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Their meeting was a little less meet-cute and a little more,,, meet-ugly sort of thing.

Mainly because they both read the situation very badly and ended up trying to kill one another. Completely accidentally, but.


And really, can you blame Tony? Their ship does crash-land in the middle of a crowded highway, and barely manages to avoid civilians. Then they pop out, and they’re armed to the teeth, looking pretty threatening and…well… alien.

People end up calling (what’s left of) the Avengers- which happens, at the time, to be Tony and Tony alone.

Except the Guardians crashed in Florida; when Tony got the call he was in New Orleans at a science convention, and the suit was still in New York.

But he went anyway. Suit or no suit, he had to try. He was the only line of defence now, after… everything.

So, armed with a sophisticated watch-gauntlet and a gun he always kept tucked in his jacket pocket, he takes the jet and leaves to try and stop them from potentially, y’know, annihilating the world or whatever.

Except things don’t really happen like that, in the end.

“Listen, what are the chances you’re gonna do as I say when I order you to drop your weapons and leave?” tony asks wearily, as he holds the gun at the biggest guy’s weirdly patterned face and the gauntlet at the woman holding the largest gun he’s ever seen in his life. He doesn’t even bat an eyelid toward the talking walking raccoon or… the tree…thing.

Just another day in the life, at this point.

Although it would be kinda embarrassing if he ends up getting murdered by the raccoon. What the damn hell would they put on his grave? Here lies Tony Stark- saved New York, but unable to protect himself from the dangers of the Mighty Raccoon?

As soon as he’d spoken, about 13 different weapons were pointed in his face. Which hardly made sense, considering there were five of them and they all only had two hands. But whatever.

“How’s about we ask you the same? Except more forcefully, considering we got all the guns,” the raccoon said.

Tony rolled his eyes. “Where the fuck would I go then, what with me being a human being who lives here? Just fling myself into the void of space? And yes, tempting as that might sound, I’ve been there done that. Not as appealing as I would have thought, to be honest.” 

The five stared at him in confusion for a moment, before what looked to be the only actual human stepped forward, head cocked. His eyes were bright and beard scruffy- Tony thought it suited him.

Tony also thought he should probably focus on the task at hand, and his ever-growing chances of imminent death, rather than how pretty his opponent was.

“You’re just a human, huh?” Hot Scruffy Man asked.

Tony raised an eyebrow, and then pointed the gun at him when he took another step. “What gave it away? The fact that I have the same composition and structure as every other human on the planet? The fact I look just like you, who is also a human?”

“Half human,”

“What was the other half, pure asshole?”

“Actually… kinda, yeah.” The Hot Scruffy Man paused, and then shrugged. “Daddy issues.”

Tony had a brief moment to wonder what the fuck he was doing before an involuntary snort of laughter had escaped out of him. “Yeah- rode that train before, buddy- still doesn’t explain why you’re on the planet I protect, waving your guns around at innocent people and causing millions of dollars worth in property damage.”

The team in front of him paused, and then the man looked back at the green lady, who just shrugged and put down her gun. “We were told there was an imminent threat to your planet. We were in the neighbourhood, so we thought we’d come save you.”

Tony stared at them, contemplating. “Where are your sources from?”

“The fine NovaCorps,” Massive Bulked Alien Dude spoke up.

Tony squinted, running a hand across his forehead. “Am I… supposed to know what that means?”

“Fancy space police,” Raccoon told him.

“You seen any apocalyptic aliens round here lately?” Hot scruffy Man asked him again, slightly confused now. 

Tony just sighed. “Nope. And if there were, I would handle them. You can go back…wherever you came from, guys, it’s fine, Earth is fine-“

“You? You’re gonna protect the Earth? With your fancy little handgun and hand-firey thing?” The Raccoon laughed, and Tony scowled.

Luckily, because he had been counting the seconds in his head since he’d called it, he knew he was about to do something really badass, and it wiped the scowl off his face, replacing it with a little smile as he stared at the stupid talking Raccoon. 

“No,” he said, shrugging as he heard the familiar whirring sound of metal moving at hundreds of miles an hour up ahead of him.

The aliens looked up, one of them pointing their gun at the source of noise, like it would do anything. But in the space of a few seconds, it had already reached its intended target, slowing down just enough to not vaporise his body and wrapping around him, every piece fitting in a way that made Tony want to give himself a round of applause.

“I’m gonna protect Earth with this,” he said, raising his two repulsors and loading them right in the Raccoon’s little face.

There was complete silence for a second, before Hot Scruffy Man made a noise that should really, for the sake of Tony’s sanity, be kept in the bedroom. “That was literally the coolest and most attractive thing I have ever seen ever. In my life.”

Tony couldn’t help himself; he smirked and cocked his head Hot scruffy Man. “Sweetie, I appreciate the sentiment, but you’re gonna have to keep it in your pants until we can sort this out.”

Green Lady sighed, and walked forward to smack Hot Scruffy Man around the back of the head. “You know what we talked about, Peter- no flirting with potential targets. It’s in bad form.”

“This guy certainly hasn’t got a bad form,” Hot Scruffy Man- Peter- nodded over to Tony and smirked.

Green Lady sighed, and then turned to Tony. “Listen. You want to protect your planet. We want to protect your planet. How about rather than pointing our weapons at one another, we try and… you know, do what we set out to do?”

Instantly, the smile slide off Tony’s face, not that any of them could tell behind the faceplate. “I work alone. Sorry. You’re gonna have to l-“

And that was when the world sort of exploded around them.

Without even thinking about it, Tony shot forward and wrapped his arms around the two closest to him- the Green Lady and Peter- rolling them to the ground and hoping that the rest of his team, especially the more flammable ones, were okay. Green Lady yelled at the sudden-ness of his approach, but Peter just sighed. “Here we go,” he muttered into Tony’s shoulder.

Tony was inclined to agree, there.

Half-way through the battle, Peter AKA Starlord AKA Galaxy’s Number One Asshole asked him out.

Tony looked at him for a good four seconds before he got tackled to the ground by… (Dracula? Dracker? He was having to learn the names on the go, and his mind was currently on other, more explosion-based things) the Massive Bulked Alien Dude.

“THAT IS VERY UNPROFFESSIONAL, PETER!” He yelled, before looking down at Tony. “Are you well? I thought you may have been hit with a paralytic beam of some sort.”

Tony nodded, and then sat up. “No paralytic. Just your team-mate.”

Massive Bulked Alien Dude nodded wisely. “He does tend to have that affect on people.”

“What? Endangering their goddamn lives on the field?”

Massive Bulked Alien Dude paused, and then shrugged as he rolled off Tony. “I was going to say rendering people speechless with his idiocy, but that too.”

“Hey, that’s not fair, I’m actually clever, Tony, I promise! Boyfriend material, right here!” Peter yelled across the battlefield, looking over to them and grinning as he shot an alien in the back of the head without even looking.

“You’re a god damn alien!” tony yelled back exasperatedly, trying to keep the smile off his face as he jumped high into the air and then landed on an unfortunate opponent.

“Yeah- think of all the new tricks I must know, then,” Peter countered, winking as he dived behind a car and then threw what must have been a fancy bomb over the bonnet.

Tony’s mind briefly short-circuited at that (Holy mother of God) astute observation- but he quickly regrouped and fired a repulsor at an alien attempting to sneak up behind Rocket. “I’m gonna need a few examples before I agree to anything, sweetie,” he replied.

Peter laughed and opened his mouth, but then the Tree hit him over the head. “Ow!” he complained, looking betrayed.

“I have enough issues dealing with one distracted team-member whilst in the middle of a battle, I will not be dealing with two! Cut the flirting out!” Gamora yelled, as Tony watched her utterly destroy two different aliens at once.

“She thinks we should be ‘professionals’ and ‘focus on the mission’ when we’re in battle,” Peter said grumpily, wiping a cut across his face and then shrugging. “I respectfully disagree.”

Tony had to cut the conversation short again in order to swoop up and laser his way into the main hull of the ship that loomed barely even twenty meters over the battlefield, but he still had the team in the comm that FRIDAY had patched him into. “So what about Monday? You sticking around until then?” He asked.

Rocket swore at them down the line, but Peter just laughed. “For you, baby, of course I am.”

“Good. I’ve got a meeting with… let’s call him an ex. Be nice to have an excuse to blow him off.”

Peter whistled, “Oooh, want me to sweep you off your feet and declare battle with him for hurting you? I’m always up for it.”

“Much as I would like to see that, he’s kind of peak physical perfection. Plus I’d rather just make out with you,” Tony admitted.

“That’s fair. I want to make out with me too.”

“You’re an asshole.”

“Yep- welcome to the Guardians- we’re all assholes here. You’ll fit right in,” Peter told him.

“I am GROOT!” Came a rumbling voice that Tony could hear even off the comms, and he looked down in time to watch the tree grab Peter around the wait and haul him, flinging him up in to the sky with a yell.

It was a perfect throw, to be fair to Groot. Peter’s momentum cut out just as he was level with Tony, who grabbed his shoulders and lifted his faceplate, just for a second, in time for Peter to plant one on his mouth with a grin and a raised eyebrow, before he began falling again, right into Groot’s waiting arms.

Through the comm, Gamora just sighed. “Idiots. All of you.”

Explaining Vikings And Other Barbaric Badasses

Now I’m a huge fan of the show Vikings, and my heritage comes from all over the world including that particular line. But my mother repeatedly expressed her pride on 3 of her ancestors, Native American’s, Germans, and the fuck mothering Vikings. It got me thinking… How the hell would we politely inform an alien that our past ancestors not only excelled at torture and bloodshed, but some cultures like Vikings took it to an unbelievable level. I imagine it would go something like so: 

“Human-Erica, I have a question regarding something we had discussed in our,” Grek’laz cleared his throat and moved one of his elongated arms to cover his mouth, a human like movement he had adopted while attempted to gather his thoughts upon speaking to one of the six humans aboard their ship. “Our um,” he tried to find the right words to discuss what he had learned, “Our Human Cultural Class. It was a brief history detailing the predatory and hearty nature of humans.” 

Erica brushed her hair behind her ear, raising a brow curiously. Grek’laz among many other species had often come to her and the other humans with questions regarding their Death World up bringing, it was rather fun seeing them learn something new about their species. “Grek you can ask anything, I told you all before. What’d you learn today?” 

Grek’laz pointed to above Erica’s bed with two of his tendril like fingers. The tall alien creature easily dwarfed the human before him, but the stories they had heard made him instinctively hunch forward, a method his species used to appear non-hostile. It didn’t help the humans had told him the smaller of their species could be the more violently inclined, a claim he hadn’t yet learned was a joke or serious.  Where he pointed at, there lay a blade behind some ancient and primitive symbol. The blade had strange yet simply carvings, and was rusted by the thousands of years it had been handled by the family. “That weapon, the… You claimed it was a sword, if my words are correct. We learned those symbols belonged to a tribe of warrior humans from you pre-technological era. Called ‘Vi-kin-gs’,” he slowly pulled the words out as he expressed it with the upmost respect. 

Erica kept her brow raised and nodded slowly, “Yes, and?” she encouraged him to continue. 

“We heard that these… Vikings… Were some of the most concerning warriors of their time? But that they… Revealed in battle? Craved it even?” He asked with hope that it was not true. He knew humans were seen as a military force not to be trifled with, but the ones he had known were peaceful, to think there use to be a clan that craved nothing more than battle was, to him, terrifying. 

Erica merely nodded, “Yep, my ancestors were Norse, or viking as they were called as well. They were some crazy bastards, the old beliefs they held said that to enter the highest of the heavens with honor meant you had to die bravely in battle. Only true warriors did. This lead them to be pretty creative, to say the least, in areas of hurting.” 

Grek’laz gulped, rubbing the back of its neck nervously, “I… I do not understand?” He questioned. He was morbidly curious. Though part of him did not wish to know. 

“The Blood Eagle, was something one of my ancestors went through if you want to believe the old tale.” 

“B-Blood Eagle?” He gulped again, “That sounds terrifying alone, dare I ask what it was?” 

“Do you dare?” She smirked, showing off the dense and wicked teeth all humans possessed. He nodded, much to his own dismay. “It was a fascinating process, though admittedly brutal beyond all standards. One of my ancestors had made a grave offense and attempted to steal the land of a Jarl, a ruler of such, and this Jarl was brothers to the King of all the land. My ancestor was punished with the Blood Eagle. It was said if you could take the pain without wincing, you would enter the heavens called Valhalla. But if you winced or cried out, you be damned.” She cleared her throat, hoping to spare Grek some of the details. The Elorians were more pacifist than most species. “They started by cutting your back open with a knife,” she could already see him flinch and look more and more nervous. “They then break open the back of the ribs, sometimes hammering them open. Then finally they pull the lungs out and rest them on your shoulders to look like the folded wings of an eagle.” 

Grek’laz looked as though he was about to vomit, just imaging the process made him sick. “Your ancestor … I weep for the torture, he must’ve been in such pain.” 

“Who knows? Stories say he never even made a sound, other then to scream to the Gods they believed in that he was coming very soon.” She chuckled softly. This was funny to her? Grek was truly terrified.

“Your world truly faced a monster, no offense, Human-Erica.” Grek gulped again in a panic. 

“Oh those were just the Vikings, humans all over the world were doing stuff on that level.” 


“Oh Grek … I really hope they tell you about the Spanish Inquisition,” Erica laughed before patting his side, for his shoulder was at least 2 feet higher than her. “I’m heading to the mess hall, join me if you want,” she nodded before making her way out. 

“I believe… I have lost my appetite,” he grumbled quietly. Humans… They were terrifying because they remembered these practices, whose to say they didn’t plan to use them if their enemies deserved it?

Mission Bad Boy - 1

Plot: What if you could win 100,000 Won by giving someone a makeover? But here’s the catch – you have 6 months to turn a nerdy, anti-social male into the school’s biggest heartthrob.

Pairing: Kim Namjoon x Reader

Genre: Angst, Highschool au!

Notes: I do not think nerds are ugly, I definitely do not think Kim Namjoon is ugly. Literally everything is taken by Korea’s strict-ass beauty standards. 

I really hope you enjoy it! I’d love to hear what to think. Is it too out there?? Usually shit like this is the other way around, lololol. 4k Words

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Ugh, School.

Ugh, Math class.

You really couldn’t wait until you graduated. Just one and a half more years, and you would be out of this hell-hole for good. 

The autumn term of year 11 had begun only a few days ago, and your math teacher had blasted through at least three new concepts. You hoped that someone would be there to help you, but even your friend, Kim Jisoo, seemed to be struggling as much as you were.

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Humans are wird: getting a cat

Zhaxu looked out of the window in ze little room. Ze carefully opened it and whispered: “You are welcome to come in.” Hoping that this was the night it was going to happen.

Ze had been so excited to be chosen amongst all the potlings to go to earth. It had been such a wonderful trip. Ze lived with human-Jesper who called ze “My favorite little squid.”

At first Zhaxu was worried human-Jesper didn’t like Ze but then human-Jesper laught and told ze that squids were very smart and he showed ze videos of squids fooling humans. So now Zhaxu was proud to be human-Jesper’s favorite little squid even if ze wasn’t little at all, it was just human-Jesper who was so big!!

Zhaxu really hoped that tonight was the night ze wish would come true.
When human-Jesper had thrown a birthday party for ze Zhaxu had gotten a birthday cake and when ze blew the candles, ze wished for this one thing and the humans had told ze that a wish made when blowing out candles at a birthday cake would come true.
Ze was a little concerned that it wouldn’t work because ze was not born but had hatched, but human-Jesper said that that didn’t matter. The day you came into the world was your birthday!

Zhaxu dreamed about the night human-Jesper took ze to meet his sister.
They sat in the living room when it came in. It was slim and beautiful, gray with white stripes and it moved with such grace.
It came up to Zhaxu and jumped on ze lap.
Zhaxu was overwhelmed but human-Jesper told ze to stroke it and ze did.
It began to make the most wonderful little noise and ze just wished ze could sit with the amazing creature forever.

“I thought you didn’t want an other cat” human-Jesper said. “I didn’t” answered his sister “but this little fella just wandered in and refused to leve, so now I have a cat”.

Since that day Zhazu made sure ze window was open at night and whenever ze saw a cat ze told it, that it was welcome in ze room.
But no cat came and now time was running out.

Next morning the room was empty and Zhazu was so disappointed that ze turned almost white with distress.
Ze tried to put up a good mood but human-Jesper saw right through ze.

“What is wrong? ” he asked looking worried. Zhazu tried to avoid telling him. If ze told him ze wish, it would not come true but at last ze gave in.
Ze told human-Jesper how much ze wanted a cat of ze very own and how ze had been opening the windows at night and had wished when blowing out the candles. Finally ze whispered “"but now it won’t come true” “

Zhazu was so distressed ze again lost all colors. Human-Jesper smiled at ze and said “"My favorite little squid, there are more than one way to get a cat and I know just how to make your wish come true.” ”

They went to the animal shelter and there were so many cats that Zanzu almost couldn’t choose. Ze felt so bad for all the cats ze couldn’t give a home.
On the way home in the car ze held the cat close and carefully caressed its fur.
The cat made the wonderful sound and Zhazu was overjoyed it was the happiest day in ze life!!!

Source crasybirdlady
Mermaid/Siren Prompts

Anonymous said:some more fantasy prompts?? maybe with mermaids and sirens talking to like humans + other creatures :0

Anonymous said:Can I please have some mermaid/siren prompts? Maybe like the siren is in love with a human, or being tracked down???

1) A leader’s song could whip the rest of them into a frenzy or soothe them at will. The mer did their best to cover their ears as the voice swept over the water towards them, commanding and impossible to disobey. 
Time to hunt. But they didn’t want to devour this time, not this one, not her…

2) The Carribean mermaid eyed its Atlantic counterpart with wariness, not used to these waters. Churning, black, bitterly cold compared to the clear and astonishing turquoise of their home. Gentle, playful ocean compared to this hostile thing that sang on different frequencies.
“You are a long way from your waters.”
“I’ve been chasing a merchant ship these last weeks,” the Carribean mermaid said. “The Deliverance.”
“We sunk a merchant ship that passed by just yesterday.”
“Was there a siren aboard the ship?” their voice quivered. 
The Atlantic mermaid startled at the question. “I - we left no survivors. I am sorry.”

3) Merfolk were valuable creatures. Beautiful and powerful alive, with scales that made the most stunning high end jewelry. They were hunted like nothing else these days - voices no match for modern sound cancelling technology. 
The human stared down, wide-eyed, at the mer tangled up by accident and last night’s storm in their fishing net. One creature that could change their fortune forever if they sold it. Fix everything. The mer stared back, wide-eyed. Terrified. Thrashing exhausted as the lines cut against their skin and seemed to only tighten with their struggles. God, it looked so very scared. The human swallowed. They hauled it in and tried to ignore the guilt gnawing at their belly. It wasn’t like they could just let it go, could they?

Forelsket - Part 2

Characters - Bucky x Reader, Steve x Reader, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff

Word Count - 3407

Warnings - Language

Forelsket -  (Norwegian) That overwhelming euphoric feeling you experience when you’re falling in love with someone

A/N - I’m so excited about this soulmate AU that I basically have been writing it non-stop so far. The feedback from you guys is what keeps me going, tbh. Your boyfriend Bucky or your soulmate Steve, who do you go for?

Forelsket Masterlist

You knew that bringing Steve back to your apartment probably wasn’t the best idea but you didn’t know what else to do. Being seen out in the open on campus wasn’t something that you could risk, which you should’ve considered before you kissed him.

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Terribly sorry I haven’t written something for you guys in a while! Unfortunately, I hit a stump in my life and my motivation to write was a bit…off. But I hope you enjoy this!

Please let me know if there are any grammatical errors so I can fix them and make the story more immersive. I also welcome feeback, opinions, and ideas, so please feel free to message me, send an ask, or send a suggestion! Thank you! (Also, after a few questions, Iuop is not a gem from any TV shows! They are their own species! But I would like to leave their appearance to your imagination!)


(By the way, their name is pronouced ee-oh-p.)


• In all of their years of serving their Perud, their beloved ruler, they would never have thought themselves to be the ambassador, nor to be living on a death-planet with humans. •

The smaller infant male was tugging on Iuop’s hand as soon as they entered the house. It - or, as the humans preferred, “he” - seemed to completely ignore the warning Iuop had given his family (which was to not touch their surface), as well as the report they had written to their superior that they just barely grabbed before it could fall to the ground.

Iuop would have glared if it wasn’t so much of a human thing to do.

• Humans were disgusting, hideous creatures, that would surely become extinct in a few decades. It was absolutely amazing they had any form of advanced science and civilization at all. •

“I have told you not to touch my surface.” Iuop pulled their hand away, in a less rude way so as not to ‘harm’ the human. “What is it you want?”

“We’ve been waiting for you!” He shouted in his small infant voice. Iuop never quite understood why humans could never choose a volume and tone and keep it. “Come on! I wanna blow out my candles.”

In the most dense manner Iuop had ever witnessed, the human replaced it’s small, greasy hand upon their index and ring finger and began dragging them into the room where they ate.

“Waiting? What time-wasting activity do you people want me to-”

Iuop went silent.

• The only good things that came out of humans - well, no one would admit it, but… •

“Ah! There they are!” The adult male, the smaller’s producer, exclaimed in relief.

The room was decorated in colorful papers, some tied together spelling - ah, what was that word? Iuop’s English wasn’t amazing; perhaps ‘happy’ - ‘Happy Boothday’. Attached to the chair the child quickly sat in were two floating circular fabrics. Iuop wondered if the objects floated like the sky machines did.

“What…is this?” Iuop asked slowly, for fear of another daft human answer. They glared into the adult male’s eyes.

He raised one strip of hair above his eye higher than the other - a sign that Iuop couldn’t quite dechiper yet. “It’s a birthday party, of course.” Then, in a lower and heavier tone that startled Iuop, “You…know what a birthday is, don’t you?”

“Ah! I’ve got it! I’ve got it!” The adult female - the child’s other producer, why does it need two? - interrupted Iuop’s reply and dashed into the room, with quivering arms as she carried a large…rectangle. It was covered in a red pattern around the edge, with an image of the child and his animal companion in the center. Atop the image were the words Iuop kept seeing - ‘Happy Boo-’…erm, wait - 'Happy Birthday’.

“Honey, please, you’ll drop the cake.” The adult male chuckled, stepping forward to help the female lower the shape onto the flat wooden surface. The two set it in front of the child, whose eyes sparkled like a freshly cut diamond. He spread his mouth to display his small bones - a motion that, yet again, Iuop did not understand.

'Cake? Birthday?’ Iuop knew that humans were ridiculously confusing, but they’d handled it well thus far. Now they were feeling quite lost.

“Everyone! Cake time!” The female called into the house. Iuop listened in curiousity and fear as voices appeared and footsteps echoed. Suddenly, the small room was filling up with other humans. Iuop had to retreat into the corner to avoid being touched.

Then, the chatter of over a dozen humans was continued- although quieter - as the light in the room clicked off, and after a few intimidating moments, small specks of fire came to life on the rectangle. They illuminated the child’s face, as well as the human faces nearby. The red-orange glow shined weakly on Iuop’s pink surface, turning it a deep shade of orange.

They gazed at their surface in wonder; what a sight! They would have never suspected that light could dye!

“Quite home-y, isn’t it?” Iuop looked up and found themselves next to the adult male of the house. “Fire light is one of the wonders of the world in my opinion.”

“Fire light…you light your objects on fire?” Iuop’s voice was smaller than they wanted it to be.

“Well, yes.” The male watched the child shift in his seat. “Tell me, Iuop, you don’t know what a birthday is, do you?”

“I do not…”

“It’s when we celebrate the day we were born. Not just when humanity was made, no, we don’t know that. The day we as individuals were brought to life.” The tips of his mouth rose slightly, making him look calm and peaceful. “We use these days to signify how long we’ve been alive. They are also tradition, and we give the person gifts and trinkets to celebrate.”

“You…You…celebrate the years you haven’t died in?” Iuop asked in horror. “That’s the most depressing thing I’ve heard about humans.”

The male blinked. Then he laughed - a sound indicating joy. “I guess when you put it like that, it is kind of weird, huh? But that’s not the main reason. I believe the biggest reason for birthdays is to celebrate our own humanity.

“I mean, what’s truly special or important or symbolic about the day you came to life? Perhaps it’s important to yourself, but to others? No one should care. But we do. We congratulate each other on another year of growing, learning, and changing. No one is really the exact same person two years in a row. We all change in some way, and really the ability to adapt and grow is another factor of what makes us all human. So yeah, we like to celebrate another year of being human.”

Iuop couldn’t think of a reply. Their whole perspective had suddenly and irreversibly changed - they wanted to say the room was spinning, but it was instead completely still. They watched in silence as the whole room began giggling and chanting:

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Teddie, happy birthday to you!”

All of the humans started clapping and cheering as the child - Teddie - puffed out a gust of air that doused the fires. There was more happy talking until one of the older children shouted, “What’d ya wish for Teddie?!”

Teddie giggled. “I wished that we could all be together forever!”

Everyone made an expressive noise and murmured, “How cute…” or “Such a sweetheart…” After that, they all collectively turned towards the meal-preparing room, laughing and chatting once again.

Iuop glanced towards the male next to him only to find him following the group. “Wait!” They shouted.

The male turned. “Yes Iuop? What can I do for you?”

“I…” Iuop clenched their hand, then unclenched it. “Would you remind me of your name?”

His eyes twinkled. “It’s Dr. Elliot Allen. But you may call me Elliot, or Eli if you prefer, I don’t mind. My wife’s name is Isla, and our son’s is Teddie. Do you want to meet everyone else in the distant family? They’ve all been talking about you and have wanted to say something, but we asked them not to talk with you for your sake. We can remove that rule if you’d like.”

Iuop took a deep breath, then, with a quick look into the room containing the smiling humans, they found themselves mimicing the male - Elliot’s mouth motion. Somehow it made them happy.

“Yes. I’d be delighted.”

Dr. Elliot repeated the happy motion. “Then follow me.”

The two walked down the hallway for a second in silence until, just before they entered the room, Dr. Elliot asked, “Iuop, may I ask you a personal question?”

“I suppose.”

“What exactly are you made of? I mean, it’s a gem of course, but what kind? Do you know?”

“Oh…I’m made of…ah, in English, I think it’s called 'kunzite’. The people from my sector are all made of pink gems. My generation was all kunzite gems.”

“Your sector?”

“Yes, all of my species is sorted into different sectors on our planet based on what color they are. I am from Sector…oh. Actually, the name doesn’t translate into English at all.”

“Does your planet have a form of leadership? Are certain sectors favored over others?”

“Well, each sector has its best qualites and its worst. My sector is best in…”

For the rest of the evening, though they wanted to meet the other humans, Dr. Elliot and Iuop discussed their planets. And it was some of the most best conversation Iuop had ever been in - completely worth the scolding from their superior after not turning in their report. But it was alright; they had some changes in the opinion of humans to make anyway…

• The best thing to come out of humanity is definitely their capability to share the traits and spirit of being 'human’. It’s what has made them some of the best allies for emotional planets, and it’s what has made them one of the best planets so far discovered. •

Ah gosh, I’m so so happy this show is back! And it’s a very sweet episode to start on.

It’s cute how Steven is theorycrafting in the beginning of the episode, trying to puzzle out some secret message in Rose’s video. Which, of course, doesn’t exist but out of the secret messages he guessed at, “I stay a bit” seems like the most plausible one to be foreshadowing…

When Lion yawns in this episode he sounds like the cats in World of Warcraft. Which doesn’t mean anything, it’s just neat to me.

Just, poor Steven. He feels like he has to have a reason to be, a purpose, but the reason Rose had him was for him to not have a destiny. Gems are all made for a purpose, they’re all predestined for something. They can either fulfill that or rebel against it, but there’s always something they were ultimately meant for. Rose’s fascination with humans is because they have no ‘purpose’, in that sense, they only have possibilities. Steven’s destiny is to not have a destiny, but he feels (felt) at a loss without one. Thank goodness for Greg, Steven’s gotta talk to his dad more often about these things.

Y’know, the more I learn about Rose, the more I like her. She’s a complex and interesting character and I enjoy how, as the show goes on, they deconstruct this sorta perfect goddess image of her we were initially presented, but they do it in a way that isn’t just “this character you thought was good is actually bad.” Just, “This character you thought was perfect is flawed and complex”, just like everyone. I feel like it’s very important, the way they’re exploring her character, because she’s the voice of this very core and important ideal, the wonderment of the “magic” of being human, so to speak. Its an important message of the show, imo. And as they explore her, she gets more complex and less perfect-seeming, but that core idea is never tainted. It’s still the most earnest and purest part of her and that allows the audience to genuinely believe it, which is important to the show’s central themes, imo.

Anyways, I got more thoughts but these are just my first initial ones. Great first episode!


Pairing: Newt Scamander x Reader

Word Count: 1k

Warnings: implied smut boiiiii

A/n: just a short little fic I wanted to get out because this idea has been on my mind for ages! I didn’t really put that much effort into this one because I’ll most likely write up a smut version of this ! Newt is such a hot nerd wow

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Pretty red lips, hair slightly curled. Tonight you were dolled up and ready to head out for dinner with your friends. Newt bit his lip as he sketched the way you looked tonight, making sure to emphasise the darkness of your eyeliner. He could barely contain himself as he observed you, wand in his mouth, pencil drawing out the curves of your body in that tight-fitting dress. He wasn’t much of an artist, but he made sure to at least capture every rare creature he came across.

“Newt, are you coming?” Queenie chimed as you, Tina and Jacob were filing out the door. You lingered there, your painted nails tapping on the wooden frame as you waited.

“Sorry, I just needed to note something I remembered.” He replied, hoping that he wasn’t blushing under your gaze. He looked down upon his notebook before he closed it up, binding it and throwing it into his suitcase.

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Can I get a headcanon where the reader joins the Avengers? She’s a literal ball of cotton candy, rainbows and cupcakes plated in golden sunshine, too pure for this world. She’s very loving and invites the team to just give her hugs and kisses whenever they want, so they take her up on her offer because they all need that extra bit of love. Sorry this is so long. @itsmarshalltime98

You  ran on to the jet and got in the pilot’s seat. The mission was going south very quickly and if everyone was to get out safely, you would have to improvise a little, even if that meant disobeying Steve’s direct orders. You flipped the needed switches in between strapping yourself in. When you were ready for left off you went as fast is you could to where the team was. Your  mission had been different from everyone else’s. You were working on hostage extraction, but after getting the hostages to a secure location you heard  your team’s distress over COMMS.

“Natasha do you read me?” You questioned, knowing she’d be the only one with the mental capacity to respond at the moment.

“Loud and clear. Please don’t tell me you ran in to trouble with the hostages.”

“Absolutely not. They are at the safe house, but you guys need extraction.”

“Steve told you-”

“Well that’s not gonna matter if Steve is dead,” you contradicted. There was a beat of silence, in which you panicked, wondering if something had happened to Natasha.

“Are you over our position?” Natasha asked.

“Yeah, I’m looking for somewhere to touch down.”

“Give me a sec, I’ll send up a flare.”

You could see the various explosions happening in the Weapon’s facility the team was supposed to storm. You watched anxiously, hoping she’d find a safe place soon. As you waited, you promised yourself that you were going to give Steve the lecture of a lifetime about biting off more than he can chew.  Tony flew by the jet and seemed to pause when he looked at you.

“It’s good to see you,” he spoke over COMMS.

“I’m glad you’re alive.  Nat’s finding a place for me touch down. I need you guys moving to that point ASAP.”

“Spangles won’t be happy.”

“Yeah but he’ll be alive.”

You noticed the bright red flare go up, and you hurried to the sight leaving Tony behind. You were the best pilot the world had ever seen able to glide through the sky with your aircraft more gracefully than a bird. Stealth flying was your specialty which is why you were employed to get the hostages.  The clearing was small, and entry was difficult but you touched down without any difficulty.

“Captain,” you called, hoping he was listening.

“Y/N tell me that jet in the sky wasn’t you.”

“It absolutely was. Sending you extraction coordinates.”

“Coming your way,” Wanda responded.

You opened the hatch so Natasha could board. She lumbered on holding her side as if wounded. You unstrapped to meet her and help her sit down. As she sat, you snagged a medical kit and got ready to do what ever was necessary so she could last until you got back to the compound.

“It’s not that bad,” Natasha breathed out. She could barely pull in breath for the pain.

“You don’t have to act tough, "you smiled shaking your head a little. You unzipped her suit so you could properly treat the wound, "It’s like you really wanna swear off bikini’s,” you joked to keep the atmosphere light. She laughed a little, wincing at the pain it brought.

“Yeah, I bet I’ll look horrible in them now,” she rolled her eyes. You cleaned the wound quickly, keeping an ear out for anyone over COMMS.  Wanda soon bounded on to the plane with Vision at her tail.

“Falcon, Captain what’s your position?” you asked as you placed gauze on Natasha’s wound.

“We’re a little caught up,” Sam responded.

“Listen her dynamic duo, I want you hauling ass to the jet. Natasha’s hurt she needs an actual doctor.”

“Natasha?” Steve called.

“Yeah, it looks bad. Maybe hurry it up grandpa,” she grumbled. You smiled at that. Tony came on next, the face plate on his went up to show his face.

“It is good to see you, Y/N. I was afraid you were going to be a teacher’s pet on this mission.”

“I’ll disobey wrong orders any day, Stark.”

“Ooo Captain, you hear that? I think your good noodle is going rogue.”

Steve and Sam walked on to the jet looking worse for wear. Sam sat next to Natasha letting his head rest against the wall. You hurried to the pilot’s seat to get your team out of there.

When you made it back to the compound, you helped Natasha to the medical wing and set upon looking after the rest of the team.

“Is everyone else okay? Anybody have a boo-boo you need me to kiss better,” you joked lightening the mood. Sam smirked, then pretended to be hurt.

“I took a hit right here,” Sam touched his cheek, “will you kiss it better?”

“Of course,” you kissed his cheek, playing along.

“I want in on this action,” Tony announced, and you naturally went over to kiss his cheek too, “And one on the other side.”

You laughed but obliged him.

“Come on, let me get you a drink,” Tony went to the bar to start his after mission ritual of drinking until somebody took the liquor away. You sat on the couch beside Wanda and turned on the T.V. She naturally rested her head on your shoulder while you flipped lazily through the channels.

“How are you Wanda?” you asked absently.

“Just tired,” she sighed.

You took the blanket off the back of the sofa and gave it to her, “Take a nap. Honestly you all need rest,” you glanced behind you where you knew Steve was sitting in one of the arm chairs. He like preoccupied with his thoughts. You elected not to bother him. After particularly trying missions he had the tendency to be distant. He would come talk to you later.  Tony sat down on your other side with a drink and settled in to watch T.V. with you and Wanda. Sam left to go take a nap in an actual bed.

When the full weight of the day had finally settled on you, you coaxed the rest of the Avengers to go to bed, before checking on Natasha. She was in her own room, under orders to rest for the next few days. She smiled a little at the sight of you.

“I thought you’d be in bed by now, sunshine,” she spoke the nickname with a slight smirk. Tony was responsible for the name, it just happened to stick.

“I’m headed that way, I just thought I’d check on you. Is there anything I can get you?”

“I’m fine, thanks,” she assured.

“Welp,” you pulled in a deep breath as you looked around the room to be sure you weren’t needed, then let the breath out, “Okay. See you in the morning,” you kissed her forehead, “Good night, sweet dreams.”

Natasha smiled a little wider at that, “Good night, Y/N.”

You left the room with the intentions of taking a hot shower then crawling into bed. As you passed the common room, you noticed a form out of the corner of your eye. It was Steve, he was sitting in the dark room probably brooding. You came to stand in front of him.

“Steve, what’s up with you?” you asked, waiting for him to make eye contact with you. He pulled in a startled breath, then blinked as if clearing his eyes of fog.


“Don’t give me that. Tell me, what’s wrong.”

“I nearly got the team killed, and Natasha…”

“She’s fine, so is everyone else.”

“But they wouldn’t have been if you had followed my orders.”

“Well that’s what a team is for Cap. We have each other’s back. You did what you thought was best. Your intentions were good and everything turned out fine. So all you can do now is learn from the mistakes made and carry on.”

“You make it sound simple,” he laughed a little.

“It is simple, it just might not be easy,” you shrugged, “Come on, get to bed.”

As he stood up, you grabbed him in a tight hug, “You’re still a great leader. You’re just human,” you assured.

“I don’t know what this team would do without you,” he admitted.

“You’d be very emotionally constipated. I mean you guys don’t hug each other. You just have weird vague conversations. I love all of you though,” you teased.

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jon snow; say it back

request: 3. “i didn’t mean to break your heart.” jon snow x reader 19. “you never let anyone in, and that’s why everyone leaves.”

notes: i love writing about jon i love him so much

Jon was leaving with his uncle Benjen and joining the Night’s Watch. And he hadn’t thought of giving you a heads up. Nothing. You had got to know he was leaving Winterfell when you heard a couple of ladies talking about how the bastard son of Lord Eddard was going away. You couldn’t believe it. Jon, leaving Winterfell? You knew how he felt about being here while he felt he wasn’t wanted around, but you also knew that he loved his father, his siblings -– even Sansa–.  And he loved you. Or so you thought. You hadn’t told him your feelings, you always felt shy about it, but you hoped he knew. You always acted shy around everyone, not trusting much, especially as you grew older. However, Jon and you have been friends for a long time, and you thought you had showed him he was loved enough times. It seems like not.

You expected to hear the reasons why he thought he needed to leave, although you knew what he’d say. It could be for his honour. Or his father’s. Or because he thought he didn’t fit the Stark family –which you doubted–. But anyway, he was leaving, and you had escaped tonight’s feast to look for him and confront him about it.

You found him in the horse barn, and Ghost noticed you before Jon did. The direwolf stood on his paws and came to you, smelling and licking your hand. You smiled at the animal and petted his head and behind his ears. It was when Jon realised you were there. He gave you a look and turned back to look straight ahead. You sighed. You were annoyed, but not surprised by his actions. You had guessed he wasn’t going to want to talk to you. Nevertheless, you walked towards where he was sitting and sat next to him.

“Have you made your decision then?”

He nodded, but didn’t talk. He didn’t seem surprised that you knew of his intentions, even though he hadn’t told you about them.

“So, I can’t talk to you out of it?”

He shook his head, but again, didn’t talk.

“C’mon Jon. At least say something. You’re going to be away for so long I might even forget how your voice sounds.”

Now it was his time to sigh. “I’m not changing my mind, Lady Y/N.”

“Quit that, Jon! I can’t change your mind, I accept that. But at least I would like to know why you are doing this.”

He sighed. He didn’t dare look at you in the eye. He was absent-mindedly scratching Ghost’s head. “I always wanted to be a Ranger, like my uncle. It won’t matter who I am, I’ll just be a brother of the Night’s Watch.”

You frowned at his words. “You have, brothers, real brothers, here in Winterfell, your home. We are your family, Jon!” You knew you had said you wouldn’t try convincing him, but you just couldn’t avoid it.

He shook his head, making his black curls fall over his eyes. “Winterfell is not my home. I only bring dishonour to House Stark.”

You tsked. Being a bastard had definitely taken a toll in Jon’s self-esteem, mainly due to people like Lady Catelyn or Lady Sansa, who treated him like an outsider, even with hatred. Why would they blame a child for his father’s mistakes? Blame your husband, Lady Catelyn, not Jon. It was Ned Stark who couldn’t keep it in his pants, you thought bitterly. “Your father loves you Jon, and so do your siblings.”

“I’m just a bastard. They can do better. You can do better than me.”

You took a deep breath. “I love you, Jon. Anyways, it’s not about Winterfell. We could be in Dorne and it’d still be home. Stay with me. As long as we are together, we’ll be fine.”

You don’t know where you got the strength to say this from, but it was followed by a long silence and then, just a few words: “You had never told me that before.” His voice dropped even more.

“I know.” You sighed. “You know I have a hard time with words. But that’s not the point.”

“Maybe it is the point. You never let anyone in, and that’s why everyone leaves. If you had told me sooner…” You could just gape. How could he tell you that? You knew you hadn’t been open about your feelings, but you hoped he’d understand you. It seemed like he didn’t. You were angry, and tired of arguing. You had come to say goodbye, or to get an explanation. But apparently he wasn’t up to it.

“You value your pride more than me. And maybe that’s why you are leaving. Do not there blame this on me, Jon Snow.” You turned around and walked away. You cried yourself to sleep that night, muffling your sobs against the pillows. You woke the next day, got dressed quickly and went outside, but you couldn’t find him. A handmaiden was walking by, so you stopped her and asked about Jon. “The bastard already left, milady.” He left. You thought. I’ll never have the opportunity to kiss him. I’ll never know if he loves me back. But at least, he left knowing that you love him.


It hadn’t been easy. You had stayed in the North, while your father tried to find you some Lord to marry you off to. Your house wasn’t that important, but you were still a Lady of the House Orbain. This stopped when your father had gone to war with Robb Stark, the King of the North, and Theon had taken Winterfell. So you left. You took a ship to the south and stayed three years in Dorne, until you heard the news of Prince Oberyn’s death. Fearing that the south wouldn’t be safe anymore, you returned to the North, but not to Winterfell, but to Bear Island, where Lady Lyanna Mormont had accepted to let you stay, while you acted as sort of an advisor for her. You had learnt how to fight in Dorne, and Lady Lyanna appreciated that.

You hadn’t forgotten about Jon. It was a memory locked inside your head, and even if you tried not to think about him, it was always there. You didn’t care to look for him. You knew that the service to the Night’s Watch lasted forever, so unless you made a trip to Castle Black you wouldn’t see him, and you didn’t plan on making him break his vows. That was, until one morning Lady Lyanna broke the news to you: “Jon Snow is coming to the castle.”

You froze on your place, your breath stuck in your throat. Jon Snow? The same Jon Snow you had known? And loved? What was he doing? What was he coming to Bear Island for?

“Jon Snow, as in Ned Stark’s bastard, milady?”

She nodded her head. “Yes. He wants to meet with me. Do you know him? Is he trustworthy?” She questioned you with her curious eyes. You bit your lip, wondering how to answer that question.

“We were… friends. Before he left for the Night’s Watch.”

“Would you say you know him well?”

You sighed dejectedly, feeling where this was going, but you weren’t going to lie to the girl who had given you shelter. “Yes, I think I knew him quite well, milady.”

“Then you’ll stay by my side when we meet him.” You nodded. And that’s exactly what happened. You were behind Lady Lyanna, waiting for her to address you when necessary. You tried to avoid looking at Jon, but the moment he came into the room you couldn’t keep your eyes away. He had grown up. He sure was taller than you know. He had grown a beard, and he seemed even more tired than when you last saw him, but his eyes showcased a purposed that he was lacking when he was at Winterfell, all those years ago. When his eyes met yours, you could see his widening, clearly not expecting you to be there. Maybe he thought you’d be hidden on your small family seat, or at some Lord’s, or dead. Who knows. You could see in his longing eyes how he wanted to approach you, but he didn’t. He stayed put, in his eyes the promise to speak to you later.

You saw them trying to make small talk with the young Lady of Bear Island and you couldn’t help but smirk. Just like you, they couldn’t have expected such a young girl to be so fierce and self-assured. You saw how Lady Lyanna wasn’t convinced by Lady Sansa or Jon, but how it was Ser Davos who seemed to be getting to her.

“… and make no mistake, my lady, the dead are coming.”

She looked at Jon. “Is it true?”

He nodded. Lady Lyanna turned to you. “Do you believe what they are saying to be true, Lady Y/N?” You had never believed in the Army of the Dead, or any white walker or the Night King. But you believed in Jon. So you chose to believe him one more time.

“Yes, milady. I do believe him– them.” You corrected yourself, and if they noticed they didn’t show it. Jon smiled at you. It wouldn’t have seemed like a smile to anybody else, but you knew him. And you smiled back.


He did speak to you later. Before he hopped on his horse, he stayed a little behind, waiting for you. You approached him. “I’ll be there in a minute.” He told his sister and Ser Davos. He turned back to you. You needed no more. You jumped to his arms, wrapping your arms around his neck while he securely wrapped them around your waist. You could feel how he was holding you maybe a little bit too tightly, but it didn’t matter right now. You separated a little bit from each other and you put your hands on his face, feeling his cold cheeks. You closed your eyes. This was probably the first human contact that you had had in a long time. He put his bigger hands over yours, trying, just like you, to feel each other’s skin. Your faces were so close that the warmth of his rushed breathing made your cheeks heat up. You were the first one to speak.

“I thought you were Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch. That’s the last thing I heard.”

“My watch ended.”

You frowned in confusion. “Shouldn’t you have… died for that to happen?”

He gave you an ironic smile. “It’s complicated.”

You nodded “It does sound like it.”

You were in silence again. You were very close, holding hands and looking at each other’s faces. It was like seeing a person for the first time. He was the one to break the silence now.

“I’m sorry for that night, Y/N. I didn’t mean to break your heart.”

You rolled your eyes, and he smiled fondly to your characteristic sarcastic self. “You were a free man. Well, are. You made your choice and I should have respected that.” He quirked an eyebrow and smirked, not believing a word of yours. You huffed. “Gods. It didn’t sound convincing, did it? I should have practiced more.” He laughed. It was a little bit rougher than you remembered, and a couple of tones lower, but it didn’t fail to make your heart beat faster than usual.

“Will you join me in Winterfell, Y/N?”

You nodded assertively. “I’ll accompany Lady Lyanna to the battlefield, yes.”

He shook his head, and smiled playfully at you. “I didn’t mean that. After the battle. If I survive –you flinched at those words– will you stay in Winterfell?”

You looked at him questioningly. “Why would I?”

He didn’t answer you straight away. Instead, he softly grabbed your hips and pulled you closer. You were breathing unevenly. This was something you had been waiting for for years, and after he left, you never expected for it to actually happen. Your lips softly touched, like you both were scared of the moment. But you weren’t, so you kissed him with more passion, and he didn’t hesitate to answer. When you noticed you were running out of breath you stopped, and put your head on his chest, his chin resting on your head.

“Will you, Lady Y/N? Stay in Winterfell?”

You sighed out of content. You knew your answer straight away. You had known even before he asked. “I will, Jon Sow. If you survive, I’ll take your offer. I hope it’s enough reason to fight well.”

“The best reason.”


You were sitting on the stairs, waiting for the doors of the Great Hall to open, where all the Lords of the North had been gathered. You pulled your cloak a tighter around you. The Starks were right, winter had come.

When the door opened, some Lords of different northern houses left, while others seemed to stay to talk to each other. When he saw you, Jon walked toward you, he had a small smile on his face, and he seemed visibly shaken up.

“What happened?”

He took a little to answer. He first offered you his arm, which you held onto while you started walking through the castle. “I’m the King in the North.”

Your brow rose in surprise. In the little time you had seen him ruling the army, he had seemed a good leader, but you knew how bastards were viewed in the North. “Well, that’s great. Do you have any idea on how to be a king?”

He gave a short and shaky laugh. “I was hoping you’d help me with that.”

“I’m the third-born of a Lord who’s barely known. How would I know, Your Grace?”

“Oh, please.” He winced, making you smile. “I wasn’t talking about that. You could be by my side. Be my… queen?” He was so embarrassed; you couldn’t contain your giggles anymore. He shook his head at you, but he smiled, nevertheless, happy to see you smile, since it had been so long since the last time.

“You know, Jon.” By the smirk on your face, he could see that you were only making fun at him. “I offered you the possibility to be by my side a long time ago, and you rejected me because you thought a bastard wasn’t enough. Now I’m afraid I’m not enough for a king. You should have just taken your chance when you were only a bastard.”

He stopped talking and turned to you. He held your hands and kissed your knuckles. “Please, Y/N. We lost too much time apart already. I need you by my side. To marry me. What’s a king without a queen?”

“A terrible king, I’m sure.” He leaned in to kiss you, his lips cracked from the cold, but sweet nonetheless. You two were beaming during the kiss.

“I’m looking for a yes, milady.”

You smiled cheekily and leaned, whispering in his ear: “You never said it back.”

He sighed, resting his forehead against yours. “I love you, Y/N. I always have and I always will.”

“I love you too. And I’ll marry you, my lord.”
'Beauty and the Beast': How Dan Stevens and the Sound Team Gave Beast His Roar

“There’s a lot of Dan Stevens in the Beast,” says supervising sound editor Warren Shaw.

As Disney’s Beauty and the Beast won its second weekend atop the North American box office, for a cume of $317 million, the sound team is spilling the secrets behind the sounds of the Beast, Cogsworth and the other magical characters.

“There’s a lot of Dan Stevens in the Beast,” confirmed the film’s supervising sound editor and designer Warren Shaw. “We did as much as we could with his work. He performed that part in a motion capture suit for months on set. But while it’s a classic Hollywood trick to take a voice and lower the pitch to make it sound more like a monster, we couldn’t just do that because the Beast sings and we had to keep everything in key. So basically we played with a lot of different processing elements and software, between the music department and myself, where the sound would also be in key with the music.”

Like recent Oscar darling La La Land, Beauty and the Beast the songs are a combination of live singing on set and recorded songs.

“The roaring was a concentrated use of sound effects and sound design, but it was fun challenge to always keep him as an empathic character. We couldn’t just use classic roaring sound effects because he had such a personality. A lot of what was done was finding the right sound that could be big and scary but give him that wonderful character. We did quite a bit with human voices and then I would listen to animals sounds for the most emotional ones. It was about how to keep the emotion in the story.”

It wasn’t just the Beast that required careful thought, but the sounds made by all of the characters that were affected by the curse and transformed into object. “I came on this movie very early and I was on for a year, pretty much as soon as they were cutting picture,” Shaw relates of his third collaboration with director Bill Condon (which also included The Fifth Estate and Mr. Holmes. “We’d have meetings with the musical department, visual effects department. We’d be talking about how the characters would develop.

“I was getting pictures of what Cogsworth (voiced by Ian McKellen) would look like, long before he was animated,” he continued. “I looked at little clocks, bells, toys. We had a room full of toys in our sound department and we would record each one and come up with a combination for each character. It was an evolution. Plumette (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) was fun—a duster and a bird. Bill said we had to keep it feminine and gentle.“

Beauty and the Beast was mixed in native Dolby Atmos immersive sound. “So we were thinking from minute one with how to play things with the speakers and make the whole theatrical part of the sonic experience. The castle is huge so we wanted the sound to be above you and around you.”

Michael Minkler and Christian Minkler were the films’s rerecording mixers.

The Beating Dead Heart

Summary: After having passed out, you end up in hospital where your brother Matt and your best friend Caroline are anxiously waiting for you to wake up. But they are not the only ones who are concerned; so is Klaus. The two of you have had a thing for each other for some time – maybe this will make you realize how serious your feelings for each other are?

12. “I can’t stand the thought of losing you.”
21. “You need to wake up darling because I don’t think I can do this without you.”

Pairing: KlausxReader

The four words shone brightly, bathing his face in a yellowish light. They were the only thing which Klaus focused on. They even managed to make his dead heart skip a beat.

‘Y/N is in hospital’

Sure, Caroline’s message contained more words and more information than this but his eyes would not leave those four words. At least not until he finally got control over himself and vamp-speeded his way to the hospital, not caring about who was in his way.

Klaus cared about one thing and one thing only. You. And he would not rest until he knew that you were safe.

After passing countless of patients, relatives, and doctors and compelling all of them to lead him in your direction, Klaus finally noticed your brother and your best friend. His steps were firm as he angrily walked towards them.

Klaus: How is she?

Both Caroline and Matt jumped by surprise when Klaus’ loud and harsh words had been said.

Caroline: She’s still out. The doctors don’t know when she’ll wake up.

Klaus’ breathing got irregular, his mind was filled with different sceneries of what could happen – the worst one being too unbearable to even consider.

Klaus: I need to see her.

Before he had a chance to open the door into her room, Matt stepped in front of him and placed his hand on Klaus’ chest.

Matt: No, what you need is to take a breather. I’m generally not that keen about my sister being with you but I’m not letting you anywhere near her when you’re like this.

For a second, Klaus thought about just throwing Matt aside and enter the room to see you. But he knew that it would upset you. Instead he fought his inner intentions and tried to take a deep breath.

Klaus: What happened?

Caroline: She just suddenly passed out. The doctors say it’s due to exhaustion. But that wasn’t the serious thing. When she fell, she hit her head rather badly. They say that she should be okay but there’s really no telling before she wakes up.

After hearing what had happened to you, Klaus began cursing himself. He should have been there. If he had, he would have caught you before you had touched the ground and hurt yourself. When he spoke, his words were once again filled with spite and anger.

Klaus: Why didn’t you heal her?!

Matt: Because neither I nor my sister wish to see her as a vampire. And in this town, people with vampire blood tend to turn into bloodsucking creatures like you!

Caroline: Matt.

The tension between Klaus and Matt was filling the entire hospital and even though Caroline was slightly hurt about Matt’s words, she also did not want to have you turning into a vampire. But right now she just wanted to make sure that both Klaus and Matt were alive when you finally woke up.

Inside of Klaus, something changed. He had always known that you were human and that you intended on staying human – you were a Donovan, after all. But you being human meant that you were vulnerable and that you would not get to live that many years on this earth.

Somehow, you being a vulnerable human made Klaus, the invincible hybrid king, just as vulnerable. He needed to see you safe and sound. When Klaus spoke this time, his words were no longer harsh or filled with angry – they were filled with honest worry and caring.

Klaus: Let me see her. Please, I have to see her.

It was hard to tell if it was Klaus or Caroline and Matt who were the most surprised about Klaus saying ‘please’. Perhaps, it was due to that surprise that Matt slowly stepped aside and made it possible for Klaus to get into your room.

The first thing Klaus noticed when he saw you was how small and fragile you looked in that big hospital bed. Then, he saw how white your skin was. He had to close his eyes for a second to find the strength to fight the water in his eyes.

He slowly made his way towards you and sat in the chair next to you bed. Lightly, he stroked your cheek and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear.

Quietly, his heart began speaking.

Klaus: You need to wake up darling because I don’t think I can do this without you. I need you. Please.

For the second time of today, Klaus surprised himself by saying ‘please’.

He did not know if you had heard him and was surprised as well but suddenly your eyelids began to flutter until they finally opened and revealed your beautiful eyes. Klaus let out a breath that he did not even know that he had held.

Y/N: Where… am I?

Your eyes searched the room but nothing seemed familiar.

Klaus: You’re in hospital, love. You had a pretty bad fall.

After a few seconds, you figured out where the voice came from and your eyes found Klaus’. It took some time to comprehend what he was saying but there was still something that you needed to understand.

Y/N: Why are you here Klaus? With me?

Klaus tried to keep his face straight and pretend that your words did not hurt him. He understood that his previous actions could confuse you – usually, all he cared about was gaining power. But that was until he met you and got to truly know you. Now, you were all that mattered to him.

Klaus: You might now believe me but there’s really no place I’d rather be than right here.

A smile crept onto your lips and you felt you cheeks getting warmer.

Klaus: I came as soon as Caroline told me what had happened. I don’t recall a time where I’ve ever felt so scared. I can’t stand the thought of losing you, Y/N.

Your hand slowly found his and squeezed it.

Y/N: Well, then it’s a good thing that I don’t plan on going anywhere.

For some time, the two of you just smiled at each other, your eyes filled with gentleness.

But it did not take long before your eyelids began feeling heavier and you began yawning. Klaus, of course, noticed it right away.

Klaus: You should rest.

You nodded tiredly and yawned once more. Just before you closed your eyelids, you saw that Klaus was about to stand up. You instantly held his hand tighter.

Y/N: Wait! Will you stay with me, Klaus? Please.

Klaus body got warm and he could not help but smile an honest and genuine smile. It had been a long time since anyone really depended on him.

Klaus: Of course, I promise, love. I just quickly need to go out and tell your brother and Caroline that you have awoken. But besides that I promise to stay by your side for as long as you’d like me to.

He had not even finished speaking before you fell asleep with a smile on your face. Gently, Klaus bowed down and pressed a kiss on your forehead, careful not to wake you up.

He knew that there would be difficulties with you being human and him being a vampire. But right now that did not matter. All that mattered to Klaus was the smile on your lips. The smile that he wished to see every single day for the rest of his life.

The smile that made his dead heart beat again.

the-real-super-turtle  asked:

I just want to say, you seem like a glorious human being. I've read quite a few of your family lore stories and not realized they were the same person until recently. Though if you're fae, I claim extraterrestrial, cuz that honestly makes more sense than "human allergic to all organic beings on the home world". I confuse allergists; last one made sure to point out it wasn't that he doubted me, just that he'd never heard of some of my allergies

Sounds good! We can form the fae-alien (or faelien) alliance of people with allergies that real Humans don’t have.

I got booze, bananas and logdepole pine. You?


(Requested by Anon)

You approached the doors of the throne room, a shiver shooting down your spine. Here goes nothing Y/N. You did want to be a part of this after all. Just don’t mess up and then they won’t eat you.

The doors opened and you entered, keeping your head down so you didn’t seem too confident. The number one rule of being a human in the Volturi castle was not to piss off the vampires who dwelled there.

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Fate. (Harrison Osterfield.)

Requested – Yes.

Prompt – Tom and you have been longtime Internet friends and Harrison has a crush on you but you and Harrison have never met. Tom starts thinking of ways to hook the two of you up.

Warning – Harrison feels.

Words – 1,305.


Isn’t it crazy how fate works in the most mysterious ways? Everything you do and say leads up to a moment in time that can make or break your life. Every person that you meet can lead to something significant such as meeting the love of your life. Do not take any moment for granted, live with it and see where it takes you even if it is negative. It’s meant to happen for a reason.

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more evidence (?) that sammy was turned into boris in ch2

well its not exactly evidence exactly but it could be hints

we know sammy wasn’t turned human again, he sounded very unhappy to see “bendy” at the end of chapter 2. shoot, I don’t even think he was flat-out killed. remember how boris could be seen in the corner of the after credits cutscene in chapter 2 displaying sammy’s “body”? seems like a real convenient place for him to be if he were just made from sammy somehow. plus, that ink under the mask doesn’t look like nearly enough ink from an entire body. clearly, most of it went somewhere else

and hmm. he doesn’t talk. maybe that’s because either if he spoke we would recognize him, or the voice was lost in the transformation. maybe boris just straight-up can’t speak, and he would if he could.

boris plays clarinet. sammy plays banjo. you’d expect to see a clarinet in the safehouse next to boris in chapter 3? you would be incorrect. banjo.

also if you wanna jump on the ship train, maybe at least part of the reason alice wanted boris so bad at the end of chapter 3 was because she knew who he was previously~ she was referring to him kinda possessively. shoot you don’t even have to look at it like a ship, maybe they were just really good friends ;P

anonymous asked:

How would the main six plus Mettaton react to a person that fell down completely naked. Not on purpose either. Like, they were humiliated and exiled to the mountain's hole. Not looking for 18+ answers, I promise!

let’s say for posterity’s sake that they’re at least wearing underwear. also this sounds like a college sorority/fraternity initiation ritual gone bad. also not sure how the human made it through the ruins without toriel finding them, but we’ll just skip over that little detail. - M.M.


You’re hardly on your feet before she’s fussing over you, trying desperately to heal your wounds & keep you warm from the chill of the Ruins. You fell so far, wearing so little–what happened to you, dear? After she finds out the situation, she gets angry. What a terrible thing to do. It seems that cruelty is just an everlasting trait for some humans, even towards their own kind…


He’s honestly really worried. He keeps calm on the outside, making a joke about being ‘chilled to the bone’ or something, all the while throwing his jacket over your shoulders & rushing you to Grillby’s to get warm. After you’ve gotten something to eat, & he’s gotten the story, he works on getting you a proper set of clothes. Whether you stay or leave, it doesn’t matter, he just wants to make sure you’ve at least got something on your back.


He’s confused mostly??? Do most humans walk around in so little?? Of course some Monsters go around completely in the nude, but then again there’s not much to show (unless there is & he just doesn’t know what’s showing), but he had no idea that this was a thing with humans too! Finding out it was all part of a mean prank dampens his spirits a bit, but he quickly offers you a pair of spare clothes & a home-cooked (slightly burnt) meal to help you regain your spirits. At least you’re safe now, the Great Papyrus will guard you until you feel better (though he tells himself that he’s secretly keeping you captive).


What…what are you wearing?? Listen, she’s seen a lot of anime, & sure some humans wear skimpy stuff now & then, but nobody usually just goes around flaunting their underwear! She gets pissed when she finds out why you’re walking around in your undies though–seriously?! Humans can’t even treat their own species with respect??? That’s ridiculous!!!! She makes a really half-hearted attempt to take your SOUL before she just gives up & takes you back to her place to get you some clothes.


Well, she’s been watching you the whole time, so by the time you get to her lab she’s freaking out. You must be exhausted–& so cold (or hot, since it is Hotland)–but you at least need a proper outfit! She can offer you that much, maybe a little bit of rest. She’s really sorry about what happened to you, but doesn’t know what else she can do but apologize. & really, sometimes some sympathy is all you need.


Goodness, darling, he knows that being risque can be good for viewers now & again, but this is a family-friendly show! After finding out the circumstances though, he does a full one eighty, sparking an impromptu fashion show where he essentially dresses you up in every available outfit he’s got until you find one that he deems suitable for you. All the while he gives you encouragement for making it as far as you have–he’s very proud of you, you’re very resilient, for a human.


He’s caught off-guard at first. A little flustered, actually. He asks you about it, but after finding out what led to the end of your journey, is very apologetic for your circumstances. He would offer you some clothes, a nice warm cup of tea–but…he can’t, can he? Could he? He’s torn, because despite it all, he’s got a duty to take your SOUL. But you’re at your lowest, weak & on his doorstep–could he really be that much of a Monster, to not even SPARE you until you can get back on your feet? Eventually he does just give in, but he tells you that once you’ve gotten an outfit, then you will have to accept the unavoidable.

If pairs of shinigami and espada had to build a desk together

As requested by anon. :)

Espada and shinigami have been *randomly* paired together, and now they must put together a desk. From Ikea, say. How is that going to go?

1. Komamura & Aaroniero

Komamura: These tiny screws are hard to assemble with my giant paws.

Komamura: Can I see the instruction manual again?

Aaroniero: You know, I am actually the espada with the most potential.

Komamura: Uh

Aaroniero: When I consume things, I get their powers.

Komamura: Okay but

Aaroniero: I just learned something, though.

Aaroniero: Eating Ikea instructions does not grant me the power of Ikea assembly.

Aaroniero: Which seems, just, SO unfair.


Aaroniero: Oh sure. Blame me.

2. Nemu & Nel

Nemu: This looks like a job for me and my drill hand.

Nemu: Maybe you should just….what are you doing?

Nel: I’m trying to screw these screws into my thumb!

Nemu: Why?

Nel: Because Nel is a masso-kiss!

Nemu: Yeah I get that.

3. Yamamoto and Yammy

Yamamoto: I don’t think these pegs even fit into these holes.

Yamamoto: What is this human nonsense?

Yammy: Ha! You can’t get the pegs in, huh? Sounds like weakness!

Yammy: I’ll SMASH those pegs in with my FISTS!





Yamamoto: So now we have desk splinters.

Yammy: That’s what we were trying to make, right?

4. Matsumoto and Starrk

Starrk: Building desks isn’t really my thing. Let’s just forget it.

Matsumoto: Forget it? We can’t do that!

Matsumoto: What we CAN do is get super drunk until my captain comes in, sees what a mess we’ve made, and the builds the desk for us!

Starrk: That does sound better.

Matsumoto: I’ll get the sake!

5. Tosen and Grimmjow

Tosen: Paired with you? An espada who does not understand how to listen to instructions or do anything right? Ridiculous.

Grimmjow: Hey! I’m not exactly grinning with joy either!

Grimmjow: I hate you, I hate instructions, and I hate desks!

Tosen: You hate desks? I do not believe you’ve ever thought about desks long enough to form an opinion.




Grimmjow: If I help you build this stupid desk will you not tell anyone I said that?

Tosen: Just hand me the box.

6. Rukia and Halibel?

Rukia: Okay, so HOW do I put this peg in?

Halibel: You just push it through.

Rukia: ???

Halibel: Just poke it through.

Rukia: ???

Halibel: Like in this drawing here.

Rukia: ???

Halibel: Do you not understand?

Rukia: It’s like the goddamn juice box all over again.

Rukia (whispering): My old nemesis.

Halibel: …maybe you should just hand me things.

7. Byakuya and Ulquiorra

Ulquiorra: I will read you the instructions. You will assemble the desk.

Byakuya: No. I will read you the instructions. You will assemble the desk.

Ulquiorra: This is not a negotiation. It is an order.

Byakuya: My pride will not allow me to take orders from the likes of you.

Ulquiorra: Then I will force you to build this desk.

Byakuya: Someone at your power will not be able to force me to hammer even a single nail.

Ulquiorra: We will see.


8. Kyoraku and Zommari

Zommari: …are you napping, using the Ikea box as a pillow?

Kyoraku: Just absorbing the instructions via osmosis!

Zommari: That is not how anything works.

Kyoraku: Really? I thought a guy like you, who likes meditation, would be into this!

Zommari: I am not “into” building a desk with a shinigami, nor of being paired with one who is clearly too lazy to take this seriously.

Kyoraku: Hm. You’re kinda stern like Nanao, but not in any way as cute!


9. Kurotsuchi and Szayel

Szayel: Let’s toss out these instructions and use the ones I developed, which will create a PERFECT desk!

Kurotsuchi: Perfection is not the goal of a scientist.

Kurotsuchi: Let’s make a desk out of zombies just to see what happens.

Szayel: That’s disgusting. I love it.

Szayel: We will make the perfect zombie desk!

Kurotsuchi: I just can’t work with you.

10. Hisagi and Barragan

Barragan: I am the god of Hueco Mundo.

Barragan: Everything I touch turns to nothing.

Barragan: And I am way, way, way, way, way, way too good to be doing that.

Barragan: So have fun with my fracciones.

Ggio: Yo, if you mess this desk up, shinigami, which we are building in honor of His Majesty, I’ll KILL you!

Hisagi: Why must I always suffer

11. Soi Fon and Luppi

Luppi: Look at me build this desk with my eight arms! You can’t even catch up!

Luppi: I just wish I could build EIGHT desks rather than just ONE!

Soi Fon: You are doing literally everything wrong.

Luppi: LIES

12. Ikkaku and Nnoitra

Nnoitra: This desk is weak.

Nnoitra: You’re weak.

Nnoitra: I’m not doing this.

Ikkaku: Okay but consider this.

Ikkaku: Sake. Rock-paper-scissors. Loser has to do part of the desk. Winner gets to high ground to fight after loser has built part of the desk. Fight. Drink. Repeat.


Nnoitra: I think I just realized what love feels like.

Ikkaku: Yeah I have that effect on people.