the sound of the spectacle

We Wanted the Sky
The Saddest Landscape
We Wanted the Sky

i will paint this town a whole host of new colors and when your hand slipped into mine i knew that i was home it’s oh so worth one more night you are the kind of dream that turns heads making out in dc alleys you told me all of your secrets without saying a word we wanted the sky but got rain instead but i’m still smiling

It’s hard to resist the sound and spectacle of a classic endurance racer. And no one knows that better than Pepo Rosell of @xtrpepo.
This is ‘Rocket,’ a Triumph Legend TT that looks like it’d be at home in the pit lane at Le Mans. It’s got the engine upgrades to match, with ported heads, free-flowing DNA air filters and the exhaust headers from a Speed Triple.
Hit the link in our bio for a full set of killer images by Cesar Godoy.
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This world is made of blinking lights
They’re changing all the time
But depending who you’re talking to
It’s likely to be fine
I watched you go from bad to worse
The blues is here to stay
Sometimes it’s the simple things that make it all okay

Oh, you don’t have to lie, say you’re alright
We’re just happy that you’re here
But if you yell and tell me to go to hell
Well at least you’d sound sincere
Oh, you know it’s all a spectacle
When you go to take a bow
You always did get nervous in a crowd
But if you need some company
I’d gladly stick around

—  Conor Oberst - Till St. Dymphna Kicks Us Out
Memento Mori

Battle roared, at least poetically, as in the deep and emptyness of Space sound was not propagated. Despite that, it was still a spectacle to be witnessed, as the Draugr Fleet of the General Tyrannus tore open a path through the Alcadian blockade to the planet #310334978.

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Tremendous Battleships bited on each other, as thew spewed lasers and block shells that pierced holes in the gargantuan military contructions they were, while a inumerable amount of small destroyers and star fighters brawled each other, using speed and dexterity as their weapons. Transport convoys, filled to the brim with soldiers were trying to land on the enemies ships, so to disable them from the inside.

So far, although the Alcadian men and women were brave in the strategic defense of this sector, but they were no match against the bitterness of the Draugr assault which had come upon them in the last two months. Planet by planet, the Alcadian Galactic Retunie was being torn to pieces. 

So it seamt, the Draugr were unstoppable: Not only they wielded superior firepower, and speed in which they attacked, but also, they were no words to describe the creatures who manned the guns. At least, science didnt have an explanation for the fisionomy that the Draugr presented: Tall and thick, battleclad in plasteel armour to brim and almost imposible to bring down, which was proven that only blows to the head would effectively put a Draugr out of comission, and only for a short time, for they would always eventually rise again to serve their Master, the mysterious General Tyrannus who led them.

It almost seemed that they didnt belong in this universe. The Draugr, were, after all, undead, a concept which the Alcadians could not grasp. And so, they werent. In fact, the Draugr fleet was a mercenary fleet for hire, and to the bad luck of the Alcadians, their enemies, the Delpot Kingdom, had summed quite a bit of stardust to pay for General Tyrannus services’.

Despite that, the Alcadians had prepeared a ill surprise that they hoped, would put a stop to the Draugr fleet, and even decimate the Army’s head. Aboard one of their Merylian Class warships, there was a secret weapon they hoped, could pierce the thick grayshields and physical defenses of the Malcor, the General’s flagship. And so, the time to use it was nigh.

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Twin-Link Ion cannons started to muster energy concentrated inside their colossal barrels, as the battle continued on, two LSY away from the Alcadian reserves. Far away, but enough for a snipeshot to the Malcor’s command bay, just what they needed.

Unaware of the enemies weapon, the General continued to tear through Alcadian ships without much resistance, in fact, too few, as he suspected, he was being led into a trap. Maybe too late, the General Issued an order to full thrust backwards, as the deep black space thundered with lighting, as the foul Ionic energy discharged in a straight line that, in less than five seconds, it traversed through the LYS and pierced side to side the mast that held the Malcor’s command bay.

As soon as this happened, the despresurization started clustering the room, and soon would crush any inside of it, The visiors exploded, the glass was suctioned by the vacuum of space, and so did two pilot Draugrs, unlike others including the general who braced themselves upon the impact of the enemy’s fire.

Tyrannus tried to contact his baymen to relay orders and get an inform on the damages sustained, but, since the grayshield didnt close the vacuuming windows, he already suspected that the command bay had been torn off the main starship and so, communications were futile. He cursed, they were too close to the planet and soon, its gravity would atract them towards it, being now a drifting command room with no electricity or thrusters. He had to get out and back to what was left of his flagship, and quick. And so he let go,  suctioned into space. 

As soon as he jettisoned from the command room, he fired a cord with a magnetic bobhead and rappeled his way towards the top of the drifting command room.

But, to his dismay, he found his flagship going astray in the opposite direction as he was going, attracted to the planet. He cursed once more and tried to use his own personal thrusters to close the now, brooming distance between he and his ship. But his luck wasnt by his side this day, as a stray laser beam from a small starfighter struck him in the chest, damaging his armour and firying him against the debree of the command room, further pushing him into the planets gravitational pull.

He roared and tried to stand up, but it was too late now, as fire coiled around the debree, burning him aswell, as the gravitational track had made him enter planet # 310334978 astrosphere and soon was going to colision with the dammed planets surface.

He was in pain, as what was left of his flesh was being badly burnt and also healing itself just to be burnt again. He lamented his deep mistake. In his rush to finish the battle early, he had compromised his whole campain. And with this thoughts, the debree attached to him, crossed finally into the atmosphere of the planet.

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As he was about to colision, he activated his inertia compensators, so that his body wouldnt be squashed by it and awaited, as adrenaline overtook his system, to ease the intense pain in which he was.

With a thunderous clam, the debree struck the ground, creating a quantious explosion, and devastating everything in the proximities. Hung on adrenaline, Tyrannus stood up, out of his mind, as he was about to faint from the sheer pain his body had just undertook from crash landing. As he stared into the sky, a big moot of dust arose, bathing the whole area without mercy.

And then, and only then, The General lost his strength and fainted.

Aqua-Men - The Mysterious Island, MGM 1929 (Lobby Card). This film was an early MGM Technicolor, Talking, Sound film described as a, ‘Dramatic Spectacle Based on Jules Verne’s Immortal Novel.’ The full length technicolor film had been lost for decades until 2013 when the sole color copy of The Mysterious Island was discovered in The Czech National Film Archive in Prague. It was restored and a new print of the film premiered at the 33rd Pordenone Silent Film Festival in October 2014. This particular lobby card recently sold for $1,680 at auction.