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I don't remember which blog you posted about this on, but on one of your blogs you mentioned a theory that it was actually Jeremiah that encouraged Kara to hide her powers and act normal not Eliza. Having just finished season 1 again, seeing the references to the past and what I remember of season 2, since I've only rewatched the first 2 episodes so far, I can totally see how that would make sense and if you ever post the details of that theory I would read the shit out it.

I think I mentioned it here at some point? Maybe. I have talked about it with @ultranos​ and with @motorcyclegirlfriends​ a couple of times.

It’s not really a *theory* in that I think it is the One True Way to read the family dynamics, it’s just … an interpretation of canon that nobody’s really considered that is both interesting and frighteningly easy to spin into a plausible headcanon.

The starting point is Alex.

Namely, it’s the fact that Alex is not a reliable narrator when it comes to any member of her immediate family.

She admits repeatedly in S1 that her own insecurities and jealousy toward Kara colored her perception of their relationship for years. She spent the better part of a decade inaccurately reading her relationship with Eliza, again because her insecurities clouded her judgment.

So, if Alex wasn’t seeing Kara or Eliza clearly for all those years, why should we expect her assessment of Jeremiah to be accurate, either?

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short story - I was at the Calgary Zoo once, when the birds had cages made of vertical wires. I was waiting outside the reptile house cause I was too scared to go in and ended up spending ten minutes watch a cockatoo watch me watching it as it used it's talons to squeeze the wires together, slip itself outside the wires and then just perch there, staring at me like it was sizing me up 'you gonna rat me out, human?' It has the most cynical, world-weary look I've ever seen in it's eyes.

That sounds like the chaotic energies of every parrot I’ve ever met, yes.  

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trimberly dating in secret and the team finding out?

This became a oneshot length fic, I’m not sorry. I got lazy proofing so sorry for any mistakes.

It started out small, they would show up at each other windows late at night, after long, gruelling days of training, after tough battles, or even bad days at school, they would check in on each other, they would talk for hours, they were just there for each other, it became there thing, and as each other’s feelings for the other grew, every night was more tension filled then the last, so when they eventually kissed, they didn’t think much of it, so every night after that, there would be a lot less talking, and much more of something else, which neither of them minded.

The team also noticed a shift in their dynamic, they began to act different, Kim and Trini had always worked well as a team, they were the two arms of the megazord after all, but after the late nights spent doing a lot more than talking, the tension in the air around them was so thick, you could probably cut it with knife. Trini and Kim’s sparring sessions would get much more intense, their gazes only on each other, their eyes were filled with intense passion, rather than the usual playful, teasing banter. Jason usually had to force his gaze away, or he would most likely get much more than a fiery glare from Trini. The team noticed the changes, but they didn’t push or press, knowing that both the girls could kick their asses without a second glance, so they just let it be, but they noticed.

Zack being the closest to Trini, the two wild cards, the bees, black and yellow, which the team teasingly sang whenever they sparred or did anything as a duo, Zack and Trini both had an equal distaste for the names, but they knew it was just friendly teasing, it was part of the team dynamic, so it didn’t surprise Trini when he was the first to try and figure out what was going on with the girls. He dropped little hints and questions about Kimberly, vaguely asked about girlfriends, but each of his attempts failed, always met with a “I only want to spend time with you, bee” or “yeah, sure, me and Kimberly”. He backed down, but Zack knew something was up, he was the captain of the ship after all, he was determined to know if it was canon.

The girls knew the boys were catching on, the boys didn’t know exactly what was happening, but they did know something was different. They still hadn’t discussed when or if they were going to tell the boys. They loved the late nights, the secret glances, holding hands secretly when they could, they enjoyed just being, no ones expectations or worries clouding there mind, they were just them. So they kept it that way.

After a couple of months of them sneaking into each other’s rooms, kissing, talking, among other…activities, they knew they should tell the boys, whom were very clueless about what was happening, each of them asking non to subtle questions, desperately trying to figure out what had changed between the girls, but to no prevail. So the next day, at four o clock, the made there way down to the pit, arms intertwined, Trini’s small frame leaning against Kimberly, and for the first time ever, they were acting blatantly like a couple, in public, and they’d both be lying if they said it didn’t cause warmth to radiate through their bodies.

The boys were already down at the pit, the sound of pads being hit, gasps and grunts, a piece of rock dislodging from the structure “Zack” they both muttered. Trini could feel butterflies in her stomach, she was defiantly nervous, they both were, but these were their friends, their brothers, they knew they’d be accepted and safe, but that didn’t make it any less nerve wracking. They had agreed to be very subtle with there “coming out” it wouldn’t be the power rangers without a little teasing and fun.

As they walk down to the pit, their hands and fingers intertwined, no space between their bodies, the boys noticed, but they didn’t really bat an eye, the girls had been slowly becoming, much, much, closer, not just emotionally, but physically. So they returned to sparring, back to their norm, but the girls did notice Zack narrowing his eyes, a small smirk plastered on his face. They began to spar, circling around the other, jabs and hooks were thrown, roundhouse kicks, take downs, with each move, the girls gazes grew more intense and heated. As the girls circled around each other, the boys started paying more attention, getting curious again, which the girls noticed. Kimberly glanced quickly over her shoulder at the boys, while throwing a sloppy jab, which Trini caught, flipping her over, Kimberly falling to the ground with a loud thud, her breathing ragged and sharp. Trini offers her hand to help Kimberly up, while the boys are still watching, forgetting about sparring. Kimberly takes the opportunity and yanks Trini’s hand and smashes their lips together, carefully grabbing Trini’s small frame and bringing her to the ground, and flipping them around so Kimberly is on top, pulling their lips apart. The girls both gasp for air, while the boys looked like they’d seen a ghost, mouths agape. Kimberly helps Trini to her feet as Zack yells gleefully, “I KNEW IT!!!” Trini smirks, while Jason and Billy are still stumbling for words. The girls chuckle before returning to sparring, and moments later, Billy and Jason both exclaim. “WHAT!!!” Alpha finally speaks, “Humans confuse me.” leaving the power rangers giggling as they returned back to sparring, Trini and Kimberly both joyful beyond words, as they got back into a rhythm, the world fading away.

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Yo so I read that one fic of yours on archive with Theo living his days as a wolf in the woods could u do something similar but have him use his ability to fully shift for like part of the packs plan to stop an enemy?? Idk I'm bad at these

SO AM I!! I totally forgot what this prompt said and just remembered ‘theo does the wolf’ and wanted to do something for day 1 of thiam week and came up wih this. So here it is, a fic you definitely did not ask for but i’m too tired to really think about that right now. (I am so sorry)

“I can do it.” Liam eyes snapped to Theo as his voice echoed through the room.

“What?” Liam asked.

“I can find the werewolves.” Theo said calmly.

“Really?” Stiles asked, voice dripping in disbelief. “You came up with a plan?”


“Alright, well lets hear it then.”

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the grand heist (m)

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❝you and him against the world❞
→ oh sehun (ft. exo ot12)
→ mafia!au/spy!au (contains fighting scenes, blood, guns, and deaths, action + fluff)

You didn’t dare move, make a single mistake, and put this whole mission and your lives at stake. You held your breath, waiting for his signal, watching over the many guards walking around with their heavy guns and bulletproof vests.

Keeping a close eye on those closest to the entrance of the headquarters, you calculated all the casualties and movements you would make, each step planned to perfection in mere seconds. Your brain was wired for battles and strategic planning, the instinct to survive always working, keeping your blood pumping and your life on the dangerous side as you continued on this line of work.

He was taking too long. Chanyeol was doing his best with hacking the security cameras and alarms, controlling the entrance gate to open when you’re ready to go. Although he was one of the best hackers in the world, a single mind can never beat the work of a team of highly skilled hackers known for their almost impenetrable defense software, yet he did it with a lot of difficulties.

You were about to fall back, wondering why he hasn’t sent a signal yet. Then you saw it. The light flashing against the mirror of one of the military tanks a few meters in front of you.

The only moment of clarity happened minutes after the many gunshots, screams, and echoes of bones breaking. Blood smeared all over your arms and hands, you still haven’t pulled out your gun. How cute, they call themselves the strongest ‘army’ ever known, yet they couldn’t even handle the fists of a woman younger than them.

A smirk played on your lips, the thought was too funny as you passed the gates of the headquarters, a fort built to look like a warehouse from the outside while the inside had one of the most advanced technologies and weaponries. This was easier than you thought.

“Don’t get ahead of yourself, Y/N.” The sternness of his voice would have sent shivers down the spines of others, but you were born with a steel backbone and a strong love for chaos and fighting. You were the definition of a living hell, flesh and bones craved for destruction. You lived off the screams and blood you attracted with each movement you created.

Sehun appeared from the shadows, blood covering his whole suit and even more blood on his fists, his gun still unrevealed. Like you, he was a predator on the loose, eyes in need of the blood staining his body, drawer by his lethal weapon; his own hands. You’ve never seen a warrior as frightening as him. His aura seeped of deadly poison and even worse were his multiple skills to kill. “Looks like you’ve had some fun too,” you bickered, your smirk still intact as he walked with you, side by side, intently listening to Chanyeol who spoke to him through his earpiece.

“The control room is to your right, last door of the hallway. You’ll need to act fast, he’s been trying to activate the missiles, and he’s doing it fast. I can’t hold him back any longer. It seems like he’s got extra help today,” Chanyeol said, his deep voice filled with worry and nervosity.

Sehun remained silent as you thanked Chanyeol, asking if he’s made sure to block all security cameras to keep your entrance a surprise.

The man behind all this was a childhood friend of yours, orphaned and trained in that grueling facility that made you both into the deathly killers you were, except he used his power against the world instead of helping it like you were supposed to. His anger against those who stopped him from doing what he wanted, his desire to rule over the world, and his never ending want to take revenge over you for being chosen for the position he lusted for since he was taken into the institute; leader of the elite team, The Twelve. All of which drove him into this insanity of chaos and murder to prove that he was above you, worthy of all things, more importantly, love and respect, the things he has lost to others; his family choosing his younger brother over him and the institute choosing you over him. Although you grew up with him, you wouldn’t let those bonded feelings keep you away from completing this mission; imprisoning him and keeping the world safe from his evil plans.

Sehun led you all the way to the door as you kept thinking, mind over matter as he reviewed his steps and movements, memorizing each possible exit and traps. He halted for a second, causing you to bump him, lost in thought. “Are you alright?”

The look on Sehun’s eyes were different, foreign to the heartless man honed to kill. You weren’t sure what to say, speechless even as he placed his hand on your arm, a comforting touch as your mind was in rumbles, unable to make a decision whether or not to fight the man behind the door.

“Just take care of the others, I’ll take care of him,” Sehun said, taking the responsibility away from you, as well as the heaviness from your shoulders. A silent nod was all you gave him, a quiet thanks for he has offered to do.

You knew it was what was best. You’ll never be able to hurt your best friend, not even when he has gone rogue, all his evil intentions to kill you never made you scared. It only made you want to reach for him, ask him if he was okay, tell him that he could still return.

But all attempts failed and so does your breathing. Sehun noticed as he got his gun loaded and placed his knife in a better location. The next thing you knew, his arms were wrapped around you with your head now resting against his chest. “Relax. Everything will be just fine.”

His voice was so reassuring, his hands were so warm, and this was so… new, unnatural, and very much not needed at this moment. You quickly pulled away from him, instantly missing his warmth, but you won’t let your feelings get in the way of the blood you are about to draw.

“I’m fine. I can kill him myself. Let’s get this done with.” Lies and only lies. No matter how much you loved the color and scent of blood and the feeling of chaos and adrenaline rushing trough your veins, you will never be able to stand against the love you had for your friend. But you forced yourself to believe, for this moment at least, when you were at war, and he was the enemy. You believed with the help of Sehun.

“Open the door, Chanyeol. We’re ready.” Chanyeol took your order well, the door instantly opening the second the word left your mouth, leaving those inside shocked and with their eyes wide in surprise. In that instant, you were back to being a whirlwind of annihilation.

You snapped the moment the door opened. You immediately punched the guard closest to you in the face right before banging his head on the wall. Sehun took care of the other as you surged forward, kicking at the neck of one of those that came after you. You easily dodged their attacks, swiftly hitting them right before throwing their bodies against the wall or to the ground or colliding their heads and bodies with one of their idiot colleagues.

Sehun, on the other hand, took no effort in fighting, merely dodging blows and attacks, allowing the guards to hit each other. The only one that pissed him off was a tall one with buff arms who thought throwing Sehun against the wall would be funny. Unfortunately for him, Sehun gave him one big blow on the face and hit his head, face first, on the concrete wall, leaving a trail of blood streaking down the man’s nose.

In cold heart, Sehun laughed as he swiped his hands against each other and walked to your side. “Where are they, Chanyeol?” You asked the hacker as you survived the room covered in matte white. Holograms of maps and machineries, several cases filled with weapons of all kinds, multiple high tech computers, and a massive screen displaying was what filled the room. No signs of the dreamy eyes of your friend that hid the evil of his mind. The room was clear of humans, yet the main screen was working, continuing its unknown job as it flashed a forty-eight percent loading sign.

Sehun surveyed the room, looking around for the case containing the missile codes, but it was nowhere to be found. A chill ran down your spine. How did they hide so fast when Chanyeol made sure to deactivate the security cameras? Chanyeol said they were working on using the codes to activate the missiles and target the capital where his family’s home, your home, and the institute was. You were getting frustrated; you wanted to face your friend already, stop him from destroying not only the city but also himself.

“Damn it, Chanyeol. Where are they?” A searing pain ran up your arm, the result of slapping your hand against the wall. “They’re right ther-”

What followed the deep voice of the hacker was a ringing sound. The connection has been cut. “I’m right here, Y/N.”

Junmyeon’s voice echoed through the room like the taunting voice of the devil. Your knees buckled as he touched your shoulder, alarm written all over Sehun’s face, watching over Junmyeon’s actions, slowly coming to you from across the room.

“You’ll have to stop right there, Oh. You might regret moving even your fingers because this room has already scanned and placed the both of you as intruders, readying itself to shoot you once I tell it to.” Junmyeon was mad enough to laugh. Only then did you realize he has really changed. In his all white uniform, he seemed like an angel, his eyes were once so soft, and a smile always on his lips. You dared to move closer to him.

You’ve noticed that the case containing the missile codes were on his hand. You had to distract him, fight him even to get the case, but not to the extent of killing him. You had no plans to kill him, you’d stop Sehun if he tried to do so. “This isn’t right, Junmyeon. You can still come back to the institute, I’ll as the head to make you the leader of the Twelve. I get out of the institute, I’ll give up my position for you. Please, Myeon, reconsider what you’re about to do.”

Junmyeon’s eyes were blank, he remained unmoving. “Do you really think I’m that easy to sway? It’s too late, Y/N. The moment you accepted that damn position, betrayed me, it was too late,” he sneered, unleashing his anger that seeped into his words, “The missiles will launch soon anyways.” He gave a look to the huge screen, eighty percent now flashing in the screen.

Anxiety hit you like a truck. It was as if you were paralyzed. He was stalling you to keep you away from disabling the missiles. Damn it. You stared back at him, teary eyed. “This isn’t the way.”

“Too late.” Indeed it was as Sehun punched him in the face. He was sneaking up behind you, taking advantage of Junmyeon’s divided attention, using the opportunity to keep Junmyeon from doing anything else. With Junmyeon on the floor, you hurried to a nearby computer, immediately accessing the multiple codes, remembering the code Chanyeol told you that would disable the missiles.

Sehun was struggling with Junmyeon. Both men have now risen to their feet, fighting with their fist. Junmyeon managed to dodge each of Sehun’s attacks, throwing Sehun against the wall as he hit Sehun repeatedly on the face, blood now pouring from Sehun’s forehead. “Looks like I won’t need a machine to kill you, Oh.”

Sehun strangely had the audacity to smirk. “Bullshit.” Sehun headbutted Junmyeon, causing the latter to stumble back, letting a string of curses fall from his lips as he held his head in pain. Sehun’s fist collided with Junmyeon’s stomach, so does his knee after. Throwing Junmyeon against the floor, Sehun covered Junmyeon’s mouth as his other hand placed your friend’s hands in a cuff.

You were right at the last letter when you heard the familiar sound of a gun clicking. The cold barrel pressed against your head, making you tense despite all your trainings.

“Jongin, what the hell are you doing here?” Sehun’s voice filled with disbelief and fury as he stared at his most loyal friend from the Twelve, Kim Jongin.

Jongin wore a small smirk, arms still extended as he held the gun against the back of your neck, watching you intently, while replying to Sehun. “Doing what needs to be done, and it seems like killing your girlfriend is one, Sehun.”

Despite the alarming situation, you thought to yourself. Girlfriend? How could you be Sehun’s girlfriend? You were both from the Twelve. Although you were the leader of the elite group, you never took the time to get to know Sehun. He was the killing machine of the group, indestructible and merciless. You’ve trained side by side since a young age along with the others, but he was a silent person, only communicating when necessary. His friendship with Jongin grew as they were in mission together quite often. But to you? He was out of reach.

You locked eyes with Sehun who was at your side, still holding Junmyeon against the wall. Those brown eyes of his remained unreadable, the many years of training being placed into effect as he quietly racked his mind for ways to disarm Jongin and keep Junmyeon from triggering the room’s security actions. Sehun met your eyes, and for what seemed to be the longest second, he allowed that veil to drop slightly as his eyebrows tensed in worry. He immediately placed his attention back towards Jongin. “What do you mean what has to be done? None of this makes any sense,” Sehun said with true confusion, unable to grasp the reason as to why members of the Twelve turned into traitors.

“Because we can’t let a girl lead the world’s most well known agency and much less the deadliest team in the world. It should have been Junmyeon. We are doomed to nothing but failure with her holding the reigns,” Jongin answered, hatred obvious in his voice. He was a playboy, his views on women downgraded by the way he played with them like as if they were new play things he could dispose at any moment.

The way he downgraded you, regardless of training and growing up with you, learning to teach each other as equals with the same potiential, hurt you. You thought he, at least, had some speck of respect for you and what you have achieved on your own. The fact that these men were going to destroy the capital over jealous was so stupid and idiotic, it boiled your blood. You only gave Sehun a warning look in your stare before you swirled around, hitting the gun away from Jongin’s hand.

The gun slid across the floor as you twisted his arm against his back and bringing him to the floor. Your knee pushed him against the floor as you allowed your anger to take over you, repeatedly hitting his head on the hard foundation.

It didn’t take long until you felt a Jongin go limp beneath your touch, body slumping against the floor as you let go of your hold on him. With even more blood staining you hands, you wiped away the sweat from your forehead as a disgusting smile of malice played on your lips. “A girl just fucking beat your weak ass, Kim.”

Returning to the computer, you typed in the last letter of the code, watching as the loading sign on the huge monitor decreased. With your anger boiling down, you once again faced your friend who was being held against the wall by Sehun. “It’s indeed too late to save you, Junmyeon. I hope you’ll have a nice time in the cells.”

Junmyeon smiled, causing a chill to run down your spine. “We’ll see about that.”

Before you know it, Junmyeon grew limp against the wall, a bloody knife on Sehun’s hand was discarded as he ran towards you. He was running but for what?

Then that ever so annoying sound of a barrel loading clicked once more, and the ringing sound of a gun being shot echoed through the room. Jongin was standing up, lips curled to a menacing smile as he fired at you. Bracing for impact, your heart grew wild yet deathly silent. This would be the very first mission you’ve failed, this would also be the last mission you’ll return from.

But the immense pain you expected was nothing than the warm hug of Sehun. His back arched as the bullet hit him, receiving the ultimate price for covering you.

You let out a cry, taking out your gun from your side immediately. With one arm supporting Sehun, you aimed towards Jongin, releasing the bullet. Even with your tears, you hit him right at the middle of his head. He deserved no more than it.

The weight against your body grew as Sehun’s body grew weaker. He groaned, slowly sliding down towards the ground with you. You placed your hand over the wound, putting pressure to stop the bleeding. For some reason, you couldn’t stop crying. Sehun was nothing more than your colleague, yet the stares he had been giving you moved you, his touches burned right through your pain, and the way he looked now, tired and aching, made holes on your chest like an invisible bullet.

You were getting hysterical as Sehun’s eyes wanted to shut close. He was trying to fight the pain and the sleepiness it brought with it. His eyes were focused on you so intently like as if he were saying something to you. They now looked over your whole face, taking into detail each inch of your skin and the blood it was smeared with. You couldn’t help but wipe away the blood from his face. “You shouldn’t have done that, you idiot. I could have taken care of it myself,” you scolded him, tears now uncontrollable.

Somehow, he had the strength to smile. “I know you could have, but that was something I just couldn’t watch, Y/N.”

After the last word, Sehun closed his eyes, the tiredness now luring him to the darkness, but you were doing just the same thing as you shook his shoulders, trying to keep him awake.

“Sehun! Sehun! Don’t you dare close your eyes even for a second. We’ll get help soon. Please just don’t. I know the team will be on their way.” You knew begging wouldn’t do anything, but Sehun was strong, doing his best to keep you sane, but he was losing his grip on his consciousness, desperately wanting to fall into the sleep he would never return from.

“Chanyeol! Chanyeol,” you roared against your microphone as you heard the signal once again, “Sehun’s been shot! Send the team to the control room now.”

“What?! Holy shit,” Chanyeol answered back, relief washing over you, “they’re on their way. They’re at the hallway now.”

The next few moments were hazy as the Twelve but now actually just ten barged into the room, some members with their arms up holding guns, while the others got their bloodied hands to protect themselves. Yixing was the first one to rush towards you and Sehun, hurriedly taking Sehun, analyzing the gun wound.

Baekhyun was now at your back, supporting you as your head got dizzy, while listening to Yixing. “We’ll need to move quickly if we want to save Sehun,” he said to the others as some instantly helped carry him out.

Kris and Minseok took Sehun with them, Yixing walking before them as they rushed out. The rest of the team took care of the codes and what else Junmyeon had planned. They carried out their former members’ bodies out, some of them were teary eyed as they did so.

At this point, you were seeing two of everything. Instead of worrying about your condition, your thoughts drifted off to Sehun. Small fractions of what had just happened replayed in your head, swirling your head with pain.

“Are you okay?” Baekhyun asked, but the words didn’t reach your ears before you collapsed against his toned body, and the world turned dark.

You woke up two days after the mission in a room just as sickly white. An IV was connected to you, while you were unconscious. The grief of losing Junmyeon, the tiredness from the mission, and the pain of watching Sehun getting shot took its toll on you. Baekhyun told you that the institute allowed you to have a month off of work. For the month off, you will be temporarily replaced by Jongdae, one of the most intelligent members of the Twelve or rather, Ten.

Luhan too came by with reports about Sehun’s condition. He hasn’t woken up until now. Yixing who was not only another member of the elite team but also a doctor was able to operate the surgery successfully, noting how smart Sehun has for making sure that the shot wouldn’t hit him at any vital areas, the bullet miraculously missing his left ventricle by a few inches.

Once you were discharged by Yixing, the first person you visited was Oh. You smacked your head for being stupid and not wearing a bulletproof vest before the mission. It could have prevented this from happening. You were in deep debt to Sehun for saving your life.

Now in the white uniform for patients, he was laid on his bed, still asleep. His left shoulder where the bullet had hit him was in bandages, while the other wounds on his head were covered in band aids. In fear of disturbing him, you quietly made your way to his side.

For what seemed to be the first time, you took in his features, and my God, he was beyond handsome. The curve of his lips, the sharp lines of his jaw, the arch of his eyebrows, and everything else were so breathtakingly perfect. How could such a handsome man accept such a risky job? How did you never notice his beauty?

Your heart fluttered at the sight of him, replaying those sweet moments of Sehun during the mission. His comforting touches, worried glances, and sacrifice made your heart swell with something you couldn’t identify yet.

Placing your hand against his cheek, touching the smooth skin beneath your finger, you wondered why did he protect you from that bullet when he was barely close to you. Why risk your life for someone who wasn’t of that much importance?

You remembered what Jongin called you; Sehun’s girlfriend. Blood felt hot against your skin as you felt a blush coming. It couldn’t be because he has feeling for you… could it?

You were so deep into your thoughts that you didn’t notice the warmth enveloping your hands as Sehun wrapped his fingers around your own. “What brings you here, love?” He teased, eyes glowing.

His actions took you by surprise, making your blood heat up with embarrassment. You stuttered as you answered, “Just making sure you’re alright after your little stunt.”

Sehun let out a small laugh, his thumb tracing circles against your hand. “I’m pretty sure that saving your life wasn’t a stunt, Y/N.”

You couldn’t help but join him. You’ve added to your list what other things you haven’t noticed about him up to now; his laugh was infectious.

“Thank you, Sehun. If it weren’t for you, I would have been dead by now. I’m in great debt to you. I basically owe you my life.” That was all you say. Everything else would have just been fluff, the meaning dragged out too long.

One of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen, you’ve noted, was his smile. It was rare, angelic, and pure. Who knew the soulless killing machine had the capacity to smile?

Sehun moved away from the bed, leaning towards you. His lips against the skin of your cheek was a feeling you couldn’t describe. Your heart was racing so fast, your thoughts were all scrambled except one common thought; you were catching feelings for Oh Sehun.

When he pulled away, the smile was still intact, but with a little smirk as Sehun noticed the look of embarrassment in your eyes. “It seems like our pretty little leader is catching feelings for a particular someone who saved her life.”

Silence occupied the room. Sehun’s eyes were bearing into yours, his fingers still laced with yours. He was finding the moment funny, so you couldn’t let him have fun without you.

“It seems like our handsome little killing machine is also catching feelings for a particular someone who he sacrificed his life for.”

The next few moments came in full clarity and vibrancy as Sehun took your lips in his, kissing you gently before realizing the way your lips fit perfectly against each other and roughly kissing you with a newfound passion. You didn’t deny his statement nor did he. His right hand found their way to your cheek, holding you as he made the kiss deeper, swiping his tongue against your lip. A small moan of satisfaction left your lips, earning that famous smirk of Sehun.

The thought only struck you then. Maybe the mission wasn’t just about stopping the destruction of the capital. Maybe it was also a grand heist for Oh Sehun to steal your heart.

So the livestream was both very much appreciated and also incredibly laggy because of Australian internet speed reasons, so I got maybe 50% of the audio and 50% of the visuals and sometimes they even happened at the same time. But these are some of my immediate visceral reactions because sweet dicks in my mouth, that was a weirdly intense episode despite not a huge amount happening??

  • I missed a lot of the first few scenes but as far as I’m concerned, every single Blackwing murder bean needs a blanket nest. Or even a blanket fort. Cover the entire police station in sheets and go fucking nuts babies. But I remain concerned about Dirk Gently + ongoing sleep deprivation.
  • In news that surprises no-one, the telephone in the haunted house sounds incredibly ill. Who’d have thought?
  • At this point my single solitary hope for Dirk and Todd is that they’ll actually get to have a conversation without being interrupted by Todd’s girlfriend or Dirk’s boyfriend or the case or the universe. Or the CIA. Or pararibulitis. It’s a trend I’m noticing here.
  • … Dirk now has multiple supportive boyfriends and it’s probably the one nice thing the universe has done for him recently.
  • DIRK STOLE A BIKE. Like Bart stole a bike in episode one. My holistic nerds.
  • Friedkin continues to be a gift on-screen and I cherish his villainous non-sequiturs but christ, I’m so sick of people arguing that he “needs” a redemption arc. I’m not saying we won’t be getting one (though I think it’s more likely that we’ll get a slow-methodical-slide-into-madness arc) but until he shows the slightest bit of remorse for shooting a lawful good black cop in cold blood? I’m not fucking buying it. Trying to save his own skin as the human experimentation program he’s in charge of crumbles to pieces around him isn’t good enough.
  • Friedkin lying on the floor was #relatable though, even if Ken pretty much won that round by default.
  • And Ken’s apparently found nothing in the files to make him lose faith in Bart. I’m grateful for small miracles.
  • “The house is clearly a thing” … that’s not inaccurate?
  • “This just smells like foul play to me” okay, this show is full of people understating things in the most dramatic way possible.
  • “This is spiralling out of control” no shit, Sherlock.
  • I’m sincerely charmed by how dirty Amanda is, she’s risking conjunctivitis by not washing off her eyeliner after like a month straight but damn, she’s bedraggled and angry and there’s filth everywhere but she’s living her best life and I just want her to be happy.
  • The editing between Panto and Farson talking makes me very pleased that they’re going to be brothers-in-law in the future.
  • Todd getting trapped in the phone line web like he’s Frodo in Shelob’s lair, Elijah would’ve had a field day filming that one. But that monster was genuinely terrifying and the Benny Hill-esque chase scene was inappropriately hilarious and Dirk reacted a lot better than I would’ve and god, they both deserved a lot more than Todd’s attack and the accompanying angst.
  • But pararibulitis transcends dimensions? Lets you communicate between dimensions? Do Todd and Amanda have a special psychic sibling bond, or is it just a situational thing, or is it a universe thing? There are a lot of unanswered questions here and I’m looking forward to watching a version of this scene that isn’t completely frozen still.
  • “Not the best case anymore” is something Dirk would’ve felt every single time though. Starts off promising, ends in murder. Every single time.
  • I’m fully here for Dirk presenting his new police boyfriend with the murder weapon like he’s a weirdly socialized cat that never got the hang of showing affection. Next thing he’ll be shrieking at the police station door to go in and out. Maybe playing with string while everything goes to hell around him. What a lovely dork..
  • Someone needs to go through and post all of the times they’ve all been standing in a group and Dirk’s physically removed himself from the main cluster. You’d think that being isolated in Blackwing would have the opposite effect but man, apparently we’ve all been underestimating the emotional slow-motion trainwreck playing out in front of us.
  • Todd’s trying so hard and I love the burned cinnamon roll to pieces but he also had his crazy “true believer” eyes on when talking about seeing Amanda and I’m on actual tenterhooks about how this is all going to come to a head eventually because I’m utterly terrified that at some point Todd’s going to have to choose between Dirk and Amanda and my heart will break. “Danger and death” my sweet sunshine child, you’re trying so hard right now.
  • Why didn’t we get to see Tina’s disappointment that there was no purple alligator. What comedic genius made that editing decision?
  • Evil Cheekbones McGee had the same tattoos as the Mage. Is it a symbol of their allegiance? Or is it the source of their power?
  • I had ten seconds of honest-to-god terror that Max was going to kill Vogel off and I would’ve launched myself into the sun if that happened. But I’m here for Amanda murdering everyone. She made a promise to look after Vogel and she’ll fight the fucking entirety of Wendimoor if she needs to. Slay baby, slay. Vogel will hold your flower. Kick their asses.
  • Anyone else mistrust the Mage looking for a “partner” because Susie sure as hell doesn’t. But her “if your eyes hurt it’s because you’re looking at a star” shirt makes me hope that it’s foreshadowing her fucking exploding like a supernova. I also want to know where she got them all though. Was there a weird slogan shirt convention in Bergsberg recently? Is her husband just really shitty at buying gifts? What’s the deal here? This is the real mystery.
  • No Priest or Mona this episode, but I’m sure we’ll be getting a lot more next time. Along with the red jacket. And maybe the party. Either way, I’m fucking pumped.

And lordy may, Dirk’s “I’m actually fine” while simultaneously referring to himself as “what” fucking killed me. He needs to be reminded by literally everyone in his life that he’s not a weird holistic compass or a search key or even a warning alarm. He’s a person and Todd needs to cuddle him in his blanket pile until he feels better.

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Changes (Simple Acts)

This is a snippet for something I am working on. This once again has not been released yet. I'm hoping this will get the creative juices flowing. Hopefully you like it.


             Draco took a deep breath as he looked to his hands, hoping they weren’t as shaky as they looked. Merlin. This was not a conversation he ever thought he would be having. Nor was it one he ever wanted to have.

                The atmosphere was tense but that was probably coming more from him than it was Granger. Part of him wished he had done this with Harry but this wasn’t his boyfriend’s battle, it was his. It was Draco’s personal battle with himself and this needed to be said without help or interference.

                Hermione peered at Malfoy curiously. She had never seen him look quite like this. It was obvious that he was nervous or upset. Which was intriguing on its own. If things were different, she might even be amused.

                “Admitting when you are wrong is far harder than it should be.” Draco whispered, still not meeting her eyes. “No one wants to be wrong. It’s easy to be right, easy to let your own ego get bigger with each vindicated situation.”

                “And when you are wrong?” Hermione wondered curiously, tilting her head to the side.

                “Then you get knocked off a perceived pedestal and nothing makes sense anymore.” Draco looked up and noticed that she didn’t look upset or even angry. Which in a way made it worse. She should be angry. If things were reversed, he would’ve hexed her long before allowing her to speak. He will never understand the mindset of nice people. They just didn’t make sense.

                “My whole life I have been raised to think one way. There was only one set path and punishments were harsh if I strayed from the beliefs being taught to me.” Draco admitted, finding the strength to look her in the eyes.

                “That sounds like an excuse and I suppose in the beginning it could be used as one. You can only blame your parents for so long. There’s only so much blame that can be cast at others before you are the only one standing left. I can blame them for their lessons, I can blame them for their absences, I can blame them for teaching me everything I shouldn’t be. I can blame them for telling me who I should be and even for their punishments. But what I can’t blame them for, is my choice to go with it.” Draco shook his head as his own mind wanted to argue and defend himself but sometimes, vulnerability speaks louder.

                “As a small child, I always felt as if something was off with some of their logic. If I had been born a muggle or a muggleborn, then people like my parents would have written me off. Even if nothing else but my status had been changed, I still would have been looked down at. That’s a privilege that shouldn’t exist. Someone shouldn’t be sneered at for something that is out of their control.” He looked into Granger’s narrowed eyes and sighed heavily.

                “Granger, there is nothing wrong with being brought up in the muggle world. There is nothing wrong with wanting to learn all you can about the wizarding world. There is nothing wrong with being a muggleborn. There is nothing wrong with who you are.” Draco paused as he looked away. “And I’m sorry that I ever made you feel otherwise.”

                Hermione took in a shaky breath as she looked to the ceiling. An apology. That wasn’t entirely what she thought this conversation would be like. She had assumed that if she had ever received one from Malfoy, that it would be at Harry’s insistence and it wouldn’t be meaningful. But this? This was different. This felt real, and that scared her. Because if this was real, then she would have to let go of all this anger towards Malfoy and that, that was hard.

                “Did you know that in the muggle world, there are people who look down on me because of my skin color?”

                Draco furrowed his brows in confusion. “Why would they do that? That’s silly.”

                “I agree.” Hermione shook her head at the prejudices in both worlds that she can’t seem to run away from. “It isn’t as if I can control what I look like.” She could see the moment it clicked and made sense. Hermione watched Malfoy’s face fall slightly.

                “And to think that wizards seem to think they are better than muggles.” Draco shook his head as he tried to understand what Granger was feeling. Because that would be hard to bear.

                “It’s not all muggles that look at me like that. Just as it’s not all wizards that treat me bad.” Hermione began, folding her hands to her stomach. “But it’s enough to make self-doubt creep up and hateful whispers to make me wish that I was normal.” Her voice cracked.

                “It took a long time to realize that I am normal. That it doesn’t matter what I look like on the outside or what status I was born into. I am proud of who I am. I proud of this.” She raised one of her hands, gesturing to her skin.

                “Proud of the color that others use to define my worth. Proud of being a muggleborn. I am proud of my parents and proud that they are muggles. I wouldn’t change a single thing, because I love who I am. And that’s with the knowledge of the prejudice I face.” Hermione looked towards Malfoy and was thankful not to see any pity.

                “I thought that the wizarding world would be different. I noticed as I read my books, that there didn’t seem to be the same prejudice of the muggle world. I saw equal opportunities with those of different skin colors and I was happy. But then, I was fucking blind sighted by the prejudice against my blood status. Once again, I was treated as a second-class citizen. Someone who wasn’t worth giving a shot to. Someone who was seen as beneath others.” She clenched her fists tightly and closed her eyes. Fighting the bitter sting of tears.

                “It’s not fair. Why can’t I just be looked at on my own merits? Why can’t someone dislike me for something I have done and not the things I can’t change? Why? Why is the world like this? The prejudice of both worlds led to a horrible feeling of not belonging anywhere. I just want to be Hermione Granger. A witch and a human. I want that to be what they notice when they see me. I want to be judged properly and not with a closed mind. I just want to be treated like everyone else. Is that so wrong?”

                Draco breathed out a little shakily, not liking her tears. He didn’t know how to comfort anyone very well. He had only ever comforted Harry before. This was out of his element.

                “Can I just ask why?” Hermione asked, opening her eyes and blinking through the tears. “What is it that makes purebloods dislike muggleborns? Is it just because my parents are muggles?”

                That had Draco wincing. “There’s a few things that lead to their opinions but none of it excuses making someone else feel inferior.” He began, not noticing the slight smile she released as he looked to his hands, wondering if explaining this would be a good idea.


This will go into my next instalment of this series, once I am done writing this. Hopefully, you liked it and will give it a shot.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I'm currently writing a story in which the protagonist is blind. The story is set in a fantasy world, and I've found that it's difficult to find advice on how to write a blind character in a fantasy setting. Most articles I stumble across are about blind characters in the modern world. Do you have any tips on writing a blind fantasy character? I want to make sure my story doesn't sound super ridiculous (a huge part of the plot is that she can kick ass).

This is actually a topic that sits quite close-to-home with me. I’m not blind, however, I’m partially sighted. My left eye has no sight, and have reduced vision in my right. I don’t know things from a blind person’s perspective, but I’ll do my best from what I know and what I would do. 


If you are writing this story from a first-person perspective then you will need to think a novel way to include descriptions of your world. It’d actually be quite interesting, relying solely on sounds and the imagined landscapes of your protagonist. If they have not always been blind, then you could include things from that perspective too. 

Also, you must do a lot of research into how blind people cope doing simple every day tasks. A lot of tasks will be the same in a fantasy world as they are in a modern setting: getting dressed, washing pots, etc. But also blind people who, say, take archery classes or anything like that. A lot of cool RNIB groups take blind people out for activity days where they might do a lot of things your protagonist might end up doing.

Research How Blind People were Treated in Different Cultures

A lot of fantasy draws upon different cultures laws, traditions, etc, and plays with them to create a completely different world. 

Add a lot of historical cultures, too. Because in the modern day many cultures are bound by the UN and Geneva Human Rights conventions, but some practises, right or wrong or simply tradition, might have gone on beforehand. 

Here’s some to start you off;

The Human Condition is Still The Human Condition

I’ve often heard it said about fantasy and sci-fi that, all though the worlds are different and strange, the characters must be human. (Well, unless they are aliens—that’s another topic.) But they must feel things, think things, work things out. And, all though your protagonist lives in a world that’s not like our own, they will still no doubt have a lot of the same feelings. Especially if they are young. I don’t know how old you are going for here, but here’s some things that really effected me as a partially blind person and some people I knew from various projects who were actually blind. 

Being independent: A lot of us really wanted to be independent above all else, even when it made things harder for us. I was offered the chance to do exams in a separate area and be able to leave when I was done but I wanted to do them in the Hall and have to sit there for hours. We had teaching assistants who sat with us and most of us used every opportunity to ditch them or go without, half to prove we can do things by ourselves but half so we could join in. 

Joining in: This brings me happily onto my second point. A lot of that first point was solely just to be able to join in. Yes, in the modern day it’s more of a… ‘Man, I was I could play games well,’ thing, but in a fantasy world it might be some great Tourney or Hunt, or simple childhood games in the woods that the protagonist wishes to join in with. 

More than bullying, it was the people who tried to tell me I couldn’t do anything that hurt me. Bullies got told off sometimes, or came and went, but people like my mom or teachers saying what I couldn’t do; that sticks. 

TL:DR: It’s the circumstances that change, not the emotions. 

Avoid The Badass Blind Monk Who Can Kick Your Ass Trope

Yeah, unfortunately being blind can be a problem. As a half-blind person myself, and knowing how lucky I am to have any sight at all, I do find it annoying the amount of blind characters who seem to only be blind so that the audience can be amazed when they start pulling off amazing martial arts moves, or knowing exactly where things are to pick up, etc.

This isn’t to say your character won’t be able to learn martial arts, or maybe some magic that helps them with placement, etc. That’s fine. But please include drawbacks of actually being blind, things that blind readers would identify with and that readers with sight would learn a lot from. 

For example, yes, it can be quite scary, when you are alone, and you can’t open your eyes. You don’t know who’s around you, friend or foe or terrifying monster. The protagonist never has to admit their fears or problems to others if that’s their character, but they can admit them to themselves. And, in that way, they can hopefully overcome them, too. 

Finally, It’s not the best movie ever, but I’d also give The Village a watch, especially the scene in the forest. It handles the protagonist being blind quite well in that regard. But you’ll need to try and read some books that describe the situation, too.

anonymous asked:

could we have some more innocent fox hux smut please?

The cool autumn air in their bedroom makes Kylo shiver as he exits the bathroom, skin still slightly damp from his shower. Towel wrapped around his waist, he takes no notice of the trail of water he leaves across the room to his bed, too focused on the seemingly-glowing body of his fox that lays upon the sheets.

Hux is still dozing; arms folded underneath his pillow, curled in on himself, knees drawn up to his chest, his bushy tail sleepily brushing back and forth across the bed.

“You took longer underneath the warm waterfall this morning,” Hux mutters, blinking his tired eyes properly awake.

“I was extra dirty,” Kylo responds quickly, hoping that his blushing cheeks doesn’t betray his hidden innuendo behind his use of the word ‘dirty’.

“Well,” Hux says, stretching and yawning before sitting up, brushing his hand back through his short hair to comb the fur on his fox ears. “I’ve offered to groom you myself but you’ve declined every time which, quite frankly, would be incredibly rude if you were a kitsune too. I’m trying not to be offended.”

Kylo hums in the style of a laugh, and drops his towel. Hux’s tongue swipes across his lips in a swift movement, eyes darting downwards.

“Fine.” Kylo smirks, still feeling a little excitement in his pelvis. “You want to groom me so badly? Alright, gingerbell. Go ahead.”

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Winter 2017 Wrapup

Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid

Originally posted by xramensoup

I didn’t have many expectations for this show going into it and I ended up pleasantly surprised with it. Kyoani waved their magic wand and made the show absolutely adorable and mostly fluffy, but also included some unexpectedly gorgeous fight scenes between the dragons. The show had some moments of absolute hilarity as well as genuine heart felt moments between Kobayashi and Tohru, but at the same time it had bits that made me go this is everything that’s wrong with anime. Overall I did enjoy it quite a bit, but I don’t think it’s the strongest work Kyoani has done in awhile. 


Youjo Senki (Saga of Tanya the Evil)

Originally posted by goku-z

Initially this was not a show on my radar but I kept hearing and seeing things here and there about and decided to give it a go once I was done with the season. I didn’t have any expectations because the studio doing it, NUT, is new and the director is also fairly new, so not much to judge off of. But it was a lot of fun! It takes place in alternate universe WWI with magic, and our main character Tanya the Evil is in fact not a very good person. The show sets up and executes how a world war happens, and also has some very real criticisms of human nature and war. My main complaints are s2 please, recycled CG elements (almost entirely background stuff. I’ll give the new studio some slack but it did take away some of the immersion a few times), and occasionally going a little bit too far towards edgy rather than dark. All said and done I thought it was executed well and an enjoyable watch. It’s fun to watch a show where the MC is definitely not a great person, and the side they fight for may be in the wrong, or at least isn’t definitively in the right. If you’re a fan of war shows, I’d give this one a try. 


KonoSuba S2

Originally posted by hiratzuka

Konosuba is back with more hilarity and hi-jinks from the gang of idiots. Darkness didn’t get a whole lot of focus in the first season, but she does in this one. Her masochistic tendencies are ramped up to the extreme and the show basically makes her the joke at every point possible. Personally I felt like it focused a bit much on her and some of the jokes started to get repetitive, but despite that it never failed to entertain. If you liked the first season you’ll like the second season. The hot springs trip was definitely the highlight of the show, with Aqua’s church cult being an unexpectedly humorous event. Overall a great sequel to the first season, but I think I liked the first season just a bit more. 


Gabriel Dropout

Originally posted by hiratzuka

For me this was the moe SoL comedy staple of the season. If you’ve seen a few of them already you can basically guess most of the jokes and gags in this one, but it was still fun throughout. I’m always impressed with authors find new ways to somehow get people into a high school and make a SoL comedy out of it. Vigne and Satania stole the show, leaving Gabriel and Raphiel behind for the most part. Doga Koba also did that thing were they have moe SoL down to a science and made it amazingly cute and fluffy. Solid pick for a comedy, but ultimately not much new. 


Demi-chan (Interviews with Monster girls)

Originally posted by mimi-pearlbaton

The only thing I knew about this show was that it looked cute and Hikari was in fact adorable. I was genuinely impressed with some of the directing in this show. Moe SoLs aren’t typically heralded for their plot and thoughtful discussion of more serious themes, but Demi-chan is a bit of an exception. This sounds like the sort of show that I would enjoy a lot, but I ended up pretty bored with it. I’m not sure why, but I think it’s because of the character dynamics. It was basically Hikari and then two much more subdued characters and the dynamics never really felt quite right. While it was a much more laid back show, it lacked energy when it needed it. I’ll finish it sometime, but I was a little underwhelmed by it. 


Little Witch Academia

Originally posted by gurikajis

The TV show ended up very different than the OVAs from what I watched. This is not a bad thing, but it meant that my initial expectations of the show were way off. For now I’ve got it on hold until the whole is released on Netflix and I can watch it a lot quicker than once a week. 


Kemono Friends

Originally posted by srchani

I only watched the first episode to see what all the hullabaloo was about. I intend to finish it at some point, but for now it’s on hold. Honestly it’s a miracle this show even managed to exist. I want to watch just for the sake of the creators. 


Anime of the season goes too…. Youjo Senki! The show I really knew nothing about ended up impressing me the most. I’m looking forward to more shows from NUT (hopefully S2). Had I watched 3-gatsu or Shouwa Genroku s2 either of those probably would have been AotS, but I didn’t. They are on my list of things to watch though. 

Thieves Among Us (3/5)

Let Jon have his armies and his devoted wildlings and the love of their people, she thinks. Let him have his dragon queen. She’s in possession of a secret, tragic as it may be, but at least it’s entirely her own. For Sansa, that’s more than enough. It has to be. Rated M; inspired by content from S7. Previous chapters can be found here.

Sansa’s eyes dawned with realization while she stared back at him, her face a kaleidoscope of surprise and panic that burst wide open before swallowing itself up again as she recovered from his unexpected appearance.  

“Hello, Jon,” she greeted evenly. Sansa may have had the sense to speak first, but her tone was distant—as distant as it had been when she’d spoken to him on the rampart. It was like she had thrown ice water over him, jolting him out of his dazed bewilderment. The fact that she sounded so casual, as if her presence wasn’t anything strange to ponder over whatsoever, only set him off the edge just a little further.

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Tally was going home for the weekend.
I felt like I needed her there, really. Zayn and Harry had spent the entire of Friday bonding over lad-ish nonsense and tattoos and all the rest, and my only saviour had been Tally. Because I loved Mike, dearly, but he was the kind of boy who played video games and was slightly intimidated by big words, so there was no way he could save me from my misery in the same way Tally could.

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anonymous asked:

this might be a bit of a stretch but solas(dragon age) and shepard(mass effect) + difference for the prompt? em, dont feel forced to do this one since its kinda out there!

OK, I’m determined, I’m going to write something for this. Longer than the original 5-10 sentence task and not really the shippiest of responses, but here we go. I’m gonna write Solas into Mass Effect. *cracks knuckles*

“Do not do this.” His voice trembled despite himself, the Dread Wolf’s confident facade crumbling as he watched the Inquisitor raise the artifact, its arcane light catching in her eyes as they glistened, wet with unshed tears. 

“I’m sorry, vhenan,” she whispered. “You left me no choice.”

He lifted his hand, reaching out for her, his throat tightening as he choked out a final word. “Please-”

And then, there was darkness. 

He had underestimated her. Given other circumstances, he might have been proud. Her solution had been far more elegant than the plan he’d concocted to stop the Evanuris. She didn’t need to change the very nature of the world to imprison him. Instead, she trapped him inside his own mind. A dreamless sleep - his consciousness cut off from the world, from her, from the Fade, from the spirits who had brought him so much comfort and companionship over those long years before he met her. There was only a sinking moment of helplessness, a feeling of being stripped bare and hollowed out, a second of useless struggling and then…. nothing.

An utter void.

He had no concept of how much time had passed before he heard the voice. Thin, high and reedy, bearing the quickened cadence of speech and yet Solas could not recognize the language it spoke. He opened his eyes only to squeeze them shut once more, wincing at the harsh, blinding light that surrounded him. A second voice joined the first - softer, feminine - her words sounding just as foreign but in a completely different manner from the first. Yet the two spoke in turn as if they understood one another as Solas got his bearings, forcing himself to sit upright as his head spun. His body felt weak - how long had he slept? - and it took time for his vision to adjust to the strange, artificial light in the room. It had an odd, bluish quality to it, not like firelight or sunlight and twice as bright as either. It made the walls around him seem even more strikingly void of color, surrounded by nothing but dull silver paneling. The only familiar thing he could see lay about his person - a sarcophagus of sorts, clearly decorated with care, though the once-beautiful stone carvings had worn down over the ages. 

There was only one person who would have gone to such trouble to give him an honored burial. 

He was abruptly drawn from his thoughts as a sharp pain erupted from the side of his throat, an odd mechanical hiss sounding seconds after the foreign object pierced him. Solas drew back quickly, nearly toppling out of his carved encasement as he whirled to face his attacker, summoning energy for a spell on reflex as his feet hit the floor.

The…. thing that had touched him did not seem alarmed, staring at a narrow beam of orange light as it set down the implement it had just used to strike him. The light before it shifted, changing into varying unfamiliar patterns and when it next spoke, Solas was surprised to hear it speak in Common. “Hmm. Energy readings. Unidentified. Source and purpose unknown. Increased activity in frontal lobe accompanied by electrical activity in the hands. Strange. Might be coincidental. Unclear how stasis was achieved. Unfamiliar technology. Body clearly nourished, yet source of fuel undetermined. No signs of decomposition. No muscle deterioration. Yet containment does not appear to generate any sort of protective field. No time dilation or cryotech. Just stone. Odd. Otherwise, humanoid. One heart. Nearly identical circulatory system and organ structure to the people of your planet. Will need to analyze DNA to be certain, but-”

“Slow it down, Mordin,” the female voice said again. Solas sought the source of the sound, relieved to see a more familiar form. Human, yes, but at least she was something he could identify, unlike the tall and slim figure who continued to poke at a strangely-marked panel. She was not dissimilar to Cassandra in her height and physique, clad in a slim-fitting black uniform, her hand resting warily on the device she had strapped to her hip. “Just give me the basics.”

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Pharmercy Appreciation Week: Day 6 - Wedding

I have to go back and do days 4 and 5 because this weekend was much busier than I anticipated … but here’s day 6. :’)

Summary: Lena and Emily get married; Angela asks Fareeha to be her date.


Lena announces her wedding date a year before it happens. She and Emily are ecstatic, in love, totally and completely happy. Angela’s happy for them, too. Happier still when she goes to the bachelorette party a month out (both of them) - ridiculously happy to drag a drunken Farreha home after one, and then to have been escorted home drunkenly at the other by the same woman.

A week out and Emily calls her to go to lunch and Angela accepts willingly. Sitting across from the red head, sipping coffee after her meal Emily finally leans forward and, looking almost too serious says:

“So have you asked Fareeha to be your date yet?”

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fromthesebruisesflowersgrow  asked:

Okay, I've been loving all the dragon!Stiles and it gave me an idea: Stiles getting bitten, but not changing into a wolf. Like Kate, he turns into a werejaguar. He and Peter aren't quite sure what to do with the insinuations of that.

Lordy lordy, you spoil me with such angsty prompts, lol. Love it!


Stiles wasn’t sure what he expected, what he’d thought, but looking in hindsight he guessed it was only a practice in inevitability to run with wolves and then expect to never be bitten.

He winced as Peter prodded at the bite in his side, careful fingers familiarizing themselves with his flesh. Theirs was a complicated dance, circling each other and never quite making the plunge. They weren’t dating, not really, but they were something. Something made of silent acceptance, warm comfort, gentle support. Something made of late night texts, after nightmare cuddles, and secret laughs.

Stiles took in a deep breath, trying to calm himself. His chest expanded with the inhale and pulled at the edges of the wound. He flinched and Peter’s hand was a solid warmth against his side, pulling the pain from his body.

“Think it’ll take?” Stiles asked nervously, wondering if he should start a countdown.

“It’ll take,” Peter promised. “You’ll make a wonderful wolf, Stiles,” he murmured. His voice was sure and confident and Stiles found himself nodding, believing it. “Let’s get you cleaned up,” he said, and Stiles knew everything would be okay.

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anonymous asked:

Hi! I love ur blog! If ur taking prompts, how about a jealous Miyuki who saw a girl confessing to Eijun?

sorry for posting this so late fgjhdfdj work had me busy but here it is :Oc jealous miyuki was rlly interesting to write tbh 

rating: general
couple: misawa
word count: 1,014 words
description: everything was static around him, his eyes focused on only one figure; that of a boy whose ears were cherub, whose hand moved to cover a shy smile (was that what he was hiding?) and quickly went to rub at the back of neck. honestly, miyuki kazuya would’ve been better off without witnessing the start of a love story  —  or so he thought.

“hyaha! you won’t believe this!!!—” it was kuramochi that sounded the alarm, thus having a handful of people gathering at the rail outside miyuki’s room, everyone keeping their voice a hush as a miracle was taking place; sawamura eijun was receiving what had to be his first confession! from a girl nonetheless!

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This is going to be the weirdest ask ever- but I think you might like it! If not, you can ignore! Can you do a fairytale AU where a 'monster' (Tendou) is the outcast of a very rich, proper royal society? Everyone's always beating him down and trying to kick him out until he meets the Princess and she saves him and befriends him (The Monster probably has a huge crush on her too) Thank you!

I wanted to do so so so much with this ask but chopped it off or else it would’ve been like, 30,000 words. Somebody, please request a part two, three, four and five. I love this ask. 

Solace was the only thing he’d been reaching for his entire life. Although, the back alley behind a merchant’s warehouse where he lay was anything but. The mob had left hours ago, but in the back of his mind, he could still see their faces, the knives, the torches. Over the past few years he’s managed to escape them quite well, but they got him today. The right side of his shirt had been burned, crumbling off in little ashes every time he touched it. The skin underneath wound up worse. He imagined getting stabbed would hurt less than this. It oozed of blood and he was sure the inner layer of his skin was exposed, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Another civilian had got his ankle with his sword, so it wasn’t like he could get up and ask for help. Not like anyone would help him, regardless. This man had a lot of names. The Monster, Il Diavolo, It, were just a few he was most known for, but his name was Satori. Satori Tendou, the kingdom’s notorious reject.

Satori didn’t know how he wound up being The Monster. He was human, at least, he definitely looked like one. He figured it was his red hair, or red eyes, that gave him such an image. Maybe it was because he was so scrawny, and so tall, with long limbs and droopy eyes and pale skin. Maybe he was The Monster because people were just rude to those who were different. Satori liked to think that they were the real monsters, in the end. But they weren’t, and he knew that. They were rich people, normal people, with families and friends and lived in the city. They all looked relatively the same and talked and walked and thought the same. They were basic, and that was what separated them from him.

Satori felt like he was going to end up dying here. The blood that was pooling from his ankle had finally dried up, but the evidence of how much he had lost was splayed across the concrete. There were black spots dancing in his vision, and he felt so lightheaded that he wasn’t even sure if he was breathing. All it took was a small flutter of his eyelids, and he was out.

There was a moment when Satori had woken up in the middle of the night. He could see the stars and moon above him, but as much as he tried to move, he was stuck. His eyes darted around him to see that he was, in fact, still trapped inside the back alley. He mustered up the strength to prop himself up on his elbows, groaning as he finally forced his back up against the wall. He had no clue how he was ever going to get out of here without being stopped again. He hoped that early tomorrow morning only The Judgers would be out. Satori had established that there were two types of people in this world. The Judgers, and The Harmers. The Judgers were the people who sent him dirty looks on the street, pushing their children close to their side if he so much as walked past them. They didn’t care about his existence, and he was fine with that. The Harmers were the people who wouldn’t waste a second to spit on him, or hit him with a broom. The Harmers were the people who cared so much about his existence, they wanted him dead, and it really made no sense.

Satori had noticed that, in the city, the night was so much more peaceful than the day. The forest wasn’t too far and the owls coos filled the night, frogs and crickets chirped away at will, not even for a second afraid of what might catch them. All was serene, until he heard footsteps. They were coming down the side of the back alley, the shadow of the person splayed across the brick wall. The footsteps were light, dainty even, but that didn’t stop Satori from being terrified. He had nowhere to hide, and he couldn’t even move, regardless. The person who was coming would just have to put up with him being there. He hoped that maybe they would even kill him. But what he saw wasn’t menacing, it was anything but. It was a girl in a green cloak and a black dress, holding a satchel close to her chest. She looked lost, afraid, even, and Satori almost felt pity for her.

She hadn’t quite noticed him yet as she walked down the alley. That, or she was just choosing to ignore him. She had nowhere else to go, it was a dead end, so he wondered what in the world she could possibly be doing. The chances of her not even being real were high as well. He was feeling sick and had lost a lot of blood, this could all be a trick being played by his mind. But it wasn’t.

When she finally saw him sitting there, all she did was stare. It was intense, her mouth agape and her hands shaking around the bag she held. In less than a second it was dropped, and much to his surprize, she began sprinting. Satori prepared to get a swift kick to the stomach, or maybe even a blow to his head, but when he looked up at her and saw nothing but worry in her eyes, he sat back. She didn’t want to hurt him.

She slowed to a halt and kneeled down in front of him, pulling his bony hand into hers. It was almost like she couldn’t form words, her mouth just opening and closing in shock. Satori would be lying if he said he wasn’t confused.

“This is going to sound very rude, and I’m terribly sorry, but you’re…” She rambled, taking a deep sigh in between her words. “You’re The Monster, right?”

All her could do was nod. She nodded back, sighed a quick, “thank you God”, and without warning, propped his leg up on her lap.

“I swear to God I told those buffoons to stop hurting you!” She started yelling, mostly at herself. She threw her cloak off of her shoulders and tugged at the sleeve of her dress until it ripped off. “They don’t listen to me! Is it because I’m a girl? I know I’m not the queen yet, but God! Could they pay their superior a bit of respect! Garbage! Garbage human beings!”

Satori could only watch her as she continued to scold herself, wrapping his ankle up with her torn up sleeve. If he wasn’t so delirious, he would’ve been absolutely amused.

“Who… what?” Was all Satori could manage to say. He attempted to sit up but the burn on his stomach stung when he tried to push forward. He opted to leaning back again.

“I’m sorry, this is probably really confusing.” She shook her head. She gently laid his leg back down on the ground, and grabbed his hand. “I don’t know if you know this, but you’re quite notorious around these parts. Word of you reached the palace last week and it just pissed me off! I tried to find you sooner but my father wouldn’t let me go out and look. I made an announcement to the lot to leave you the hell alone, but clearly their skulls are too thick to let my words pass through! I swear, next person to lay a land on you gets publically executed! By me!

Satori continued to stare at her in confusion. He shook his head, and almost laughed.

“I’m sorry, miss. But who are you?”

Her face went blank for a moment, and all she could do was stare at the wall in front of her.

“I must’ve sounded like such an idiot, I’m sorry.” She chuckled, shaking her head. “My head is so inflated I assume everyone must know who I am. I’m the princess, Princess __.”

Satori was definitely stunned now. The princess, the real, royal blooded princess of this terrible kingdom, was caring about him. His heart started beating faster, his nerves going haywire. His breathing kicked up and he had to look anywhere, anywhere but those eyes boring into his. This was too much for him right now. He didn’t deserve a Deus Ex Machina. Especially, not one that was a princess.

“Why’re you doing this?” Was all he could ask. Her hand tightened around his, and Satori couldn’t help but marvel at how nice it felt. It was soft, gentle. He couldn’t remember the last time somebody had touched him to be kind.

“Well, it’s my duty as princess to make this place better off in the long run. Plus… I kind’ve taken an interest in you.”

“But why?” He asked again. “I’m The Monster.”

“You’re not a monster.” She shook her head. She was rubbing circles across his cracked skin and it nearly made him jump. “A little odd, yes, but I can relate. What’s your name? Your real name.”

“Satori.” he muttered, without hesitation.

“Satori.” she whispered back, smiling and letting her eyes fall to the floor. She was silent for a moment, thinking about something.

“I’m sorry I’m touching you so much.” She peeped, suddenly. “I’m just happy you’re alive.”

Satori pursed his lips and looked towards the ground. There was money, or something, involved with this, wasn’t there? She was the princess for God’s sake. This wasn’t a fairytale where suddenly, his shitty life was to be fixed by someone so rich and beautiful. He refused to believe this was actually happening. He wanted to ask another question, but opted to staying silent.

“Do you… do you have anywhere to go?” she asked, suddenly. She still refused to let go of his hand. It irked him just a little bit. He shook his head.

“I know it sounds intrusive, but would you like to come home with me?” Satori’s eyes widened as he shook his head furiously.

“I couldn’t, Princess. The palace is not my place.”

“Too bad, you’re coming anyways.” She smiled brightly, but Satori could see that deep down, it was fake. “We need to get your wounds covered properly before it’s too late.”

She stood up and brushed her skirt off, although it really did nothing to the state of it. She held her hand out for him to grab, but he shook his head again.

“Princess, I’ll only agree to come with you if you tell me why you’re so nervous.” He looked up at her with sharp eyes and a frown. She paused, the corners of her mouth turning downwards.

“But I’m not-”

“Are you afraid of me, princess? Is that it?” He hummed, grabbing her hand and shuffling onto his feet. His ankle almost gave out under him, but he stumbled through it. He loomed over her for a moment, his turn to look down upon her. “Are you doing this so you look like a hero? Did someone pay you? You probably can’t wait to tell all your friends about how you saved some peasant, hm? Get a pat on the back for being a good person?” Satori noticed how the frown on her face morphed into a small smirk.

“You don’t scare me, Satori, if that’s what you’re thinking.” She shrugged, stepping away from him. “And I’m not trying to turn you into my charity case either. In my defense, I’m already egotistical enough, I don’t need more people praising me. I’m doing this because I think you’re interesting. I wasn’t lying about that.”

“And why in the world would you think I’m interesting?”

__ sighed, bending over to pick her cloak off the ground.

“I’m sorry, but you have trust issues, don’t you?” She muttered, softly, looking up at him with even gentler eyes than before. He said nothing. Of course he had trust issues. He had issues in general. Everyone he had ever talked to in the past fifteen years of his life either insulted him or beat him, she out of all people should realize that.

“Please trust me, Satori. I know it would be rude to say I understand what you’re going through, but I can sympathize well enough. I think you’re interesting because you’ve gone through things I haven’t. It’s nice to live the easy life but… I always feel like I’m cheating. I’m not a real person. I’ve never had to go through any hardships. I’m just surviving, I’m not living. You do so much and have probably gone through so much… That’s why you interest me, because you’re real.”

Satori nodded slowly, not knowing if it would be okay for him to grab her hand as she did before.

“I trust you, Princess.”

She flashed him a giddy smile, and closed the space between their hands.

“Do you think you can walk up to where the palace is? I’m sorry I don’t have anything with me. I kind’ve sneaked out.”

“Princess, may I ask you a question?”

“Of course.”

“Why do you apologize so much? It’s not like you’re doing anything wrong.” He inquired.

“Force of habit…” She paused for a moment, then sniffled. “I almost apologized again.”

Satori shook his head. “‘S alright.”

The silence that followed seemed odd. He couldn’t tell if it was awkward or comforting. He felt eyes watching him from windows, but the princess’ hand in his assured him. It was a long walk back to the palace, and by the time they returned, the sun was peeking up on the horizon. Walking up to such a place was intimidating, especially when the door was lined with knights. Knights who looked as if they wanted his blood.

“Good morning, Tsutomu, Eita, Wakatoshi! How are you today?” She asked them politely, and Satori couldn’t help but notice the drastic change in the tone of her voice.

“Princess, where have you been?” The knight at the far right of the line, presumably Wakatoshi, had growled. He looked absolutely angry, intimidating. Satori wouldn’t doubt it if he was told he was the strongest the kingdom had.

“Out.” She responded to his question with a fake smile.

“You snuck out? Why would you sneak out? What if you got killed or caught or kidnapped! Do the king and queen know about this?” The black haired knight was the next to go off on her, but __ didn’t seem to mind.

“They won’t know about this if you don’t tell them.” __ had continued her bantering with the two knights on the end, but the one in the middle was staring him down. His gaze was cold, his expression, colder. Satori knew it was a bad idea to follow her here. That was until the knight nodded in his direction, and began to focus on the princess.

“Princess.” The middle man interrupted the black haired knight, hitting him in the arm to do so. “Is this why you sneaked out? For The Monster?”

“I actually just wanted to find a stray cat to bring in, but he was better.” She nodded. “And in this house, we do not refer to him as such. His name is Satori.”

Satori felt awkward. There was a certain tension coming off of the middle man still, but Wakatoshi seemed to be welcoming. The other was giving him a stare of amusement and anger at the same time.

“Well, Satori, it looks like you put a fight up against somebody.” The middle man smiled. “Was it the princess who got you? Since she looks pretty beat up herself.”

He heard the princess peep a quick, “excuse me!”, but he chose to ignore it.

“Tsutomu.” Wakatoshi commanded, pointing to the other knight. “Take the princess up to her room and make sure she doesn’t get caught. Eita, bring Satori to the medic. Make sure his wounds are tended then bring him back out here. Same goes for you, Princess. We’re going to talk.”

“Yes, Father.” She mocked him, sticking out her tongue. Wakatoshi didn’t seem amused. Although Satori was ordered to go with the middle man, Eita, or whatever his name was, he stuck to __’s side. He knew he was going to be interrogated sooner or later.

“I promise you, Eita doesn’t bite. He’s just a bit of a jackass, but once you get passed that, he’s alright.” She assured him, squeezing his hand before letting it fall back down to his side.

“I heard that, Princess!” Eita sneered back at her.

“See? He isn’t going to do anything about it. He won’t hurt you.”

Satori nodded, and before she turned on her heel to follow Tsutomu down the hall, he tapped on her shoulder.

“__, I mean, Princess…”

“I prefer __, really.”

“__, thank you. For this. For everything.”

“Anything for you, Satori”

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I know you said no more fox hux but I love the headcanon you made about him being scared of thunder. Maybe, if you feel like it, could you write something for it? please?

Kylo isn’t sure what sound rouses him from sleep.

Whether it’s the rumble of thunder, the crack of lightning or the rain pounding on the window, Kylo is now wide awake regardless.

It’s the middle of the night, Kylo notes as he blinks himself into alertness, realising that his fox isn’t lying next to him like he was hours ago when they’d fallen into bed.

“Hux?” Kylo shouts, sitting up, noting that their bathroom light isn’t on so Hux isn’t in there.

But there comes another flash of lightning before the noise of thunder follows a few seconds later, and then frightened whimpers sound from underneath the bed.

Kylo frowns, climbing out of bed to look underneath, only to see Hux huddled in on himself, lithe body shaking, eyes scrunched closed and his fox ears flattened to his head.

“Oh, Hux,” Kylo says softly, kneeling down, surprised that Hux has managed to even fit underneath their bed. “Is it the thunder?”

“I hate it, Kylo,” Hux says, hands covering his human ears. “It’s so loud and bad and–”

Another flash, another rumble. Hux cowers and Kylo’s heart flutters. He reaches under the bed, stroking down the soft curve of the fox’s back and to his tail, smoothing the wayward fur back into place.

“Come back into bed, sweetheart,” Kylo says. “It’s warmer, I’ll protect you.”

Hux opens his eyes and moves his hands away from his ears, and slowly crawls out from underneath the bed and into Kylo’s arms, who lifts him bridal style into a strong embrace. Nuzzling his nose into Kylo’s neck, the fox cries quietly as his mate holds him tight, the rain hammering down on their windows. They settle back into bed and Hux nestles as close to Kylo’s chest as he can manage, his fox ears tickling the underneath of Kylo’s chin.

“Ssh, it’s alright,” Kylo smiles, kissing the top of Hux’s head. “It can’t hurt you.”

“That’s what my mother used to tell me and my brothers,” Hux murmurs, and Kylo feels his lover tremble. “Even on the same night as–”

Hux’s voice trails off, pulling the blankets over them as the lightning and the thunder finally sync, the rumble sounding at the same time as the big flash.

“Same night as what, Hux? Talk to me. You’re shaking.”

The rain eases as the storm passes over their apartment building, moving with the winds. The fox breathes out, his ears returning to their usual alertness rather than flatten to his head against the loud assaults from the storm. He pushes himself out of Kylo’s hold, brushing stray hair out of his eyes as he sits up, back against the headboard, grey tee baggy on his small frame.

“The same night as the fire.”

Kylo sits up too, unnerved by the fearful looks in the fox’s eyes.

“The fire?”

Hux nods.

“I was part of a litter of four.” A small smile ghosts Hux’s lips. “Four boys to one parent. Our mother did her best for us but a litter of any more than 2 to a kitsune, male or female, means a lot of energy so the pups can be a handful.”

Kylo can’t help but imagine Hux as a small boy, able to shift into a little foxling, playing with his 3 brothers whilst their mother sat nearby and watched over her children with a proudness in her eyes.

“You’ve never mentioned your brothers before,” Kylo says, smiling, but it fades when he sees Hux’s expression fall.

“I’m the only one left.”

Kylo’s chest clenches, and tears fall from Hux’s eyes.

“It was the worst storm I’ve ever seen. My mother tried to take us deeper into the forest to find shelter after our den had been destroyed but everywhere was engulfed in flames. One of my brothers was injured, and whilst running back to help him, another became hurt and they were lost to the fire. I remember running to them but falling instead, slipping down into a hole in the forest floor and…that’s all I remember. I woke up to my home destroyed and my family with it. My three brothers and my mother. So you see, I have no brothers to talk about.”

Without hesitating, Kylo takes Hux into his arms, kissing his cheek and rubbing his nose against him like he knows comforts Hux in a way that only a fellow kitsune would know. Hux cries into his mate’s shoulder as the thunder fades completely into the distance, leaving the softly-falling rain the only sound to comfort them.

“I’m sorry, Hux,” Kylo says, wishing he could somehow stop his fox from hurting. “I’ve lost family too. Not in the same way, but…I know the grief kills a little part of you every time you think of them.”

“Their spirits live on with mine,” Hux says, sitting up to look at Kylo’s eyes. “That’s what we believe. Kitsunes. Death means the joining of souls, giving strength to the ones still fighting in Life. But…I still miss them.”

Kylo doesn’t know how to respond. Feeling compelled as Hux’s only remaining family, and mate, he takes hold of his hand and squeezes hard.

And to his delight, Hux squeezes back, equally as sorry about Kylo’s own pain.

“It’s alright, Ren,” Hux nods, tail wafting behind him. “I have you.”

“You do,” Kylo says softly, bringing Hux’s knuckles up to his lips to kiss. “You always will. By the spirits of your brothers, I swear it.”

And Hux’s eyes glow like Kylo has never seen before.

Taking a Sick Day

Hey y’all! So uh….. I tried my hand some g/t writing, based off an idea @pizsospa and myself had, so without further ado, here it is!

It had been weeks since it happened.

Weeks since she and her friends snuck into the household of the egos. Shop couldn’t remember for the life of her WHY they did it. Was a bet? Were they escaping from something? The three of them couldn’t have hidden away in a household full of mini giants for no reason…could they?

Maybe she felt like this because of where she decided to sneak into… while one friend had run off to find Wilford, and the other to the Host, Shop had decided to sneak into Dark’s domain, stupidly choosing to ignore the little voice in her head screaming how bad of an idea it was as she crossed the threshold.

At first, she thought it would work out, full of hope that Dark was not as bad as he always appeared, but she quickly found this is be wrong. Oh so wrong. While he wasn’t quite as malicious as some might have thought, he was still dangerous, and crafty at that, though Shop should have known this, given his manipulative nature.

While her friends were treated with care and spoken to as equals (as far as she could tell), Shop found herself becoming Dark’s personal ‘assistant’, which wouldn’t be all that bad, if being his assistant didn’t mean everything from being a stress reliever in long board meetings, to performing menial tasks while he watches from afar. Shop presumed this was due to her size; when compared to him and everything else in the house, only coming up to someone’s knee seems to make everything just a bit harder to do.

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Could you do hcs with everyone (or as many as you can/want) with dyslexic s/o? A lot of people I've asked have said no but you seem aright with it.

Totally fine with doing dyslexic s/o. Sorry for any misrepresentations or mistakes. And no, unfortunately I cannot do all of them, especially at once. So i chose 3 characters, mostly at random. Hope you enjoy


  • Didn’t realize at first that you were dyslexic
  • When you two first met she’d been showing you some of her work on her computer. Finally you had to ask her to read some of the things for you, mostly because you didn’t want to take up too much time or bore her by trying to take the time to read it yourself
  • Felt bad at first, like somehow your dyslexia was her fault
  • But then she realized you really weren’t much different from her and that she honestly wanted to know more about you
  • Really liked how it never seemed to hold you back from doing anything
  • The two of you ended up dating and moving into a cute loft in her home country
  • A lot of the time you two like laying on your bed snuggled together
  • After having grown comfortable around Sombra, your dyslexia really didn’t seem to matter to either of you
  • You liked to read the news articles or stories you found on the internet to her
  • Loves to listen to you read, even when you struggle
  • Never interrupts you
  • Some days she’ll lay on the love seat with her head in your lap while she’s on her laptop doing hacking work, and will fall asleep to the lull of your voice as you read short stories to her


  • Honestly, he was a bit of an ass at first
  • Was one of those douches who acted like you weren’t capable, and treated you like you were a child for your disability
  • Gradually he realized how you never let your disability stop you from doing your reports or other things that mattered to you, even when you needed a bit of help with them
  • Eventually he apologized, though gruffly, for acting as he did
  • Ended up with a crush on you before you fell for him
  • One morning you found him reading the newspaper. You saw a headline that caught your interest. It was the only paper so you hesitantly sat down next to him and asked if he’d read it to you
  • Soldier had hesitated, then handed you the newspaper and asked if you’d like to read it to him instead. He promised not to be a jerk and would only assist if you asked for it
  • Helped you only a few times, and you found him watching you with a odd look that kind of sent butterflies to your tummy
  • You two ended up growing closer, and eventually dating
  • Once punched another member right in the face for making a rude comment about your dyslexia
  • You love it now when he reads the newspaper to you in the mornings. And now that you share the same bed, the two of you have fallen into the habit of you reading a chapter of a book each night to him
  • The sound of your voice is one of the prettiest things to him


  • Found one of her squad getting angry at you for not being able to read the coordinates for a mission location
  • When she learned you had dyslexia, she turned the full brunt of her anger on the other team member
  • She thought it was despicable that they were treating you like that
  • Later she pulled you aside after a mission. She asked if you were sure you wanted to stay in that line of work, especially when silent communication, coordinates and codes were used so often
  • You’d seen her group in action and had really wanted to join them. You made that clear but also told her that if she thought you should, you’d go because you didn’t want to hold them back
  • So instead, with your permission, she asked you if you’d like some lessons from her in the basics of codes.
  • It made you nervous because for one, you had a huge crush on the commanding Egyptian. And for another, you’d never met anyone who understood nor had the patience for your disability
  • Pharah told you that bluntly that she didn’t think you were stupid. You were a smart human being, like anyone else. it just took you a little longer for certain things.
  • So reluctantly you spent two hours with her each day. To your surprise, you found her to be super patient. She happily repeated herself as many times as you asked, explaining it in as many ways as you needed. Not once did was she rude or impatient
  • For the first time you really felt like you were learning something and having an intellectual conversation. It was less about the fact that you were talking about codes and more that there was a mutual respect when the two of you worked. Pharah quizzed you once or twice verbally and you were so happy to get the majority right.
  • Your team was even impressed with your progress and also cheered you along, especially since Pharah made it clear that a team that didn’t stick together wasn’t a team she cared to have
  • The two of you started dating a month after the lessons started. Although not a professional, you were proud of your progress with the codes and likes to practice with her sometimes on random days
  • Pharah was incredibly sweet and never treated you different, nor less then the person she believed you to be