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How would the main six plus Mettaton react to a person that fell down completely naked. Not on purpose either. Like, they were humiliated and exiled to the mountain's hole. Not looking for 18+ answers, I promise!

let’s say for posterity’s sake that they’re at least wearing underwear. also this sounds like a college sorority/fraternity initiation ritual gone bad. also not sure how the human made it through the ruins without toriel finding them, but we’ll just skip over that little detail. - M.M.


You’re hardly on your feet before she’s fussing over you, trying desperately to heal your wounds & keep you warm from the chill of the Ruins. You fell so far, wearing so little–what happened to you, dear? After she finds out the situation, she gets angry. What a terrible thing to do. It seems that cruelty is just an everlasting trait for some humans, even towards their own kind…


He’s honestly really worried. He keeps calm on the outside, making a joke about being ‘chilled to the bone’ or something, all the while throwing his jacket over your shoulders & rushing you to Grillby’s to get warm. After you’ve gotten something to eat, & he’s gotten the story, he works on getting you a proper set of clothes. Whether you stay or leave, it doesn’t matter, he just wants to make sure you’ve at least got something on your back.


He’s confused mostly??? Do most humans walk around in so little?? Of course some Monsters go around completely in the nude, but then again there’s not much to show (unless there is & he just doesn’t know what’s showing), but he had no idea that this was a thing with humans too! Finding out it was all part of a mean prank dampens his spirits a bit, but he quickly offers you a pair of spare clothes & a home-cooked (slightly burnt) meal to help you regain your spirits. At least you’re safe now, the Great Papyrus will guard you until you feel better (though he tells himself that he’s secretly keeping you captive).


What…what are you wearing?? Listen, she’s seen a lot of anime, & sure some humans wear skimpy stuff now & then, but nobody usually just goes around flaunting their underwear! She gets pissed when she finds out why you’re walking around in your undies though–seriously?! Humans can’t even treat their own species with respect??? That’s ridiculous!!!! She makes a really half-hearted attempt to take your SOUL before she just gives up & takes you back to her place to get you some clothes.


Well, she’s been watching you the whole time, so by the time you get to her lab she’s freaking out. You must be exhausted–& so cold (or hot, since it is Hotland)–but you at least need a proper outfit! She can offer you that much, maybe a little bit of rest. She’s really sorry about what happened to you, but doesn’t know what else she can do but apologize. & really, sometimes some sympathy is all you need.


Goodness, darling, he knows that being risque can be good for viewers now & again, but this is a family-friendly show! After finding out the circumstances though, he does a full one eighty, sparking an impromptu fashion show where he essentially dresses you up in every available outfit he’s got until you find one that he deems suitable for you. All the while he gives you encouragement for making it as far as you have–he’s very proud of you, you’re very resilient, for a human.


He’s caught off-guard at first. A little flustered, actually. He asks you about it, but after finding out what led to the end of your journey, is very apologetic for your circumstances. He would offer you some clothes, a nice warm cup of tea–but…he can’t, can he? Could he? He’s torn, because despite it all, he’s got a duty to take your SOUL. But you’re at your lowest, weak & on his doorstep–could he really be that much of a Monster, to not even SPARE you until you can get back on your feet? Eventually he does just give in, but he tells you that once you’ve gotten an outfit, then you will have to accept the unavoidable.

Natural Selection

A follower of mine brought up a wonderful idea recently. What if serial killers are just weeding us out like predators do their prey? What if those of us who have that darkness in them were made that way by nature or the planet to help with population control as is humans have no natural predators? I know it sounds crazy but I believe there might be some truth to it. What do you guys think? Inbox me your opinions.

Be quiet!

As his hips pounded quickly into mine his hand goes to cover my mouth as my whines and moans progressively got louder. ”Be quiet, baby, or I might have to gag you.”, he groaned into my ear. I nod my head understandingly and wait for his hand to leave my mouth. The speed his hips were moving at made it seem like it wasn’t humanely possible. Sounds of sharp intakes of breaths and skin slapping onto skin was the only sound that resonated through out the whole room. Just the thought of the other members of Monsta X made a loud whimper make its way back up my throat and out into the room.

His hands found their way back up to my mouth and neck,”Baby, what did I say.”, he huffed out from between his teeth. I whimper quietly trying to keep the noises coming from my mouth down but to no avail it never happened. He pushes his lips onto my mine and my moans were muffled by his mouth. I clench around his length and he groans into the kiss and starts to thrust slowly knowing that I am close to my release. His free hand makes its way to clit and rubs it quickly to entice my orgasm.

My thighs shake as I cum on his cock and my loud moans of pleasure were still being muffled by his lips. He continues to thrust as he chases his release making me whimper at the sensitivity I feel on my clit as his upper groin rubs against it. His hips slam into me slowly as he cums into me mixing both of our releases together. He pulls out and watches in awe as his cum slowly pours out my hole. “Let me clean you up baby.”, he gets up and returns with a wet rag and wipes me off softly making sure to not touch my sensitive clit. As he finishes he throws the rag on the floor and cuddles up to my body as we both fall into a soft slumber a knock interrupts us,”Hyung please be quiet next time! Some of us are trying to sleep!”,  I.M’s voice groans out in annoyance.

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do you have any idea how PROBLEMATIC your precious benedict is???!! yourfaveisproblematic,tumblr,com/post/45876576182/benedict-cumberbatch just take a look at this post or do a simple search. if i were you i wouldn't waste a min of my life in a blog for him tbh. it's quite sad

I wasn’t going to reply to such a message, but then again, I wanted to show you how stupid you sound like. 

I’m not ignoring the things Ben has said/done, but then again Ben as all of the other celebrities are human beings and thus, they do make mistakes. 

I do acknowledge the mistakes he’s made, but I also can’t ignore all the wonderful things he’s done either. He’s an amazing actor and I admire his work as well. 

Now, for the last part of your message, saying that running a blog about a celebrity they like is sad, it’s completely idiotic. Everyone can have a blog about whoever they want, and as you had the right to express your opinion *anonymously*, I do have the right to do as I please with my blog and my life.

Thanks for your concern though. I hope you have a nice, happy life. 

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You mentioned there being various mechanical beings in this 'verse, from androids to a kingdom of machines. That sounds so cool, but what kinds of machines/robots/other mechanical and cybernetic beings are there? And what's the difference between all of them?

Well, there are a lot, but I guess here are the ones that I have thought about of for the [Hero Yusaku AU]:

  • Kasiertechs - AI’s that were created by the late Kaiser Seros. Resembling a human being, they were made to become a bridge between the sentient machines and humans. During the creation process of Ryo, Seros developed a “growth code” that enables a machine to learn and express emotions just like a human through experiences (with this, the machine will also be prone to making mistakes since it is not readily programmed unlike a normal machine), but his was incomplete. During Sho’s creation process, Ryo managed to perfect the code, thus making Sho seem like a real human being. Since making a Kaisertech is a complex process and requires a lot of materials, there are only two in existence.
  • Cyber Dragons - Machines that resemble dragons. They were made by Kaiser Ryo, who grew fond of dragons due to Seros’s teachings. Currently, they guard Machina from invaders, and will only take orders from the kaiser.
  • Vehicroids - Machines that resemble vehicles. They were made by Mechanic Sho who got the idea from the books that he had read. Unlike Cyber Dragons, they take the role of workers in Machina, making certain work faster.
  • Androids - AI’s that bear memories of a certain (deceased) human. Unlike Kaisertechs, they are readily programmed according to their creator’s tastes, but emotions expressed by it are limited. Most perfect androids came from the future (Aporia and his counterparts, Paradox), and the only perfect android built in the present is Mini Bruno, who was further modified through the Kaisertech blueprints.
  • Handybots - Robots created in Utopia and later in Heartland that take certain jobs, from simple trashbots to housebots (Obumi). They can be found almost everywhere, and people mostly rely to them.
  • Orbitals - Unlike Handybots, Orbitals are created for battle. They also take certain roles in an army; such as the Scout Orbital (Orbital 7), who are small and fast enough for scouting, and the bigger Soldier Orbitals. Kaito and Dr. Faker created most of them.
  • Automations - Also known as “Moving Dolls” by III. Due to IV’s laziness, he decided to build dolls that can move on their own through simple clockwork. They were made for entertainment purposes at first, but with V’s help, they can now be used as practice dummies. Automations can also be dressed and styled according to IV’s tastes and has resembled some familiar faces such as Yuma, Ryouga, Ruri, etc., but none of them can express any emotions and talk like the original.

Welp, here are the ones that you can expect from this AU, but I might  add more if I thought of one–

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A/N: I made the soldier a human one from BotFA because I really don’t think that any elf who valued his life would do that.

Imagine being Thranduil’s pregnant wife and a soldier gets rough and grabs your arm, making you cry out in pain and Thranduil gets extremely mad.

——— Request for anon ———

You hadn’t even realized you’d angered him until he gripped your arm, “The battlefield’s no place for a pregnant woman! Stay out of the way, wench!” The soldier’s grip tightened as he tugged you forward, pushing you to the side when you cried out. Your pained squeal had made Thranduil’s head snap in your direction, eyes filled with worry which morphed into anger when he realized the cause of the sound.

“You dare lay hand on my queen?” he growled, marching over to the human who began to realize his mistake, and just who you were. Thranduil drew his blade, pointing it at the cowering man, “I will have it for that.”

And now for something completely different:

I don’t like it when Helpful Atheists phrase their supportive messages in a way that implies people are primarily religious because they get something out of it. You know, like emotional comfort? Sometimes it’s literally “If it helps you, then I don’t see anything wrong with it.”

No. No no no. I understand that some of us actually do feel that way, but please don’t assume it applies to everyone. To me it sounds devaluing, as if it were just a coping mechanism we made up.

There’s also an aspect of … ok, I get that I can’t really expect you to respect any gods you don’t believe in, I can only ask you to respect my belief. Nevertheless, this focus on what we humans get out of the deal … it’s. I don’t know, this is hard to explain because obviously we’re all after something, even if it’s just a better understanding of the universe. But to focus on that feels disrespectful to my gods at least, not because we humans are unimportant or anything, but because they’re not tools.

Then there’s the choice thing. If religion simply happens to be what you stumble upon in your search for the truth, is it really something that you chose for yourself? You can choose whether to engage with it or ignore it, of course. But damn, the implication that I saw a practice that seemed to be helping others and decided to try it out for myself is so far from the truth it’s hilarious. I wasn’t even looking; it felt more like being ambushed. And as in all other aspects of life, it was pure curiosity that drove me to investigate what was going on.

So please spare me the “if it gives you comfort/fulfillment” narrative. That it does is completely beside the point.

I thought that because these two asks had things in common, I’d answer them together. So I kinda went back to double check details for this. However, it’s way harder to skim a Japanese novel as opposed to an English one for me, so sorry if this isn’t as detailed as possible! it would just take too much time >.< Hopefully this answers your questions!

Also, thanks!! I’m glad you like my blog (^ω^)

Obviously spoilers under the cut:

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  • knight: so how do dragons fuck exactly
  • researcher: well, from what i can ascertain, they transform into humans to reproduce
  • knight: that sounds like you made that up
  • researcher: i assure you, i have done months, years, of resear-
  • knight: i mean if i was a dragon why the fuck would i ever turn into a human to have sex
  • knight: and dragons were around before we were so what the fuck were they doing then
  • researcher: well that is a point of contention in the
  • knight: did they turn into trees and just sort of ram into each other
  • researcher: that is not
  • knight: you're making shit up

“No fair, Charles! You promised never to use your power on me,” you grinned as the handsome man moved his chess piece to block your next move.

“I can’t help it if you think so loudly,” he replied with an equally large grin.

“Yes, well, even so,” you responded.

Charles was a Mutant. An awful derogatory term, you thought but that’s what he was. The next stage in human evolution, as he so eloquently put it. You were less impressive, just an average human. Well, that’s what you’d believed your whole life anyway. Recently you’d been hearing voices. Not mental asylum voices, but pure, white sounding voices, if that made any sense.

“Y/N, are you alright?” You heard Charles ask. You nodded but your breath became labored. You shrieked as white hot pain shot through your skull. What was happening?! Charles was by your side in a second. He was saying something but you couldn’t hear what.

Suddenly a loud voice started playing. Except it was only in your head. It was decidedly male, and speaking some kind of odd language. You had no idea what was going on and the longer the voice spoke, the more intense the pain got.

“Y/N?!” You heard Charles shout. You saw him put his fingers to his temple and utter something indecipherable. He flinched back but quickly tried again. You felt your eyelids droop and you let Charles use his power to make you sleep.



You opened your eyes and winced as you felt a shot of pain travel through your head.

“Charles?” You asked hesitantly.

“I’m here,” you heard him say. You looked over to see his hands covering yours, a concerned expression covering his face.

“Where am I?” You asked.

“Hospital, my dear. I’m afraid I didn’t know what else to do,” he explained. “You were screaming and clutching your head. I had no idea what was going on,” he added.

“It’s okay, I’m okay,” you said.

“What happened?” He asked.

“I think I might be a Mutant after all,” you said with a grim smile. He gave a small smile and chuckled slightly.

“I think you might be,” he responded.

- For Anon.

(a/n: I hope this is okay. This is my first attempt at a crossover. Also, requests are open so don’t hesitate to send them in! : ) )

What if it was Steve that saved Nat from captivity in Age of Ultron

A/N: I was watching Godzilla yesterday and I seriously adore Aaron and Lizzie’s relationship and it’s just wow! I love their reunion and it made me think of when Nat gets saved by Bruce. I wanted something where it was Romanogers rather than Brucetasha. So this is my take on it. No explicit Brucetasha bashing just pure Romanogers. Sorry if it seems a bit OOC.. My feels were just……Hope you like it..? X


Natasha’s head snapped up when she heard the sound of running footfall; human. Ultron would have been flying. Maybe it was one of his HYDRA minions coming to kill her. She braced herself for what seemed to be the inevitable.
‘Natasha?’ It was Steve. Natasha let out a breath she didn’t realise she’d been holding in, ‘Nat?’ Steve finally ran into her line of sight.
'Steve,’ her voice was almost disbelieving, he was here to get her out, 'I’m here.’ The soldier wheeled around and ran to her. He stuck his hands through the bars to hold on to hers.
'Thank god. 'Tasha are you alright? I’ve been so worried about you. Until we got that radio signal I thought you..I thought he’d…I just wasn’t sure if you were still okay, alive.’ Steve gushed, his voice a couple of notches higher than usual due to his panic. Natasha hushed him gently.
'Hey, hey,’ she reached up to card her hands through his hair as best she could, 'I’m okay, I’m alright. Shhh, Steve calm down.’
'Did Ultron hurt you? I swear to god if he did anything to you-’
'Steve, babe,’ she interrupted, 'you’ve got to calm down. You’re overwrought. Look at me. Look, I’m fine. See?'She ran her thumb across his cheek bone soothingly. Steve finally took a deep breath.
'Okay. Now how about you bust me out of here, soldier.’ A playful smirk tugged at her lips. Steve wrenched open the door and threw it to one side. Natasha flung herself into his arms. Steve held her flush against him before pulling back slightly to kiss her. It was full of relief and it was only then that Natasha let herself release all the anxiety of being locked in that cage. A stray tear made its way down her cheek and of course Steve noticed. He held her even closer, if that were possible.
'I thought you were gone.’ He breathed through gritted teeth.
'I thought you’d never find me.’ The spy replied.
'You know I’d never stop looking until I found you.’ Steve kissed her again, harder, as if this were the last time he’d ever get to kiss her.
'I love you so much.’ Natasha sobbed.
'I’m never letting you go again.’ He hugged her again.
'When this is all over, I’m done pretending with Bruce to keep the team safe and to keep the casualties down. He’s got a good hold on the Hulk, he doesn’t need me anymore. I just want it to be you and me. I don’t care who knows about it, I’m done hiding. I’m done pretending that I’m not with you. I’m allowed to be happy just like everyone else.’
'I love you 'Tasha.’ Steve kissed her again.
'Uh, Steve…’ Tony interrupted through the comms. The soldier sighed - dammit.
'I was gonna tell you guys at some point.’

Lazy breakfast mascarpone cheese-“cake” toast

My boyfriend and I made this the other day and called it “lazy cheesecake”, although it’s absolutelly not even close to a cake. But sounds so cool and so “us” than I want to share the funny story/recipe with you all :3

I made a tiramisu but, as usual, bought too many ingredients because I’m the worst human at measuring. We had leftover mascarpone cheese and we were watching soccer together on TV. In one of my kitchen trips I grabbed the mascarpone and made ourselves two toasts with his favourite bread (8 cereals whole wheat bread) and I just put some of the fatty cheese with my homemade berry jam. Et voilá. Delicious.

It’s REALLY filling and we made it a for breakfast for the rest of the week! Next time you make tiramisu, do yourself a favour and grab one extra cup of mascarpone ;) 

We were made unhuman.

Too similar for them to question
whether our bodies were like theirs,
they just assumed. 

We sounded like them and 
reminded them of their sisters but
there was something in our throats
that seemed to crawl toward them
when we spoke, so we tried not to 
speak, and they called us ‘quiet.’
We learned the word, we became
something their language could

We built ourselves monuments 
in the form of love letters because
we were told that it is not love if
you do not write love letters but I
was always shit at using human
words to describe the buzzing in
my head that bloomed when I saw
him, so I carved something like,
“you make me electric” in the tree
next to his house.

I used too many letters, I think he
mistook this for “please.”

I did not understand when he
told me he could not see me, anymore.

We learned that their hearts
were not made the ways ours were.
We tried not to fall in love with them,
but once we knew they could not
fit all of us inside them we each,
individually, ardently, desperately
tried to convince them we could
make ourselves be different for them,
we could conceal ourselves, we
could fit.

This is the part in the story where
someone starts to cry. This is the
part where we, the unhuman, began
to endanger ourselves.

There are so few of us, now;

so few who have not folded themselves
into crisp, clean shapes that are
easily tucked into wallets and back
pockets, made to believe that it is
easier, when we become things that 
can be useful to them.

I never wanted to be human.

—  “the body i keep.” by Emma Bleker

Next time Marco asked why we were fighting the Yeerks, I knew I would have a whole new answer. Because they destroy the love of parents for their daughter. Because they made Melissa Chapman cry in her bed without no one to comfort her but a cat.

It was a small answer, I guess. I mean, it wasn’t some high-sounding answer about the entire human race. It was just about this one girl. My friend. Whose heart was broken because her parents were no longer really her parents.

—  Rachel, Book #2: The Visitor, pg. 109 (by K.A. Applegate)

Eliza, Darlene and I left Vancouver at 10pm and got to the venue at 1. We left for a while to get breakfast and they slept for a while but I just couldn’t. When we got back there were people there so we weren’t first (but we still ended up barricade 😁). We made friends with the girls behind us and we played cards against humanity and everything was super funny to me because I hadn’t slept at all the night before.
Later in the afternoon, after sound check (Which Kevin and I twinned for), we went to find the guys but they all went their spectate ways, but I had painted a thing for crew and I wanted them to get and we just so happen to run into Lulu! We talked for a bit and then she came out and a girl we met named Tiffany did Lulu’s face paint and then lulu did all of ours. She asked me about my painting for Portugal that I did for Eli and i started to cry when I tried to explain it.
Lining up before doors made me really anxious because I’d never been to the venue before and all I wanted was to be front row.
Coin kicked things off and they were insanely good!! Such great energy and stage presence!
Milky Chance was different… They were chill and vibey but I personally wasn’t in the mood for it because I was so tired, I hadn’t slept in like 29 hours at that point and I felt like I was dying.
At about this time I tweeted Eli telling him I trade him my art for the set list.
Walk the moon came on and KILLED IT once again, but didn’t play I Can Lift A Car, which is the first time they hadn’t in all 6 times that I’ve seen them.
Encore was Anna Sun of course and after it Eli got security, pointed at me and we exchanged our things.
A crew member tossed his pick into the crowd and people dived for it but I stepped on it and got it.
After the show we were hanging out with lulu again and she got Nick to come say hi to us and looked at our group and said hi to everyone and when he looked at me his face lit up and he was like “DUDE! It’s SO good to see you again!” And walked up to hug me. We were talking a bit and he said “were you all front row? I know i saw YOU out there!” And pointed at me, and it just blew my mind. He signed my set list and drew a little piñata on it with hearts inside and I wanted to cry but I held it together for once.
He then took a picture of us and lulu. Like, Nick Petricca took a picture of me and my friends and his girlfriend. Wow.
Every show is just as amazing and special as the last and I am so fortunate to get the opportunities that I have.
Much love friends.

I’m so happy about how terrifying the Regis were made in the anime. I don’t really remember their voices in the Brandon eps, but the Lucario movie, goddamn. And Regigigas continued that trend of them just emitting horrific nightmare satan sounds. I LOVE IT.

Because these Pokemon were SEALED AWAY by humans. One of Regirock’s entries says it has “no sign of a brain or heart”. Registeel doesn’t seem to be made of any material from earth, and its body “appears to be hollow”. THAT IS SCARY OKAY. They don’t have faces and Regice can float and somehow Registeel can like jump and it’s just so scary. They are so scary.


I still remember being a 13 year old baby, huddled in the top bunk of my bunk bed, with my RS player’s guide, a flashlight, and my GBA SP. I spent a whole night hunting all 3 of the Regis, and I gave them shitty weeby names cause I was 13, but all of them ended in -tenshi, meaning “angel”. Also when I was little I was afraid of Kyogre, like batshit terrified (which only changed REALLY recently tbh, and I still have my whale phobia), so I didn’t even catch it. I just fainted it and left it after a couple of tries. I was just way too scared of its call and the music. To me, I was like, “This isn’t a Pokemon that should be caught”.

RSE were the first Pokemon games to have these magnificent god-like creatures. Ho-Oh and Lugia and the legendary beasts are big scary animals, but they’re all very, you know, animal-like. Big birds and dogs and stuff. But Hoenn’s legendaries are bizarre. Rayquaza is a giant dragon that lives in the and never comes down unless shit is going nuts. Kyogre is a giant terrifying ancient whale, and Groudon is an ancient magma godzilla that lives under the earth.

Then the regis. The legendaries in Hoenn are all ancient, terrifying, god-like MONSTERS that are terribly feared by people. People sealed away the Regis because they were batshit terrifying. If Kyogre or Groudon awaken, the Earth will be destroyed unless someone somehow stops a giant raging ancient beast.

It was just this insanely grand scale compared to the usual legendaries of Pokemon, which were large and impressive, but really not any sort of terrifying cataclysmic threat. (Besides the birds in the anime, but that was in the anime… Lugia also talked in the anime so like, fuck off).

…This wasn’t supposed to become another Hoenn rant but there you go. It’s my birthday I can scream about Hoenn more excessively than usual if I want to.