the sound reid made

Places are nothing but places.
“well, reid got propositioned by every prostitute we talked to.”

fandom: criminal minds

starts in season 2, episode 22 “legacy” but it quickly diverges from canon

pairing: moreid

word count: 1,858

warnings: swearing, car crash, racism, mentions of alcohol

a/n: it’s lowercase partly because aesthetic, partly because i started typing it that way and was too lazy to change it. enjoy <3

i’m tagging @dontshootmespence​ b/c i think you might like this and idk how you’ll see it otherwise (oh god why am i doing this yike)

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later, when morgan thought about it, he was jealous.

jealous of what, derek? he asked himself.

he didn’t let himself answer.

he was afraid of what the answer would be.

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