the sound of the city

a soft place to fall

title: a soft place to fall
relationship: percy/vex (perc’ahlia)
words: 1.9k
warnings: none
summary: with the help of a blanket, a bottle of wine, and percy, vex plans out her house.

Stars stretch out above her as she sits back on a blanket in the middle of her patch of land, staring up at the spots of light that glimmer against the inky sky while her finger absently circles the brim of the wine bottle she brought out with her on this excursion. The night is quiet save for the distant sounds of townsfolk in the city below the hill and bird songs from the forest behind her. It’s peaceful; easy to get lost looking at the strings of starlight. She makes a note for lots of windows and, if she can swing it, perhaps a skylight. She’s not sure how well it would hold up against the notorious Whitestone winters, but it’s worth looking into if possible.

“It’s still a bit cold for a picnic,” a voice from behind her calls, and she turns to find Percy standing a few paces away looking at her with a perplexed but curious expression on his face.

“I was just thinking,” she says, reaching over to pat a spot on the blue blanket next to her. “I wouldn’t mind some company if you’re offering it, though.”


thechubbyballerina  asked:

Hey since you're near Seattle you should totally check out the u-district! It's really great and has a fun outdoor mall (university village, alternatively: the village, u-village)! It's super great in the city! Hope you love it here

Ohhh, that sounds really neat! We’re going into the city tomorrow or Tuesday, so I’ll mention that - Thanks!! c:

I hope Lana merges her beachy West Coast 70′s soft rock sound with her old socialite East Coast city girl imagery soon… Imagine how perfect that would be! The closest thing was Old Money and while it was dreamy, the sound was morbid af. I need something I could sway to while I’m on the subway.

Sound and the City.

For creative director and producer Grace Lee, her new Mercedes-Benz GLE 350 is more than a car, it’s an extension of her larger-than-life persona: SoundCity


northern downpour // panic! at the disco


- Yoongi and Jimin met about a year ago. Yoongi had heard about the coffee shop from Namjoon and decided 3 in the afternoon was a good time for some caffeine.

 - Jimin liked Yoongi’s mint hair. Yoongi liked Jimin’s smile. Yoongi was just tired and cold. 

 - It took a while for them to realize Jimin’s best friends were Yoongi’s annoying neighbors. They aren’t necessarily ‘friends’ but since all of their friends are friends, they could be considered it. They’re friends af

 - Yoongi goes every Wednesday and weekend (Some of Jimin’s shifts) afternoon for coffee.

So I was reading a review for Emerald City (which wasn’t meant to be favorable but everything they criticized it for just made me all the more excited for it) and in it they briefly mention CS as a frame of reference to the main romance: “The Dorothy/Lucas coupling is meant to set off sparks a la Once Upon a Time‘s Emma/Hook” (x)

No wonder so many CSers seem to be on board with it before it’s even begun


Whenever one of the children is really sick, Miss Peregrine sings “Feed the Birds” from Mary Poppins softly to them so they can sleep. It has become something of a rare treat for the children to hear their guardian sing to them, even if they have to be hacking and coughing for it to happen.

Here’s where I stand on the latest Berena drama:

I’m gonna stay out of the tag on Tumblr.

I don’t mind reading people’s opinions on the show, we should have opinions. That’s grand and glorious and fun and all part of it. For me though I’m feeling a bit inundated with negativity. You are entitled to be negative - like that’s your show too man - you do you - but I’m personally opting out in order to save my own happiness over this fictional couple. Also let me add: wishing they hadn’t done something with a character is not being negative. I mean the posts that basically tear the show apart.

I guess I have always known drama was coming. Like, it didn’t take the winter trailer to tell me there’d be drama ahead because I’m used to shows that turn up the drama to the extreme. I’m watching Transparent right now and there doesn’t seem to be a single relationship that works out in that show; gay, straight or otherwise. Everyone is mostly miserable all the time with a few bits of happy that make the miserable crap bearable.

To me the joy of Berena is seeing two midlife ladies getting their love on with one another. I’d love to see more of them on screen but I think holby city’s the wrong show if you’re looking for lots of lovey dovey moments. I totally wish it wasn’t because I’d love to see Berena outside of the hospital being awesome badasses in their life and just being adorable together - but it’s not the show.

Sure we do get the odd scene outside the hospital or special on location episodes like this week’s with the wedding, but mostly it’s going to be at the hospital. That does significantly narrow what we get to see in terms of our dynamic duo being romantic. And also what their drama will be.

I don’t feel they’re picking on Serena. She has had a shit load of drama of course but she has also been on the show for ages and they’re giving C-Russ stuff to work with. Like that’s good! She’s not a supporting/background character. She’s a big part of it all and I love that.

I appreciate the precariousness of LGBT representation (hell I made a video about it) and our want for happiness for our LGBT characters to balance out the utter shit of so many other tv shows that have killed off or ruined the lives of our women loving women. That being said, this show can’t stop being what it is just because it offered up representation. It’s a medical soap drama. Sure some probably saw the same sex make out gifs and went “sign me up!” without giving thought to the show’s genre or what that might mean for the couple involved and are now disappointed. I get it.

Here’s what comes with soap drama medical territory:

*Dramatic moments of will they die or won’t they
*Lots of angsty screen time
*Little non-angsty screen time
*An enormous cast of characters that all will fight for screen time and they’ll get it when their storylines go dramatic and likely won’t when the drama’s dialed back.

I love Holby City. I mean I came for the lesbians obviously, but now I love the show. I love the precious moments we get, some surprising like the passionate kiss scene between Berena, the “confined to theatre” talking out loud “I kissed you because I wanted to” scene, the arm wrestling, and not Berena related but the beautiful flash mob scene for Arthur when he was dying.

This show gives great characters, interesting stories. It makes me angry, it makes me sad, it thrills me and it makes me ecstatic sometimes.

I love Catherine Russell, I’m surprised I hadn’t discovered her sooner and I literally feel like she’d be a bestie if I knew her in person because we have a similar sense of humor. I love Jemma Redgrave, she’s dynamic and subtle and gorgeous and intriguing.

I’m enjoying the ride I really am. I don’t see Berena being a forever thing (man would I love to be proven wrong) because I understand the nature of a show that has no ending like Holby. And one where one actor will likely leave eventually. But I love the story while it’s here. Of course I may feel betrayed down the line if they kill one of these women, because the producer and actresses have all said that’s not the direction they want to go with this and I trust them. But right now I’m just still here, still a fan. Still adoring Berena in whatever they must go through to make that angst meter tilt in favor of more screen time for them.

I’m sad that some of you have drawn the line and are putting down your Berena flags, but hey - I get it. I’ll likely be waving my flag, soaking wet in the rain until the bitter end and beyond. That’s the joy of television and us making our own choices about it.

While I may not be following the Berena tag anymore, I follow a lot of you individually. Keep being you, keep talking, keep doing what makes you happy. If your happiness is in another genre of show, go out there and find it! Life’s too short!

k so yuuri is such an incredible character because the back and forth of fucking anxiety when you are passionate about an art, but you tie it to your self worth, and you love it more than anything else in the world but it also stresses you the fuck out and you want to be perfect and you beat yourself up when you’re less than perfect is so. relatable.

anxiety + passion is such a mix of really high and really fucking low emotions