do it in a way that isn’t just “this character you thought was good is actually bad.” Just, “This character you thought was perfect is flawed and complex”, just like everyone. I feel like it’s very important, the way they’re exploring her character, because she’s the voice of this very core and important ideal, the wonderment of the “magic” of being human, so to speak. Its an important message of the show, imo. And as they explore her, she gets more complex and less perfect-seeming, but that core idea is never tainted. It’s still the most earnest and purest part of her and that allows the audience to genuinely believe it, which is important to the show’s central themes, imo.

Anyways, I got more thoughts but these are just my first initial ones. Great first episode!
'Beauty and the Beast': How Dan Stevens and the Sound Team Gave Beast His Roar

“There’s a lot of Dan Stevens in the Beast,” says supervising sound editor Warren Shaw.

As Disney’s Beauty and the Beast won its second weekend atop the North American box office, for a cume of $317 million, the sound team is spilling the secrets behind the sounds of the Beast, Cogsworth and the other magical characters.

“There’s a lot of Dan Stevens in the Beast,” confirmed the film’s supervising sound editor and designer Warren Shaw. “We did as much as we could with his work. He performed that part in a motion capture suit for months on set. But while it’s a classic Hollywood trick to take a voice and lower the pitch to make it sound more like a monster, we couldn’t just do that because the Beast sings and we had to keep everything in key. So basically we played with a lot of different processing elements and software, between the music department and myself, where the sound would also be in key with the music.”

Like recent Oscar darling La La Land, Beauty and the Beast the songs are a combination of live singing on set and recorded songs.

“The roaring was a concentrated use of sound effects and sound design, but it was fun challenge to always keep him as an empathic character. We couldn’t just use classic roaring sound effects because he had such a personality. A lot of what was done was finding the right sound that could be big and scary but give him that wonderful character. We did quite a bit with human voices and then I would listen to animals sounds for the most emotional ones. It was about how to keep the emotion in the story.”

It wasn’t just the Beast that required careful thought, but the sounds made by all of the characters that were affected by the curse and transformed into object. “I came on this movie very early and I was on for a year, pretty much as soon as they were cutting picture,” Shaw relates of his third collaboration with director Bill Condon (which also included The Fifth Estate and Mr. Holmes. “We’d have meetings with the musical department, visual effects department. We’d be talking about how the characters would develop.

“I was getting pictures of what Cogsworth (voiced by Ian McKellen) would look like, long before he was animated,” he continued. “I looked at little clocks, bells, toys. We had a room full of toys in our sound department and we would record each one and come up with a combination for each character. It was an evolution. Plumette (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) was fun—a duster and a bird. Bill said we had to keep it feminine and gentle.“

Beauty and the Beast was mixed in native Dolby Atmos immersive sound. “So we were thinking from minute one with how to play things with the speakers and make the whole theatrical part of the sonic experience. The castle is huge so we wanted the sound to be above you and around you.”

Michael Minkler and Christian Minkler were the films’s rerecording mixers.

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How would the main six plus Mettaton react to a person that fell down completely naked. Not on purpose either. Like, they were humiliated and exiled to the mountain's hole. Not looking for 18+ answers, I promise!

let’s say for posterity’s sake that they’re at least wearing underwear. also this sounds like a college sorority/fraternity initiation ritual gone bad. also not sure how the human made it through the ruins without toriel finding them, but we’ll just skip over that little detail. - M.M.


You’re hardly on your feet before she’s fussing over you, trying desperately to heal your wounds & keep you warm from the chill of the Ruins. You fell so far, wearing so little–what happened to you, dear? After she finds out the situation, she gets angry. What a terrible thing to do. It seems that cruelty is just an everlasting trait for some humans, even towards their own kind…


He’s honestly really worried. He keeps calm on the outside, making a joke about being ‘chilled to the bone’ or something, all the while throwing his jacket over your shoulders & rushing you to Grillby’s to get warm. After you’ve gotten something to eat, & he’s gotten the story, he works on getting you a proper set of clothes. Whether you stay or leave, it doesn’t matter, he just wants to make sure you’ve at least got something on your back.


He’s confused mostly??? Do most humans walk around in so little?? Of course some Monsters go around completely in the nude, but then again there’s not much to show (unless there is & he just doesn’t know what’s showing), but he had no idea that this was a thing with humans too! Finding out it was all part of a mean prank dampens his spirits a bit, but he quickly offers you a pair of spare clothes & a home-cooked (slightly burnt) meal to help you regain your spirits. At least you’re safe now, the Great Papyrus will guard you until you feel better (though he tells himself that he’s secretly keeping you captive).


What…what are you wearing?? Listen, she’s seen a lot of anime, & sure some humans wear skimpy stuff now & then, but nobody usually just goes around flaunting their underwear! She gets pissed when she finds out why you’re walking around in your undies though–seriously?! Humans can’t even treat their own species with respect??? That’s ridiculous!!!! She makes a really half-hearted attempt to take your SOUL before she just gives up & takes you back to her place to get you some clothes.


Well, she’s been watching you the whole time, so by the time you get to her lab she’s freaking out. You must be exhausted–& so cold (or hot, since it is Hotland)–but you at least need a proper outfit! She can offer you that much, maybe a little bit of rest. She’s really sorry about what happened to you, but doesn’t know what else she can do but apologize. & really, sometimes some sympathy is all you need.


Goodness, darling, he knows that being risque can be good for viewers now & again, but this is a family-friendly show! After finding out the circumstances though, he does a full one eighty, sparking an impromptu fashion show where he essentially dresses you up in every available outfit he’s got until you find one that he deems suitable for you. All the while he gives you encouragement for making it as far as you have–he’s very proud of you, you’re very resilient, for a human.


He’s caught off-guard at first. A little flustered, actually. He asks you about it, but after finding out what led to the end of your journey, is very apologetic for your circumstances. He would offer you some clothes, a nice warm cup of tea–but…he can’t, can he? Could he? He’s torn, because despite it all, he’s got a duty to take your SOUL. But you’re at your lowest, weak & on his doorstep–could he really be that much of a Monster, to not even SPARE you until you can get back on your feet? Eventually he does just give in, but he tells you that once you’ve gotten an outfit, then you will have to accept the unavoidable.

Fate. (Harrison Osterfield.)

Requested – Yes.

Prompt – Tom and you have been longtime Internet friends and Harrison has a crush on you but you and Harrison have never met. Tom starts thinking of ways to hook the two of you up.

Warning – Harrison feels.

Words – 1,305.


Isn’t it crazy how fate works in the most mysterious ways? Everything you do and say leads up to a moment in time that can make or break your life. Every person that you meet can lead to something significant such as meeting the love of your life. Do not take any moment for granted, live with it and see where it takes you even if it is negative. It’s meant to happen for a reason.

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You approached the doors of the throne room, a shiver shooting down your spine. Here goes nothing Y/N. You did want to be a part of this after all. Just don’t mess up and then they won’t eat you.

The doors opened and you entered, keeping your head down so you didn’t seem too confident. The number one rule of being a human in the Volturi castle was not to piss off the vampires who dwelled there.

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Vimes looked out onto the night sky, underground. the stars were all around him… below him…
“I think we went down… too far,” he said. And then his brain made sense of what his eyes had seen. the moving room had brought them out somewhere on the side of a huge cave. He was looking at a thousand points of candlelight, spread out on the cavern floor and in other galleries. Now that he could grasp the scale of things, he realized that many of them were moving.
The air was full of one huge sound made up of thousands of voices, echoed and re-echoing. occasionally a shout or a laugh would stand out, but mostly it was just an endless sea of sound, beating on the shores of the eardrum.
“I thought you people lived in little mines,” said Vimes.
“Well, I thought humans lived in little cottages, sir,” said Cheery, taking a candle from a large rack beside the door and lighting it. “And then I saw Ankh-Morpork.”

– Terry Pratchett, The Fifth Elephant

About BTS In Chile (from a Chilean)

I know the situation looked extremely bad… but I want to explain something.

It was just a few girls … and most of them weren’t even Chilean ok ?

Chile tickets sold out really fast and lot of foreigns came here to watch bts concert. From Bolivia , Peru , Argentina.
So please don’t say only Chilean fans …

Besides that. The main problem was that like 100 person went to their hotel. That was awful I know , but they left after people explained and no one was there at night. It was at day in the morning just when they arrived. And it’s not something new for idols … Kpop or not this kind of things happens all the time. Of course that doesn’t mean it’s ok for fans to do it !

And the situation at the restaurant was the worst thing ever ! And I admit that I was so embarrassed to look at it. The poor guys couldn’t even eat. But believe me when I said that there weren’t more than 30 girls ? And some moms….

I’m not saying it’s ok just because there were a few fans .

But more than 20.000 fans are going to both concerts in Chile. And to say that Chilean army’s are awful it’s really wrong !!!

And I’m pretty sure than since bts popularity it’s a lot bigger now this kind of things are going to happen a lot.

Don’t you remember when some fans followed jin on that show in the jungle ? Or when in Europe they couldn’t even walk ?

I feel like everyone it’s mad at us … but they all forget about the past. Chilean army’s are polite. But there’s always someone who doesn’t respect the idols :( sadly.

It can’t be perfect.

I really hope you guys watch the videos from the sound check and appreciate how good and respectful the army’s were

Also, the fans at the airport were really nice !!!! Didn’t push or anything (something that happens a lot )

And how the project for suga birthday came out so nice and beautiful !!!!

I really hope for people to stop bashing each other.

And I hope fans that made that mistakes rethink and understand that bts are humans and need space.

We have to educate others armys because some people just doesn’t understand by themselves… they need help to get it (it’s a bother but it’s the true )

Chilean army

Imagine being Alec's mate who forces you to drink human blood instead of animal blood.

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“Why are you making me do this? Why do you care!?”
“(Y/N), this isn’t normal! It’s disgusting!” Alec argued.
“So what!? Who cares about normal!?”
“That’s not the point!”
“Is it not Alec because the last I checked you were never normal!”
Alec stayed quiet. He had gave you the cruelest glare you had ever seen. You took a step back as though it would ease the glare. It didn’t.
“You say that, all because I want what’s best for you?” Alec said through a clenched jaw.
“I didn’t mean it.”
“Oh I’m sure you did.”
“I didn’t! Alec, you’re forcing me into doing something I don’t want to do! Did you expect me to grab you and kiss you!?”
“You were never that easy.” He said with a sneer. “I have never forced you to do anything and if you think I have then you’ve got another thing coming.” You looked at him in slightly horror before Alec stormed out the room.

When your diet consists of animal blood, human blood becomes a drug. Once you start it’s almost impossible to stop and you weren’t sure if you could endure the process of converting back to animal if you had even a drop of human blood.

Alec, like every other vampire in existence was very aware of this. Alec had no intention of hurting you but you made him so angry sometimes. Your words couldn’t hurt more than when you looked him straight in the eyes and insulted him…like every other vampire he had ever met. He could handle it from every single vampire in existence, but he couldn’t handle hearing it from you.
Is it not Alec because the last I checked you were never normal!’
You sounded just like them. His village when he was human and other vampires hardly needed recognition for their attitude towards him and his sister.

“I’m going to destroy them.”
“Jane don’t.”
“Why not!? Alec, we all know that it’s only a matter of time that our masters will lose patience and force them to change their diet!”
“I know, I’m trying to get through to them before that happens.”
“You’re too late! They’ve already discussed it!”


“Alec, I’m afraid we will have to take matters into our own hands. We are currently sending (Y/N) here to discuss our next point of action.”
“Master, please -”
“Alec. Enough. They won’t listen to you and so we will deal with this.” Caius said sternly.

The doors opened to find (Y/N), Demetri and Felix took only one step forward. “(Y/N), we must discuss the next step that we have decided to take depending on your actions.” You remained quiet. “Our next feed will be take place in five minutes. If you do not feed on a human then steps will be taken.” Aro finished. You looked appalled. “I…I can’t!”
“Silence!” Caius bellowed.

The feeding took place and you didn’t move, you didn’t breathe, you just stood there with your eyes shut. You couldn’t see or smell the blood making this a bit easier. “We are very disappointed in you (Y/N).” Aro said solemnly before nodding to someone behind you. Felix gripped one arm as Demetri grabbed the other. You struggled, screaming, begging them to let you go. They wouldn’t budge. You turned to Alec. “Alec! Don’t let them do this to me!” Alec looked torn but did not move from his sisters side.
“You’re going to let them do this to me!? Alec if you let them take me, I will never forgive you!”
He clenched his eyes shut, looking pained but didn’t move. You let out one last scream as they dragged you out of the throne room.

Demetri and Felix dragged you down the hallways heading to some sort of dungeon.
“(Y/N), stop struggling!” Demetri demanded.
“We don’t want this either, stop fighting us!” Felix added.
“If you fed like you should have then we wouldn’t have to do this! It’s been a three month fight with you, just stop!” Demetri finished.

Two and a half months you stayed down there. Everyday someone came down to hand you a glass of human blood and everyday you refused it by either ignoring them or smacking it out of their hands. No amount of coaxing made you even turn to face them. You had nothing but bars around you. No bed, no nothing, just a designated square of the room.

Soon enough Caius lost any scrap of patience he had ever had. Everyone told him to be patient even his wife, but Caius wasn’t known for patience nor kindness. So Aro and Marcus hurriedly followed Caius as he marched down to the dungeon, with Alec, Jane, Demetri and Felix in tow.

“Do you find this amusing!? Is this a game to you!?” Caius roared grabbing you by the hair. “Get the receptionist!” He snarled at Felix, who with wide eyes did so.
“Brother -” Aro began softly.
“Quiet!” Caius snapped. “No more. She is feeding and she is feeding now!” Felix came back with a struggling receptionist.
“No! No! No!” You screamed, struggling and twisting against his grip. A few strands of hair falling from your head. Alec moved forward only to be blocked by Demetri.
“Alec, don’t.” Aro said quietly. Caius forced your head down to the neck of the struggling, crying receptionist. Your screams were muffled before a few moments later, the receptionist screamed in pain. Caius let go of your hair and you fell forward, the receptionist pinned under you, your fangs buried deep in her neck. Soon her screams lowered to cries, to whimpers until nothing. Everyone heard silence when her heart stopped beating, the only sounds were you gulping down the remains of the blood. You finally pulled away. Blood covered your mouth and chin and you whimpered in shock.
“What did you make me do!?”

You weren’t the same after that. You were very distant to Alec and the rest of the Volturi. Neither Alec or the Volturi were a priority to you anymore. They all knew how it works. To vampires who have an animal diet, human blood becomes a drug. All it takes is one drop. You had never had human blood before and now that you had it…all you wanted was more.

‘Tombstone’ (1994) Sentence Starter Pack
  • “Never saw a rich man that didn’t wind up with a guilty conscience.”
  • “I already got a guilty conscience, might as well have the money too.”
  • “I’d know that sour face anywhere.”
  • “Isn’t that a daisy?”
  • “Does this mean we’re not friends anymore? You know, ____, if I thought you weren’t my friend, I just don’t think I could bear it.”
  • “You gonna do something or just stand there and bleed?”
  • “Don’t you always say that gambling’s an honest trade?”
  • “Oh, ____, I forgot you were there. You may go now.”
  • “Forgive me if I don’t shake hands.”
  • “What kinda town is this?”
  • “Well, an enchanted moment.”
  • “Prettiest man I ever saw.”
  • “Is your soul for sale, dear?”
  • “I’ll be damned.”
  • “You may indeed, if you get lucky.”
  • “Would you look at all those stars? You look up and think, God made all of that and still remembered to make a little speck like me.”
  • “What about Hell? They got a sign there?”
  • “And what a maiden. Pure as the driven snow, I’m sure.”
  • “Tell me, friend, I’m curious. Do you actually consider yourself a married man, forsaking all others?”
  • “People can change, _____. Sooner or later, you gotta grow up.”
  • “I stand corrected, ____. You’re an oak.”
  • “What do you say, darling? Should I hate him?”
  • “I don’t know, there’s just something about him. Something ‘round the eyes.”
  • “No, I’m sure of it. I hate him.”
  • “We don’t want any trouble in here. Not in any language.”
  • “Apparently ____ is an educated man. Now I really hate him.”
  • “Yeah, I’m an oak, alright.”
  • “Lovely? You could have been killed back there.”
  • “You’d die for fun?”
  • “I’m always happy. Unless I’m bored.”
  • “I want to move and go places and never look back.”
  • “Well then why are you with him?”
  • “Oh, I know, don’t say it. I’m rotten. I try to be good but it’s so boring.”
  • “I don’t have time to be proper. I want to live.”
  • “I’m a woman, I like men. If that means I’m not ladylike then I guess I’m not a lady.”
  • “You’re different, there’s no arguing that. But you’re a lady alright. I’d take my oath on it.”
  • “You die first, you get it? Your friends might get me in a rush but not before I turn your head into a canoe.”
  • “You’re not as stupid as you look, _____.”
  • “You’re so drunk, you can’t hit nothing. In fact, you’re probably seein’ double.”
  • “I have two guns. One for each of ya.”
  • “Nonsense, I’ve not yet begun to defile myself.”
  • “_____ can go all day and night and then some.”
  • “Why _____, whatever do you mean?”
  • “Maybe poker’s just not your game. I know, let’s have a spelling contest!”
  • “Come on, darling, let’s seek our entertainment elsewhere.”
  • “Yes, it’s true, you are a good woman. Then again, you may be the Antichrist.“
  • "You’re a daisy if you do.”
  • “I’m your huckleberry.”
  • “Remember what I said about seeing a light when you’re dying? Ain’t true, I can’t see a damn thing.”
  • “And so she walked out of our lives forever.”
  • “He’s down by the creek, walkin’ on water.”
  • “Make no mistake, it’s not revenge he’s after. It’s a reckoning.“
  • "I forgave you the moment you said it.”
  • “I spent my whole life not knowing what I wanted out of life, just chasing my tail.”
  • “A man like _____, what makes him do the things that he does?”
  • “A man like _____ has a great, empty hole right through the middle of him. He can never kill enough or steal enough or inflict enough pain to ever fill it.”
  • “I can’t beat him, can I?”
  • “What’s it like to wear one of those?”
  • “Well, I didn’t think you had it in ya.”
  • “Why, ______. You look like somebody just walked over your grave.”
  • “We started a game that we never got to finish. Play for blood, remember?”
  • “I was just foolin’ about.”
  • “You’re no daisy, you’re no daisy at all.”
  • “Poor soul, you were just too high-strung.”
  • “I’m afraid the strain was more than he could bear.”
  • “I wasn’t quite as sick as I made out.”
  • “My hypocrisy only goes so far.”
  • “It appears my hypocrisy knows no bounds.”
  • “You’re no hypocrite, ____, you just like to sound like one.”
  • “You’re the most fallible, stubborn, self-deluded, bullheaded man I have ever known in my entire life.”
  • “You’re the only human being in my entire life that gave me hope.”
  • “There’s no normal life. There’s just life, you get on with it.”
  • “Take that beauty and run, don’t look back.”
  • “_____, if you were ever my friend, if you ever had the slightest feeling for me, leave now. Leave, please.”
  • “Thanks for always being there, _____.”
  • “I’ll be damned, this is funny.”
  • “I have nothing left, nothing to give you.”
  • “I have no pride, no dignity.”
  • “I promise, I’ll love you the rest of your life.”
  • “Don’t worry, _____. My family’s rich.”
Creepypasta #1091: Wrong Turn

Length: Long

I have never known true fear. I was not the one to be afraid. While I have never denied the existence of the supernatural, I was not a skeptic. But I was never really afraid. Mostly because my parents were always away, travelling and exploring. That meant that since I was a teenager, they left me in an empty house, free to do as I wanted. I would just watch movies, read and go to school and training. That’s one of the reasons I felt quite safe. I was in judo for 12 years. I knew how to tie my belt before I knew how to tie my shoelaces. So, yeah, I felt like a badass. Well, until two nights ago.

I got a job at a small café, just so I could make some money on my own. The place was okay - except for the fact that its official closing time was at midnight. The owner and his buddies had made it a habit of staying late and drinking, which meant that both myself and the bartender had to stay until they stagger out into the night, leaving us behind to clean up the mess. 

On this particular night, it was about 2 A.M. when we were finally done. It was starting to snow outside. Matt, the bartender, was a pretty cool guy, and we got along fine. He seemed amused by the fact I was a girl in judo and would often ask me to use my training to throw our boss out when he was being a pain in the ass. But unlike me, he was barely making ends meet, so he was kind of stuck in this place. I locked up, only to see Matt slowly dragging himself down the street.

“Hey, Matt!” I yelled after him. “Need a ride?” I felt bad for the guy. He nodded, and walked back to the parking lot.

“Thank you so much. It’s freezing.” He said, a tired smile on his face. We got in the car and he told me where to go. I was familiar with his neighborhood, and he didn’t live so far away from me. So I dropped him off, said goodnight and drove off. I was half asleep myself, so I turned up the radio a bit. That didn’t help much, because a moment later I realized I took a wrong turn. 

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Monsta X | Being Stuck In An Elevator With Their Claustrophobic GF

Anonymous said:

Hi, can you make monsta x and ikon reactions when being stuck in a elevator with a claustrophobic gf. (lol)

He’s a big guy so I could see if he knew about your claustrophobia he would probably already stand away from you a little in tight places like elevators. So if you got stuck in one and started to freak out or get anxious I think he would respect your space and just be there for you.

He’s a sweetheart, he really is. So if you got stuck in an elevator an elevator and your claustrophobia started to act up. Seeing you upset would probably make him upset and as much as he would want to hold you he knew he couldn’t in that moment; so he would probably just hold your hand and let you know he was there for you and that you would be out of there before you knew it.

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He’d be just as freaked out as you. But on the other hand he would try and keep as calm as possible and try and distract you by talking to you.

“You hear that Y/N….the firefighters are working on getting us out of here right now…”

Originally posted by monstaxmemes

Kihyun would most likely ask you if you needed anything from him but other than that he would just remind you he was there and double check out long it was gonna be until you guys were free from the elevator.

If you made any noise like I did when I got stuck in an elevator and it dropped a couple feet and an inhuman like noise came out of me he would of course worry, but I don’t think it would have to double check if it was in fact your claustrophobia that was hitting.

“Are you okay Y/N, please don’t tell me I need to ask for a priest cause that did not sound human,” he said.

“Just get me outta here…please.”

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Jooheonnie…he would probably immediately move to aegyo to try and distract you from the dizziness and the walls closing in on you.

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He wouldn’t really know what to do. He knew what was happening since you had warned him about this. As to what to do…just giving your space and being there for you would be what he could think of.

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If pairs of shinigami and espada had to build a desk together

As requested by anon. :)

Espada and shinigami have been *randomly* paired together, and now they must put together a desk. From Ikea, say. How is that going to go?

1. Komamura & Aaroniero

Komamura: These tiny screws are hard to assemble with my giant paws.

Komamura: Can I see the instruction manual again?

Aaroniero: You know, I am actually the espada with the most potential.

Komamura: Uh

Aaroniero: When I consume things, I get their powers.

Komamura: Okay but

Aaroniero: I just learned something, though.

Aaroniero: Eating Ikea instructions does not grant me the power of Ikea assembly.

Aaroniero: Which seems, just, SO unfair.


Aaroniero: Oh sure. Blame me.

2. Nemu & Nel

Nemu: This looks like a job for me and my drill hand.

Nemu: Maybe you should just….what are you doing?

Nel: I’m trying to screw these screws into my thumb!

Nemu: Why?

Nel: Because Nel is a masso-kiss!

Nemu: Yeah I get that.

3. Yamamoto and Yammy

Yamamoto: I don’t think these pegs even fit into these holes.

Yamamoto: What is this human nonsense?

Yammy: Ha! You can’t get the pegs in, huh? Sounds like weakness!

Yammy: I’ll SMASH those pegs in with my FISTS!





Yamamoto: So now we have desk splinters.

Yammy: That’s what we were trying to make, right?

4. Matsumoto and Starrk

Starrk: Building desks isn’t really my thing. Let’s just forget it.

Matsumoto: Forget it? We can’t do that!

Matsumoto: What we CAN do is get super drunk until my captain comes in, sees what a mess we’ve made, and the builds the desk for us!

Starrk: That does sound better.

Matsumoto: I’ll get the sake!

5. Tosen and Grimmjow

Tosen: Paired with you? An espada who does not understand how to listen to instructions or do anything right? Ridiculous.

Grimmjow: Hey! I’m not exactly grinning with joy either!

Grimmjow: I hate you, I hate instructions, and I hate desks!

Tosen: You hate desks? I do not believe you’ve ever thought about desks long enough to form an opinion.




Grimmjow: If I help you build this stupid desk will you not tell anyone I said that?

Tosen: Just hand me the box.

6. Rukia and Halibel?

Rukia: Okay, so HOW do I put this peg in?

Halibel: You just push it through.

Rukia: ???

Halibel: Just poke it through.

Rukia: ???

Halibel: Like in this drawing here.

Rukia: ???

Halibel: Do you not understand?

Rukia: It’s like the goddamn juice box all over again.

Rukia (whispering): My old nemesis.

Halibel: …maybe you should just hand me things.

7. Byakuya and Ulquiorra

Ulquiorra: I will read you the instructions. You will assemble the desk.

Byakuya: No. I will read you the instructions. You will assemble the desk.

Ulquiorra: This is not a negotiation. It is an order.

Byakuya: My pride will not allow me to take orders from the likes of you.

Ulquiorra: Then I will force you to build this desk.

Byakuya: Someone at your power will not be able to force me to hammer even a single nail.

Ulquiorra: We will see.


8. Kyoraku and Zommari

Zommari: …are you napping, using the Ikea box as a pillow?

Kyoraku: Just absorbing the instructions via osmosis!

Zommari: That is not how anything works.

Kyoraku: Really? I thought a guy like you, who likes meditation, would be into this!

Zommari: I am not “into” building a desk with a shinigami, nor of being paired with one who is clearly too lazy to take this seriously.

Kyoraku: Hm. You’re kinda stern like Nanao, but not in any way as cute!


9. Kurotsuchi and Szayel

Szayel: Let’s toss out these instructions and use the ones I developed, which will create a PERFECT desk!

Kurotsuchi: Perfection is not the goal of a scientist.

Kurotsuchi: Let’s make a desk out of zombies just to see what happens.

Szayel: That’s disgusting. I love it.

Szayel: We will make the perfect zombie desk!

Kurotsuchi: I just can’t work with you.

10. Hisagi and Barragan

Barragan: I am the god of Hueco Mundo.

Barragan: Everything I touch turns to nothing.

Barragan: And I am way, way, way, way, way, way too good to be doing that.

Barragan: So have fun with my fracciones.

Ggio: Yo, if you mess this desk up, shinigami, which we are building in honor of His Majesty, I’ll KILL you!

Hisagi: Why must I always suffer

11. Soi Fon and Luppi

Luppi: Look at me build this desk with my eight arms! You can’t even catch up!

Luppi: I just wish I could build EIGHT desks rather than just ONE!

Soi Fon: You are doing literally everything wrong.

Luppi: LIES

12. Ikkaku and Nnoitra

Nnoitra: This desk is weak.

Nnoitra: You’re weak.

Nnoitra: I’m not doing this.

Ikkaku: Okay but consider this.

Ikkaku: Sake. Rock-paper-scissors. Loser has to do part of the desk. Winner gets to high ground to fight after loser has built part of the desk. Fight. Drink. Repeat.


Nnoitra: I think I just realized what love feels like.

Ikkaku: Yeah I have that effect on people.

Title: Maid Service is the Antagonist 

Characters: Logan (Wolverine) x Reader
Word Count: 1.9K
Age Suggestion/Rating: T (lots of cursing, one violent scene)
Summary: Your sort-of boyfriend could take your life in his sleep, but his dreams are filled with worries for you.

Request: Maybe a maybe could you maybe write one shot about comforting Logan (from X-Men) after a nightmare? {Anon}

Universe: Post Origins: Wolverine, Pre X-Men.

You are more than well aware of Logan’s severe PTSD.

A man of his experiences, of course, had to be prone to flashbacks, to racing heart beats and always having to be on his feet. It was a wrestle just to get him to lay down in your bed- some overriding instinct informing him that, if he ever slept, then he’d be right where his real-life nightmare started all over again. You know he never would’ve went for the procedure, had he known how infinitely painful it would be, how close he would get to death, just to be ripped back, and to have it be the only decisive memory left of his past.

You do the best you can do- a human in the arms of a literal mutant killing machine is a dangerous place to be, but you never acknowledge that fact. Logan’s Logan to you, not some mindless monster. His hands may have claws, but they’re gentle when they hold you at night, his nose at the nape of your neck. Canada’s a good place for renting hotel rooms and getting easy money, and the two of you drifting from place to place is like a dream.

Logan lets out a grunt and kicks you slightly, his arms growing tighter around your waist. He’s shivering, you notice, so you attempt to turn around and pull the blanket up to his shoulders. He’s never one to mention if he’s uncomfortable, and he’ll just endure whatever temperature the finicky thermostat throws at the both of you.

Locked between his chest and his arms, however, you’re unable to so much as move to help him out when you hear something that’s enough to make you start sweating.

Logan’s rather expressive in the way he breathes. For a man of few, grunted, often sarcastic words, his entire emotional range could be summarized in the way he breathes. And, right now, you heard his breathing catch, right against your neck, in the peripheral of your auditory senses. You know this routine. This is how it begins, with a small, held breath, and then he starts huffing. It all concludes with his unseeing eyes panicking, and his claws unsheathed.

He wasn’t aware that he gets like this- you doubted he’d ever let you come within four feet of himself if he knew- but you were always on your toes whenever he actually got some sleep. Logan awake was less frightening than a blind Logan, asleep, and you usually weren’t even in the same room when it starts up. You swallow, your mouth entirely dry, your eyes wide and set staring straight ahead.. “Logan, babe?” He stirs, his arms frozen around you. For once, you hope that you’ve read him completely wrong and he’s really just having a dream about a really great fighting match. “Babe, please, let go of me.”

He teeth set together- you can hear the sound it makes- and you hold your breath. In a flurry of movement, his hands come off of you and his knee jerks upward, catching you in the back. With nothing holding you back, you’re sent flying off of the bed, tumbling into the wall. Getting up slowly, swiping your hand across your now bleeding nose, you stare at him, waiting for him to make his next move. You start shuffling to the left.

You’re almost out the door when you hear the sound of metal splitting flesh. Daring to turn around, you find Logan crouched on your shared bed, his claws out. Even though you had to assume that not piping up would be your best option, you still felt an obscenity fall from your lips. “Aw, shit.” You’re no idiot- you’ve seen cats before and, when he finally leaps, you take your opportunity to get out the door and pull it closed.

His claws go through the wooden door, and you pull away from it fast. Still in your pajamas, you realize how very unsafe it would be to still be around while he’s still dreaming. So, with your pride put on the backburner, you left the apartment building at two in the morning and headed to the 24-hour mart on the street corner.

It was going to be a long night of sipping cheap coffee.

Technically, you couldn’t have left Logan to a worse scene. He wakes up (first time he’s done that in weeks, especially in a comfortable bed) to a room in tatters. His bed is shredded (fuck, they weren’t even due to leave today), his pillows unrecognizable, and his claw marks are quite literally everywhere. Oh, and he distinctly recalls you in his arms last night.

Walking through his own hotel room felt like walking through a crime scene. Clothes were scattered about, wood was broken, the door had marks in-

“Son of a bitch.” Logan rubs at the spaces between his fingers, where his claws retracted from, and stares at the door. He moves his fingers away from his opposing hand, instead tracing them down the marks on the wood. Your scent hung stagnant in the air, but you didn’t seem long gone. Had you two had a fight that he couldn’t remember?

At the very least, he was assured that he didn’t kill you- there wasn’t a single drop of blood in the apartment. He’d already checked. Twice. That was one of his larger nightmares- waking up to a red stain on the floor and you laying on it, all pretty, even though your face was pale and your eyelids a deep blue. He would take the Weapon X nightmare over…

Yeah, how about neither? Neither was good.

Left in the silence your lack of presence brought, he simply trudged back over to the bed. He didn’t like to consider the fact that you leaving him was pretty much a definite. You were his, well, ‘mate’ seemed to be a pretty accurate title, considering how ‘girlfriend’ didn’t even begin to describe the physiological changes he experienced whenever you were even within arms-reach of him. He loved you like exercise freaks loved pilates classes and flavored water, but you were human and he was…  This. Like a two-year-old throwing a fit, he laid down face-first onto your (his?) bed and let out a groan.

What the hell could the two of you have fought over? Were you pissy because he’d eaten the last doughnut? Did he snap because you were hogging the blankets again? Did he-

A cold sweat suddenly comes over him. Past the cloudy fog of early morning exhaustion, he remembers that he’d finally fallen asleep last night. While he was technically human and needed sleep, he hated the feeling of helplessness that came along with it. And, with his mate being human, well, that practically sealed the stress-insomnia deal. “Urgh.” Logan rolls over, folding his hands over his face. With that realization came the onslaught of an elephant-worthy memories with cold tables and dogtags and an unending darkness.

He’s not a guy to get worked up about things. He’s the rock between you two- he’ll let you cry all over his plaid shoulder after you’ve watched those animal movies that you know will make you cry, but watch any way. He’s never shed a tear for Fido or himself or anyone. But he’s simply overwhelmed in this moment and, feeling very much like Mazlo the Dog (or whatever the hell that kicked dog was named), grabs the pillow you’d slept on and stuffs his face into it.

Your scent alone isn’t enough to push out the cold press of unseen needles or the melted metal on his bones, but it’s enough to keep him grounded. God knows what he’d have to do without-

You come in, and he spares an eye to look in your direction. He finds you looking as big of a mess as he’s ever seen you be. Sporting bags under each eye and a long bruise that ran from your cheek down to your neck, you smiled at him and yawned, big and wide. “Morning, Sleeping Beauty, how was your shut-eye?” You were holding a bag of Tim Hortons, a wide grin on your face.

“It was god awful, but what in the hell happened to you last night?” His hands shake, ever so slightly, as he pushes himself upwards and off of the bed. Logan’s almost reluctant to let go of the pillow, which is ridiculous, considering you’re standing right in front of him.

You roll your eyes, though doing so elicits some pain from your tired sockets. “You were having a nightmare. You kept kicking me outta bed, so I went to the Exxon across the street and drank coffee ‘til eight.” You shuffle across the room, discarding the bag of doughnuts on the side table and sitting beside him. “So, what was it this time?”

While he knows that that isn’t the whole story, he lets you get away with it, if only for his own peace of mind. You drag your thumb down his cheek, and he leaned his whole head into your palm. “I was back in the program again. Same old, same old.”

No, not really.

Somehow, his subconscious was able to conjure an awful combination of two of his greatest fears: experiencing the Weapon X program all over again and losing you. He had been trapped behind a glass wall while you, a plain human being that meant the world to him, were infused with adamantium, screaming and thrashing the whole way through. Of course, it concluded with you sinking to the bottom of the chamber, hitting it with a solid sound that let him know intimately that you’d been filled to the brim with the baneful metal.

Just thinking about it made him sweat.

“Hey, come on, Logan.” You pushed his strangely shaped hair back, running your hands through it briefly. “You’re safe, now. I won’t let them ever hurt you again.” You start to pull his head towards your chest, to hold him as securely as you can, but you can feel the muscles in his neck bunch up.

He pulls away from you, eyes wide, shaking slightly. Turning even further away from you, Logan unsheathed his claws, staring at the adamantium in visible relief. The harsh sound of the claws clashing together is enough to assure him that the reality in his dreams wasn’t one that actually existed. He retracts them again, then rolls his fingers, looking away from you. “Logan…” You exhale, your breath ruffling his hair. When you encase his shoulders in your arms, he tilts his head in your direction.

“I’m the one that did that to you, aren’t I.” It isn’t a statement. He knows what he’s capable of- and, worse yet, he knows that a bloody nose (because he can smell it on you, and shit he has never felt guiltier) and a giant black-green bruise isn’t the worst you could’ve gotten.

“It’s not your fault.” You’re quick to speak up in his defense. “You were asleep at the time, even seeing me as someone different, I bet. I understand- you just wanted to be safe and I seemed like a threat. Babe, this isn’t something you need to apologize for.”

“Who said anything about apologizing?” His attempt at humor is weak, and you look at him blankly. He cuts his eyes away from yours. “I really am sorry, _. Damn, I don’t even want to think about what would’ve happened if you’d still hung around while I was in the…” He trails off, shaking his head viciously.

Lazily, he drapes an arm around your waist, his head resting on top of yours. “Apology accepted, Logan. Now, go call a maid and get her to bring us new sheets. I’m sleeping like the dead, today.”

Logan felt himself freeze up at your word choice, suddenly less at ease.

Never Been Better

Jacob Black imagine requested by anon! “Hello !! :) Can I have a request where you meet Jacob for the first time and he imprints on you? I wouldn’t mind if it’s a short one !! :)) Thank you so much x” Hope you like it!

There was nothing immobile in Forks that wasn’t sheathed in some form of plant life; every pebble, every fallen trunk, even the occasional marker on the side of their near-abandoned highway… all of it was swaddled in soggy, water-laden flora. The sky was blocked-out by emerald leaves, barely visible through the abundance of nature on either side of the road, slowly creeping in on the asphalt with every passing year. The leaves held the immense burden of stagnant rainwater, dipping to pour their contents when the weight became too much. Your eyes were glued to the passenger window, your vision switching focus between the world beyond the glass and the droplets clinging to your mother’s dying coat of wax. You followed each stream until they fell from view, contributing to the sheen of the pavement beneath your slow-rolling car. Highway or not, there were no other cars to match speed to, and each sign you passed that could have held an answer to how fast you were expected to be driving was too faded to be read or too immersed in nature to pull from the trees.

Your situation was a strange one, that much was a given. There was no reason to move to Forks, no business that could have beckoned to your mother, luring her into the woods or tempting her with promises of high pay and extensive property. There was no grand prize you were racing towards besides the promise of having to surgically install an air filter into your lungs to keep the algae from infecting your respiratory system. It was all about the nature, the raw nature, some of the last “relatively untouched” land left on the face of the Earth. The lumber industry was booming, but years of deforestation couldn’t make a dent in the resilient wood. Every now and then, you spotted a stump among the thriving trees, but each time you saw a fallen trunk, you saw fertilizer for new life. Nothing immobile could escape the creeping moss or the advancing line of ferns. It was as if the lumberjacks had simply given up their battle with the forest, acknowledging a downhill fight when they saw one. Nothing could reign this forest in. For that reason, your mother thought it best to nestle into the shrubbery and set up camp. Permanently.

“Well, as permanently as we’ll ever see,” she’d mumbled, her eyes scanning the road for signs of wildlife, her camera shuddering against the cup-holder between your seats, her fingertips fluttering around her rather expensive lens. She spent more on that camera than she did on your Christmas presents. Collectively. “There’s so much to explore, Y/n. These woods stretch for miles. We could punch out portfolios faster than Banksy here, and that’s saying something,” her eyes widened slightly with disdain. She, like almost every other photographer, was not a fan of anyone who vandalized picture-perfect structures. “I mean, honey, I know there isn’t much in the way of… I don’t know, metropolitan stuff, but look around you. There aren’t a lot of people who can say they live in the middle of all this beauty.” Her voice took on that dream-like lilt, her gaze shifting from the silvery pavement to the admittedly impressive view on either side of the thinning highway.

“Mom. Road,” you reminded her, your voice too stiff to be polite, mostly disgruntled nerve at having been uprooted (no nature pun intended) from your somewhat cushy life in Seattle. The rain, you were used to. Maybe not this much, but you were well-adjusted to the thought of minimal sunshine and constant cloud cover. It was the green that felt so foreign. Was excess ever seen as beautiful? It seemed a bit like overkill, but who were you to tell the forest what to do?

“Sorry, but it’s just so easy to get distracted in a place like this. You know, people retire to places like this so they can die surrounded by nature. Dust to dust, dirt to dirt, all that jazz. But think, we’re going to bask in this stuff for years before we even think about our expiration dates.” It was a wonder how she made a topic as morbid as the human expiration date sound like her words were petals floating down a lazy stream, sunbeams striking through the water to the fine-grained sands below.

“Really, Mom? We’re gonna bask in the rain?” She opened her mouth to counter, but you held your hand up, silencing her unvoiced argument. “I’m not against Forks, Mom; it’s just not my first choice. "Places like this” aren’t my first choice. I don’t know anybody here, and you’re dragging me along so you can take pictures of moss on boulders, maybe some trees, the beach? I’m not against it, but if you had asked my opinion on the matter, I would have said no.“ Your voice drifted to a whisper, your cheek returning to the cool smoothness of the window, watching your mother’s lips purse in your peripheral. You continued down the winding highway for another twenty minutes in stiff, uncomfortable quiet, the pattering rain striking the roof of your mother’s car throwing the absent voices into the light.

Thankfully, your silent ride was short-lived. Your mother turned onto the town’s main street, the forest’s claustrophobia presence hiding, for the first time, behind the old brick exteriors of small businesses. Having your view obstructed never caused such relief. Though the rain remained, there seemed to be more sky than branches now that the forest was mostly out of sight. After a short driving spell down the center of town, your mother turned onto a remote side-road. The pavement beneath the wheels of your mother’s car became less stable, less smooth, as you advanced towards the quiet suburbia you now called home (if reluctantly). Your car crept along the narrow road, your mother hunching over the steering wheel as she drove, her eyes reading numbers as you passed homes so engulfed by the forest that they barely presented as houses at all. Suddenly, the car turned into the driveway of a small, unassuming gray colonial. There was nothing impressive and nothing to cause alarm… it just… was. Like everything in Forks, it held no value, but it did nothing to drive its inhabitants away. The car stopped with a hollow shift, and you stepped from the interior to the damp expanse of your new front yard. As expected, it was all grass and mossy patches, the cracked cement stepping stones leading to the front door were slowly losing a war against the onslaught of shamrocks and dandelions. You heaved a sigh of exhaustion, stretching your stiffened joints to a symphony of crackling, your muscles extending sorely as you bent this way and that, attempting to shake the hours of stagnant travel from your weary frame. The area was sweet, for a small town. There were electrical lines. There was probably internet, maybe a house phone. Maybe a cord on the house phone. It was a little dated, but it wasn’t a log cabin, so you were relatively content. You were dreading the rustic qualities of such a small town, especially one so reliant on lumber. As you analyzed the exterior of your new home, you heard the telltale suction of someone’s feet sinking into their lawn as they crept to your car. You turned, watching as a man in a world-worn police jacket (conveniently rain-resistant) approached your driveway, a smile hidden by a dark mustache crinkling his eyes.

“Hey, you must be our new neighbor. Welcome to Forks,” he grumbled, his voice low and honest. He extended a hand towards your mother, who was in the process of draping her camera around her neck by the thin nylon cord. “I’m Charlie Swan, white house just by the edge of the woods,” he turned to address you, his brows raising before he spoke. “If you’re having any trouble, just call around our place or ring the police station. One of us will pick up. You need any help with anything else, just let me know.” You mother perked-up, fiddling with the lens of her camera, eyes alight with curiosity.

“Actually, I was wondering if you knew which road would take us to the closest coast? I’m a photographer, and I was hoping to catch some shots of the sunset if there’s water within driving distance.” Charlie Swan grinned, gesturing back towards his home once more, his eyes sparkling beneath his brows.

“You know, I was just heading down to La Push. First Beach is beautiful when the sun sets, and my daughter could show yours around. Name’s Bella, she knows a few of the kids down there, son of my friend and all that. They look around the same age, she could introduce her to some of the local kids,” he suggested, clearly good-natured. You could only hope you weren’t unintentionally locking this poor girl into a night of awkward introductions and stiffened, short-ended conversation. You would have hated to intrude. Luckily, when you’d finished unloading what few boxes were travelling with you (the moving van had yet to arrive, and likely wouldn’t be showing its face until the next beginning of a business week), you found the officer’s daughter was warmer than you expected. She’d offered you her hand, just as her father did your mother, and asked if you wanted a ride in her truck, seeing as your only other option was the barred backseat of a cruiser. You climbed into the passenger seat of her almost impressively prehistoric truck, wondering how on Earth she’d managed to keep the thing kicking. Your confusion was only intensified when the engine revved. She smiled sympathetically, apologizing for the startling roar with a soft gaze.

“Yeah, sorry about that. It was made in the fifties. Not the smoothest ride, but it works just fine. You don’t have to worry about the brakes failing or anything. I’ve got a good mechanic.” She backed out of her narrow driveway, following her father further down the road, her eyes trailing the woods. You supposed the wonder never really faded. Her car didn’t waver, despite her wandering eye. It must have been a familiar route. “I can introduce you to my friend Jacob, if you want. He’s the one who kept the truck alive. His dad, Billy, is Charlie’s best friend. They’re good people.” She turned, following road signs counting down the miles to La Push. “I think I heard your mom mention you lived in Seattle?” She asked, though her inquiry wasn’t invasive. She had a gentleness about her that eliminated any shred of nosiness from her questions. She was merely trying to fill the time with conversation.

“Yeah, the city was getting a little heavy on the crime side. We thought it would be best if we moved somewhere… more remote. Not a fan of killers, you know?” You joked, recalling the endless stream of newspaper headlines estimating how many bodies the supposed serial killer had taken. Of course, the police force was clueless. It was always a shock to find another charred body hanging out of a dumpster. They had no leads, and your mom wanted out. Bella, however, mustn’t have caught your humour, or perhaps the topic made her uneasy, her lips pressing together when you murmured your last words.

You reached the reservation as the sun was sinking over the water, a mere five minute walk from the little red house Bella’d parked in front of. She assured you that her friends were likely at the beach, hanging by some notorious hunk of driftwood. You followed her simple gait, watching the soggy earth slowly transition to rain-dampened sand underfoot as you closed-in on First Beach. The sky was painted in vibrant oranges and misty blues as the sun clung to its last dying embers, sinking slowly into the waves. Your mother was setting her tripod by the dunes, clicking away as the ball of fire slowly dipped below the salted surface of the sea. The rain was letting up, though Bella promised the drizzle would linger. You continued on further, your path leading to the edge of the forest, where a trio of half-naked boys emerged, slapping each other’s shoulders, their laughter ricocheting from the surrounding cedars. their torsos gleamed in the fading rays of light, each of them a hardened russet tone, their bodies bulging with bands of muscle. Bella grinned in your peripheral vision, clearly recognizing the antics of her friends. You wondered which of the three was the infamous mechanic. As you drew nearer, the boys’ focus raised to your faces. The tallest of the three, walking between his two friends, stopped as if he’d been shot, his face (now close enough to distinguish his features) blanking save the expression of shock clouding his eyes. Bella stumbled to a stop at your side, her eyes widening in fear. The boy in the center’s jaw dropped, and, as if slowed by a thickness in the air, he fell to his knees. He moved as if he were submerged, his hand clutching the sand at his side to steady his fall. His eyes were locked on her face.

“Jacob!” Bella cried, rushing to close the last few yards that remained between the two groups, her hands grasping his shoulders. The two boys at his side didn’t seem as concerned as she was; in fact, one of them was grinning, his brow raised in surprise. The other, though, was scrutinizing your face. You followed Bella’s path to the injured boy, your pulse hammering in your ear. “Jake, what is it? Embry, what happened to him? Embry?” The serious boy didn’t answer, lowering his eyes from your face to shoot Bella a rather severe look. Her face turned to the other boy, her hands smoothing over Jacob’s back, a comforting gesture. “Quil, lose the grin. Is he okay?” She shifted, and you saw, for the first time, the injured boy’s eyes. They weren’t clouded, as you’d assumed from a further distance. They were clear, deep, warm, and trained on your face. He swallowed, which appeared to be a struggle, licking his lips before speaking, his voice breaking from apparent lack of use.

“I will be,” he whispered, rising to his feet, his eyes boring into your own with an intensity foreign to so early an acquaintance. He stepped forward, brushing sand from his knees, drawing nearer to you. “My name is Jacob Black. I… I’m very happy to meet you…?” He left his words trailing in the air, his eyes glimmering in the very last beams of sunlight, harvesting their flame before the sun finally disappeared beneath the horizon.

“Y/n,” you whispered, your eyes locked on his. His stare was unbreakable, and not in an uncomfortable way, either. You didn’t want to look away. His eyes held a warmth you couldn’t explain. “Are you sure you’re alright?” You asked, watching, for the first time, his lips part over an infectious smile. He bit his lower lip, attempting to mask whatever caused his grin… joy, humour, you couldn’t be sure.

“Yeah, I’m good. Never been better.”

Not Meant to Be

a/n: enjoy! #4 & 16 from prompt
It was so sudden, Kol coming back to his new body after months of being reacquainted with his own.

Nobody knew how it had happened, his human body being safety kept in the same room they kept Rebekah’s human body (as weird as that was), but it had happened. One moment he was asleep in his bed as a vampire, the next waking up in the room downstairs as a human.

You all spent most of the day figuring out the what’s and the why’s and how’s until Davina let out “I did it.” To say you were shocked was an understatement, she was his girlfriend after all. “You… why?” He asked, he sounded small, so unlike himself. She shrugged “I just thought you’d be happier like this-you told me you loved your magic side, your human side, you said it made you feel like yourself, like you had all the control, I just- figured that’s what you would want.”

You looked at Hayley who looked at you with raised brows, both of you trying hard to look busy with the argument that was going on, “but tha’s not really your decision is it?” Kol pressed, making Davina sigh “look it’s not like I did it on purpose with anything in mind other than helping you.”

“HELPING me?! Tha’s what you get from switching me body back to this?” You could tell she had gotten frightened from the tone he took on next “look, I can understand where you’re coming from but you didn’t have any right to do that, I didn’t ask you to, you may have thought tha’s what’s best for me but next time you need to ask, you need to ask the person if tha’s what they want, or need.” “Kol..” “I need you to leave.” You took an intake of breath as you saw Davina rush by you, tears blurring her eyes.

Hayley and you stayed quiet before seeing Kol run upstairs, slamming the door behind him. “That was..” you nodded, looking up at Hayley with a frown “yeah..” Klaus walked in with a look on his face before Hayley filled him in, “knew I should’ve killed that witch when I had the chance.. what is it with witches and their mess-” you glared at him, raising your hand “helloooo I’m part witch.” He smiled “yes and you are the acceptation.. the only smart choice my brothers ever made regarding witches.” You sighed, yes Kol and you had dated, once upon a time ago. And while he might’ve moved on, you had tried and tried to no avail. But you were happy for him, when you had found out. Cause underneath it all you knew Kol could be quite the sweetheart when he wanted to.

“So it’s settled then, you’ll go give him a talk.” You snapped at Klaus “what?!” He smiled “s'the only possible solution, he won’t want to talk to me, Hayley he hardly knows, Bek’s is gone.” You sighed before nodding “fine.”

Stomping up he stairs you decided, maybe you were the best person to talk to him. God knows you drove him up the wall when you dated, talking to him till you were blue in the face, as he always said. You’d talk and talk until he got you to shut up, him not being able to handle it anymore. You smiled, knocking on the door, not hearing a response you went for the door handle, hissing in pain as he had drenched it in vervain.

Now you were upset. Pushing open the, strangely unlocked door you saw Kol laying on his bed, bottle of whiskey in hand. You smiled, shutting the door behind you and stood at the foot of the bed fighting a smile. “What no time for cups? Jus’ taking it from the bottle now?” You saw him fight a twitch of his lips before you smiled “it was a mistake Kol, you know everyone makes one of those.. even you.” You walked over, sitting at the desk as he took a sip. Silent.

“And Why are you ignoring me?” He shook his head “not ignoring you, listening darling, you should know I did a lot of tha’ when we were together. As you know.” Ah. There it is. He’d never let you live it down, the fact you talked him up and down the walls. Still you raised your brows “well s'good thing we’re not talking about the past, and I’m here to listen to you. So talk.”

He nodded, sitting up “fine. You want me to talk?” He pursed his lips before spouting standing up “let’s talk about how my girlfriend switched my body WITHOUT my consent, let’s talk about how she thinks it was BEST for me, let’s talk about how she thinks it’s OKAY to make MY decisions for ME, let’s talk about how she could care BLOODY FUCKIN’ LESS WHAT I HAVE TO say!” You jumped as each word got louder and louder flinching as he threw the bottle at the wall, a quiet “sorry.” Coming from him as he saw your gaze flinch and hit the ground, you shook your head “it’s okay.. you’re talking that’s good.”

He nodded before taking another bottle out of the cabinet, which made you stand up “maybe you’ve had enough?” It was true, his movements were sloppy and slow, unsteady with his new longer, taller body and considering he was human you didn’t need him getting hurt. “Kol, I’m not gonna tell you how to feel but like I said everyone makes mistakes, you can ask her to switch you back to your old body, or I can!” You smiled, trying to remain positive, he shook his head “no, what I want to do is sit here and drink, jus’ drink.” You rolled your eyes, always one to pick the mature way to handle situations. “And you’re gonna drink with me.” You shook your head “no, ’m not.” He smirked, handing you the bottle, “someone’s gotta take care of your drunken self.” He rolled his eyes “I’m a grown man y/n nobody’s gotta take care of me.” You nodded, fine. Alright. You were getting tired of hiding these feelings, you were tired of pretending to be fine, you weren’t lying when you said you were happy for him but it was tough.

Grabbing the bottle by the neck you smiled, standing up “fine.” Taking a swig you missed the satisfied smirk on his face, his lips wet with the whiskey he already drank. You ended up sitting on the edge of his bed, him taken your previous spot at his desk as you exchanged the bottle, exchanging horror stories and things to make the other laugh.

“Mmmmm alright, wha’ wha’ is the biggest lie a bloke’s ever told you?” You bit a giggle as you said “that he’s got..big feet.” You couldn’t help the laugh escape you as his face lit with understanding and he smiled “fair ‘nough” you smiled making a grabby hand, “hand over the bottle.” He handed the bottle, smiling as you took chugs of it before you hummed, the alcohol making your body feel like a live wire.

“What is your favorite perk of being human again?” He smiled, “the hangovers are my least favourite, but we’ll talk about that later.” You both laughed before he said “probably feeling alive again. Feeling love and affection.” Your lip wobbled before letting out a laugh “whatta sap! That’s a bunch of bullshit!” His lips quirked at the ends before he nodded “all right, you wanna know my favourite part?”

You nodded, lips twitching before he leaned forward, hands touching the bottle you were still holding, eyes bright blue against yours “my favourite part is being able to feel someone else pressed up against me, kiss them and leave however many marks on them and be able to make someone’s toes curl.”

You bit a gasp as his fingers brushed against yours, instead you croaked “you probably could do that when you were a vampire.” He nodded, eyes glazing over your face before saying “but I don’t have to concentrate on not tearing into them, not biting them or hearing the blood rush through their veins, I can just be with them.” You nodded, it made sense, you just didn’t know why he was being so descriptive to you.

He grabbed the bottle from you, downing most of it before asking “alright, you go, what’s your favourite part of being a vampir-no heretic?” You smiled, him saying heretic all fancy like. Grabbing the bottle back you took gulps of it, wiping your lips with the back of your hand, ignoring his burning stare “mmm the heightened emotions, feeling everything a thousand times more than I’d normally would, just makes everything so much better.”

He had a daring smirk, even the devil would feel uneasy about. Taking notice of it you shifted uncomfortably, standing up on uneasy legs, “but anyway… what is-” “y/n..” he croaked, you licked your lips “mhmm?” “Come sit please.. unless your gonna make me walk.” You snorted, making him laugh “What was that?” You shook your head a smile on your face “nothing you idiot.” He smiled, beckoning you over with a sleepy grin “C'mere.”

You hesitated before walking over, sitting on the edge of the bed “I’m here, whaddya want?” He smiled “that your real favourite part?” You rolled your eyes, a smile on your face, face reddening “yes you big fool.” “Oi! Am not a fool!” You laughed, opening your eyes seeing him holding his chest, offended.

“You are.” You nodded, feeling the hazy warm feeling your head was, realizing just how tipsy you were. “Tha’ hurts me, really hurts me.” You laughed “well if we’re talking about hurting each other, your vervain ridden doorknob hurt me, you burned my hand.” He looked up “oh yeah? Wha’ hand?” You laughed, raising your left hand, smiling as he said “give it here!”

Rolling your eyes you held out your hand to him, laughing a bit as he “inspected” it, all laughter dying in your throat as he pressed a kiss to first your fingertips, then your palm and then the inside of your wrist. You pulled back your hand once he was finished with “better?” Nodding you whispered “was just the palm though.” He nodded “so it was.”

Licking your lips you avoided his gaze, that is until he perked up saying “Le’s play a game.” “A game?” He smiled “yes you twit a game.” You slapped his shoulder before saying “what’s the game?” He smiled “drinking game! Whoever the bottle lands on they have to drink and reveal….” he was thinking before his eyes lit with a devilish glint “reveal where they’re most liked spot to be kissed is.” You gaped “what?!” He laughed, like it was the greatest thing in the world “unless you’re not brave enough.” Giving you a look, you glared before saying “spin it.”

So far you found the same loved kiss spots you’d known, behind his ear, his collar bone, and oddly enough his bottom lip. And he found the same ones he’d known about you, your breastbone, throat, jaw, between the brows. “This games no fun, we know everything.” He blew out his lips before asking “do we?” You nodded before adding “and if there is anything else I wouldn’t want to know.”

He snickered before moving to sit beside you on the bed, making your breath hitch in your throat “you’d be surprised..” you rolled your eyes moving to stand up “some of us don’t find you as amusing and attractive still like Davina.” Ouch. Even to your own tipsy ears you heard it.

Looking at him he had a frown before saying “is that so?” You shrugged before taking the bottle from his hands, taking a drink and passing it back to him, oddly quite in the room when he stood “cause I think you’re bluffing.” You smiled “I wouldn’t be too sure of yourself.” Turning to look at him you laughed as he said “I’m sure of myself everyday.”

Both of you giggling like fools when you put your hand on his chest to stabilize yourself, “babe..” he murmured, making you look up, brows furrowed “can I?…” he left off as he leaned in, brushing cheeks with you, lips kissing the side of your mouth, giving you the option, he wasn’t going to force anything on the two of you. “Kol.. you have a girlfriend.. you’re drunk.” He smiled against your cheek “slightly tispy my lo’.” “Girlfriend?” You tried again, gasping as he whispers “I’m breaking it off, s'not the one for me.”

You frowned “you still-you should do it now..” you sighed as he lowered his head his lips pressing against your neck “Kol..” he moaned against your neck “Lo’ jus’.. jus’ I need you. let me worry about Davina.” You bit your lip, you weren’t a cheater, but the wandering hands on his lips being everywhere at once was a little too much for you.

Pulling your shirt over your head he smiled, pressing his lips against any available spot of skin, until you pulled at the buttons of his shirt, both of you eager to get it off, “blasted butto-” he broke off as you bust into giggles, and once you finally had it off he smiled into your skin, pressing kiss after kiss to your throat, trailing down your chest, holding your waist as he pressed a kiss to your sternum, trailing lower until he popped open the buttons on your jeans and slid them down your legs, smiling when you kicked them off.

By this point you were sitting fully on his bed, pulling him closer by the belt loops until your hands worked at his belt, his hands catching your wrists before all but kicking his pants off and hovering over you, sliding the last bit of both your clothing off, a mess of kissing and moans.

You sighed, feeling cool sheets underneath you, smell of whiskey and cologne in the air, opening your eyes you groaned, yep. The hangovers definitely suck, and for you since you were half human it was just as bad, no loopholes. Looking next to you, you gaped at the bare chested sleeping Kol, bruises and bites scattering his skin, looking around his room you gasped seeing a mixture of your clothes, his clothes and… that dreaded whiskey. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. You bit your lip deciding what to do. Number one of your thing NOT to do was this, sleeping with Kol was not going to help him. Number two was to get the fuck out of here.

Slowly trying to move out of the albeit wayyyyy too comfortable bed, you were good, good until your foot stubbed the dresser, causing a glass to fall off his dresser, breaking. Fuck. You glanced over at Kol as the bed moved, seeing him yawn and ask “wha’s happening?” You smiled sheepishly as he eyed you, eyed your bare back, and eyed the clothes strewn across the floor. “I’m-I was just leaving. I’m sorry.” You got up to move when he said “did something break?” You nodded, “just a glass but it’s okay I can-” he groaned, rubbing his face with his hands before getting out of bed, throwing a pair of boxers on and saying “stay there, I’ll get something to clean it, don’t want you getting cut.” You rolled your eyes “I’ll be fine.” But you waited.

You watched as he bent down to your knee level, cleaning up the glass shards, making sure every bit of it was clean before asking “what’d you break it when you were tryin’ skip out on me?” You blushed in shame, he had a quirky smirking mouth so you knew he was teasing but still. “I-” “relax babe, m'joking, but we probably should..” he coughed “talk about it.” Sitting down on the bed next to you, you stiffened “what’s there to talk about?” He sighed “we did sleep together, I do have a girlfriend, that even though I’m gonna break up with I still have to do.” “Don’t.” You choked out “don’t break up with her, it’s-she made a mistake and.. so did you.” “This-you think I think this was a mistake?” The tone in his voice hurt you, sounding like a small child like version of himself. Insecure.

You sighed “point is, there’s nothing to talk about Kol, yes this was a mistake, it was a drunken mistake that’s all it was. I was supposed to talk to you, make you feel better, not sleep with you.” “Well you did make me feel better.” You laughed, your eyes boiling over with frustrated sad tears, jumping a bit when his hand smoothed over your back “hey..” looking at him he whispered “I don’t regret this.. you and I. It’s the best thing tha’s ever happened to me.” You licked your lips, looking forward before whispering “that doesn’t change the fact that you have a girlfriend and I’m not-I wasn’t a cheater. This was a drunken mistake and I’m sorry.”

His hand left your back as he sat back, watching you dress before asking “tha’s it then?” You choked back a sob, nodding “I don’t know what else you want me to say.” You heard the bed creak before he had his arm around your shoulder, lips pressed to your ear “stay. Stay with me.” You frowned, brows furrowed “Kol..” “baby..” you frowned deeper, you had to keep the sob in “I have to go.” You thought for a while you were gonna have to pull his arm off when he asked, full of hope, thinking this was his last ditch effort “have you ever regretted us?” You licked your lips, yes, no, yes, no, no, no, “yes.” He then finally let it fall from your shoulders and he watched as you grabbed your shoes, running out of his room and slamming the door behind you.

Taking the stairs two at a time, you missed Klaus coming from the kitchen watching curiously as you ran and made it outside, leaning against the brick walls you slipped on your shoes and bit your lip, holding back the pent up tears till you finally let it break, till you finally did cry, the true words you should’ve said to him 'Not Even For A Second’ whispered from your lips.

“But Ichigo belongs in the human world and Rukia in SS...

…how did IR fans ever think this was going to happen?”

That is such bullshit that not even Kubo’s own characters believe it.  Setting aside the canonical example of Isshin for a moment, who had to make a difficult choice and save Masaki even before he was well and truly in love with her, has everyone forgotten about this?

Because I sure as hell haven’t. 

That was the moment that got me to start shipping those two dorks in the first place.  Yeah, there was that whole over-the-top “Gonna fly in at the last moment and stop a giant flame phoenix and then go all ‘Yo’ like all nonchalant and stuff; Rukia is gonna think I’m so damn cool” thing earlier on, which was lovely and all, but I adore this quieter moment so much for one simple reason:

That idiot thought Rukia was going to come back with him.

Just think about what has just happened: Rukia has been rescued, she has reconciled with both Renji and her brother, and she has been pardoned.  Ichigo witnessed all of this happening.  He knows Rukia is no longer in any danger, that she has friends and family once more, that she is loved and safe in Soul Society.  

Bear in mind that this all happens well before Ichigo (or the audience) knows that Isshin is also a Shinigami (though there were hints).  The only example of Souls living in the human world thus far were the shoten crew adults, and it’s made clear that this only happened in the first place because they’re exiles. I never thought Rukia was going to return to Karakura for a second, preparing myself for the emotional goodbye scene, and here comes this dork, being all: “Well hurry up, we’re leaving.”

He doesn’t even realize how ridiculous that sounds. Where is she going to stay?  What is she going to do? He hasn’t even considered any of this, he’s just taken it for granted that Rukia is coming back. LOOK:

Ichigo is stunned that she’s staying, and I’m willing to bet it’s just now dawning on him that, oh, of course she’s going to stay.  This is where she belongs. But even when he smiles at her, he doesn’t voice this, he doesn’t say “Right, yeah, this is your home; souls belong here.”  Instead, he says this:


Long story short: nope, Souls and humans aren’t ‘meant’ to live anywhere other than wherever they damn well please.  They can make it work either way, since… y'know, Urahara and all.  It wasn’t 'only natural’ that Ichigo would stay in the human world after the war, and given all the foreshadowing that precedes this choice, it ends up making little sense. 

You Are You

“I’m not a human. I never was.”

Relationship: Friends

Fandom: Voltron

Character: Team Voltron

Your father would tell you stories about the stars and far-off planets, they always sounded like fantasy stories. About giant robot lions and alien kings and princess. You simply thought they were made up, of course, they had to be made up. Humans had not gone that far into space, so you father just had a great imagination. However when you turned fifteen you skin turned to a pale pink, your hair turned pure white. To stay you were freaked out was an understatement, rushing out of your room you found your dad in the kitchen. After he calmed you down he told you that you were an alien and became explaining more. He gave you a necklace that hid your pink skin and white hair, making your look like you did before.

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Dreams: 10k imagine

During a zombie apocalypse it was rare to run into someone your own age. There was probably only a handful of teenager left roaming the earth. And when you find a group, you stick with them.

Finding (Y/n) during the apocalypse almost rd seemed like a miracle. We saved her from her own group. One of them was bit and didn’t tell anyone until they were camping in some pharmacy like clinic. She was basically locked in with zombies.

After the group literally turned against her, it took her a while to trust us. We kept her with us, power in numbers and she was pretty advanced in weapon making. From mixing chemicals together to making bullets out of anything and everything.

I don’t know how or even when but I started to fall for her… I think. I never really understood the feelings I held for her other than the fact I did feel something towards her. It was like this protective guard over her. I couldn’t handle her getting hurt.

She was the definition of perfection. Everything about her. Her messy (y/h/c) that always seemed to fall right. Her eyes that sparkled with hope. Hope for humanity. Her laugh. God her laugh made me feel like everything in my body came alive just at the sound of her loud sweet laugh.

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